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: The leader, and especially the 'judge', is often seen as a jerk/power hungry/unfeeling by those on the other side of her wrath. I always felt Kayle was what I would expect a leader in the Crusades to be like with super powers. I do dig the idea of different skins with different personality shifts. They seem to already be doing that though. BoringLittleF had a point when he brought up that Riot is first and foremost focusing on direct gameplay. VO is probably the last part and thought of as fluff (where we like it and think of it as flavor). The flavor vs cost/benefit is definitely a disconnect. So I'm voting Yes on this because I really do like new voice overs on the skins. Updated audio with the visual effects adds some definite value to paying for new skins/themes.
thank man! that's why i like to see it as a compromise
: > [{quoted}](name=Elswayre,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=W22z2WaA,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-02-21T18:42:06.006+0000) > > sure, there's a lot of lore there. but either you missed my point or didn't read my post. I understand we can't undo this new lore. so I'm trying to offer a compromise that hopefully would make both Riot and the players who like good guys happy. I didn't. Of course more skins with different personality will come. There is no doubt of that. However, I don't just agree with the idea that "everyone is an asshole now" {{champion:266}} - tortured man stuck in the horrible condition and his wraith actuall feels meaningful {{champion:81}} - cheeky adventurer {{champion:20}} - kind dreamer and yeti {{champion:50}} - calm, pensive general I can agree with Akali and Irelia with you (mostly Akali) because her attitude doesn't match her bio. However, she was a jerk before the rework as well, so it's not really a change here. Also, Morgana is not exactly an asshole now. And I love this idea because we have vengeful dark characters/characters who speak about inflciting pain and suffering {{champion:429}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:45}} A dark-themed champion who is not bent on destruction for self-gratification is something new and fresh. Yes, she could be the Queen of Evil, but they have already established that LeBlanc is a centuries old cunning sorceress who uses the darkest magic and was so horryfying that she backstabbed Mordekaiser himself.
Aright, I can give you nunu and swain. however i disagree with you. my point is kayle is an a-hole. though i will say that morg's story is pretty cool. still Baval said it pretty well. > [{quoted}](name=Baval,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=W22z2WaA,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-02-21T20:04:07.615+0000) > > Riot forgets that if you ONLY do the "3 dimensional bet you didnt see that coming" archtypes they end up becoming 2 dimensional. If every good character and civilization is "surprise theyre only good because theyre tyrants" and every evil one is "maybe theyre not so evil after all, just misunderstood" it gets boring fast.
: Plenty of giga-sexualized females in the game
: People forget several things - It all took place during the Runic Wars. The very wars that gave Ryze PTSD. This place was hell. - People were at each other's throats. It probably wasn't uncommon for surviving groups to try and consume the weaker ones. - It was a dog eat dog place with lots of killing, maraudeuring and pillaging because everyone was convinced they are not going to live through this mess. - People were scared back then and relied on laws to keep them safe. - Kayle brought order to the chaos. Instead of hiding she went and eliminated the threats while making the people who followed her stronger. Her militia wasn't with her because they feared her. They were proud to fight on her side. They no longer felt scared. - Kayle gave them the hope that the ruin is over and they are marching towards a stable, safe world. - Kayle thought that too: and if her mother found salvation in Acension, this is how it should be. - As for the person who assumed leading position, she did a lot of work that secured the survival of her people. - Targon is NOT the goody-good kingdom on top of the mountains. It clearly doesn't care for people of Runeterra.
sure, there's a lot of lore there. but either you missed my point or didn't read my post. I understand we can't undo this new lore. so I'm trying to offer a compromise that hopefully would make both Riot and the players who like good guys happy.
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: 1. Interesting is there any chance that AP fighters will be getting an item? They lack itemization drasticaly and need some way to kill targets with high MR but building Void Staff on them is comparable to build Last Whisperer items on Darius. 2. Also I know tanks abuse Conqueror if it is adaptive, but why should that gate AP fighters? Maybe tanks scalings and damages need to be looked at. Edit: Formatting
Logged to upvote. AP bruisers have always had a massive item vacuum in league.
: [KNOWN ISSUE] "We're unable to log you in because you may be offline"
Logged in to say thanks! the work around in windows worked! gl getting the grander issue fixed though.
: Coming This Preseason: Runes Reforged
any plans to buff champs that relied on runes to be competitive? or are you planning on having runes that bring early game strength? for example some junglers rely on armor runes
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: PLEASE allow "role sets" (for lack of a better term). The new client makes it so that I have to scroll more to see all the champs I own, I would love to be able to put all my potential top laners, for example, into my "top lane set" so that when I am assigned that role I can skip through all the champs I would never play top when searching for who I want to play.
logged in just to upvote. rito plz do dis!{{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}


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