: Like a few people have been suggesting, I was wondering if you guys over there at RIOT, could please bring back the monthly sales schedules? This was a GREAT tool for us to use and offered a way for us to plan our spending a little better. If there are champions on sale and I may want to buy one or two, I usually end up not buying either and saving my money for a champion more worthy. But if I am able to see what champions are coming up I will be able to look at the schedule and say, "Well the rest of the champ sales this month are crap, so I might as well buy these two while I can." So please bring back that sales schedule and I (and everyone else that supports this statement) will love you long time. =]. Thanks RIOT, -GriffinLittle
the reason why they didn't give the sale schedule like last month, is because they announced the all star skin re-release months ago for this month, now that it's happened, I wouldn't mind a schedule, I want to know how much I can spend on Iced Capps :)


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