: Toxic Ivern
Would be funny if he was made up of a bunch of pipes, skyscrapers, exhaust fuel rusty stuff. Obviously a total joke skin but could be pretty neat and funny, and make some cool sounds.
: > [{quoted}](name=Especially Dead,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=7xtywOsx,comment-id=000f,timestamp=2019-01-03T18:22:05.210+0000) > > *KPOP SHACO* Kpop taric more pertinent > And a Mexican Day of The Dead Shaco. I had an idea years ago for spicy shaco, where he was in a taco suit and throwing hot sauce at people
^Kpop Taric = Yes. But I feel like he's more western boy band-ish like Backstreet Boys than Kpop, and I'm all for that. And yes to spicy Shaco.
I7A6X2v2 (NA)
: Yo, i like all these cool skins but, what shaco rly need right now is a full relaunch (Visual, Gameplay, VO update) like {{champion:14}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:19}} - He has the same model since its release in 2009, that's why his 10 years old outdated rotting model can't receive any skin. (They were forced to give {{champion:54}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:36}} new models for their last skins because their 2009 OUTDATED UGLY models would DESTROY their new skin) - His kit is somehow ok? maybe? (i don't play shaco so idk) - 9 lines quotes, champs used to have 9 lines quotes in 2009, we are in 2019.
As long as it's not a straight-up rework of his kit (unless they have something really great planned). They just updated his run animation too so I doubt they're planning on changing his model, it's not a bad model compared to some of the other ones. But yes I agree more voice lines.
Zeus xD (EUNE)
: 2019 Shaco skin ideas , enjoy .
*KPOP SHACO* But also we NEEEEED that mime Shaco. Or at least a full-clown one. And a Mexican Day of The Dead Shaco. And the pirate Shaco. And with his new lore where is creepy doll Shaco?
: Mutter: The Banshee Queen - Animated Login Screen
I added a couple things to her kit finally. It's not precise and are just ideas, but it might provide something interesting to gameplay that we're not used to seeing.
: Holy moly i was listening to kindred login theme and i think it suits a little more for Mutter than the theme used in the animation. Something dark and creepy. Also, awesome champion you have there.
I love everything Kindred-related, and yeah I can see what you mean. Thanks!
The Iceborn (EUNE)
: I LOVE THIS!! I think we need more creepy characters especially with the release of zoe and neeko Id love to see more creepy nocturne like characters.. You did an amazing job with the log in theme and I love the german name :)
Thank you, and right?! More creepy champions! (though I love Zoe and Neeko)
: The jump scare wasn't funny or cute. Ruined my concentration for what was otherwise really catchy music and visuals.
(Sorry.) You know it was initially a lot longer but because of size constraints on instagram and my site I had to make it shorter and felt I needed to justify that with an abrupt ending. Idk. If you want to listen to the whole thing the description has a link to the composer and the track is called "Tension."
: Love it! Unfortunately MIGHT need a slight name change. Sylvanas from Warcraft...her title is 'The Banshee Queen'. I know it's hardly the largest concern for most but making it distinctly different from other IPs is typically a courteous nod. Unless you want to have a sneaky poke in the ribs to Blizzard for their Overwatch character 'Ashe'. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Oh thanks for the heads up! I guess if Sylvanas is represented in her banshee form often then I'd change it (because otherwise she doesn't look very banshee-ey). I was also thinking Mutter: The Dark Mother or The Blue Mother, (blue because she's always cast in moonlight and because of her depression/grief) because I like the idea of it contrasting The Green Father that we already have.
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