: What do you know, Ahri back up to highest playrate AND winrate midlane in Plat+
Your last sentences feel like talking about Yasuo, Zed, Ekko, and Fizz, which sometimes still get banned, they still do a lot of dmg while having good mobility, even with nerfs. Players do not ban Ahri because she is fine.
: We need more assassin shitters
Rito: your list is a group of boring champs, go play Akali, Ekko, Zed, Fizz, and Kayn {{summoner:14}}
: 16 countries agree to fight Lootboxes
Lmao, I'm sorry I thought it was "16 countries agree to delete yasuo" lol.{{summoner:4}}
y0r1ck (NA)
: Are you being sarcastic? If playing the game is so depressing then stop playing it.
Yes I am being sarcastic, your comment got the most downvote here isnt it? So most of the players are feeling bad about the game, who are you gonna play against after everyone left?
y0r1ck (NA)
: It's not random ass champions. It's just a few bruisers and divers with strong all ins: Vlad, irelia, rengar, renekton, mordekaiser, ornn, and stuff like that. There's a gargantuan difference between meta picks and non-meta picks. That needs to be toned down, so that we can play the game for fun without getting shit on by you for "not trying to win." Nerfs, not buffs, are the appropriate tools.
Dude, playing the game now is not fun, it is suffering...rito is asking players to leave, isn't that why ppl are here?
: We need the old balance team back. ghostcrawler and co. obviously have no idea what theyre doing
I am commenting for the first time. The current state of LoL feels exactly like the time of WOW when everyone started to leave the game (before ghostcrawler left Blizzard). The melee warriors and assasins are mirroring DKs in WOW, they do so much more dmg than traditional AP without considering mana and cdr. If Riot wants to listen to the voice of players, do surveys in game (with gift) instead of only reading posts, it's like there are less than 20% players posts on the boards.


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