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tseihei (NA)
: Hello, Try running the repair function under the ? mark in the launcher. Also, make sure you don't have any firewalls, antivirus, or 3 party programs that may be keeping league from functioning properly.
Still doesn't work :/ Thanks for the reply tho
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: Hey guys, just a tip here: upvote your favorites so Oz can spot them more easily!
It's a trap, they'll nerf it even more. {{champion:92}} {{item:3070}} Kappa.
: Come chat with Riot Interns! [COMPLETED]
Why is the game called League of Legends?
A Moment (NA)
: Whole laptop freezes after logging in and loading into the the client.
Please inform me when riot fixes this issue, thank you
: 2016 April Fools skin ideas
Oh yea, reverse Swain, and Nidale? the cougar throws the spears lol
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