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: DO NOT say you or someone you know is planning a school shooting or terrorist act.
Have to fully agree. Jokes like "Ima comin bb" or "swiggity swooty" or childish, but anything relating to actual murder that doesn't have joke context like "this stupid @#$%, gonna kill that TEEMO D:" is definitely worrying. Considering the vast majority of crimes are pre-meditated (meaning thought of and concocted beforehand) any sign about shooting, murder, or hunting people in the REAL WORLD, the one your REAL LIFE BODY lives in, need to be taken seriously. How does something think this kind of thing is funny? Le sigh.
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Meddler (NA)
: Yorick will almost certainly be sometime later this year. Urgot won't be this year, he's an extremely strong candidate for next year though.
DtMayo (NA)
: I just love how people down vote me when I present actual facts and not anecdotal evidence. Just proves that people can't handle the truth. Here is a new piece for you. :D
: So, what you're implying is, that you actually need skill to play him? WOWEE! /s Honestly, people need to just keep their opinions to what they know, not what they think they know. If a Shaco goes in and dies, without killing his target, look at the player, not the champion.
Its like playing Evelynn. #WaitingForEveBuffs
: > [{quoted}](name=Xanit,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=W0XMPTV4,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2016-05-09T03:21:10.033+0000) > > during the windup. The horrendous windup that has no reason to exist. Lee's ultimate is an instant snare/stun/knockback at point click, for what possible reason is Cassiopeia crippled with one of the worst ultimates in the game? possibly the worst now that Taric's has been buffed.
Trade me for evelynn plz. I want an ult that does damage on an assassin plzzzz :P But no really on PBE she was terrible. I got fed on my Annie test game from a mid lane Cass. I was support.
ltmetal (NA)
: I said it before, I'll say it now. Cass can't be fixed with low scope VGUs. She belongs in the bucket of failed reworks with Ryze, Mordekaiser, and Skarner so she can get the full relaunch she deserves.
: ahem, i believe i said mages :P haha
One day, Eveylnn, one day. Just not today. {{champion:28}} {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
: Katarina needs a target, and Akali needs an enemy.
I know. I was just pointing out two mid laners you people forgot. And I got downvoted for it. Rip.
: Try Roa plus Morello on her. The health and mana sustain you get is legit retarded since orianna casts more spells than most mages.
: If you get pushed under your turret as ANY mage except leblanc maybe you should uninstall the game immediately. Or drop midlane because it is def. no place for you.
I was gonna be like "Hey don't dis Kat" then I remembered she's an assassin...
: You say its significantly more gated. I disagree. Lets think about other midlaners with mobility pre-6: {{champion:7}} W is only form of waveclear and a large part of her damage. {{champion:268}} Needs to be in melee range for the shield/damage. {{champion:245}} Usually the only reliable way to proc a stun and/or get the 3-hit proc {{champion:157}} Needs a minion or enemy champion {{champion:91}} Only offensive Zed's mobility is different because its more versatile. It can be used to poke, but he has other forms of poke without it. It can be used to waveclear, but he has other forms of waveclear without it. It can be used offensively and defensively. Zed can still waveclear and poke without his W. Other mobile champions like Leblanc cant.
Drehirth (NA)
: How mad would you be if you were this Ashe?
Gotta say my jimmies were rustled.
Skelenth (EUW)
: {{champion:90}} {{champion:57}} THE SWAAAARM!!!
Oh you wanted to play? Ha. No.{{champion:53}}
Knoyle (NA)
: That's the thing though. Karthus went back in time 300 years before he was born (?), conceived Mord. Jumped forward to the present and paid Zilean his money. It's so obvious.
Karthus had trouble getting motivated so Ekko just kept rewinding until it worked out?
Dataless (NA)
: {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Hey now don't use my Jinx as a pawn :C Okay fine you can. She's just too adorable. (and is the only reason I played season 4/5... wow I just realized) {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
I think he meant to say... The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.
Meddler (NA)
: Rageblade's probably on the weak side, we wanted to err in that direction and tune up if needs be though rather than the opposite given how dominant its been this season (get a look at which champs are dependent on it, which just like it etc). Bloodrazor's looking like it might be too weak, lot of champions its the best choice for are struggling. Might also be some champs who'd been nerfed due to how powerful they were in a game with Devourer we can put power back into now, not sure yet.
Knocking Rageblade by a gold value instead of a stat value could be immensely effective. ETA for an item's passive is something I consider in matches. For instance I know I can rush Rabadons to be extremely potent, but I also know I can start stacking Tear instantly to get that set and ready sooner than I'd own the Deathcap. Same idea on Rageblade. I know I can get double hit on Yi/Kog'Maw but I also know for a large portion cheaper I can just get Bork or better yet Phanton Dancer. Just my thoughts :). I'm not a great balancer, But I'd hit Rage before I touched Blood just to see how directly connected they might be. :D Also personal question. Who is your favorite character for change value (gameplay, not strength) in patch 6.9? I haven't tested much myself but I think I might be pleasantly surprised for Katarina :)
: his cc is not disruptive enough, and he doesn't have more than a general control mage. he also doesn't have initiation or defensive qualities. whoever thinks that just because a champion is tanky and has cc means that they are a tank is stupid. no, having low damage isn't necessarily a part, just look at malphite, the part is what they do, and why they build what they build. tanks are a specific class with one of two roles. they are either defensive peelers like braum, or offensive engagers like malph. if you are tanky but don't have one of those two qualities you are not a tank. illaoi is not a tank. darius is not a tank. cho'gath is not a tank.
Primary Role Secondary Role Tank Mage'Gath
: I don't think that this is very solid reasoning. Technically, any word that is able to be written down is just a aggregate of some non-zero number of letters. America is just 7 letters. It could mean anything. USA is just 3 letters. It could mean anything.
The problem is when those letters have been used already. Yes an acronym is valid. But the triple K clan tag has a meaning that I'm sure EVERYONE knows. That means its intentional. You cannot justify something so universally offensive to be allowed by anyone to use. Even the US government knows better than to name certain projects or acts after pre-existing tags with such weight behind them.
: I'm going to be slightly dissapointed if it turns out she's a utility support instead of a lane mage. Sol just came out and he's a mid mage. Nothing against supports, but as a jungle/mid mid lanes can be a lot more flexible.
Don't be mad. But I would love a support. Taric will probably end up top lane (he has early lane bullying that rivals Pantheon to the max, found out in hexakill when double Taric literally zoned us to our turret before minions even spawned). Probably.
: Nautilius was considered troll pick as support/top and his only role was jungle back then.
I think TBEN (too long a name to type correctly) should look up Shaclone and Pink Ward. And Stonewall. :D All of them are educational.
: oh my god i love this
: this fucking overloaded broken ass champions has 3 fucking slows in his kit for no fucking reason. Despite being an assassin, he's also given an aoe stun, and two forms of damage mitigation between the shield and his ult. Seriously it's like riot was trying to make this champion as overloaded with shit in his kit as possible
Riot Boss: Alright developers. I want you to make me something wacky. Something strong. Something so impossible to balance that YEARS from now people will refer to it as broken. And then we will balance it. Riot Employee: But sir. Shouldn't we be reasonable? Riot Boss: Nope. Players want excitement and fun. Riot Employee: Alright sir. Here's Ekko. Riot boss: BRILLIANT! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Twiggles (NA)
: I would pay all kinds of moneys for champion announcer packs. Rito pls.
{{champion:17}} (Welcome to Summoner's Rift) Welcome, Squad Teemo! Haha. Hahaha! (You have been slain) You missed. Haha! Hahaha! (Enemy double kill) You both missed. Haha! (Enemy triple kill) All of you missed. (Enemy quadra kill) Stop missing. (Enemy Penta Kill) Size doesn't mean everything. (Ally tower destroyed) You were supposed to defend that. (Ally Inhibitor destroyed) Bigger enemies are easier targets. (Enemy tower destroyed) Captain Teemo, on duty! Haha! Hahaha! (Enemy inhibitor destroyed) Armed and ready. (Enemy Slain) That's gotta sting. (Double Kill) Hut two. (Triple Kill) Hut two three. (Quadra Kill) Hut two three four. (Penta Kill) Never underestimate the power of the scouts code. (Victory) Victory. (Defeat) Defeat. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: {{champion:33}} ok {{champion:33}} ok ok {{champion:33}} ok ok ok {{champion:33}} ok ok ok ok {{champion:33}} ... {{champion:33}} ok
: I seriously like people like you. Now, to a separate note, how many kills did your support get? It's almost impossible to get an S rank as a support without at least one kill for some reason I can't fathom (unless you're playing an insanely off-meta support like Ekko or Lissandra).
JoZee II (NA)
: Nah man. He's REFORMED, his cult will inform you.
And as you speak, just below you "NoobLord420" has a post. Congrats. You are officially god Lady Carry :P
: This is Riot's game after all. If someone tries to ruin it, they get thrown out of it. Seems like a fair deal to me.
I really wish this could get upvoted more. The ToS tells you what you can and cannot do on a completely f2p game... if someone gets banned for breaking the rules in a f2p game of all things then my gosh. That's amazing. Imo ofc.
: This makes sense why the announcement had 1.3K downvotes. I left Socrates a note of good will on the original post. The man did the right thing, he shut down a community of toxicity. It had to be done.
I think its at 2.7 or so now... >.> People are wacky.
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: You do know Cassio will have 3 abilities instead of 4 once MYMU rolls out, right? Plus, I don't really want this Syndra "buff" in the first place. I'd love for it to get Lee Sin'd (_i.e. scrapped and never mentioned again_).
Wait what. She has 3 abilities? >.> I didn't read a passive. And I was just trying to stay positive summoner {{champion:99}}
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: Yes, she's getting "buffed" short-term. I'm speaking long-term. Long-term she'll get nerfed because of this thoughtless buff and once that happens she'll be weaker than before the MYMU.
Don't be so sad. MAYBE Veigar, Zyra, Malz, and Cassi will hog so much spotlight Riot forgets they buffed Syndra? Then you keep it :D? I hope. :C
: Can we get some generic hits on the champ type. like melee vs ranged, top/mid/sup/bot/jungle?
For all we know they could be in the earliest stage. If I remember correctly Riot did state that champion development for them started when one thing CLICKS. Just one. It could have just been a great story someone wrote and everyone in the office went "Oh my Beeswax, lets make a Champion outta this". And then they released the story. Then we asked. Then they said ye we are making one. But off the story description- she is ranged (Slingshot 3 hits on a Lion). As for the Inn she didn't do that much. Yasuo shredded, she knocked one dude over. Maybe support?
: I do not get the point
She's overcome a 50% discrepancy in capability to do what most people in the world cannot do with said advantage. So operating at 50% of what she can, she is doing better than us. So never surrender. Edit: Before my group of people who enjoy downvoting me find this post, I respect this person. I can't lift a weight at a 10th of that >.> I'm a potato... with straw arms...
: I logged in to play league of legends, not ff at 20.
I only surrender when a score is something really (forgive the word please) stupid like 0-25 with 4 towers and an inhib down at 12 minutes. Otherwise I keep trying. Usually. >.> I still hate all Fizz players ever.
: > New champ? New champ! _(That's all the info for now though. Speculate away!)_ EDIT: Here's a [full-size version of the art from the end of the story]( Enjoy!
Speculative Question- will she be a mage version of Yasuo? >.> Also that story was awesome :D Good job whoever wrote it.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Speculation: Three ammo system, third shot lets her dash a short distance away (From the Lion part). Ultimate nukes an entire area and she travels somewhere else (Inn Part). Possible knock down or root spell (Captain Part). That's all I got. Ideally she would be the highest burst mage ever :D Cuz Yasuo is the highest burst assassin. Minus Zed. But he cheats :P He gets shadows.
: Olaf uses a gun now?
New Commando Skin. Updated to ranged character. Oh and his bullets are bio-bullets so that he can "steal life". :P
Ionian (EUW)
: Sorry to be the party pooper guys, but it's the inability to accept you're wrong and learn that keeps most of you from climbing. I myself am diamond and have 3k+ Ahri games (not even kidding). Yet, if someone comes to me and gives me solid advice on how to play/build Ahri in a certain situation I will listen, and if it's truly better that way, I will adapt. That's how you climb. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
My problem is supporting bronze games where they are more blood thirsty than win thirsty. :C #NoMoreRanked ...I think I've played 2 or 3 ranked matches tbh...
: This is how I feel when people don't understand Trundle ultimate.
I don't understand Trundle Ulti mechanics but I do know whoever he clicks= GIMME MY MONEY. That's it. :C Feelsbadman.{{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: Yeah that would be hilarious! Though it might be classified as torture for the poor target...
{{champion:90}} into {{champion:19}} into {{champion:72}} into {{champion:54}} into {{champion:157}} . Some days I just don't even touch my keyboard bro.
: What are you smoking? Seriously putting more power in his ult would be TERRIBLE, especially after QSS/Mercurial change. The thing you suggested they should do without any compensation buffs, he's too strong anyway.
He was applying sarcasm. Which I can't fault him for. Zed buffs are terrifying in general.
Vesarixx (NA)
: Before the rework you could do the 2 Qs in base and take an AP heavy rune page, walk into lane and immediately chunk the enemy ADC for 70% of their health if they didn't have magic resist, it was pretty hilarious, though the lack of all and any defense you end up with taking that page meant you needed to watch where you stepped or you would just explode.
One random downvotes from my secret cult of rabbit haters is always entertaining. Two- I still do that in Aram. Granted we're all level 3 and I first item sheen but still :P
Ralanr (NA)
: Wasn't Sona originally disabled for the original Urf?
: don't worry, people like to conveniently forget that Sona actually has depth if you don't just mash your abilities and actually intelligently choose a power chord. it feeds into the whole "sona is a braindead champ" rhetoric that I think some people require for survival. while I think it's definitely super easy to play Sona at a basic level, there's definitely room for a Sona main to show their mastery... it's just not as flashy as some champs.
Depends. Am I arcade or DJ sona with the sweet animation and the huba huba factor :P? JK. Sona is fun though and doing the level 1 cheese poke is great (use two q's in base, then use the q in lane to reset auto and drop all 3 spell procs and a thunderlord). :)
: Calling it now: {{item:3083}} {{item:1413}} {{item:3748}}. The health meta is back.
Can you imagine how terrifying Volibear's bite will be?
Shonjl (NA)
: That actually made me shake a little, that is scary, if the Q doesnt blow you up, the Duskblade proc sure as hell will.
130+140%totalAD. Add in the 196 trinity. The shiv. The crit magnitude page. I love it. Its my PBE garen build- too poor to buy those runes regular.
Shonjl (NA)
: Unrelated but crit Garen does actually work even in normals. Ive done a few times something along the lines of {{item:3031}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3009}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3156}} {{item:3068}} and still did insane while also having a little bulk to myself.
See that there is op. I go the one shot Q build. {{item:3031}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3094}} {{item:3036}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3341}} and full crit magnitude rune page. #NoWhereIsSafe
Dr Poro (EUW)
: When I play support, I tend to ping a lot. When a see enemy toplane pushing a wave, I already ping on our turret to defend it. (Never ping once, always twice.) When an enemy dies and we can force a turret, I ping on it so that people will know what to do. When people are trying to dive behind the turret instead of just taking the turret, I ping on the turret again. The biggest difference between low elo and high elo is that in bronze they fight to make kills while in diamond, they fight to get objectives. If they abandon their turret, don't fcking dive into their next turret. Just take that turret! Then go B if you're low/enemies respawning. Lategame people seem to forget that there is a B button.
Thanks for the tips :). No joke very nice. Here's my question- what do you do when your bronze 4 teams won't cooperate? I don't think my calls are bad but they refuse and just go chasing kills. Last game I had in SR I told them "Less towers means less vision. Less vision means easier kills." and they still just bum rushed red buff :C Also these are my preferred supports {{champion:267}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:53}} for disengage, poke, and zoning respectively. Blitz is my fave but very few bronzies react to pulls and engage every one of them all the way to tower. Its hard to tell them don't go ham on a pull unless they are below 50% or don't have flash when they tell you to stfu because I say gl hf :C Making me realize that my niceness may not actually be as valuable as my silence.{{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
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