: 4 man groups in sr
lol. Nearly every time i play with 4 they verbally abuse me and 4 man report getting me the chat ban simply because 4 people did it and rito isnt smart enough to tell the difference. is asking for people not to be dicks to much? they gang up like grade school kids and report the 5th for asking for anything. i only have one report to give for each of them but they can freely troll my account simply for being present. That is not right in any way. Whoever thinks is it is absolutely wrong.
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Prandine (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=TekihcaN,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=yUpmTu9f,comment-id=0008000000000000,timestamp=2018-08-25T05:12:55.626+0000) > > How is reacting to injustice in your games bad behavior? It's poor behavior because it decreases your teams chances of winning, as rather than focusing on the game the people on the team are focused on flaming each other and screwing other people over. > Should I just sit there and waste 30 minutes of my life dying or be running around the map because my support and midlaner decide to hijack my farm ? > Do I just sit there doing nothing and wasting my time when trolls hijack my game and refuse to surrender an already doomed game? > Why should I shut up when I get mid and some jungler who was supposed to take smite, intentionally takes ignite and then hijacks my mid lane? > Or do I say nothing to people who gang up on me because all I did was point out why the support isn't warding , I have to ward and they just waste their gold on items that aren't even useful for their champs aka a rabadons on soraka ? > I should also have stayed quiet for the blitz that refused to support me after the first wave and began roaming all across the map and invading the enemy jungler while I get tower dove over and over and over and over. > Or I should just farm gromp when I get a MF support who walks up the entire game and feeds into the enemy adc and supp. > > I have to end up playing -cant even leave because then I get reported for AFK. > So you just suggest we shut up and take it, waste our 30min and forget that it ever happened? > Sorry. I cant be a sheep like that. I'm not suggesting you just be quiet but it's better than flaming them, as that's not gonna magically stop them from trolling (flaming them I mean). Trolls troll to get a negative reaction out of you, so if you don't give them that then chances are they'll stop trolling and play properly (not always but sometimes). Also, you can do what some other people do in this situation, which is make the most of a bad situation and focus on improving your skills such as csing for future games. It has nothing to do with "insert insult here", it's about not stooping down to their level and not letting them drag you down with them. > I live alone, I don't have friends coz Im not living in my own country because its a shithole and this game is all I did after work. > > Im crying because we give our time and money to this game. > I know it doesn't mean shit to Riot and nobody cares about that either. I know my loyalty claim ends on my keyboard. And as per your logic as well, its easier to ban people like me than trolls that are harder to catch. So why be myself. I can be possibly better off trolling. Yes it's easier to catch chat-related offenses but that doesn't mean that gameplay trolls don't get punished, it just takes longer to catch. When it is caught though it's a 2-week ban first offense. Also, if you truly valued your time and money then you should have thought of that before you decided to act up consistently enough to receive a 2-week ban. Right now your problem is you're just looking for excuses to try to justify your behavior when you should be focused on improving your behavior for the better. It's just a 2-week ban, so while you are on thin ice you still have the opportunity to prove that you can improve your behavior, but you can't do that though if you're constantly looking for excuses to try to justify your behavior. > But... > Just forget it. Im finding a new game to play. I don't have it in me to be a person who trolls. If that's the case then so be it, but if you do decide to play again then just focus on trying to improve your behavior and try to handle future situations like that better so you don't wind up in this situation again. It's not rocket science, and though difficult it's definitely possible.
Now normally I'd let a post like this go. Honestly I dont even play league anymore. Just have one thing I want to say. This advisor or whatever "prandine" is throwing all of leagues problems on you. And not just on you, he blamed all players for the games issues. Never once did this person apologize or even acknowledge that they have a problem with their own ridiculous systems which he/she admits quite smugly in fact that it's harder to catch players who have non chat related offenses and therefore they've decided to do absolutely nothing to rectify the situation. (Also somehow the players fault in this advisers eyes) Now I'm not saying the writer of this post is in the right. But dont you dare push all your problems on the players, you are playing the blame game as well. Fix your damn game so a post like that doesn't happen. And for the love of God how about you apologize for acting like a smug asshole this whole time? I dont even know why this post popped up on my Google recommended or why I clicked on it honestly. So from an uninvolved perspective, "prandine" you should watch your own actions before critiquing others. Because if the only solution you have to offer is blaming your players then you are going about it all wrong. P.s. acting smug and talking down to people is a type of verbal harrassment as well.


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