Sukishoo (NA)
: I'm pretty sure hextech will see a nerf soon. It can be pretty strong though there's been plenty of times I've still fought through it and won. So it's not an absolute game changer.
9.17 that brings Pantheon doesnt say about any Hextech nerf tho.. I needed it ASAP so i can get back playing ranked without fear that one guy completely counters my items.
: I would agree 8 seconds is a bit much. I would like to see hextech 1 be withing 1 space with maybe 4 seconds or something with hextech 2 being the full 8 or so secs because then you have to work all 4 for how strong it is but i do believe hextech isnt as strong as people think and its because it isnt fully understood. There is a pattern to where the hextech debuff will go. The biggest issue for hextech in my opinion is how op vi is. She is by far the strongest of the 4 dealing good damage being naturally tanky and can cc a whole team like pyke
True true.. The hextech unit itself isnt that broken. I like the new champs by their classes (except maybe Jinx because shes very op) and Vi is a great addition in my opinion. 6 shapeshifters and 6 brawlers is risky but if youre confidence enough its a good comp. And when you completed the comp its such a great feeling But, what i hated the most is their trait. Youre right, they should nerf the 2 hextech to be like 4 seconds. Also maybe add that the bomb to only target one champion so it brings back the clumped strategy (just so i can play rangers again, riot!). > There is a pattern to where the hextech debuff will go. I wish there were but its mostly trial-error because its randomize. Riot should makes the bomb pattern clear and predictable. > The biggest issue for hextech in my opinion is how op vi is. I dont play many Vi's but i sure think that her ability is much like Pyke but more focused. But is it that op? I havent find any success playing her tbh... Does she need items? Shojin perhaps?
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: Im sorry but i have to disagree. I have won with a way more varied amount of comps this patch then any other. And dont misunderstand i dont think this patch is perfect i just don't think its as bad people with their torches are saying
Im glad that youre having fun this patch, and riot seems to be on your side since there are no updates about hextech nerf or rework. The following patches seems to be a little bit better tho seeing they are changing some stuffs on anti healing item and assasins. I hope that lulu can function again and akali doesnt take turn touching the backline. But still hextech with their 8 seconds denial that got me here in the first place... gotten pretty sick to play against just two hextech that counters my carries. Hope they change that soon. And also i have to make myself clear here, I dont mind the one carry all tank strategy, but the jinx+vi with hextech that also disable your carry is the problem... Frustating to play against since you kinda need item to kill their beefy walls (if not playing void).
: There isnt just 1 way to build a comp. Mixing and matching things can have lot of varying effects and 2 comps that used to be op op asol on release and demon bear recently doesnt mean nothing stands against nobles. Gunslingers and blademasters can both deal with them and i have also won against them playing sorcs and wild shapeshifters. Hell a hyperstack draven in a tanky comp can do the trick, are nobles strong? Yes but far from the only comp and that doesnt make the meta bad because there is a lot of effective tactics
yeah, it **used** to be like that.. now, after the patch 9.16 or the hextech patch, they added ; more rng ( _ hextech and full item drop _ ), anti healing, anti stacking, the demon rework, more gunslinger, more blademaster stuffs tbh, i think that this kills **alot** of what used to be relevant. And please dont deny that dravens and jinxes can be the **only one **source of damage in an unpenetrated walls of brawlers. its all i see in this patch and i dont really like this limited variation of first place winning comps. Not just one carry and all brawlers/tanks. I like more synergy buff comp like sorc, ninja, assasin, even elementalist. maybe its preferences, and this patch is the worst patch in my opinion.
: U talking about me or urself? If me, I'm in mainland China server, not Garena.
me, and i tell you, its worse here.. many many problems and the garenas employee give 0 fcks
: Is Camille a good choice for your team?
if youre going Brawlers+Hextech, Jayce + Vi is better then swapped jayce for Jinx so late game theres a damage dealer. Only pick Cammile + Jinx if going Blademaster+Gunslinger+Hextech.
: Heimerdinger: Unit of the future!
This is a nice thread, and i have some opinions. > The main point is to have Heimer be a lvl 5 Hextech Yordle though ya dig? Sure, maybe he can replace trist so the yordles are mostly magic damage. > Maybe a wild/phantom could be cool. Hecarim might fit that. But thats a two races, and no classes.. I dont think its allowed. Probably Phantom + new class or assasins? > A level 3 or 5 void critter might be nice? YEA! We need more unit to have void buff to counter the nobles. > Another robot/exile or a new stand-alone type of unit buff. {{champion:61}} / {{champion:92}} ? Shockwaves and windslashes would be really cool. >Another lvl 1 or a lvl 2 knight so that early 4 knight is possible to insure more overtimes early on because that is what we all really want to see most. Adding knights means that they** HAVE** to add more void tho.. so it has a counter.
: The meta is fine. A lot of comps are viable. I also happen to prefer tank meta in regular league. Assassins metas are so toxic and conpletly ruin the need for teamplay or require beyond average levels of teamplay expected of a soloqueue team to be able to counter
> The meta is fine. well, no Brawlers+hextech and noble with mr+armor+kayle's invincibility close alot of the different meta in the last patches demon bear isnt a thing anymore, assasins pathing is horrible, asol and any other sorcerer cant counter those pesky backline nobles, ranger cant clump vs hextech so kindred ult becomes useless, yordles doesnt dodge abilities. only Void counters Nobles (there are only 4 of them) and gunslingers may counter brawlers also maybe shapeshifters is good if you get 6 of them? i cant think anymore comp that will place 1st than those two.
: 3 patchs still no one play him: why RIOT just admit they are wrong about changing Galio?
Pyrosan (NA)
: plz no dont encourage more people to play viktor ewrfhbsdfijsokd that's so frustrating to go against top
True, going top as viktor and getting that free klepto proc is pretty nasty tbh.. but the same thing applies with {{champion:85}} or {{champion:43}} and they crushed solo q these days. Maybe nerf klepto on viktor and buff viktor's stats??
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: What is so fun about TFT?
That feeling when you completed the comp that youre aiming all game. Its almost like completing full build as a main carry in Summoners Rift. 6 sorcerers when Asol ult once and completly wiped the enemy its very satisfying to watch. And also fun crazy build like Sorcerer Aatrox that one shot the frontline with 2500 damage in one ability. 9 blademasters that attacks the enemy with super fast attack speed. 6 Gunslinger that completly disables everyone on the enemy board and many other comps. And the best thing is you get to win by yourself and 99,9% of your luck.
Sir Gusi (EUW)
: Champs I'd like to see in TFT
Orianna 3-5 cost Robot/Hextech Sorcerer With the balls hitting the same unit as ori then charging up and shockwave the entire enemy it is going to be super awesome! Alternative maybe Hextech Robot but i dont think that 2 Races and no Classes is allowed.
: whats taking so long for Riot to nerf guardian buff?
Guardian are easy to obtain, they just need two spaces for them to work.. However i dont think that the buff itself is broken, i mean it can stack which is pretty nasty, but would you rather give all your unit the buff or just one stacked? I rarely sees them stacking next to each other. Whats tilting about guardians is the champions and their ult/ability. Just a two stars Leona stuns your main carry like forever. And Braum wall literally block most of the damage physical and magic damage. Get three stars and just give him Warmog + Dragons Claw and hes pretty much unkillable. I think that the champions ability should get nerfed, not the buff. And btw, Pantheon is coming and hes a dragon guardian with aoe temporary immunity in his ult... I guess guardians is just unkillable.
Arsarel (EUW)
: Totally agree. New champs and their abilities are ruining all balance. No matter what you do, they crush your main carry in seconds. Played only 3 times since latest patch, and that was enough for me to lose all interest in game. Hextechs are imbalanced. Devs said that Hex will give more variative gameplay, if fact they ruined it. Don't wanna play TFT until rebalance of Hextechs. You got 2-3 golden champs with 3 items - blah, two stars hextechs without any items will kill them easy. 9.16 worst patch for now, my opinion.
Yeah, i think that i will stop climbing this patch.. playing against current hextech. Sucks tho im almost top #1000 in Singaporean server.
: Ideas to balance hextech
I think that the duration and the hexes are the problems. Try rangers I like to position my unit with front tank with backline carry and now i cant stack them together which makes their job of focusing one unit pretty hard. And whats the point of {{champion:203}} if i cant clutch saves my carries? I guess i just have to sacrifice my crucial {{item:3087}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3161}} {{champion:22}} in the first 8 seconds lol. > First buff hits only 1 champ, then at 4 you could hit more, like it is right now at first buff I like this idea. But also with reduced duration at only 2 hextech
Cräfty (EUW)
: Let's talk about patch 9.16, the new meta and Riot's genius way of thinking, shall we?!
I agree on the {{item:3165}} "nerf" because the healing denial is just too op and counters alot of beefy frontlines that dominates last patches. But i think that frontlines like brawlers isnt that op since you dont really rush 4/6 brawlers because its risky mid-game without proper carry. The main issue is {{champion:31}} just a very strong unit that makes the brawlers very annoying. 6 brawlers hp isnt that scary compare to 6 Shapeshifters now. **And one {{item:3165}} / red buff (preferably gunslinger comp) can just crush the beefy comp + healing hypercarry like {{champion:119}} {{item:3072}} or {{champion:102}} {{item:3146}} ** This patch completely changes how the last patch playstyle and replace it with hypercarry gunslingers.
: Is it better not to win early matches to get good items?
its pretty good for late game comp like blademasters sorcerers or nobles that needed {{item:1043}} {{item:1058}} {{item:1038}} and spatulas but if youre going to play brawlers or knights or even shapeshifters, you dont need rare items and can do well with defensive left-over items, so its better to stay on top.
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