: New player, already thinking of quitting...Help? Opinions/Advice?
When I first started playing, I dove almost immediately into the PvP games. I didn't know much about the game, or it's community when I started, but luckily I had two friends who were Silver at the time teaching me. I actually recall telling them I felt last-hitting for gold was cheating, since I didn't do any of the work to get the minions low. So I was always auto-ing minions so that I could earn the gold (luckily I broke this habit later). I don't normally tell people this, but I figured given your original post, you might understand and appreciate the information. I too have intense anxiety issues, and making mistakes makes me feel worthless and humiliated as well. There was a game when I was starting out, it was something like my 3rd Corki game, and it wasn't going well. There was this Warwick on my team that raged so hard I didn't play for weeks afterwards. Due to people like that I always get anxious about queuing up for a game, and actually RARELY play alone. In the past year I've played maybe 5 games on my own. Most of my games are played with friends. But this actually highlights a few important things about playing this game with anxiety. The first is that your friends don't care if you mess up, everyone is trying to have fun (and since they're friends, they'll help in game, or offer suggestions to learn from, etc), which makes games with them much less stressful, since you know how they'll behave before you even start the game. The second is that those 5ish games I played on my own were FINE, and I have to remind myself of that whenever I try to queue up on my own. Even if people raged at me then, I don't have to deal with them again. Thirdly, going back to the playing with friends (didn't really plan the order of this, I'm just typing what comes to mind. Sorry about that), If you're in a game with friends and someone is being toxic, having the INSTANT support system is nice. If you're like me, it doesn't matter if you did the most perfect thing possible, if someone comments that it was terrible, then you will feel that it was indeed terrible, and feel like crap about it. However if I'm playing with a friend when this happens, at the very least we talk about what just happened to figure out if what happened was good or bad (we like learning). But what happens more often is friendly support. Simply having that tether out of that self-doubting part of my mind is enough to be able to have fun and relax while I play. Still, the more you play, you will start encountering some rude people. There's a few things I do after a stress-filled game, that seems to be pretty common. For a lack a better word, you need a palate-cleanser. For my friends and I, this usually means doing an ARAM or two, since we don't need to take those too seriously. Sometimes, we'll even just do a quick bots game and try to mix it up and try weird things like: see how fast we can win, see if we can Thresh Jungle, can I win with straight-AP Jax, stuff like that. The point is to do something FUN. Since you're currently going against beginner bots, if you get too stressed play an intro bot game. You won't get much IP/Exp, but it will allow you to de-stress. Sometimes I'll even play a different game entirely for a bit, or watch a video. Again, de-stressing before playing another game is important. Actually, just having methods of relaxing in general is important. I'm going on year 10 of dealing with depression, anxiety, and bits of PTSD thrown in too, so I've learned what works for me. You need to figure out what works for you. **TL;DR:** If you can play with friends, I highly recommend it, it makes the game much less stressful. If you can't, it's actually not a big deal, but it might take a bit to convince yourself of that. Learn how to deal with stress so that even if you have that rude person in game, you're able to not let it effect you for too long. I realize in my rush to write this (and not planning too much of what I was going to say), I might not have made much sense. Apologies if that is the case. Most people discussed a lot of game-related things, so I thought you might want to hear from someone in a similar anxiety situation. I'll check this in a few hours if you have any questions on what I wrote or something. Hope that helped.
: Balance Team Q+A: Ask Us Anything! [COMPLETE]
This post is a bit different than the others being posted, and is going to be a bit long. My questions will be about the Balance Team itself, rather than the champions you balance. Being a part of the Balance Team sounds interesting to me, so I will be providing some background about myself to not only show that I am truly interested, but also to assist in answering some of my questions. In 2014, I graduated from college with a degree in Physics (and a minor in Math). I had decided on that specialization because I had always loved astronomy, and figuring out how the universe works is exhilarating. At the time, it was my goal to continue on to grad school and become an astrophysicist. However, I’m now in my second year of grad school and I no longer feel as though I’m playing with numbers, but working with numbers (a very important distinction), and solving problems is now a relief instead of a joy. As a result, I had to give some thought into exactly why I wanted to become an astrophysicist. I discovered that it wasn’t that I wanted to figure out how everything worked, but that I absolutely love playing with numbers, finding simple ways to solve problems, and sifting through data tables looking for the patterns and information they hide. This led to me searching for potential careers that I could enjoy. I have also been a gamer for as long as I can remember (not an exaggeration), and have played League of Legends for a few years now. One day I was reading some patch notes and realized that figuring who needs to be balanced, as well as what to change in order to balance them, sounded right up my alley. I would be able to play with numbers in a meaningful way that would contribute to a game I enjoy. Questions: 1. Do you think someone with my background would be helpful to your team, or am I missing something important? 2. Along the lines of my first question, how much experience with coding should I have? My coding knowledge is mainly about basic coding logic, rather than knowledge of specific languages. This was learned through one semester of Java, and writing countless (short) Mathematica Notebooks to solve problems. This is definitely something I would be willing to learn more of if needed. 3. How big is the Balance Team? 4. What problems do you tackle? (Both short-term, and long-term) 5. Is there a specific person I should contact about this instead? 6. Is there other information you would like to provide, that I didn’t think to ask? Thank you for taking the time to read my post, as well as answering my questions.


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