: UPDATE: Account Transfer Service Back Online
Account transfers are fixed now after many months, and not even a discount? Such BS...
: Account Transfer Service Down
Account transfers are fixed now after many months, and not even a discount? Such BS...
RaDat (NA)
: for the people who selected wrong region can sign up again. If they just signed up then that means there is nothing in that account. So why want a free transfer when you can just create new account in few mins in the right server. So that argument is kinda weak. but the main post i am not sure about. Have a nice day :P
It isn't a weak argument to think it is dumb for people to need to sign up to the game again when they have already made an account. Plenty of people (from the other forum posts I've seen) also only notice the problem once they have already progressed a lot. This is the case with myself, as I was assigned to NA by default by the sign up page even though I am in the EUW area, and the server select thing is so small and easily missable. Luckily from what I hear NA servers are nicer, so I'm not bothered about moving myself, but sucks to not be able to play with the majority of other players at all because of region lock nonsense. There is nothing that clearly informs new users at sign-up that they will be locked to a server and will need to pay to change it, which is bad UX design. Getting people to sign-up again is just a cop-out answer. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
: Why does this game have region locked accounts???
I can only assume it is due to pure greed. 15€ for a transfer? Are you kidding me?!?! Not even a free transfer at the start for those who joined the wrong server by mistake due to the bad design of the sign up page? This is some AAA level extortion right here...
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