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: > [{quoted}](name=Enuknia,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EMAvoKYf,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-10-11T22:54:56.850+0000) > > It would show up EVERY time for people who actually want the skins... It's so easy to just add the option. as i said they already do let you turn off te gimmicky shit on minions . WHY? Because it obviously fucks with people. Certain Syndra skins for me for example are a nightmare. I don't know about you, but when I equip a skin, it's partly so I can see it and partly to show it off. I have a few skins and a significant part of their value is that when I use them, others can see. I think most people who buy skins feel the same way too and skin sales would drop by a lot if we couldn't be sure that when we equip one people in the game will see it.
You must be some kind of a-hole to WANT to show someone something that they feel gives you an advantage. Also they DON"T want to see your skin.. Besides I doubt alot of people will actually want to turn them off. So I doubt you'll even run into 1/100 games where no one has the feature on. because imho most people enjoy skins. It just really bugs me... Especially the syndra and zyra examples. Those sprout/seed reskins are a pain in the ass to adjust to. Especially that bullshit tombstone one.. like wtf is that, doesn't look ANYTHING like the others
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: Come on, they make a living from selling skins. Which would lose 90% of their value if they didn't show up consistently.
It would show up EVERY time for people who actually want the skins... It's so easy to just add the option. as i said they already do let you turn off te gimmicky shit on minions . WHY? Because it obviously fucks with people. Certain Syndra skins for me for example are a nightmare.
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: So you want to remove Poppy’s anti dash mechanic to be another “just go in” character?
In regards to the antidash, although unique.. does it really make sense? And I would love if throwing the buckler was a cast while moving spell, so she could run in throwing it and then you could even attach the dash to it..... BAM instantly viable again imho. since on the escape you can 1. punish a tiny amount since buckler would be on a long cooldown (already is) and b. prevent chases. she always seemed more of a "stay moving character" with dreadplate anwho.
: My little brother started to play league, and asked me one thing..
I know right? You can disable all the other bullshit. But apparently we are slaves to the skin buying folks. Talk about pay to win (inserts tongue into cheek)
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: > [{quoted}](name=Enuknia,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=NxGmliNN,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2018-09-10T21:08:39.369+0000) > > I meant to say Noxian invasion ;P xD now you forgot the X in "Noxian"
: Regarding actual gameplay, his passive seems like it would be either busted or too weak, depending on the situation. It's too feast or famine. A dash that makes him untargetable on a 5 second cooldown? Yikes. Can't control when he uses it beyond holding off on autoing balances it a little bit, but it can create some situations where a player makes a serious misplay by using it. Which isn't a bad thing, but this ability may be too much so, particularly in the early game. I would have it start as maybe 10/11 seconds and scale down as he levels up. I'd imagine that you posted the abilities in the order that you wanted them to be used, but for the sake of cleaning him up and making him more like other champions, and therefore easier for players to pick up, I would have Static's Field be on E, Wuju Charge be on Q, and Ionic Shove be on W. It's not a bad thing to look at what abilities existing champions have and where, and then put abilities that are similar in function onto the parts of the kit that is known for that kind of ability. Q is usually a low cooldown farming tool or kiting dash. A few champions have gap closers on Q as well. Crowd Control and defensive skills are frequently on W. E is oftentimes a movement ability or a movement speed/attack speed steroid, or general damage. The ultimate range says "300% _extra_ movement speed as distance." As in, the range is 300% of his bonus movement speed? Remember, unless he's running and activates Predator or buys other movement speed items, his bonus movement speed is likely going to be +45 off of Sorcerer's Shoes. His ult seems like it should be a very long range ability. Keep in mind that Warwick's ultimate's range is 300% of his TOTAL movement speed. And honestly, his ultimate isn't that big of a range unless you've got {{item:3742}} and {{item:3800}}. He doesn't seem like the kind of champion who would build that. So either you're supposed to use it after you've already gotten into a fight and used your W to capitalize on the fact that its range is probably going to be 200-300 at most and you can use Static's Field to increase your movement speed to boost the damage OR you're supposed to use it to gap close from a very long distance, in which case, I would first off delay the damage and second, give it a base range of around 3000 (10 seconds of movement for a champion with 300 movement speed), and then 200% total movement speed for the range.
Mhm!!! The ult says the dive range and the extra move speed is added onto that, it does have huge range.. . Also the Farm tool should be on the Q you're totally correct. I hope to have him dive in with ulti through the enemy frontline (might be busted) dealing damage to anyone in a direct line to his target as well as a huge dmg burst to the said target. With good reactions they should be able to flash/dash out of it's aoe. Thx for your feedback!
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: Ahem , awkward. ;P
I meant to say Noxian invasion ;P
: Yi wasn't alive before the Rune Wars. The Rune Wars happened thousands of years ago and shaped the world as we know it today.
Ahem , awkward. ;P
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: [CCOS] September CCOS Entry Time! (And April CCOS Results!)
https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/NxGmliNN-static-the-charged-edge Hello, this is the Tale of the Lightning Infused Wuju disciple known as Static.
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Yes please, at least remove it in ranked.. it is 1. Bane of one tricks 2. INstaloss at high elo where people practice hard enough to punish a noob that has to play a hero they don''t usually play. 3. It's fucking dumb not being able to choose my role in a game i chose to play...
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: Disable new/reworked champs in ranked for atleast few weeks
Yes plz... Gonna force so many losses on people who wanna climb.. Bad enough it's a pain in the ass to carry as janna anyway.. Basically lose anytime someone tries a new hero in ranked at my level. Just take em out for like 1-2 weeks to FORCE people to get to ranked skill levels. plz riot
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: Please remove autofill
I also agree, autofill does nothing but make it harder for noobs/ people with limited time to get better at the game... Riot seems to only cater to people that have no jobs
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Same here, tis utterly fucked{{champion:103}}


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