: Not a regular revert Akali post
Arguments like this ignore a key fact. Riot is a company, and as a company their main goal is to make money. Everything they do from new champs, to balance, game modes, is about keeping people engaged so they can give riot money. The key to this problem is that akali players is a smaller population than the rest of the player base. Because of this, they have been prioritizing making the people who play against her less unhappy instead of akali mains happy. Number balancing (first ability damage changed X -> Y) is cheap. Mechanic charges (second ability now hits in a W pattern and leaves water on the ground) are more expensive due to potentially needing new art and code. VGUs are the most expensive. The question then becomes how much money are they expecting to make off of the change. Most VGUs are justified by the bump in the overall player base they get along with the increased numbers of players choosing to add the rework into their champion pool (I know I only really started playing akali after the rework) The issue that I see with the revert argument is that riot will be spending a lot of money pleasing a small number of people. Yes. A “good” company should listen to what their customers want and take responsibility for mistakes, but the only incentive for that is money. And the revert argument is asking riot to purposely lose money. Some people might say that they should take responsibility and do it. But I think we could look at other things to ask for (like specific changes to certain abilities) and riot would be a lot more open to discussion
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: Can we get another tank champion
I’d also take a tank fighter just someone who can take more damage and doesn’t need to run away at every turn
YaraUwU (NA)
: Just a quick thought for anyone that thinks Qiyana is the dullest champion to date. Kai'sa exists.
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: So are tier 3 boots ever going to return?
at the moment you can just pretend Predator is a tier 3 boot.
: Very simple Yasuo change to make him more balanced
This is exactly the same idea I had for how to balance Yasuo! I wish riot would do this.
: Please do everyone in the league community a favor and revert akali's kit but leave her with the VGU. Literally everyone who hates the champion will stop complaining about her and everyone who loves the champ will praise riot for the decision. No one likes the new akali and this is clear by the ban ratio and pick ratio. A revert is a clear win-win scenario that will please the entire community.
I personally had fun playing the new akali's kit. the mobility and interactions between her abilities were fun. Old Akali wasn't as dynamic and skill oriented and personally bored me with the more point and click gameplay. Rather than a full revert i would rather them have a happy median between the two.
: i dunno what to say because everytime you say something along " we're gonna balance better the game " it usually means the full opposite. you released champs with passives on everything just to remove half of them after few months, brainless or just changes for the sake of salary? you should create some system that allow us , the players , to vote for evey change proposal and then if it pass follow it through , because it doesn't feel like you developers/designers/balancers are actually playing the game or got a full knowhow of what the champs can actually do with their kits, instead it feel like you're just watching pro league and be like " oh they overabusing the stuff/item/champ kit we just reworked to be like this and so now we gotta balance(nerf) it , it never crossed our mind they could do that " GOSH 50% of the league servers would probably be able to see that coming from a mile away. quick example : you just removed the "auto pushing" mechanic from the yorick maiden, so now she sticks to him, but you didn't even considered giving her an expiration time , like tibbears , but instead she last till killed like ivern daisy. ONLY PROBLEM is that she's not daisy and yorick is not ivern and their stats and numbers are totally different so people are gonna start abuse that to keep pushing with a ghoul army while being a stronghold to gank because of the maiden presence and as soon as they start to do it in pro play you will need to nerf the shit out of yorick without even questioning your actions that lead to the abuse because you guys are blind af.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HiTqIyx6tBU this is the reason why polls will never work
: I think all Akali mains are wondering what is happening in the future with Akali, I do feel that diving my laner at level 2 was too strong with the shroud, but unsure the healing needed removed as it was the only tool to lane against some poke, but wasn't enough to prevent having to back in a lot of matchups? Not overly sure how other Akali players feel about this but I know I will be avoiding ranked till Akali gets something back. If you can't buff her, can you at leat give her back her quote? So many noobs, will matchmaking ever find true balance?{{champion:84}}
I don't consider myself an Akali main sine I play mostly Illaoi and Camille top in ranked but i do enjoy playing her and it hurts that the moment I feel comfortable enough to play her in ranked a lot of nerfs come in even though her solo queue win rate is already crap.
: Champion Weaknesses in 2019
Thanks for being up front about your plans in the future with this. I think that the handling of champs like Akali up to this point was very poor and left a bitter taste in a lot of people's mouths. I understand from a spectator point of view it is not fun seeing the same champions in every game but it is not fun when your champ gets nerfed because the pros are abusing them while they are struggling in solo queue (from someone who plays both Akali and Ornn top). Hopefully these changes will be communicated beforehand about why they are coming and what can be expected in return for them in the future if you stick to this plan for new/reworked champions. For now tho, are there any plan for how to bring Irelia, Aatrox, and Akali's win rates back up in solo queue with out making them broken in pros again or removing weaknesses?
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: sad but true RIP Irelia
Ionia must stand united. Irelia and Akali need to stand together in this dark time. #IoniaStandsUnited
Meddler (NA)
: Blitz is still a potential candidate for an Ezreal style update. Nothing committed to beyond that though at present. Nexus Blitz play rate dropped off real hard once the missions for it ended. We're assessing what to do as a result, had been hoping its baseline appeal would stay higher. Overall it dropped down to a pretty similar play rate to its first run.
I was grinding them to get prestige K/DA Akali so I just got burned out and needed a break
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 30
Hey Meddler, As an Akali player, I understand that the 'Nerf to zero to figure out what went wrong' approach will probably be the best option for her in the long run, but I feel like the lack communication about that intention was what hurt the most. Up to this point the focus on Akali's balance was the shroud. What to do about the shroud. Should the shroud make her untargetable by turrets. Is there enough counter play around the shroud. That along with the fact that all previous mentions on the work with Akali was that she would be "Adjusted" gave the impression that only the shroud would be touched and she would get compensation some other way. I was fine with the possibility of the shroud being nerfed to the ground but was interested in what might be the potential buffs. Then the heal and her sustain gets gutted and the shoe drops. While the Zoe approach to balancing is probably the best for champs like Akali who's abilities are so intertwined with each other that it is impossible to make a simple numeric adjustment to fix any integral issues, I would have been more comfortable if the plug was pulled early and communication was up front and honest about what your intentions were. I also feel like the community backlash from Akali players would have been lessened too if there wasn't moths of only discussing her shroud. I hope by the end of this Akali is still a skill expressive champ that can be played in Mid or Top with interesting mechanics to bring to the table. I can think of many interesting things that could be added to her passive mechanics, Q, or ultimate and I am sure you guys are already thinking about what possible paths you could take her. I just hope you can be more up front about your goals and setting our expectations. Hope you have a good day and i thanks for reading if this catches your eyes
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 25
I would like to know how you plan on having the new shroud fit into her kit. I mostly play fighters top and picked up Akali for some diversity in champions. The way I see it, by removing her shroud under towers she can no longer go for that all in. Other assassins can jump in really quick and just burst opponents down but Akali can't due to the way that the rest of her kit functions. She usually needs at least one more damage rotation to take down targets and that would require playing with her passive circle. Having her shroud allows her to buy time for that but with out it she no longer can act as the rest of the assassins. If you wish to make her more of a skirmisher like Fiora then that makes since but be up front about if the rouge assassin should be the rouge skirmisher and give her more defenses to match the rest of them. At her current state and what you are talking about it sounds like you are putting her in that awkward space between the two. Doesn't have the delete power of an assassin but doesn't have the sustained dueling power of a skirmisher. I think that her Heal should be looked at. If it need to be higher, lower, on other abilities, on her passive, whatever, but first I want to know what your vision for this champion is, how are you planning on delivering that, and how these changes fit into that plan. Until then you are going to get a lot of different people who think Akali is a lot of different things and she may end up being a mess of a champion.


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