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: i mean wasn't her winrate always below 50% even before the nerf? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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: Tell me that promos aren't rigged ?
Promos are a pointless waste of time and do not belong in an MMR based ranking system. They are just a way to add an extra gate keeping players from climbing effectively or efficiently in order to keep players playing longer. If the system was made correctly based on MMR then when you get to 100 you go up and elo and when you get to 0 you go down an elo.
: It's time for classic servers.
Before Yasuo servers {{sticker:sg-lux}}
: > [{quoted}](name=PhearBunny,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=8Aho9zap,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-04-23T20:36:52.876+0000) > > No game in history has ever recovered from the downward spiral of staleness. > LoL is in a spot where its just a matter of time before the next ground breaking game steals all of its players. > Were ALL waiting to get out of here. Definitely feels like that. I'd recommend Stellaris for RTS fans. Darksouls for BDSM fans Doom for 1st person shooters
Dark Souls is AMAZING. KILL ME MORE SENPAI {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
: When the mage nerfs go through expect a chunk of the community to leave and never return.
Why would they do that when the game is already dominated by adcs, high dmg tanks, and ad assassins?? Riot doesnt have a clue what they are doing {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
: It's not even the staleness that gets me, the 1 game out of 100 thats actually competitive and not a complete stompfest is so fucking fun, and i have no problem admitting that. It's just the other 99 are unbearably boring/frustrating. Either you're stuck waiting to ff(if you even can), or you end the game in 23 minutes with no problems. Neither of those are fun
This is my problem with the current state of the game. Games feel onesided almost all the time.
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: PSA: complaining about the new blue essence system in the forums, is USELESS.
That is why I for one am not giving them a dime until they drop this greed crap,which most likely isn't going to happen, so i guess they are never getting money from me.
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: Can we have an FF in the lobby please?
Already do its called dodging queue XD
: can we get the option for surrender at 10min?
Yeah when {{champion:29}} is 8/0 and {{champion:105}} is 6/0 by 10 minutes the game is pretty much over.
dominusx (EUNE)
: Reminder the game has been overhauled and adcs still broken as shit.
{{champion:29}} {{champion:18}} these are the 2 i cant stand
Ixoziel (NA)
: You can do the same thing mid with Aery instead, just pick a poke champ like Ziggs. Playing against THAT was far more annoying than playing against any electrocute champs.
Yeah i just found this out both with {{champion:115}} and with a {{champion:63}} support who was doing disgusting amounts of dmg
Lazzy (NA)
: An open letter to Riot Games
Riot only cares about making more $$$${{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}} $$$$ nothing more nothing less
: How will Riot avoid balancing champions around a specific keystone?
Dude I swear Riot is now led by this guy {{champion:238}} Gone are the days of {{champion:98}}
dominusx (EUNE)
: Buff towers it's getting sad.
To be very honest i think it takes longer for 1 or 2 teamates to kill a super minion than it takes them to kill a tower. Wish i was joking.
dominusx (EUNE)
: Buff towers it's getting sad.
There are turrets in this game???? All this time i thought i was protecting wet toilet paper.... {{sticker:sg-janna}}
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SirΤeemο (EUNE)
: from 30 minutes games to 15 lol
Welcome to the Esports oriented league of legends. Flashy short games where turrets are little stronger than wet toilet paper.
Elipo (NA)
: But Xaya's a chiken 😂
: > [{quoted}](name=Fajisel,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Ye2LAIMM,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2017-11-10T19:00:19.287+0000) > > League actually hit 100 million monthly players this year. Well I am just waiting for the day it drops to have that amount and they refuse to tell us how many are playing League. Just like what happened with WoW.
Funny thing is the guy people blame for ruining WoW, "ghostcrawler," is the lead game designer at Riot Games.
: Riot Needs to Ask Themselves: “What makes LoL better than other mobas? Why should people play?”
Dude Riot cant get past the question of "How do we force players to buy more RP?" Then they sit there drooling over their billions of dollars dreaming about more $$$$${{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}} $$$$$
: So, Riot just forced us to buy Mastery pages
Yep pretty much. $$$$$$$$$$${{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}} $$$$$$$$$$
: Unless you're using Control Wards, y'know, the things that deny stealth and like magic res, yeah, I can see how you'd be bursted down to dust
Right cuz i can fit one in with all 6 slots filled totally room and one mr item on a full ap totally helps with the extra mp riot just added.
: Compliment Riot on what they did well this season, rather than just point out flaws.
U do know people are just going to read the title and downvote thinking you are one of those fanboys XD
Ahris (NA)
: You had 2 sec to protect yourself. You knew she was coming. For eve, building QSS early will completely deny her kit. At least it was before pre season.
How did i know she was coming she didnt use a charm and literally just dashes out of invis with e and aa. -2400hp Also her e hit the malz next to me and took half his hp in the same hit. Fun stuff
venerdì (EUW)
: Im gonna kill myself dude i swear i already had plans to disenchant most of those we are talking like 2 to 3 k of yellow essence gone down the drain overnight
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: $$$$${{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}} $$$$$$$$$
Rykagnar (NA)
: So why the hell can we not grind for champions anymore?
$$$$${{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}} $$$$$$$$$
KilljoyX (NA)
: Hi riot about BE and OE and RP.
Well said completely agree with this post. Really wish Riot would get the $$$ out of their eyes and realize how greedy they are being. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: More Rune Pages please...
venerdì (EUW)
: Did you guys silently nerf yellow essence?
Yes they reduced the disenchant value of orange essence by 50% under the radar.
: Yes but no, considering you can still change your Rune pages in the Champion select screen. While this isn't exactly working for me right now, it is implemented meaning regardless of how many rune pages you own, you really don't need any more than one spare, save for time.
Yes but it's an unnecessary inconvenience designed to make people purchase rune pages that most likely were not selling to Riot's standards. There is no gameplay reason to it and it does nothing to benefit players. Trying to throw together a runepage in the last 30 sec of a game because your champ got taken by the pick before you, or trying to figure out what runes to take after getting autofilled is simply not better than being able to have already prepared, well thought out rune pages for any situation you might face.
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: The new rewards suck.
And this is when the Riot salesman nudges you towards the exp boosts in the shop. Honestly all they are doing in season 8 is finding ways to force players to buy with money the things they either used to earn for free relatively easily or things they no longer used like exp boosts/runepages. Give a game company an inch and they will take every last penny from you.
Takaray (NA)
: Why was the Orange Essence gain lower by half?
Because Riot didnt think that unfathomable amounts of money was enough of money and so they designed season 8 to make even more. Champions will take way way longer to earn, masteries have been renamed "Runes" in order to lower the default page number from 20 to 2 so they can charge for more pages, and the free skins a year will be reduced to maybe 1 or none at all. All of this just makes a very sneaky yet in your face paywall to force you to buy RP. Just wait till we are level 200 and it will take 400+ games to earn 800BE and then players will start to really notice.
Eedat (NA)
: This new system REALLY isnt friendly to older players.....
Pretty sure they just did it so that when we get around level 60+ it will take so long to get more rune pages or new champs we will be forced to buy them. Thats the whole reason they renamed the masteries to runes to force players only having 2 pages to invest real money.
RiskoDad (NA)
: Should have announced before hand then so people could have bought rune pages before system changed so they at least could have got the bonus for buying we have a ton people with only 2 pages that need to collect 115000 BE...its asinine since the system is obviously just Masteries called Runes so you could get rid of their pages.
: Yeah If only the new Runes didn't work like Masteries. So the fact it pretends you need as much pages for these Runes as you needed for old Runes is dumb.
: Entitled? So because I value fun over competitiveness I should be punished?
Technically having the pages cost so much hurts competitive players aswell if they dont have years to spend gaining b.e. or huge amounts of cash to throw away. Pretty sure a guy with 20 customized pages will have and advantage on a guy trying to only use 2.
: yeah. 6300 BE. Do you know how much you get for leveling up? 700
And to get to 20 pages just to have the same convenience as the old mastery system you'd have to spend 113,400be. If what you say about only getting 700be per level is true then that means it would take 162 levels just to get enough BE. to purchase those 18 rune pages. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Sparkle (NA)
: We are going to let you hide them! We're hoping to get this in for 7.23. I feel ya on not wanting to see them if you're not going to use them.
And why not let us have them as free rune pages? Just went from 20 mastery pages to 2. If i want to get 20 of these new pages it would cost me 113,400 blue essence. This is kinda ridiculous and just shows your team only made this change to push people to buy pages with rp.
: > [{quoted}](name=Wickad,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=i6RuyEJZ,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-11-08T15:02:39.154+0000) > > Yeah, the instant I saw them I tried to delete them.. > > Just give people free runepages to make up for the loss. I mean, some people aren't that smart enough to make there own or would rather have there runes suggested.
Well leave the suggested ones for them but also give us the option to delete them replacing the deleted ones with free ones of our own making.
: Yeah, the instant I saw them I tried to delete them.. Just give people free runepages to make up for the loss.
Agreed that is what they need to do it would also make up for there only being 2 pages for those of us who didnt buy into rune pages in the past.
: Why only 2 rune pages?
: Bruh. It's 6 runes. You aren't exactly going to be swimming in too many choices. Just put the work in and learn the new runes, there are way less of them than there were in the old mastery system and it won't take much time OR effort at all to get used to customizing them on the fly.
You do know there is way more than 6 right? Did you even look at the new system? There are a total of 72 New "Runes" including the keystones.
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