Lusth (NA)
: When I get killed by syndra I always feel like I got outplayed.
Jesus Christ your post history is just whining about nerfing a champ with a 47% winrate or Zoe. Zoe I can understand. Zoe is a champ which deserves nerfs. but you should calm your rage anti-syndra boner, its lasted for quite a while and you should probably see a doctor.
: Nah. I don't even buy hexdrinker because the mage mains always feed me before 6 and throw their lanes and start raging at how op zed is. Mage mains xd
: Always wondered what people are smoking when they see syndra is bad with new runes. Played her once, stomped and thought well same as ever but reading these bugs... that's crucial in every scenario if that happens to you. I seem to have been lucky in my game or didnt notice and just thought i fucked up nevertheless that might explain her poor winrate.
The bugs are fairly rare or they consistently when you are doing a quick combo (see the w + ult bug). But they are piling up kinda quickly. Her mordekaiser and azir are the buggy trifecta
5301 (NA)
: Doesn't he just lose lane to all the meta mids?
If they know how to bait his windwall, yeah. Well that might change because a bunch of meta mages got nerfed and a bunch of lower tier ones got buffed, but most right now do fine against him
Quepha (NA)
: A buff to his early game and a nerf when it doesn't matter because he has lifesteal?
No that is a nerf at his early shield by 40 and a buff to his late shield by 45
sutora3 (EUNE)
: kha zix w can heal him if he hits something in mele(close) range not that much of a sustain but helps his jungle clears
Its there because otherwise Kha'zix really wouldn't function as a jungler, he already gets super low on a lot of clear paths
: True, she can't fall off due to Void Staff's existence.
If she does fall off, its because she shouldn't be able to reach the enemy ADC in a teamfight due to their tanks. Its not scaling, its her kit's functionality.
: That's old school. People might not get it. He's actually been alright for like 2 seasons now, I'm surprised he hasn't seen any pro-play in the current meta.
He does occasionally, although he was bigger last season.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 28
Has there been any discussion on a rework on Syndra's ult? I feel point and click nukes really don't have much of a place in league nowadays, since there is a lot more focus on counterplay.
: Don't forget about Sivir.
She got hotfixed earlier today.
Arakadia (NA)
: Even freaking perfect Demacian Taric boy got redemption. Urgot? Still fucking evil. Riven? Not redeemed. Annie? The devil incarnate. Kayn? Arrogant and power hungry. Vi does justice, sorta, and tries to clean up crime. Lux is kind and thoughtful. And Diana is doing a good thing for the world. Those rejects honestly are much better generally speaking.
I have a problem if someone wanted to make Urgot GOOD.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 25
Any updates on Syndra? You guys where looking into her, right?
: Ah, so we have seen the other side of the spectrum. We all hear horror stories of things like release Xin Zhao and Zyra, but you mever hear of those champs released that just can't seem to find a win on release. Only champ I remember seeing like that was Bard. For Syndra, was it just a numbers issue, or something else entirely?
From what I heard it was that and she basically had so many bugs she didn't work.
: Bigger fish to fry probably. I imagine they work on skins that are the most wanted/needed/cost effective first and then when they have a good period of not a lot of work they try to hit one of those goals they had but never had time for. Speaking of which, most people probably want a Yorick skin with different particles and whatnot- not just a color swap. That's not just new effects like most champions- that also includes: new textures for ghoul, new textures for wall, new texture for ghost-mama, and so on. Yorick takes more work than the average champion. And if you want a REALLY nice skin, that means new models for all 3 of those things as well, plus Yorick himself. Don't get me wrong, I want a Yorick skin too, but he's probably one of the harder champions to make them for.
I remember something about Riot talking about how hellish it was to animate some of Yorick's stuff, so there might be a delay on "Holy crap, this champ needs a lot of stuff for a skin to function".
: Assassin,tanks,bruisers, adcs,mages are all viable
Honestly with Ekko I would like to see power shifted around. Increase the mana cost on his q, lower the damage on it, higher damage on his passive and lower mana on his w and e to compensate. So he can't just q spam but in fights it is power neutral and in longer fights you output more damage.
LankPants (OCE)
: Why don't we take a look at Syndra? She's at a 47% winrate after her last nerfs, her pickrate has dropped by 2% in the last 7 days as well. Nerfing her again now would be akin to the nerfs that Azir received, she doesn't need that. She's significantly fallen off in pro play, at least in Korea anyway.
Really she is mostly picked by people like Bjerg and Jensen, who are exceptionally good with her. Sure she is still picked by others, but in pro I see far more Corki or Orianna, and Leblanc is still basically perma banned.
: I serached "yasuo isnt op" on google
I think the problem is you serached something on google. Try searching next time, it doesn't let things go that far.
: Summarizer: Next champion (Kayn). part of Zed's order, top student. Uses shadow magic and a living scythe. The living scythe is a Darkin named Rhaast. People love milking the puns out of them for some reason. More than any other champion I have seen anyway.
Because there are so many puns you kayn make.
: May we congratulate the glorious memer The Ender Cobra?
When your first pvp penta was on a Diana one for all. I was unaware of the penta for a little.
: Great point :D My personal Favorite is Xerath. Both your Q and your W are non-projectile. So many times I've seen a Yasuo try to windwall my Q just to get chunked anyway XD
Syndra Q and W also go through their wall. It's hilarious to see Yasuos try and windwall syndra W and then whine about it not working.
Meddler (NA)
: No immediate plans for further changes at least. The R is still a topic of some disagreement internally (not an uncommon occurrence, especially with champs that have been balance challenges at times).
Hey meddler, just some shower thoughts, but what if syndra's ult was turned into a skill shot like heimer w,where all the spheres are launched from their current locations and hit things along the way? It would certainly tune down the frustrating nature of her ult and put a lot more skill expression into her kit.
: When you're late to the teamfight
: I agree Syndra got her snow day skin and is now getting her SKT skin Ezreal got his arcade and an update on Pulsefire all recently Kind of feels like too much skin love going to these two
Esports skins based for teams do not count towards the average skin time distance for champions, and Snow Day Syndra was unveiled in Nov 2015. Ezreal seems to have gotten a large amount of skins recently though.
: Recent Syndra Nerf was enough to drop her out of competitive play.
not entirely, but her pick/ban rate did drop a lot.
kasfas (NA)
: Let's play a little game, who knows EUROPE!?
1- iceland 2- norway 3- sweden 4- finland 5- Russia 6- Ireland 7- Divided kingdom 8- pasteries 9- mini spain which speaks weird 10- that place which has the language I took in highschool and I think I remember some of it 11- some city state thing 12- white flag 13- chocolate 14- luxembourg 15- bye bye thanks global warming 16- Deutschland 17- poland can into space 18- lithuania 19- latvia 20- estonia minus its island which I forgot the name of 21- montecarlo? 22- italia pastalia 23- swiss chocolate 24- umm 25- mini germany 26- cezch mate 27- popeland 28- not a clue 29- slovenia I think? 30- croatia 31- bosnia and herzegovina 32- hungry 33- slovakia 34- malta 35- albino 36- serbs you right 37- macedonia? 38- bulgaria 39-romance language somehow 40- moldova? 41- novarussia 42- belarus 43- greeeeeeeeeeece 44- I concede
6Sfool (NA)
: Pretty sure that's teemo.
Kkoma's favorite champ is teemo.
: Gotta love when a blitz pulls her into his team
: Or {{champion:8}} main, or {{champion:268}} main... It's a wonder why these guys aren't picked more often.
because those are two of the hardest midlaners in the game.
: Laughing Fish's 175,000 lifetime upvote spectacular (Come and get your free skins!)
This is just a plot to get more upvotes. I will feed his might.
Ulanopo (NA)
I volunteer myself as tribute. Half because I mostly just play with my friends and I want to see what things look like out of context of our voice rooms.
: Please don't tell me she is getting nerfed.... Just bought her shadowfire skin, already had super galaxy. I also just got her to mastery rank 7.
Mini Rework on Kindred in 7.11.
: Its been like this nearly a whole year. How long do we have to wait riot?
I believe they fixed it a patch or two ago. Apparently this broke it again, because last time it would just not fill it at all, but this time it just makes it look almost filled.
: Patch 7.10 notes
Have they fixed the Azir bug where his autoattack doesn't work?
: I follow into Tormentula's footsteps
Last season I was in a silver 5 division known as Nunu's pyromancers. Try wrapping your head around that.
Bunnymap (NA)
: I think I the individual mini reworks (ex: Shyvana, Donger, upcoming Rek) work out better in the end than the large updates.
Hopefully rek. These just seem better, because they don't give a date for them to be due, and they tend to only announce them if there is significant development behind just the one champion.
: Irelia's not the go-to nerf champ anymore ... go nerf Lee Sin please.
He's definitely not the go to nerf champ for riot anymore. Or ever for that matter.
: *Diver update shows up* "OMG, {{champion:62}} IS OP NOW! REVERT THE CHANGE OR NERF HIM TO OBLIVION!"
I already went through that shit with the Syndra update, and they are going to make me go through that again with a Diana update.
: try 8
Except for it caps damage at 7
Rengooo (OCE)
: Rengar nerfs was like
Kindred nerfs were like{{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
: This is why you don't play Shen f*cking support. Also, I apologize that somebody playing Shen was an asshole. ~~Please state his full name, address, and medical records.~~
: Your main(s) have lost their house, and you've agreed to let them live with you for a month
Me: HOW THE FUCK DO YOU LOSE A GIANT FLOATING CASTLE? {{champion:134}} LOOK KARMA IS A BITCH, OKAY? Me: gah. {{champion:134}} So, do I have to kick you out? Me: I'll take the couch.
Laughing Fish has more upvotes than The Ender Cobra on his own meme I can't decide if this is heresy or not.
N Komaeda (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=aqE1h2JB,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-04-25T15:51:40.344+0000) > >--- > > **Rakan and ~~Xaya~~ Xayah** > > Seem to be in a reasonable at least for now power wise, so the only likely changes in 7.9 are a few bugfixes. Will definitely need to assess again in a couple of... > ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- > Legit, nobody want's to know what the Xaya is. I also do NOT recommend anyone to google it, please.
Upvoted so that more people will search it
: I do Two Steps from Hell. You could take a dump and it sounds like you're doing it to save the world from Tiamat, five-headed queen of evil dragons.
You are now my favorite boards member. Sorry MM, you have been replaced.
: Beats World of Chorecraft at least.
Hey! Some of us like doing monotonous farming for hours on end!
: Hm. I like the idea of finally getting a void-ish map. Very interested to see what's going on with the gameplay. And I guess we've got dark star kha-zix and... kindred skins?
Orianna and Kha'zix. She does look a lot like Kindred though.
MagÊ (EUW)
: is it safe to say that BORK overtuned ADCS?
In that game, you see KT rolster take advantage of what they saw as a weak champion pool for Ruler, SSG's adc. Stop taking things out of context.
: Design traps I sincerely hope they avoid with Syndra
As a Syndra main, I would love this. That's all I have to say. EDIT: While talking to one of my friends we came up with an expression for this: Don't Viktor her.
: As someone who doesn't know how the game works, only likes the memes, is there any point in not using this card the moment you get it?
Not really, unless you are worried about your hand size overdrawing or if you have a specific card that works based upon how many spells you have casted in one turn, but those are rare.
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