5050BS (NA)
: Im with you. This is too much frustrating shit. I win Promos (and Riot really tryed to make me not by giving me afkers in ALL of them) to then give me 6 games now that are 4v6 or worse. There is no 50/50 shit. Riot is actively working to MAKE me stay in B2
if you havnt before you should make a smurf and see how you do after 50 games
: should i keep trying?
they care more about people getting their feelings hurt by in game chat then the actually state of the game.
: Change klepto
im pretty sure its her level 16 and not klepto but thats just a washed up masters players opinion
5050BS (NA)
: Riots "System" take two steps forward get pushed three steps back
riot wants you to stay at 50% and thats why games are coinflip. I might quit the game tbh the amount of coinflips ive had recently on my smurf makes me sick.
Kraśko (EUNE)
: demoted to gold 1 because every game i get r%%%%%ed teammates
its the same in diamond man just quit the game tbh, coinflips arnt fun and thats all league is.
: If I don't see the f*cking phantom hit removed or vayne nerfed into oblivion next patch I'm done.
: Insanely low LP gains after promoting to Diamond
yup im getting +16 a win on my smurf and i have 65% winrate. makes no sense.


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