Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 14
Are you ever going to fix Ekko jungle?
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 27
Current thoughts on Ekko jungle? Any plans to fix it in the near future? A simple fix would be to allow his passive to have a reduced or just remove the lock out entirely on jungle camps.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 23
Hi meddler, you may not ever read this comment, but I would love to hear your opinion on the current state of Ekko jungle. I have a post where I discuss a simple change that would allow him to be more viable in jungle without buffing his laning. here is the link to the discussion on the boards: And here is the link to the discussion on /r Ekko mains: the tl:dr is basically to allow Ekko's passive to never lock out or have a reduced lock out time on neutral monster camps. Also It would be nice to know if there are any plans to let him jungle ever again because right now we don't have very many runic echo junglers. The main ones being Elise, Eve, Nid and Gragas.
Suitaro (NA)
: 20 points off his q is not viable?
his passive also went from 3 to 5 seconds and I could also list every patch where his base damage got lowered. Also the ap ratio increase they gave him here was a revert of a change they made back in patch 5.12 And to top it off this one patch made his clear go from semi decent too trash tier. so essentially what the passive lockout does is prevent you from proccing as many times, so lets say you procced it 4 times before at 3 seconds per. now since they essentially almost doubled the lockout time you'll only ever get it off around 2 maybe 3 times. Which sucks because to clear fast you have to get the camps low enough so that the w passive starts to take effect. And to top it off his AA base damage was lowered by 4(in patch 6.18)which may not seem like much either, but lets say you AA a camp 7 times you just lost 28 points of damage. All in all Ekko's clear is garbage and he can't really do it unless you do some really gimicy stuff with talisman and starting blue side so that you can q raptors constantly wilst doing red buff. (similar to what Evelynn does to clear healthily)
Unvictus (NA)
: Lol region shaming? That's a new one. Anything you can do to say "your opinion doesn't matter" right?
dude don't let him get to you NA is a wildcard region, and i'm from NA...
Xyzx (NA)
: because it was too good for the jungle at the time, and i think if they revert the nerf it might be again
I think it was more so that tank Ekko was strong at the same time as him being decent in jungle, with tank Ekko gone I think he wouldn't be so bad anymore.
Xyzx (NA)
: I agree with everything you said. I still laughed when you said you're sad to see ekko mid, considering he was released as a midlaner xD
Yea I get that he was supposed to be a mid laner, but why can't he be a jungler too his kit is soo good for it ;-;
Calabok (NA)
: no. just because YOU want an OP Ekko does not mean everyone else wants it.
I doubt this one change would make him broken he is already an average mid laner.
Suitaro (NA)
: I think stun duration decrease is fair, I mean... 2.25 seconds??? That's a lot for a burst mage.
I honestly didn't care about that change the only thing I want back is the ability to at least jungle with the champion, he could be sitting at a 48% winrate and I'd still play him
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: Hey Marshbouy, The way I see it, we are most effective as developers when we listen to the community as a source of feedback to help us make informed decisions. So in a way I agree that it's risky to just do whatever players suggest and hope for some kind of wisdom of crowds magic. It's not that we should pick and choose which players to listen to - it's more that you listen to all the feedback and begin to develop a picture of what is really going on. Taking a step back even farther, what is the point of having game developers if all they're doing is taking in community feedback and acting on it? We hire people because they have good judgment and intuition (and sometimes also a lot of experience). Part of that skill is knowing which parts of the feedback to listen to, or to figure out when players are talking about X, that the actual problem is really Y. I used to be a scientist (not necessarily a great scientist, mind you), so let me try this analogy. It's really dangerous to throw out data just because you don't like what it says, or even because you aren't sure how to interpret it. But it is the interpretation that's really important. That's where you really learn something. If I am reading the work of another scientist, I generally skip over their data. I just want to see the conclusion, and I'll only go back to the data if I think something smells fishy and I want to see it myself. Applying that to players, you don't want to dismiss community feedback just because it seems contradictory or because you don't understand it. But the magic comes from interpreting that feedback and using it to make changes that do improve the game over the long run.
Ghostcrawler you may never see this comment, but I would really appreciate it if someone at riot would allow Ekko to jungle again, it really saddens me that I cannot play this champion in jungle anymore after playing him a bunch when he first came out. It's pretty much the only reason I quit during season 5/6 was because of how hard he got destroyed. And then I come back and they just completely remove him from the role all together. Also is anything going to be done about the shitty state of jungle currently? It feels terrible to clear Krugs and nunu is back at being the god of the jungle again and usually any meta where nunu is god says a lot about the terrible state of jungle. PS please make someone fix Ekko jungle a good change would to either make his passive lockout on jungle monsters 0 or 2 seconds. He needs something to clear much better and I feel like that would make him much more viable without buffing lane Ekko. Also there are only 3 champions that currently buy runic echos right now which sucks. (those champs being nid eve and elise so we could always use another ap jungler :D)
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Elastoid (NA)
: The assassin class existed long before Duskblade did. Jhin's SECONDARY role is assassin. There's a large difference between Fighter/Tank champions and Tank/Fighter champions, and the same principle applies to Jhin -- he's a marksman first. If you want to build him like an assassin, there should be a tradeoff.
He trades crit scaling and crit movement speed for some more early damage vs squishy targets early, that's the trade off.
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: Yeah but still an adc with {{item:3812}} {{item:3046}} and Warlords can tank an insane amount of damage unless bursted or cced
Kinda the point of andadc to do damage because they give up a shit load of defensive stats to do so,they get a little bit of dueling power from those items and that's about it.
: You know tanks are underpowered when
adc tank meta is gone when they nerfed maw+steraks combo. I'm pretty sure that a tank soaks way more damage than an adc now.
Knalxz (NA)
: Warwick Visual and Gameplay update confirmed after Ryze and Yorick!
: Good news! There is an opening in construction! Seems there is a hefty amount of terraforming on our hands.
: Don't get me wrong, new champions are nice...but when are you going to focus on balance?
: Almost sounds like he's the "high risk, high reward" that assassins were always supposed to be.
More like high risk and barely any reward :D
uJhisper (NA)
: Is Shaco the perfect idea of what an assassin should be?
I don't think assassins should be like Shaco, if anything I think Shaco needs a rework. The reason why Shaco isn't played a lot is because he's extremely difficult to master and requires you to not fuck up ever. EDIT: here come the downvotes because everyone here wants assassins to be garbage tier like shaco.
: When you have so many notifications it takes you over 2 hours to reply to them all
You didn't sign up for the meme lyfe, the meme life signed up for you.
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: In Response to the Taliyah's Champion Reveal
so yasuo is air bender and taliyah is the earth bender, when do we get the fire and water bender?
: Diana the savage pt 2
: What's your favorite color?
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Woook3r (NA)
: I used to buy {{item:1300}} because it would make dragon trainer tristana ride her dragon between autos, and because it actually makes ashe dangerous. Now removing qss as well. I think im going to quit the game. I like playing immobile adc's.
People on boards bitch about broken adc's then adc's get nerfed and people bitch, classic boards.
: Timers on every blue and red for every side? I'm done jungling
I'm a Jungler and I find this change to be a good one. Good junglers already have a general idea of when the enemy buffs are spawning anyways so this just adds some clarity for those who don't have that.
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Jbels (NA)
: BloodRazor
This buffs early game for those junglers, but nerfs their late game damage a lot. I'm ok with this.
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Haunt (NA)
: I've seen it a million times, but here's a million and one. KILL dynamic queue for the love of god
They should honestly remove Dynamic queue and replace it back with old Solo Queue.
: Sivir taking up Astronomy
For real Diana and Leona need to just bone already. The community has pretty much made it canon.
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: I know this isn't just a jungle problem, but it does seem like this rings true for jungle more than any other role. These junglers for example {{champion:266}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:19}} are unique, fun to play, and have distinct strengths and weaknesses in the jungle. But that's the problem: they're TOO balanced, or in the case of some, too weak and too exploitable in higher level play. I'm not saying they can't work at all; I bet there are some Fiddle jungle mains in diamond, or Skarner jungle mains in master, etc. But when you're objectively comparing and contrasting champions, jungle is probably the least diverse role in the game. Why play Shaco when you can play Lee Sin? Why play Aatrox when you can play Master Yi? Why play Nocturne when you can play Vi? And so on. Top lane kinda has this problem too, but at least there if the enemy picks Quinn you can pick Graves or Irelia. But if the enemy jungler picks Lee Sin..........who the hell counters Lee in the jungle?
Wait what, Nocturne and Hecarim are decent champions in diamond...I mean they shouldn't be the go to, but if everything else is gone they can work. Nocturne and Rek'sai are pretty good into Lee. Anything that can interupt his q is pretty good into him or flat out beat his ass pre six like nidalee or graves.
Wygol (EUW)
: So...does everyone think Aurelion Sol is awful?
Idk I feel like he doesn't do a lot of meaningful things. Like he has one play making strategy and that's about it. He's very one dimensional, like Vi or Warwick.
Stiv1234 (EUW)
: That Evelynn splash...
Welp, my porn stash is back baby...I mean, I don't own any porn....
Bârd (NA)
: When someone posts a wall of text
I remember when I couldn't read. Those were dark times.
: Mystery solved, Kindred's face
Welp, there goes my porn stash, I mean, uh....yea....
: Tanks, Assassins, Supports, Mages, Marksmen; Long ago, the six classes lived thogether in harmony.
Back in my day, the little shits on the boards used to complain about how broken fiora was "Too much true damage" they said. "Not enough counterplay" they screamed. Well look whats happened now. GJ boards.
ThatH1N1 (NA)
: Make it so blue essence can be used to make runes and rune pages.
Ive already got all the rune pages and runes, what do i do then? Should prob let people convert champion shards into skin shards.
: The game has been incredibly and horribly unbalanced since the season launch, so technically it is the worst season ***so far.*** As an entire season, nobody can say, since the season's only 4 months in. But so far, this is an dreadfully unbalanced season. I think keystones and Riot making drastic changes to entire classes and items, instead of doing it in waves, is making it harder for Riot to find a healthy balance. At least with the Mid Year Mage Update, Riot is seeking feedback and comments from the community, compared to the Marksman Update which was a complete silent mystery, along with the heavy item changes.
Last season we had Skarner at 65% winrate, so busted that he had to be hotfixed. So yea this seasons looking pretty good so far. EDIT: Not to mention tank jungle meta was busted as fuck, tanks could one shot people and were invulnerable.
: Is Season 6 officially the most unbalanced season?
This season is no where near as stupid as Skarner rework last season. Until a champion has a 65% winrate then this seasons looking pretty fucking balanced if you ask me.
: Me: *Pushed constantly to turret, waits patiently for ganks* Me: *Still waits, trying to CS under tower* Me: *Gets dove by enemy jungler and their laners, I die* Me: "Can I get a gank sometime soon please?" My jungler: "OMG STFU YOU FUCKING FEEDER" Me: ... Don't act like all junglers are innocent
This situation really depends on who the hell you're laning against. Like if it's LB then fuck that i'm gunna go spend my time camping other lanes. Zed is also a pain in the ass to gank. Also depends on what champion your playing. If you're playing like GP mid then like there ain't much I can do for your ass cause GP is the worst on gank assist.
: How do you win a game anymore?
: Starbucks. Bucks. Buckshot. {{champion:104}} {{champion:104}} counters {{champion:136}}. {{champion:104}} is an ADC. ADCs have Supports. {{champion:16}} is a support. {{champion:16}} and {{champion:136}}'s favorite place to hang out is Starbucks. But {{champion:136}} is dead because {{champion:104}} counters him. Where am I going with this? Not Graves' cigar, that's for sure.
: Why are Ranged Champions able to build Gauntlet?
I mean aren't items built so that carries can do more damage? Gauntlets already getting nerfed on PBE for being busted as fuck. Everyone buys it, not just Ezreal. When Gauntlet finally turns to shit everyones just gunna use Trinity Force. Then that'll get nerfed, then Gauntlet will get buffed, and then the cycle continues.
: "X, a friend of Y, has invited you to a Ranked Game."
I get this shit all the time. Like holy shit they don't even introduce themselves, they just fucking invite my ass.
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