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: [Gameplay] /ffno to say "No" to a surrender vote no longer works.
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: Malphite changes coming to PBE
Depending on the cooldown of that W, I wonder if it would be of any assistance to him in the jungle. Q change seems like it would be interesting in all positions, though. Definitely will assist his support capabilities, and I imagine will be good when he's having difficulty top/mid and getting ganked repeatedly. The duration change sucks but understandable.
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 3
Completely aside from all this: I expect Nautilus to receive some nerfs because of his mid lane presence, but I'm really hoping there's something in the works to allow him (and miscellaneous other tanks, e.g., Malphite) back into the jungle. While I certainly don't mind playing him as support, I have always enjoyed him more as a jungler, and would really like to see him supported more there. Although I wouldn't know where to begin that wouldn't give him too much dominance as either a support or a laner, are there any thoughts regarding this situation? Or is the general idea that the damage dealing junglers are just the way of life, and we should just hope that they don't get picked when wanting to jungle as a tank jungler?
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: Forgot Yuumi, assassin champ, morde rework and all that, all we need is our dodolord
: Why can you not interrupt Jarvan E,Q?
Janna is more than able to interrupt his EQ with her Q (and I think her R). I don't really know about other displacement effects, though, as I don't really have much experience playing champs that have those effects while playing against J4.
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: Teemo changes temporarily on PBE for early feedback
Some thoughts. I typically play Teemo as a tanks, high sustain ad bruiser/split pusher. Although the new passive works in his favor with this play style, i am concerned about the new stealth mechanic. As it is, no matter what, you pretty much always max W last, and even then it rarely makes for a decent escape mechanism. Although one doesn’t necessarily rely on invis AS MUCH in this regard, it’s still way more useful as it is now than in the proposed iteration. Honesty it may actually cause him to gravitate toward maxing W second, but perhaps that’s the idea here? I don’t know. It just looks really bad on paper what with the MS slow. I’d rather see the attack speed attached to his W if you want his stealth to slow, and it will give him more incentive to max W as a general steroid. Regardless, I don’t feel as if there’s any real reason to give him an MS slow when there are plenty of ways to catch him out as it is, and this will only exacerbate that problem. As an aside, a small AD ratio on toxic shot would not be unwelcome for those of us that do play with little to no AP.
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 11
Bit late to the party here, but curious if you guys at riot would ever consider items like shroud or catalyst for potential upgrade items? While conderhulk is great, sometimes I feel like playing certain champions (nautilus, amumu, for example) might benefit more from other stats at a given stage in the game. In particular with nautilus, I often feel punished for having to rush cinderhulk when I really want some armor (and mana is of course a godsend on him) or perhaps I want to play offensively, but bloodrazor isn’t the right choice at the time, especially since he can’t make effective use of runic echoes like amumu or even malphite can. With catalyst specifically, it may also help with some possible pain points in mage junglers who may be forced into a more defensive position than they would otherwise like, but still give them an option for a bit of tankiness and still have some ap to go along with it (think Roa style upgrade). I could definitely think of fiddlesticks and taliyah using it, but may also open up some other champions (like Morgana and Karthus) as more consistent jingling options, without having to rely on the admittedly expensive build path of runic echoes, gives them capacity to handle invades a little better, and still provides some sort of sustain. Plus, it could lend to a choice between scaling for late game and early game burst, since realistically speaking, the objective of having a wave clearing item for the jungle falls very short due to the cost of the item. As for tankier champions who might build ROA when solo laning, (Nautilus, Malphite, Maokai), this gives them a decent option for some possible damage scaling, along with other stats they want (health, mana), without being pigeonholed into a single smite upgrade.
: why is soraka white
I'm guessing because this round of Snowdown skins is more or less a direct reference to the Nutcracker (I mean, Rat King, anyone?)...
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: Oh right, the Riot solution: Give it more damage
While Corki could use more damage, it's definitely not on his R that I'd put it. :\ Realistically his W travel length is the bigger issue.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Etwahl For One,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ddfPBtNE,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-12-07T08:53:28.709+0000) > > I find ARAMs are usually actually faster. /shrug > > Issue with Nexus Blitz is not speed of the game, but (in)ability to come back. It is extremely easy to comeback in nexus blitz. People just bring their FF@15 seconds SR attitudes into it and throw or do stupid stuff like ban random characters instead of the broken ones. Literally all you need to do is stall till the 18 minute mark and you have a good chance to win and if you are behind the events favor you by being on your side of the map.
Sometimes true, sometimes not. Depends on what's the problem character on enemy team and how fed they are., and whether your team is building items appropriately to deal with them, or even if your team has the income to be able to do so, before they take Herald with Catapult and win.
: Why ARURF is worse than URF
but champs like karthus, teemo, sona, alistar, and i think soraka, are already banned in the mode anyway, last i knew. granted, i wouldn't mind zed and lux being added to that list. still, arurf is unfortunate in that it's often one sided, but that's okay with show matches, since they're just show matches.
: Why I can't stand Nexus Blitz
Ehh. I find Nexus Blitz favors, more often than anything, sustained damage and duelists. So... pretty much fighters and mages. Assassins are give or take, ADCs more or less nonexistent (unless it's Ezreal, and I just permaban him unless someone hovers on my team), and tanks really depend on which ones they are.
: Nexus Blitz is too fast (including suggestion)
I find ARAMs are usually actually faster. /shrug Issue with Nexus Blitz is not speed of the game, but (in)ability to come back.
: 3 of those 4 are mages who are natural carries, they just got weakened/their opponents strengthened to the point where they are more efficient as a "support" by being a backup carry, except for veigar, who is an off-pick Sona, on the other hand, has always been a support but her numbers have been gutted repeatedly...her Q by itself only does 40 damage + 50% AP now... you have to weave multiple auto attacks into her combo to make it worthwhile now which benefit from 10 + 30% AP to max of 160 + 50% ap + 30 + 30% AP her utility has been raised through the roof, but that kind of feels like artificial power...
And what about Morgana and Karma? I mean, they're technically mages, too, but currently pigeonholed into support. But yes, you play Sona with auto attacks, which is why Lich Bane is usually one of her AP items of choice. My point was, though, that you can play a support (either traditional or not) and still build to carry, and do so. There have been times I've carried a game as Nautilus or Taric (old Taric, not current Taric, though), from the support role. Regardless, the statement was made that supports deserve a chance to have a champion to shine on and carry with while still doing support things, and my point was, there ARE champions that exist like that already. Personally, I feel like Pyke is a mild abomination to the support role, but not as bad as some other nonsense I've seen bot lane.
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: Why is the reward for playing a non-burst mage well so underwhelming?
Play Lissandra or Morgana into Leblanc really. Even Annie works well. Every assassin has counter picks, and a lot of times they include a control mage of some form. Hell, I have done well (in lane) vs Akali with Corki, for example. But that said, you can always punish roams with turret damage, following a roam, or farming faster than they can. Or, in some cases, just making it so that the enemy has little kill pressure. This is where Morgana shines versus Leblanc; she can endlessly clear waves with W max, either forcing Leblanc to roam or lose CS; Black Shield, even at low ranks, means that Leblanc has much lower kill pressure on Morgana; and Morgana's passive (especially with Domination runes) means that she has far more sustain than Leblanc, doubly so if you get a Rod of Ages or Abyssal Mask, due to Catalyst passive. In the same respect, I play Karma into Irelia (and go tank Karma, but still). I've actually played AP MF into Yasuo a number of times and done well. AP Kog against Kassadin. I'd say Vel'koz probably works best against the likes of Zed as far as assassins go, than other ones, however.
: And this is new? How do you think mage players felt when assassin mids where the best pick? How do you think bruiser players felt when tank tops were the number one choice? ADC mains go here. (We see what happens when you can pick something else bot). I'd also talk about assassin players but I'd imagine Boards loves how assassins couldn't be viable so it'd be cathartic to list them. Frankly yes, there will be times when your class is bad in said role. Part of league is having to play new things like back in the old days where if you couldn't play **EVERY SINGLE ROLE**, you didn't queue up for ranked.
Assassins are still the best pick mid, just fyi. I mean, that's why 90% of games include Irelia, Zed, Akali, Yasuo, Leblanc, Ekko or Fizz, right? Top lane is a different ball game, and has long had a strange revolving meta of tanks -> mages -> fighters. Competitively speaking, every time tank junglers become meta, they get nerfed to the ground. You know why? Because J4, Elise, Lee Sin need to be viable from a competitive standpoint. The last time Amumu got played competitively, a few seasons ago? Nerfed immediately following. Yes, he was good in solo queue at the time, but we've never seen him since. It's been a long time since we've seen the likes of Cho, Naut or Mao from the jungle in competitive, too, because they got pushed out of the jungle due to - you guessed it! - Lee Sin, Elise and Jarvan (and to a lesser extent, Nocturne, and the advent of Camille and new Aatrox). Maokai has been top lance since, Nautilus was top lane until they nerfed THAT, and despite his jungle "buffs," he only gets played support now. So much so, that op.gg doesn't even have stats for Nautilus jungle. Which, incidentally, is my personal favorite role to play Nautilus.
: I think it's less about the Pyke being designed to make you look bad and more about the fact that ADCs are just weak in general and that Pyke is NOT built to prop you up into relevancy. I think Pyke is fine, and supports deserve a champ they can shine on and play to carry while still doing their jobs. It just sucks for an ADC in a meta where you're increasingly reliant on your support hand holding you to get much of anything done.
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: How greedy are you guys ?
This is pretty similar to other repeated holiday events in the past since crafting came out iirc.
: Corki bot yikes
This works to my advantage in a few ways. People underestimate his damage because they never see him; people don't know what his damage is because they never see him; people build armor against him because they never see him. In fact, I like him as well because he adds some magic damage into the game when the rest of my team (sans support) is all ad. On the other hand, he does have a tough time dealing with certain lane bullies (Cait, Lucian, sometimes Draven or Jhin, but especially MF), at least in my experience.
: How do you carry silver games?
If your team doesn't know what to do, then you have to direct them. Get them to go for objectives. If they are struggling 4v5 because enemy team isn't responding to you, then this either means you need to group for team fights, or if you are pushing faster than enemy team can respond, keep pushing (this is how I do it as bruiser Teemo). Keep in mind that if you are split pushing bot, for example, this gives your team good opportunities to go for Baron, especially if you know that the enemy team is going to respond.
: Practicing ADC Has Made Me Hate Pyke
I don't mind playing with Pyke to be honest, though I frankly am frustrated sometimes (when I am the AD) that the shared gold from his R executes are not given to me through the entirety of a game, because they go to jungler in lane, or because late game it goes to someone else, so when I SHOULD be ahead by a significant margin, it's not so much as it could be. Given I play a lot of Corki and Triforce is first item, this can make a world of difference. So I guess since I don't understand how the game chooses who gets "Your Cut," I am mildly frustrated by Pyke's existence (as an ally). Unless I have the occasional Pyke that leaves me to 1v2 as something like Kog'Maw. That's always fun.
: Since damage creep is so fucking up..... can we just let leona proc her own fucking passive?
Tank supports aren't allowed to leave bot lane. Last time that happened ({{champion:12}}) it got nerfed into oblivion. And once they transition to bot lane ({{champion:111}}), they'll probably never see the light of day in other lanes/jungle again except with people dedicated to playing them there.
: Which MM are good right now?
Depends on who you're good at. Lane dynamics bot are always weird depending on what the supports involved are, and the specific bot lane matchups. I have had plenty of good games with Corki bot (just got mastery 7 on him yesterday after picking him up only a few weeks ago), but plenty of games where I didn't do so hot, too. MF, Lucian and Ezreal seem to be on the strong side, and if you can get him rolling, Kog is destroyer of worlds, but he comes with the caveat of he MUST get ahead. Draven and Jhin of course work very well, also.
: Garen Can't Ult instantly after casting his Q? Other team stated Justice did 0 dmg in death screen
For what it's worth, the death screen is funky. I've had it tell me I've had damage dealt to me by Anivia's passive, Karthus' passive (Death Defied, not Defile or anything like that), and it also does not show damage form Dark Harvest at all. Death Screen recap has always been wonky.
: Karma Gameplay Change Preview
I feel like these changes are awful for solo lane Karma, and already don't matter for her, because I want desperately to play her solo lane more than support. You guys want to give her a speed boost, which is fine, put it back on her W when you give her an ally tether - kinda like the old Karma W. Then you can GASP SHOCK HORROR give us a shield bomb, remove one of the major pain points for players (having Shurelya's + Locket on RE), give her another AoE damage option, and an ACTUAL, MEANINGFUL CHOICE between with Mantra to cast, depending on the situation. Given that her R+E is already range limited (which could be reduced if you want to keep it from being so overbearing in pro play tbh and I imagine most people probably wouldn't care that much). Or maybe put the speed on her RQ - allies moving through the zone are hasted. That could be an interesting mechanic, too - a little like GP's ult upgrade, sure, but it could also offer a possible choice on how to use RQ other than "delete enemy squishy." Seriously, just give me the old RE back. Or at least consider where else you can put a speed boost on her kit if she ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE it in AoE form (that doesn't require burden of knowledge on teammates, which is the one major concession I'll make to her old W). What I'd really like to see is her passive being enough to entice people into taking items like Lich Bane or Iceborn Gauntlet. Or maybe something that isn't called Athene's Unholy Grail or Ardent Censer. I get so excited when I see a mid lane Karma in pro play and then my excitement is over and done with when I see that Chalice. I mean, we don't see champions like Lux (lol Lux at pro play after you guys nerfed her again) or Orianna building these items, when the item was clearly made for those types of champions. _Maybe this is another root problem with Karma herself for her to require Athene's, at the very least._ Her item build has zero variety in the pro scene, it's "I'm just the support that's allowed to CS." Because honestly, we have other mages in the same category as Karma (Ori, Lux, Morgana) that don't have to build those items, despite being functionally the same type of character. Morgana, of course, is a totally different issue, but I'd love to see mid/top Morg in pro play again, too. Or mid Zyra/Brand. Truthfully, I feel like the issue isn't necessarily Karma's kit - I like her kit well enough, but I liked her old kit more. I feel like Riot is looking at more what they want Karma to be now (a support) than what the playerbase wants her to be (a mage). By the way, I'm STILL mad that you guys changed her voice actress. Edit: If you give her a mana restore, you're nerfing Lucian and Ezreal, right? Because that automatically just becomes a BS lane.
: Thanks for the feedback! I know you care a lot about Karma, so I appreciate the thoughts. With respect to your questions: * The mana restore wasn't intrinsically bad on old Soraka, but there was low opportunity/resource cost to it, and it existed in a pretty different meta (sustain heavy). Mana is on this ability to help pattern-enablement (cooldown isn't valuable if you can't cast your spells). * Bonus Root is still on the RW! Sorry, I accidentally omitted that from the description. Re: Shieldbomb - I had a feeling this would elicit the most negative feedback. I mentioned this in another post, but I tried to test the Shield Bomb a fair amount, and it actually played pretty well! It added more thought to the placement of the shield, given its positional requirements. However, at the end of the day, when we put the shield bomb with the AoE shields/MS, the proper tuning would make this ability feel pretty weak (and different configurations added complexity with little gain), so we needed to choose between Shield Bomb and AoE shields. We made in the call to go with the version closer to live, since more live Karma players are attached to that, than the power of the old shield bomb.
So... why not just.... you know, remove Shurelya's from the kit entirely and give her shieldbomb back? Also, I feel like this, if anything, helps her top lane more than midlane (but I still revile the fact that she, along with Morgana and Zyra, is going to be EVEN MORE of a support, when, after she was reworked, YOU GUYS AT RIOT explicitly stated you wanted to support her as a mage first). Also, given the new Hallow's End Janna skin, it would be nice to see some of the old shield visuals back on Karma's shield.
: Nautilus lore - what's most important to you?
Late to the party but I hope that this hasn’t really been covered too much. While the top comment more than does justice to what my feelings toward nautilus are, I think also to take a look at the new dawn cinematic. Big monstrous dude who clearly had capability to be a killing machine, but he’s also very much a self-preservationist (after all consider his w from a thematic standpoint, as well as his cc capability being first rate). This, I think, has a potential role in how he came to be (which was always somewhat vague and up to speculation, and I think that’s more than fine). However, I wouldn’t want to see him tied too much to the shadow isles, either. I suppose he could have ties to nagakaborous, but I feel like that would also force some sort of tie to illaoi as well. Not sure if that’s needed.
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: Mid-Year Mage Update
{{champion:90}} I'm a good deal late to this discussion, but despite Swain being my main champion for the last two seasons, Malzahar remains my favorite champion. Despite numerous bugs involving his voidlings, and his lack of competitive gameplay for the most part (once in a while Korean side, or Snoopeh playing him in the jungle a while back), his major problem is he often can't compete in actual team play. He's a solo queue monster largely because of the lack of communication between teammates that prevents him from seeing the competitive scene. I really think that the fantasy behind Malzahar is fairly in tune, sans maybe his Q. Don't get me wrong, I love his Q, because it takes some really good timing and positioning to pull it off correctly (and interrupting stuff like Fiddlesticks or Galio ult with it is beyond satisfying), but it's lackluster, even despite its heavy utility and damage. Putting so much of his AP ratio on this skill makes it hard to want to skill up something else in lieu of it, but it is also easy to miss because of its long delay. Playing against him, on this skill, is a bit of a pain point because the graphic definitely does not match the where the damage actually hits. One thing that would be nice, though, is if he had something similar to Cass on this ability (hitting an enemy champion gives him some sort of buff). He also saw one of his first nerfs in a long time, when his W was nerfed (though I expected it to be nerfed for early game rather than late, which kind of hinders one of his defining things - being a mage that can _actually melt tanks_). I'm sure this was because of how he scaled with Deathfire Grasp and Liandry's Torment combined, but still. His W assists in his early wave clear on siege waves, even despite the higher mana cost and cooldown than his Q. Never mind hurting his overall jungle clear, regardless of where he plays. The biggest problem with his W, naturally, is its similarity to Morgana's W. Although I don't necessarily want to see this get axed from his kit (especially when combined with passive/ult/E), I wouldn't be overly saddened if it were. I would, however, like something equally awesome in place, because when combined with Rylai's, this is actually a really good catch/escape tool for him to use. Plus, of course, it's a great zoning tool while sieging/defending (a la Tormented Soil, Lucent Singularity, Miasma). Malefic Visions, of course, is his bread and butter. I like the minigame with it and wave clear (another issue I have with Q, especially now that it's slotted to be maxed second almost all the time) in order to regain mana and effectively harass/zone. Granted, this is one of the least fun abilities to play against while laning, but that's kind of what makes him unique in that aspect. An opponent has to play around Malefic Visions almost as much as Bouncing Bombs (which are infinitely frustrating on their own). While playing him, though, I don't particularly care for the whole mindless pushing thing it forces him to do, but on the other hand, this opens up more opportunity to roam and pretend to be an assassin. Even so, as a lane bully, he can be bullied by bigger lane bullies (Annie, Zed). And, of course, Nether Grasp. I loved the changes to QSS not breaking the tether itself, which helped tremendously. And, naturally, this makes him incredibly susceptible to crowd control (Annie, Taric, Soraka, Veigar, Alistar, etc.). It's both one of his greatest strengths and greatest weaknesses. Puking purple awesomeness onto an enemy does make him an incredibly satisfying champion to play, however, if you can manage to get an ult off without dying in the process. As for his passive, I think it's great, especially when you can manage to block things like Thresh or Blitz Q with it. And although he has amazing scaling if he happens to go an AD/CDR/Armor Pen build, this isn't really a viable option most of the time on SR (as far as I remember, it used to be pretty terrifying in Dominion, though). It would be nice to have some sort of AP scaling on his voidlings, but it makes sense why there isn't right now. On the whole, I also feel his early mana costs are a little high, but considering his sheer win rate and the nature of his E, this is acceptable and forces him to not spam his abilities mindlessly. However, his mana costs continue to grow, which forces him into some sort of mana item (Athene's, Morellonomicon, RoA, or some combination of the above - I've even seen people build Archangel's with good results), which some other mages can actually do without while still being fairly mana intensive (Ahri, Veigar). Past that, though, he does have a fairly versatile build path - Rylai's, Liandry's, Luden's, Abyssal, and he can even get away with not having a Rabadon's or Void Staff (one, but not both). I do miss building spell vamp on him for the sake of sustain, but WotA is basically "Vlad only, maybe Soraka" now, and Gunblade is worthless for him because of his lack of gap closing. Oh and please give him yellow particles on Shadow Prince. Please please please.
: The Curse of the Sad Mummy
Man this is awesome! Reminds me of music by Les Friction and Globus, which is pretty epic, too. All the thumbs up!

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