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: Aphelios Kit Primer
The reason it's going to take so long to learn him is because unless you're running a custom match, everyone else is gonna be going for him first so **THEY **can be the absolute best at the tough new champ. Like the ones who try to steal every kill in bot matches. As though bot match kills are something to be proud of...... {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: TFT: New Arena Skins
Honestly, is that a sharingan? I do like the two on the right though. The moonlit one that reminds me of the star guardians invasion mode and the (I'm guessing) Ionian one. Lovely, peaceful visuals. {{champion:84}} {{champion:22}}
: TFT: Pyke nerf?
Yes we need a Pyke nerf in this mode. His stun range is far too broad for one, then another is he does more damage than a Zed (another lvl 2(green) champ at his level. Same items, stars, everything. You'd think Zed would win with his Bonus damage from ninja bonus.... That's what I had and my Zed had still lost 1v1 to a pyke lol..... Someone at Rito HQ must be a pyke fanboy/girl. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: /full or /muteall works well
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: how am i just seeing this but the comments are from 5 months ago..?
Exactly what I'm thinking... This game is so buggy I really don't see how E-sports is even a thing with League.
: every single time
Same thing is happening to me. I've tried everything on the site and have been looking everywhere for a solution. Turned off my firewall, reinstalled the game, flushed dns and all that. Idk what to do :( I was actually in the middle of a game when i was kicked out and I haven't been able to get in since yesterday. I've literally tried logging in over 40 times after trying all of the possible solutions and nothing has worked. Can somebody please help?


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