: @Riot - Can you please look at hooks hitbox?* here fixed it for ya {{champion:53}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:555}}
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: Because the skillshot is edge to edge, the animation adjusts after it lands to be center - center. It clearly hit you.
I never said it didn't hit me. I'm asking how I'm supposed to avoid it if visually I appear to dodge it, when in reality an invisible hitbox snags me. A hitbox that's pretty inaccurate, at least from a visual perspective.
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: You know what they can do? Bring back trackers knife but give those wards true vision, so that all invisible champions can actually be countered at least by the jungler.
That's actually a neat idea. I know Tracker's was abused heavily by Lee Sin players, but it would be nice to have some option to play against stealth-based champions. I'm not saying they're OP or anything, just that they're unfun to play against, and would enjoy ways to counter their vision-avoiding kits.
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: ***
My point is for the OP, not you. Opinions are just that - opinions. Seems like Riot sides with me in this for now, not you. Lol.
: I "swore" at people????????????? I DONT know how many times I have to stress this because NOONE literally NOONE knows what is truly considered a "reportable offense". You can swear in this game, riot doesn't care if you swear, you can say "fuck bitch ass" it DOESNT matter, the only time it is reportable is if it "insults or demeans other people"..... When I said "I dont fucking care" or "I'm so fucking good at this game".....HOW IS THAT INSULTING ANYONE!!! You're no where above 13 years old if you think swearing is a reportable offense and you should not be playing league of legends, go play club penguin or something where all cuss words are BANNED. Secondly, if you genuinely consider this chatlog toxic man then I just dont know what to tell you. How can a chat log POSSIBLY be toxic WITHOUT 1 form an insult?? Asking my jungler to game my lane repeatedly is not toxic? He said he would report me, so I told him that I didnt care, oh but that's toxic. I think you've been playing this game for TOO long and you just dont know what toxicity is anymore, maybe you're the one who needs to take a break. My attitude on these forums has nothing to do with my in game chat restriction, and is just completely irrelevant to the hard evidence in the chat log provided here. So pretty childish of you to bring up how my title is in caps lock, and it's pretty demeaning of you to say my unjustified chat restriction isnt important, as it is a major flaw in riots system that should be fixed. Take the wood out of your own eye before telling me what's in my eye buddy.
/sigh The first paragraph just confirms what I already said: you need to take a break man. If you are unable to realize the general poor attitude you're producing, as many others on this thread have pointed out, then I'm not sure what to say. Riot Games has stated in plenty of other forms of communication (forums, subreddit, etc.) that swearing is negative language and can be reported. If you do not believe me, at the very least: ask their support team. Frankly, I do not believe swearing is a big issue in online games, as long as it's not excessive. However, it's not my game, not my code of conduct. You know? I never said you are toxic, I said I'd hate to see what your toxic side entails. I also said your attitude sucks, and it does. I stand by both statements, as do many others in this thread. Creating your thread in all caps is a complete attention grab over something that, again, no one here can (or will) help you with. Even if Riot's support personnel see this, they'll tell you to make a ticket. Me pointing this out is a hard fact and it has nothing to do with maturity level. It's also a fact that your chat restriction isn't that important compared to the other issues plaguing the game right now, which proves my previous point: you're entitled. If it's demeaning, look at where your own actions have brought you. Take some responsibility. You could have prevented this. Not me, not anyone else on these forums - **you.** I hope it's a lesson learned, honestly. I've seen many a good player come from a negative place. The power lies with you! If Riot's support comes back and says no, well...your punishment was deserved, no matter what you think.
So...judging by all the comments, here's what I see: You're here looking for some sort of vindication from individuals who **cannot** help you in any way, shape, or form. You need to contact Riot Support if you feel your chat restriction is illegitimate. There's absolutely nothing we can do to help. Second, you seem to want to taunt/argue with anyone who disagrees with you or points out the flaws in your chat log. You swore at people; this is considered negative language. It may not be worthy of a chat restriction or ban, but it is worthy of a report. If you don't like it, I suggest you read the official League of Legends rules. Try swearing or yelling at your screen if you get this angry. Or, better yet: **take a break.** Third - @Voldymort is spot on: you have a keyboard warrior mentality. I guarantee 99.9% of the playerbase has been toxic as some point or another (myself included), and if you claim this isn't the toxic side of your behavior, I'd **really** hate to see what your toxic side looks like. Finally - Your attitude **sucks**, plain and simple. Quit acting like a child. Running to the forums and creating a thread IN ALL CAPS just screams, "I'm entitled, look at me!" - As if your 10 game chat restriction (which in my opinion is probably warranted) is the most pressing matter on these forums. I'm not trying to be condescending in any way, but, yikes. You need to grow up.
: The most criticized champions in the game, and why.
I heavily feel there is someone on the Rito team who mains Yasuo and just works the internal politics so he won't be reworked or nerfed. It's the same thing in WoW - one of the main devs mains frost mage, and since when has frost mage EVER been weak? Never. There are times where they've been "weaker", but never not in a higher tier of class/class specs. That champion is so frustrating to play against it's a joke. I know so many people cannot stand playing with a Yasuo, and he's practically permabanned in all of my games.
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: @Meddler Jhin Buffs PBE
Holy yikes is there a lot of arguing in this thread. Does anyone here actually primarily play Jhin? He's weak. Not the weakest, not terrible/unfun/impossible to play and win with, but he's definitely in a less advantageous state at the moment compared to other the other ADC champions. A champion's win rate is most definitely a majority stat to include in one's reasoning when discussing a champion's current game strength. I absolutely agree other statistics need to be taken into account, but according to most sites I've looked at (op.gg, metasrc, etc.), Jhin consistently sits at the lower end of the ADC list in terms of strength. Anyone who argues against this statistical fact is just delusional. See the following data from op.gg on his winrate in each major division over the past 7 days (NA region): Bronze - 46.15% Silver - 47.67% Gold - 49.32% Platinum - 47.53% Diamond - 51.33% This leaves him with an average winrate of 48.40%. Pretty meh, if you ask me. I fervently feel (as someone who mains this champion) the reason he feels weak is due to the resurgence of the "tanky deeps" meta. Champions like Illaoi, Urgot, Sion, Singed, Zac (you get what I'm saying) - these champions are designed to stack health with damage and participate in extended fights. If I play Vayne/Trist/Jinx with BotRK, these tanks stand far less of a chance due to the percentage health shred. Jhin cannot feasibly build this item, and, as such, he struggles because he is unable to perform percentage HP damage combined with quick attack speed. Hell, I've even been playing ADC Twisted Fate and using the BotRK/Rageblade combo and it feels more effective than crit or lethality Jhin. Lethality Jhin still packs a punch in lane against other ADC champions, and it's fun as hell to destroy them in lane. It's the transitioning out of lane and into the Vlad/Sion/Zac/etc. encounters where, even if I'm ahead on items/gold/level, I feel very weak compared to my other ADC champions I like to play. I think once Riot continues toning down the strength of the frontline tanks we'll see Jhin hit a stronger state again. However, time will tell.

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