: Do you have any information on Bright House? Could they peer with Riot?
If you know their AS# you can replace it with the as number above (assuming they have a peeringdb page) and look to see if they have common peering points with Riot.
: http://as6507.peeringdb.net has our list - we update as we come online across the world.
: We'll be appearing at both exchanges in the very near future!
Not sure where you Colo in NY area but if it is at Halsey Street in Newark(NJ) request to not peer on the old switches for NYIIX, they need to bring the whole bundle down if a port is to be added or removed. Makes for a nightmare if a port goes bad on their end. I may or may not have experience peering with them there ;). However, their NY connections are up-to-date and just fine. I guess previously working at a CDN that might be down the road from Riot has given me some tips I can share.
: We have reached out to Cablevision, but we have not received a reply from their peering group as of yet. Still hoping to hear from them though!
You can always get Cablevision at Equinix in Ashburn or NYIIX in New York. ;)


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