Vaermina (NA)
: ADC doesn't mean bot
ADC is a role - not a class.
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: There is a difference between an ADC and a ranged champion who goes bot lane for safety. Kindred is an ADC, but shes doesn't go bot. Corki is an ADC, but he doesn't go bot. Just because a champion is an ADC doesn't mean they should be forced into bot lane. I'm happy to see more variation in ADC roles.
Corki isn't an ADC. His passive clarifies that. Just because you build crit or AD items doesn't make you an ADC. Kindred and Quinn aren't ADCs - they're marksmen. ADC is a role, not a class.
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Elinz (NA)
Comparatively to Runeterra, yeah we don't know that much. It's pretty possible to have Urgot become one
Elinz (NA)
: Star Guardian Urgot would not make sense in the Star Guardian Universe xD it'd be like an April Fools skin with no backstory
You do know we dont even know much about the SG universe and it's not cannon at all. Ezreal is a Star Guardian so Urgot can be as well. It's literally about the champion's audience wanting it enough or being large enough.
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Elinz (NA)
: yeah but it still has to make sense, Imagine if Urgot was a Star Guardian y'know? >_>
Urgot as a Star Guardian makes sense. It's a requested skin and is a joke. Just like Bard Bard or Draven Draven
HebiKuroha (EUNE)
: Games are decided by the players, just because the enemy took first dragon that doesn't mean they will win same thing with baron,tower etc(unless the enemy team has a braum supp and tristana or vayne). But yea the baron buff is absolutely stupid.
(unless the enemy team has a braum supp and tristana or vayne). Lmao - there we go with the circlejerk again
: I typed these 6 sentences to a raging adc and I got banned for 2 weeks for verbal abuse?? Riot?
There could be the possibility you were actually banned for another set of actions but Riot gave you this card because it covers the area of violations you touched.
Azadethe (NA)
: I know. but her missiles if timed right kill a wave for her. She doesn't need the range post 6.
Her Q missiles are most likely weak damage. If you notice in the preview, she has 3 items most likely when fighting. Guinsoos+BORK+Shiv for damage and attack speed. Her Q still didn't destroy a whole minion wave then either.
: Weird, because her Q didn't do it in the preview. And allies can only add stacks on hard CC according to the description.
Her Q can be blocked by minions which you saw in the preview - hence it didn't add a stack when Jhin was running since the minions were the closest. But if you look at Nami, she got popped with the Q.
Elinz (NA)
: yeah but in what way would Kindred match the popstar scene :o even if her story changed for the lore
Skins have no relation to the lore. How does soccer player Lucian work? It's just a skin. Same with Popstar Kindred
: Only her skillshot adds any stacks based on what I saw in the reveal. But that's also blocked by minions from what was said so....
Autos, her Q and W, and allies add stacks
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Elinz (NA)
: As much as i love this and would buy this skin instantly and i think it's gorgeous and beautiful ;w; i don't think it'll happen cuz Popstar skin was based on K-Pop and i think riot would shut this idea down with "How would she fit in this idea world though?" ;___; kindred is literally death :o BUT I'D LOVE THIS SKIN THO! i'd actually buy this instantly cuz it's SO PRETTY and the abilities would probably be GORGEOUS and omg imagine kindred doing cute lil dances and singing with her "laa da daaa da daaa" humming songs n stuff xD so cute ;w;
Skins have their own storylines and no relevance to lore.
: i dont feel right voting without credits to the creator :( Sooo this one is credited to LOIZA i looked at her stuff and it's all super good! her link: her twitter: i cant find the creator for the other one, she/he/nonbinary/attackhelicopter isn't anywhere on google for some reason... {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
Added. Thanks.
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: That Tasted Purple
Looks more like Vayne than Ahri tbh
: I'm Going to Clear up a Common Misconception on Kai'sa
Guinsoos is still looking like a great item for her. It offers three of the stats she'd want on her kit and her passive is on-hit so it will synergize well. She's based off of Vayne so she's a late-game ADC who would probably gain at least two of her evolved skills late-game.
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Arammus (EUW)
: uhm... is kindred half naked?
Kindred's in-game model is technically naked
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Durzaka (NA)
: Vayne has a 50% win rate with 20% pick rate. Id say she is pretty strong right now.
Ezreal, 45% pickrate, 51% winrate. Varus, 30% PR 51% WR Xayah 19% pr 51% wr A low 50% winrate on Vayne is pretty good. Lol - it means she's pretty balanced. An ideal area for a balanced WR is 48 to 50%. She's really not broken or strong right now. She's viable.
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Juice (EUNE)
: {{champion:41}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:63}} Feel so shit to play bro, they are so useless, meanwhile early game champs such as {{champion:58}} are thriving obvious /s
I wouldn't say Vayne, Nasus, Brand, and Azir are strong right now. Believe they have a 48-49% winrate even if they're annoying. They're being outshined by other champions. Camille is more of a high elo champion who is the only viable bruiser due to how fucked toplane is. Jax isn't even doing too well right now. Vladimir shoots up to a 55% WR I believe when played by his mains.
Snowman Arc (EUNE)
: Honestly, if you shoved a wave in and back, it's almost impossible for the wave to hit your tower, let alone lose it. I'm smelling serious bs here.
Depends on the lane match-up or if the support freezes the wave. Jungler help also can cause it. Some factors can explain it - but the existence of such an event is not null
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: where? you played like one vayne game and lost and one twitch game and won. The rest are arams back to your last ranked game yesterday as xayah
You're looking at which frequently flushes database data to keep their site running. Go to my profile on the boards and view my match history.
: What win streak? you play a majority of Arams and definitely don't have a win streak in your match history right now
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hoyohai (NA)
: I think he means the people who say "OMG Riot SUCKS AND ARE RUINING LOL" without suggestions or even saying what the problem is.
He'd be targeting posts like: Because technically speaking, they're targeting an aspect of League Riot is slacking in. If you ever have a complaint on League or would like to report someone, then let's direct you to this ignorant thread. Nobody is forcing you to play LoL, if someone told you to "kys" - you shouldn't be complaining to Riot. (Sarcasm implied)
Bultz (NA)
: Can we have a Yordle update?
Nice image. Good post. +1 upvote
NemeBro (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=sarii fox,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=xR6eJvig,comment-id=00020000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-02-19T05:03:00.436+0000) > > I hope you have a long, enjoyable life. :) At least one of us does.
: Across the years from 55% win rate on master tier to 46% win rate on low plat. [Soraka main sadness]
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: You must not play xayah then. Out of all the meta ADCs she probably takes the most skill to play effectively under draven ofcourse
Draven doesn't take as much skill as Xayah IMO. Yeah - his trade off makes him harder in high elo but his damage greatly compensates for it.
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: Fixing Critical Strike: A Proposal.
IE {{item:3031}} - 40% Crit Shiv {{item:3087}} - 60% crit RFC {{item:3094}} - 60% crit The above is a stereotypical ADC build for those wondering. Anyways, two zeal items and an IE overs 100% guarantee of 50% increased damage with every auto but a 60% chance to overcrit for 100% bonus damage. The burst per auto definitely decreases with this system but the biggest issue is abuse cases and context this system will fit in: Yasuo - Great abuser of this system Yasuo is self-explanatory with this. The next issue is tanks and frontline. With the lack of overcrit and the scaling periods of tanks, they are able to easily beat this system. Their massive HP causes them to ignore ADCs with this as this is a damage reduction for them. Buffs to LDR, BORK, and the attack speed of zeal items will be needed with a (+5-10 AD) increase to IE. The next issue is assassins/mages being bursted or not. I believe they should be bursted if they lack armor items such as randuins or frozen heart. Same reason why tanks or squishies should melt if they lack MR. Assassins being bursted is not an issue either - it's the endless peel ADCs get. So for assassins we need a few things: - Nerfs to duskblade because it lacks diversity, playstyle differences, and offers too many bonuses. - We should remove nightstalker and offer this bonus true damage to hard CC'd targets - If the above change to nightstalker seems to dull/bad, then make nightstalker only apply to isolated targets - Anti-shield that can remove a percentage of a shield, we already have Mortal Reminder and Executioner's Calling for heals With mages, we need: - Increased AP scaling and lowered base damage - Abuse cases in botlane, like Brand support, cause mages to become unviable despite mage players yearning for buffs. - Peel reductions to shields/heals for AP alongside the increased AP scaling and lowered base damage
: this is such a massive burden of knowledge
Shouldn't be for high elo players
: Brand support does way too much damage
Shame Riot is barely doing anything from what I've seen right now. I literally found no confirmation or response to any post regarding gameplay issues for the current posts on the boards. We've bitched about towers, burst damage, and junglers(Shyvanna/Warwick) but nothing has been done or stated
: I think the burst meta puts certain supports in a bad spot (particularly {{champion:117}} {{champion:267}} ) as the need for healing is less important now in my opinion as the burst damage is flying around all the time and spamming heals isn't really an option unless you're {{champion:16}} lategame. Not to mention my man {{champion:432}} as leaving the ADC alone - even for a short time will put them at high risk relying heavily on items and catching people out. Tankier supports are playing in LCS a lot more due to their ability to nullify damage (e.g. Braum E , Tahm W, Taric R) which is totally fine, but causes them to completely outperform the other supports in the current meta.
They're still relatively viable - but yes, Bard in particular is bad right now and tank supports are much more valuable.
Vizulix (NA)
: Dear Riot: Please Don't Let The Baron Changes Go Through
Riot should just make pro-play a different game client than regular League at this point.
: What are you actually talking about? Burst champs are completely nullified because everyone has a fucking stopwatch. This game for the past 3 years has been about who has more tanks and a better ADC. Can't play bruisers, can't play assassins, so might as well always play tanks. They do more damage at all stages of the game, are nearly unkillable and will be even worse with the new resolve mastery, and have unlimited CC.
The funny thing is you think I'm complaining about assassins. Lmfao
: Kill yourself.
Kill yourself - The term has been a memory to me. As someone who was once depressed, I can tell you that I view the term differently now. It may or may not help you but I ironically see it positively whenever someone tries to negatively enrage, degrade, or insult me. "Kill your weaker self, the self that lets others dictate your path, the self that absorbs the negativity and weakens you. Kill it, and step forth anew." I hope things are getting or will be better for you.
Mixolydia (EUNE)
: Oops, that wasn't me tho! I found it on reddit and thought about sharing it.
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