Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: And the point of this is......?
They play a game they don't like for money, Riot should probably listen to their most influential players lmao
: If they openly dislike playing the game, then why are they continuing to play it?
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D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: All Conqueror interactions with ranged champions on PBE
The first thing I thought when I saw the new rune was how much fun Casio's gonna be By fun I mean brainlet level stupid to play with a learning curve that won't matter anymore
ßlameMyADC (EUNE)
: Remember the Tank meta? Pepperidge Farm remembers
Tank metas where they don't one shot people in my opinion are the healthiest for the game. Poppy one shotting everyone was basically the worst, it was just assassin meta but building straight tank
: This game is absolute trash for the last 3 years
Patch 5.18 ended this game as as we know it.
: We knew how Kai'sa would turn out.
"She's the best ADC because she can build hourglass. Period." - Hashinshin
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: Because runes are powerful mysterious artifacts that work when they want to. xD
Keep in mind this is a company that took 9 years to autoswap junglers to smite {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Yets4240 (NA)
: 5.22 was the nail in the coffin. I linked it in another comment, but jesus, looking it up pisses me off to this day.
I could see that, I read 5.18 and thought "How are they gonna balance adding 40% damage to these 4 juggernaut characters" Little did I know they were willing to powercreep and destroy the whole game to do it lmao
: League's been garbage since preseason 8...
5.18 was the death knell for this game, been saying it since it happened
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: Your numbers might be exaggerated, but the point is absolutely spot on. I played this game for 8.5 years (since just after Skarner release) and uninstalled a few days ago. Haven't played in weeks. It would be really nice if RIOT would quit trying to string the players along and just be honest with us. Really disappointed in them and the way they've handled things. Don't say you're going to reduce damage because it's too high across the board if you're only going to do one patch of nerfs followed by nothing but damage buffs thereafter.
There's a lot of people on this post with the whole "Press X to doubt" but it's pretty surprising how accurate that number is. Obviously if JUST a Luden's is finished we're talking about way less than that, but an average mage will chunk you for 25% with a couple items. However if you're against any Luden/Liandry/Rylai users? Say goodbye to your health bar from an ability that missed by 500 range.
Naalith (NA)
: I have no clue how ADC mains play this role with any regularity.
My favorite is taking 40% of your health from a Luden's proc + Arcane Comet Seriously fuck this game lmao
: It's not the 1 second tick that needs to be looked at, I think it's the fact that it doesn't tick when you're in range of the enemy, it just pulses. Under the wrong circumstances, you could essentially get zero ticks of dmg off on an enemy who's orb walking despite the fact that they are in range of your aura almost the whole time. That, and damage over time is worthless in the ROFLSTOMP meta but that's a few locked threads and a can of worms on it's own.
Agreed. Also if they changed the tick to .25 farming with it would be a nightmare.
: Ahhh Paper coming in 61.2 , finally some good fucking news!
> [{quoted}](name=thot executioner,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=u1pK7wZZ,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-01-19T14:09:33.619+0000) > > Ahhh Paper coming in 61.2 , finally some good fucking news! Only took them 9 years to make your jungler's summ autochange to smite, that's about their schedule
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: what I love the most is when people call a patch "good" simply because it didn't fuck anything up
Lmfao our expectations really have fallen that low. Why do we play this?
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: He’s pretty reasonable just taken out of context way too much. He said they needed something then they got Conq. Then he said Conq is “necessary but bad design” in that Fighters still need something *like* Conq but until then removing Conq will send Fighters back to the gutter. He even has said Jax is OP multiple times now. Idk where your idea of him “crying when the game is in the palm of his hands” comes from, gonna need evidence. Like, if I said my champion was in the gutter and needed buffs then Riot completely overbuffed the hell out of him would I be wrong for saying they needed buffs in the first place?
Agreed, we can't sit here and pretend Conquerors is a well made or designed keystone lmao
: lol then you remember {{item:3147}} exists ;) then they're SLIGHTLY tankier since they have to die to an aa still :O
Shit pink ward is OP lol I'm in champ select now, how do I lock it?
: Who do y'all think is the most unique champion in the game?
Pre-rework I would have said Shen, Riot still has no champion like the old one. A hypertank sustaining medic that could make insanely great plays turning a fight by double teleporting, was great at taking monster objectives with his team heal, and dealt most of his late game damage by combining his shield, taunt and thornmail damage. Even the idea of a Ninja Tank is a pretty great aesthetic, but they made him so boring with the rework.
: I didnt get to play it but trust me I got to play against it, made me so fuckin angry
I'd still rather fight that than Akali or Ire any day
: I think taric was a good update too. But I still prefer the old one. I loved his old heal. It was massive I also prefer his old look and voice over.
Same. Those Dorito looking shoes he had made me laugh every time I saw him
: > [{quoted}](name=Pandemic Punch,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=lWAwsk4l,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-11-25T06:26:58.694+0000) > > {{champion:16}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:44}} Are the ones I am the most upset about. ESPECIALLY SORAKA Soraka had the best splashart
Would be funny to see ole goatfeet back in her triangle days again
: Ya know what I don't get about people complaining about Zed?
All circles back to one of the most upvoted posts this year: "There hasn't been a single champion rework that's fixed more problems than it's created"
: Doing my placements. I win 3 games in a row, this is what matchmaking gives me for doing so well :D
: Graves' E sheen bug
I've literally been posting about this for 2 years, unfortunately Riot couldn't be less interested in this potentially game breaking bug
Moosh (EUW)
: I find it funny how all the hardstuck players make this stuff up. Last season it was dynamic queue now its this xD. No clue where you even get this from stop blaming your team and git gud.
Oh wow the guy from EUW is toxic, sound the alarm {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
jpguy902 (NA)
: Well its kinda just like being on probation. It doesn't matter how small of rule it is you broke, its the fact that you broke a rule while on probation.
I guess so eh? It's not a huge deal since I have other accounts, it's just kind of disappointing that the second the account came unbanned it went right back to being banned again off of something on so much smaller of a scale. Is what it is I suppose, thanks for the input friend
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: LW buffed up to 45% on PBE
Another round of buffs to items just for Poppy being broken? What could go wrong?
Áery (NA)
: So any Rioter gonna comment on damage creep and how snowbally the game is?
: they opened because their comp was worse and they lost early, not because of snowballing
: How game Devs seem to balance
Pro matches are gonna stay really boring to watch if: A - The death timers stay too long like they are now B - They don't reverse the snowballing. Once a team gets a tower and a kill lead, you can turn the game off.
: Message to all players gold and lower
Unpopular opinion: The reason I spam champions like Nasus and Akali in ranked is because I expect 3 out of 5 of my teammates to be completely fucking braindead. I need to be on a champion that can fight 2 to 3 people alone.
Rioter Comments
: Well lets look at what good happened. Adc's got more tools to use so it ain't cookie cutter anymore. Mages.... well... uh... Brand got more damage i guess? They also removed all mana tegen and spellvamp cause why have dps mages. Assassin... PARKOUR Ye i see your point
The funny part is (For me personally) the ADC's never felt cookie cutter. They all had clearly defined strengths and weaknesses to their kits. And now a total of 3 ADC's are used at high elo, so I think it's safe to say they did something right.
: I like this idea better. Kudos to you, sir.
That's actually how the game USED to play out too. If you had a good Kogmaw you basically played a minigame called "Protect the Kogmaw" while he shreds through the entire enemy team. It sounds like that involved decisionmaking though, and decisionmaking is notoriously unhealthy for League of Legends. (Fuck this game)
Venomar (NA)
: But his kit doesn't scream "if you're a pro don't use him" even the pros _barely_ use him.
Haha, even that's fair to say. At this point I wouldn't even give a shit if they nerfed his ult, just give me a full champion again.
: I feel like the only thing is that his AA nullifier is out of place. I want him to be a top laner ad not a support and he is unplayed as a support. I honestly like his new Q as it rewards positioning and gives him a good bit of health back. His W is the only thing I dislike about him.
Funniest part about that is how frequently tank supports outdamage me when I play them. He used to be a hypertank but now you're forced in to buying a damage item. Good on you for stripping another identity, Rito.
: I agree, and he had the worst healing mechanism in the game. But god damn something about executing fleeing enemies with a Q felt good.
Not only did the low level Q execute feel good, but it was vital to my playstyle on him. And yes the healing on it was pretty weak, but it was monstrous for taking dragons/barons and making plays right after, and the sustain over time pushing a lane could be very helpful. If there's something we can agree on, I think it's removing his heal mechanic (where no other ability like it existed in the game) for one of Riot's coveted 3-hit mechanics was a fucking joke.
: lol and how is it all kinds of no ?
Things Magic Pen effects: Q damage E damage Sunfire damage For more proof of how important magic damage is to him
: you can play him with a straight up ad page and do just fine... you dont need hybrid runes ... he really dont need any magic pen... its best for him to be as tanky as possible armor reds, hp per lvl seals. mr or cdr blues and hp per 5 quints or ms quints
Just like all kinds of no
: OP passive aggressive flaming
"You're cancer for not wanting to play a video game" - OP, 2017
: I'd pay real world money to see them fucking talk about Shen. He's ignored when it comes to anything that isn't a nerf, a "whoops we fucked up" half-ass post, or when they clink together their coffee mugs and cackle about how his passive is borderline useless in the jungle and the duration/size of it is mediocre now. And for freaking fuck's sake can WE GET THAT E HITBOX FIXED?!?
His E hitbox is more narrow now than it was before the rework, along with a longer cooldown. There was nothing in the game like his Q healing passive, making him one of the few _Sustain hypertanks_ in the game. And now they have his kit in a state that basically screams "If you're not a pro, don't use him." I'm often outdamaged by tank supports when I play him, and his hypertank identity is completely gone. I hate to say it, but Season 6 killed easily 40% of what I liked about this game. I'm just begging for a turnaround by Riot at this point.
Sahn Uzal (EUW)
: I'd say they're kinda hit or miss, and Riot should be more revert happy if the rework proves to be a failure.
I'd pay real world money to be able to get my old {{champion:98}} back.
Rioter Comments
: Because in the time it would take to come back from that in diamond+, you could have already played another game. That, and most people at high MMR are looking to enjoy themselves. They don't want to grind through the 30 more minutes of agony it would take to get to the point where they can realistically turn around.
I think that's the best way to describe the state of the game as a whole now: _Playing this game from behind isn't fun anymore._
: Can I have a link to that game? People on reddit were talking about it so I wanna see it firsthand.
Pretty sure it was somewhere from 1-3 days ago? Should be in his Twitch VOD thing
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