: Zaun and Piltover
Same. I wanna see some interaction between Jinx, Vi and Caitlyn, as well as Urgot, Camille and Ekko. I also wouldn't mind seeing some Builgewater/Shadow Isles comics.
Mogarl (NA)
: Maybe, but you're making a lot of assumptions. Viktor could shear off so many of the little metal pieces on Urgots body and disable him. Just a bit of melted metal could disable his machinegun, and turn it into nothing more than a club. Viktor has more refined technology, and a better power source from the Hexcore. It doesn't matter if Urgot's gun looks like it could rip tanks apart, because that isn't overcompensating it's just what it takes to compete with "champions". Runeterra is a magical place where our physics don't matter. Katarina teleports to daggers, Garen pulls around massive rocks, Mordekaiser just blows off death, and Teemo kills people with mushrooms. So what if Urgot has a machine gun arm.
Urgot's metal parts are all things used in a chemtech mine and thus would have to be highly resistant to melting. I'm not saying that Viktor's laser would have no effect on it, but it certainly wouldn't be as good as you make it sound. And some times, more advanced technology doesn't necessarily mean better. When it comes to a cyborg scientist who's tools, for the most part, are meant for fixing/building things versus a giant cyborg-crab-man with military experience and all of his equipment built for combat, the latter is going to win almost every time. And really the only thing in that list that compares to Urgot's tank-cannon-sized machinegun arm is Morde telling death to go fuck its self (actually that exceeds Urgot in every way). Another thing people seem to not realize, is that in the time it would take the gravity field to unfold and activate, Urgot could have blown Viktor and/or the gravity field to pieces.
: > [{quoted}](name=Eternal791,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=XXlo72qQ,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-08-08T06:17:33.214+0000) > > And then there's his Corrosive Charge, which I assume is at the very least as powerful as a hand grenade, if that grenade also splattered highly corrosive acid all over the place. And in some of the cinematics, we've seen chem tech weaponry melt straight through metal like it was nothing. Excuse me but Viktor created {{champion:53}}, who was specifically designed to resist those kind of chemicals with ease. If the golem can resist the noxious chemicals of Zaun, Viktor can do it as well. > The golems labored tirelessly through the streets, carrying waste to the growing number of disposal sites around the city. Even among such hardy machines, accidents were common, and the automatons were frequently sent back to the college in pieces. Dredging up slime at the bottom of Zaun was no easy task, and acidic, noxious chemicals gradually wore down their metal shells. > > An ambitious young inventor known as Viktor longed to create a durable machine that could clean more effectively and eliminate the need for costly repairs. He gathered broken parts from the retired golems, avoiding the flashier components popular among his peers. Even employing an assemblage of unwanted materials, **Viktor designed a more resilient machine**. So, yeah, the Corrosive Charge would be almost useless against Viktor And as i said in other post, bullets can't reach Viktor if they go directly to the floor due the high gravity created by his Gravity Field.
Fair enough on the corrosive charge chemicals. Though the gravity field functions off of a rather large piece of tech which can easily be shot at and destroyed. In that case, its own gravity would probably work against it. Also, the Corrosive Charge may still work to some degree on Viktor, depending on how powerful it's actual explosive power is. If it's at least as strong as a hand grenade, it could be fired at the ground in front of the gravity field to damage it enough to stop working. And if Urgot is smart, he'd use the environment of Zaun to his advantage. Such as causing a wall or ceiling to fall onto the gravity field, destroying or at least burying it in the process.
GreenLore (EUW)
: Given how it works ingame he doesn't fire one big shell from it though, but multiple small ones. It's essentially a big gatling gun or something like that. Overall though you are probably right it'd depend on who is able to land a hit first, though viktor has several tools to help him and at least ingame he is able to create a shield to protect himself, so if he has that in the lore too, then he could stop urgots first attack.
Except those small ones are actually really big. You can see the bullets on a wheel thing on top of his gun, and they're massive (especially if you look at his splash art).
GreenLore (EUW)
: Honestly given that the splash art shows Viktors laser being able to cut through steel I'd say that Viktor could wind here by simply cutting Urgot in half. His Cyborg body might be frail in the game, but it should allow him to at least survive one attack by Urgot and Urgot is too big too really be able to do any sneak attacks or big reposition tactics. And this is only looking at only 1 of Viktors abilities from the game, not even the other ones, which could give him an even greater edge in combat.
Actually Urgot's machine gun is about the size of a tank cannon. With that inside, one bullet would blow Viktor to pieces... and its a muchine gun.
: A walking tank with exposed flesh. A single hit to the head, heart, or even urgot's breathing mask/tubing, would incapacitate and likely destroy urgot. If viktor had a range of 50 feet or more to start, then it would easily be his fight to win unless urgot sprayed and prayed and just got lucky in the first second or two of firing (because vik would likely be highly accurate with his death ray and wouldn't need long to aim it at a vital point on urgot and destroy him)
He does have a chemical grenade launcher. Don't need to be as accurate with that thing. Plus the chemicals and smoke from it could maybe act as concealment for Urgot.
Mogarl (NA)
: Urgot has a massive edge in combat experience, and in augment allocation towards combat. In a straight fight to the death where Viktor can't escape, and didn't prepare for the fight beforehand, Urgot wins. 9 times out of 10 though I think Viktor escapes relatively unscathed (relative being that Viktor is innately armored in metal and has fewer vitals than a normal human) However Viktor isn't going to just roll over and die or otherwise lose he'd still be a lot more dangerous for Urgot to attack than a common chem thug even. I do see a lot of people underestimating Viktor's laser though. While narrative wise we haven't seen it do a lot I would judge by his splash art that the low amounts of power he's used it with show the fine control he has over it rather than it's weakness. Viktor could very likely free himself from Urgot's drill by cutting the chains. All this could change depending on what kind of gadgets he carries on him when he enters areas Urgot is present in. Viktor's not stupid and Urgot is most likely to show up in the darker corners of Zaun. We ca't assume that Viktor has all the gadgets present in game in the same form in the narrative, but we can probably assume that there would be more to fighting Viktor than the deathray. So I'm going to go with a draw leaning Urgot victory until we get more info on Viktor's combat capabilities.
Though, if the size of Urgot's machinegun is any indicator of its power (its roughly the size of a tank cannon), then a single bullet would tear Viktor to pieces, cyborg or not... and its a machinegun, so likely he'll be getting hit by 2 or 3 at a time. And then there's his Corrosive Charge, which I assume is at the very least as powerful as a hand grenade, if that grenade also splattered highly corrosive acid all over the place. And in some of the cinematics, we've seen chem tech weaponry melt straight through metal like it was nothing. Ultimately, I'd say Viktor's chances of winning would be VERY slim without time to prepare. And even if he prepared, I'd bet the fight would still be pretty even, considering Urgot's military experience plus the weapons he has on hand.
: I think aside from the part you mentioned about what would happen if Viktor had prep time, that you are basically wrong in your analysis depending on how far viktor's laser shoots. You see, if they both met in a sewer or in some tight close quartered area, urgot would win hands down due to being massive and being able to destroy viktor in numerous ways: shotgun knees, leg crushing, body slams, arm slam, gatlingun. At a medium range I would say toss up, but if viktor's laser has a long range, and assuming it's a precise instrument that viktor knows how to use well, then I think Viktor would win due purely to good accuracy and the idea that his laser would be quite lethal against urgot's flesh and his mechanical body. Even a single zap could slice through urgot's head, immediately incapacitating him.
If his laser is really that powerful that its largely who fires first. Especially considering Urgot's gatling gun is basically the caliber of a tank cannon considering its size. A single bullet would turn Viktor into scrap metal.
: can we NOT have her become a champion? having her alive would dampen the conflict of Thresh and Senna and ruin the fact she is dead. only her soul lives on, and in agony
She could come back enslaved by Thresh.
EdgeLady (NA)
: I LOVE Mordekaiser's new Login theme. But...
Beautiful. If only my boy Urgot's login theme was this good.
: I was just typing up an essay to defend this awesome piece of new lore but hey, I guess you beat me to it here! XD Don't know how much my word counts but I personally couldn't be happier with Mordekaiser's new narrative. He's in very capable hands.
Same, I'm actually quite happy with Morde's bio. To me, it makes him seem far more powerful and terrifying than he ever did before.
: I do not, he looks far weaker and less charismatic than the most recent old Mordekaiser whose reign and fall looked far more epic and tyrannical. I really like though how he kept himself form fading away and I **really** like that even LB's betrayal was part of his plan, the new Mordekaiser looks far more subtle and planning than the older one who was more of a pure powerful warmonger. I really want to read more about him.
This comment has little to do with what I said. But I have to disagree with him seeming weaker and less charismatic. He bent the very world of the dead to his will... that's pretty dang powerful.
: What if the threat Swain has been preparing for is not the Void but Mordekaiser?
Honestly I always thought it was Morde that Swain was preparing for.
: > [{quoted}](name=beany,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=GAlb6RnM,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-05-29T15:41:56.361+0000) > > So there are some retcons, namely morde has no longer has direct links to shadow isles and his current-lore state is him being stuck in the afterworld biding his time rather than in the material world. One notable addition is morde allowing himself to be betrayed by leblanc so that he could make use of the souls he accumulated in his afterworld. that's kinda disappointing, him losing the connection with the Shadow Isles, the whole skull thingy.
My only qualm with it is that it can't be used to explain how Thresh came to be so twisted anymore. Otherwise I kinda like separating him from the Shadow Isles.
Pale Mask (EUW)
: The Dark Lord Cometh
Honestly I like Sahn-Uzal more than Mordekaiser. Sound's cooler imo. Also it sounds more like some lost language of the dead than Mordekaiser does.
zounet (EUW)
: No more Champion Reveal?
Yeah I liked the champion reveal page too.
: Headless Mordekaiser, does it mean something?
I don't think any of his body is within that armor. Sure there are parts of him that look like ribs, if you look closer, you see its just part of the armor... especially when looking at his in game model.
: His ult is gunna br broken, cuase its not really going to be a 1v1. Cause of course he is going to Ult some one he can EASILy kill. like some one well below in HP compared to him, or some one who inst fed........soooo yea....
Actually there's plenty of incentive for ulting a fed champion as it'll give you a better stat buff.
Naalith (NA)
: He also has autoattacks, like Jesus Riot could you recycle more mechanics? Every champion is literally the exact same.
God dammit. Another champion with auto attacks.
Dyromic (EUNE)
: With the Morde rework, what is even the Ruined King's role in the lore?
The Ruin King's primary role is creating the Shadow Isles and the Black Mist. Beyond that, I don't think he really matters.
Axxuka (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot mChao,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=7kBuKkB7,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-05-28T02:23:13.323+0000) > > Hahahahaha > > I mean. > > Huehuehuehuehue > > He IS the greater threat. > [{quoted}](name=Malicious Metal,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=7kBuKkB7,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2019-05-28T02:27:46.789+0000) > > Well he has MY vote! > > Totally unbiased opinion. > > If you have to pick between two evils why not pick the GREATER of the two?! Greater threat than the void and the Watchers trapped there ??? That threat has been teased since a very long time (Aurelion Sol, Kai'sa and probably more if you put it together...) ;)
Pretty sure riot confirmed that things from the void could be affected by the Black Mist. And if Morde still commands the Mist, then I'd say he at least has the potential to be the greater threat.
EdgeLady (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Eternal791,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=L8mkEwGw,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2019-05-24T21:38:56.112+0000) > > I feel like Zaun has enough bad guys for a while. I mean there's Singed, Urgot, Dr. Mundo, Twitch, kinda Warwick, Jinx, the Chem Barons, all the different gangs running about. I'm not saying they can't add more in the future, but I think they should add more good guys before then. I mean the only hero types currently in Zaun are Zac, Ekko, also kinda Warwick, and maybe Viktor. > > Maybe we could get someone who becomes a chem baron but is genuinely trying to make Zaun a better place and instill a bit of order. To add to Yamada's additions, I have to say, given the hints we have about her, I don't think Jinx will stay a villain for long once the story starts to progress. Viktor can be a villain depending on your ideology (and vice versa with his friend Jayce). I do agree that so many Zaunites are true-to-heart villains though, especially Twitch and Singed.
What makes you think she won't stay a villain? I can see there being times when her actions happen to aid the good guys, like if Noxus invades, but when it comes down to it, she'll still be a villain, cause she doesn't really care about anyone (except maybe Vi to some extent). If anything, she'll be constantly crossing the line between hero and villain, because she's crazy and is really only motivated by her own entertainment... as far as we know anyway.
: >the only hero types currently in Zaun are Zac, Ekko, also kinda Warwick, and maybe Viktor. You forgot the hugging wind lady and the friendly robot next-door. {{champion:40}} {{champion:53}}
I feel like Janna is more of a deity/messiah figure than super hero.
: I would like to see another super villain type (as you already have a few superhero/supervillain types in Zaun/Piltover). Maybe someone who weaponizes the Zaun Gray. Like I am thinking someone who looks like this, and spreads the poison from Zaun up into Piltover https://i.imgur.com/eYDkoGY.jpg[/img]
I feel like Zaun has enough bad guys for a while. I mean there's Singed, Urgot, Dr. Mundo, Twitch, kinda Warwick, Jinx, the Chem Barons, all the different gangs running about. I'm not saying they can't add more in the future, but I think they should add more good guys before then. I mean the only hero types currently in Zaun are Zac, Ekko, also kinda Warwick, and maybe Viktor. Maybe we could get someone who becomes a chem baron but is genuinely trying to make Zaun a better place and instill a bit of order.
Falrein (EUW)
: What kind of cinematic would you like to see in the future?
I want to see Jinx giving Vi and Cait a bad time and Urgot battling Ekko, Camille and a bunch of a chem baron's thugs... mostly I just wanna see Urgot.
Terozu (NA)
: Braum is confirmed real!
I wasn't aware that anyone questioned whether Braum was real in the world of Runeterra.
: Please, make the Morde rework like what they did with Doomguy
Yes, the Doom reboot is amazing. That kind of transformation would be welcome.
: I want the game mode to return, but not now. Just adding Zed as a new possible boss isn't enough, the game mode should return when we get a few new Odyssey skins for playable characters again. I loved the game mode, especially since my favourite marksman, Jinx, was included. But the champion pool was really limiting for some people. Add 3-5 new Odyssey crew members with new skins and completely new augmentations for them, throw in the legendary Zed skin as the end boss, then this is ready to return.
I feel like the Morning Star wasn't that big of a ship. It probably couldn't comfortably fit much more people, so I'd be willing to bet that if they added more playable characters to the skin line and game mode, they'd probably be another crew entirely one that often finds their paths crossing with that of the Morning Star crew. It might be interesting if they have a bit of a rivalry, like hating each other because they're always getting in each other's way; though not enough to not work together in the most dire of situations.
Terozu (NA)
: So is the Odyssey game mode gonna come back when Zed is released? Please?
: Thresh Probably Has a Grudge
Tbh, the only thing that really makes sense with Thresh's character is being pissed that his stuff was destroyed. Thresh found undeath to be far better than life because now he could torture people literally forever. Considering everyone on the Blessed Isles came back as a ghost, I'm willing to bet that if Thresh even cared about his people dying at all, he got over it as soon as he saw that they all came back as ghosts. I think what makes Thresh a particularly scary character is the fact that he doesn't hold grudges. He does what he does purely because he enjoys it.
Falrein (EUW)
: If you could meet your favourite champions once...
{{champion:6}} ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY URGOD! {{champion:222}} EXPLOSIONS!!!!!!!!
Sukishoo (NA)
: Dunk master Ivern...
There is only room for one Dunk Master in these parts {{champion:122}}
: I noticed something on the Camille splash art on the Universe.
You can see him on the orinal splash art too, but the window isn't fully broken, so its only a silhouette. https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/champion-reveal-camille-steel-shadow
Terozu (NA)
: Why hasn't Yasuo been changed when he has >60% banrate in 9 regions?(of 13)
Imo, sometimes whether a champion is annoying or not should make them more of a priority for reworking/nerfing than whether they are OP or outdated. Yasuo is an example of terrible design because no matter what, he's annoying to play against. I personally think they should give him mana and remove his double crit, and that would only possibly make him bearable. Maybe remove his shield, or at least change how it works, cause in my experience, he's way to safe for how offensive he is.
Jamaree (NA)
: The closest we are gonna get is his dash probably.
Riot has said that they liked his old ult, but just felt it didn't belong on Urgot. So I think there is a pretty good chance we'll see a new champion with a similar ability.
: [Big Dumb Lore Theory] Maybe Jhin was sent to Zaun/Piltover for a reason.
Pale Mask (EUW)
: Ashe, Lux, Garen, Zed. I would like to pretend I'm surprised by the choices, but I'm not at all.
Tbh, Lux is the only one of those characters that I'm even slightly interested in. I wish they would do something in Piltover/Zaun. For instance, we all know of the rival between Jinx and Vi/Caitlyn but we've never seen any actual story for it. And of course I wanna see Urgot. I can never get enough of those shotgun knees.
Rioter Comments
Zyranium (EUW)
: I would love seeing this champions in action : {{champion:50}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:143}}
Yeah I wanna see Evelyn in a cinematic, though Zyra already has one. What I really want to see though is my crab daddy {{champion:6}}
Vartius (EUNE)
: Please, listen to the interactions again. Most of them refer to her liking looking like other female champions. If anything, that implies she has an issue with her selfimage. Especially with lines like "I wish I could stay like this forever". The only flirty one is the one for Shyv - and it's a goddamn lunch invitation. I doubt anyone would care if a man invited some lady to a lunch in one of his interactions. There are a few lines that could be interpret to her having an interest in Nami... Which is also understandable since Nami is a Vastaya. And that one line with Evelynn, that can mean MANY different things, considering that Neeko takes on not only the physical appearance, but also a part of the champion's mind when transforming. Also, contrary to what you claim there are both male and female characters that flirt with more than one other champion. EDIT: also lines about Nidalee... Her past love interest and a friend. And those lines are just general statemets of admiration (like the interaction with Rengar) or just saying she misses her.
I honestly didn't take her relationship with Nidalee to be of that nature. I kinda saw it as more of a close friendship/parental relationship. I suppose I could be reading it wrong, but that's just what it came off as to me.
: Beating A Dead Horse (That Is Actually A Chameleon)
I agree completely. While I enjoy Neeko as a character, I do think her sexuality is largely irrelevant unless it pertains to an important relation ship with another character.
: Then she should also think females smell bad, wouldnt she?
Also, from what I gather, she would smell pretty bad too from living in the woods all the time.
: Neeko being a lesbian didn't really change my opinion of her, and I say this in the best way possible. She's a vibrant fun character with or without that detail. It doesn't feel like pandering and even if you don't like the detail you could play her with no problems. I don't really care what a character's sexuality is, but if they want to diversify it, then fine. Seems harmless enough if Riot does it in this way.
Same. Like the OP, I am a white, straight, Christian male, and I do believe giving in to homosexuality is wrong, but I do not hate homosexuals (some of my friends are homo/bisexual). However, I don't particularly, like when I see characters that are gay just to be gay; like the whole thought process behind them was we're gonna shove it down their throats that this character is gay until their bodies literally explode. Thankfully, Riot seems pretty good at not doing that. In fact, I wouldn't have known Neeko was a lesbian lizard without a rioter saying so. I think this is probably more representative of what most gay people are in real life... ordinary people. Also, I really look forward to Neeko.
: What if the "Chained Champ" is actually the "Chaining Champ"?
: Have you tried Ezreal? Ezreal is true beauty personified. Ezreal is the best ADC in the game and also is the best champion overall in the game. You definitely want to try Ezreal before you make erroneous statements like you just did here. http://www.auplod.com/u/pdolua802d6.png
I honestly despise everything about Ezreal. I don't like him as a character, I don't care for his art, VO or gameplay. Ezreal is far from true beauty imo. Also, to expand upon the initial post, Morde is actually really strong right now (especially because no one plays him so they don't expect anything from him), and Morde and Blitz is known to be a strong combo.
Rioter Comments
: who is the most terrifyingly powerful "normal" character in league?
: As much as I love Odyssey, I'm confused as to why it's always an Alternate Universe.
I would love to see some story modes for each region of Runeterra.
Vartius (EUNE)
: Fair enough. Seems I have underastimated Thresh then - probably due to him in-game not appearing extremely threatening as opposed to the others.
Idk, Thresh honestly scares me more than everyone else whether he's more powerful or not. Just because death by Thresh means an eternity of torment.
Vartius (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Eternal791,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=n0H9Zwb7,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2018-09-15T18:07:43.372+0000) > > Actually, Thresh's bio suggests he had some amount of magical aptitude before the Ruination, as he showed the ability to cast spells (or at least start to in his case). Additionally, he, like Kalista, gains power from the souls he harvests. This I believe would make him one of the most powerful Shadow Isle champions, though probably one that demonstration his power the least. So I would rank him and Kalista higher than Hecarim, but not quite as high as Morde. Problem with the whole soul-harvest thing is: we don't actually know whether he it's an ability unique to the two of them or something that all of these champions posses, but in different forms - Karthus controlling souls could be just a form of that. I didn't actually read Thresh's lore in a while, so thanks for pointing out he actually had at least some magical power - it probably wasn't an extremely big deal, but still a bonus to his powers.
Kalista is confirmed to actually consume the souls as they become a part of her (hens why she refers to herself as We rather than I). Thresh on the other hand gains power from them differently. He basically leeches off them while torturing them for knowledge (and entertainment). He continually consumes part of them, but not enough to completely merge them with him; which honestly could make him more powerful than Kalista depending on how many souls they each have. Karthas we know doesn't consume the souls as he wants them to be free. So he probably doesn't really gain any power from them. Morde enslaves them, so he probably leeches off them too like Thresh. Plus he was already a powerful necromancer/death knight long before the Ruination. Hecarim's color story straight up says that he doesn't care about souls, so he's probably actually pretty weak for a shadow isle champ. Yorick is a bit harder to tell as he's still alive.
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