MilamberZ (EUW)
: [Theory] Jax and the Darkin
this would be a really cool skin concept imo like as the game goes on he gets slowly more and more corrupted by the darkin based on his damage as the game goes on, similar to kayn
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: its not a bug its teling you how much he is in the shop, he's 6300 BE
yeah but it says RP instead of BE
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: Identify and Report Bots When You See Them
Just recently Bots have been going into matches taking exhaust and smite and farming the jg all game, waiting for human players to finish the game, since they cant chose how many bots are on your team, a player might be all alone with 4 jg bots sitting afk in the jg.
: * You will earn bronze icon for ranked 3v3. * You will earn Victorious graves and Chroma's for both Solo/duo and Flex queue. * You will earn plat icon for Solo/duo * You will earn gold icon for flex * Plat border for Normals and Solo/duo queue. * Gold border for Flex queue. If you promote yourself to Silver in 3v3, You'll earn the silver icon for 3v3. So, is a silver icon worth getting? That is something you have to decide for yourself.
Thanks! and hell yes, ive always wanted a bronze icon, for the lulz{{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Broporo (NA)
: 2017 Ranked Rewards Help Desk
So I'm bronze 1 in twisted treeline 3v3s. If I climb to silver before the season ends, what will I get? Keep in mind I'm gold 5 in flex and plat 5 in solo/duo. So I won't be getting the TT chroma for graves, but I will get the ward skin I believe from my solo/duo and flex rank. Should I try and go for silver in TT, what would I get? (Other than loading screen border in TT)
Broporo (NA)
: Most of the time those dll errors can be a sign that your client got corrupted somehow. Thankfully I've got a pretty simple fix that seems to work most of the time! Refer to the image below for a certain file to delete, and another file to try running. Let me know if that works or not ^_^!
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iMMaqikZ (EUW)
: It's not a bug, they use a special keyboard type to hide names if I'm correct. {{item:2050}} Also, you can just block them to stop friend request spam. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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Arduno (NA)
: You play a couple of hide and seek games with your pets
i can never find my dog, its like hes not there or something *cries cuz i dont own a doggo*
TriggR (OCE)
: New League Client Lag (HELP)
Since I have a crap-top, the new client makes me lag in champ select. I can easily swap to the old client which works way better and wait for rito to fix it, but i have to change to the old client every damn time i open league. Its really tedious to go back and forth.
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Porocles (NA)
: At this point in the process, the patcher needs to download new files but a network issue is preventing a solid connection. I suggest going through the [connection issues]( guide to tune up your connection and get the ball rolling. Let me know if you have any questions!
Ok finally got it working again, took a while, but it's all resolved. Thanks again for the help!
: Cant open league
Ok ill check my connection then see what happens. Thanks!
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: Pool Party Thresh
i could see it, like his hair being pool noodles and his hook could be like those orange things they throw out (idk what its called )
: {{champion:121}} is the only champ in the game that consistently gives me a heart attack. he is my vote for surprise party lol
Oh yea thats true, i litteraly just played against one and it ulted out from nowhere, i screamed so hard lol. XD
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: Look out! It’s Snowdown!
What Happens when you gift someone a legendary skin? will i receive a mystery gift? or will only my friend get a mystery skin? or both?
: When are we nerfing Yasuo?
Makes me mad how he has a windwall which makes his kit even worse (yes braum has the same thing, but hes a support and he takes some damage from it). Like oh you're playing Nami and wanna win the team fight with a really good ult? {{champion:157}} NOPE WINDWALL. Wanna snipe a really low enemy champion with your global skillshot ultimate? {{champion:157}} NOPE WINDWALL. and the fact that the ult goes off cooldown and it only traveled a small distance , is kind of rediculous. Poke the Yasuo early game, it would be fine they said... then he gets all up in your face like im taking a selfie or something....
: Hey Bloonus, Thanks for the report! We're aware of the issue regarding Koi Nami's tail and are working on a fix! As a Nami main, I'm not sure how I missed the Urf the Nami-tee bug, considering I spam emotes. We'll take a look at that one. :P
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