Seba7290 (EUNE)
: Maybe a male born in Demacia who defected to Noxus
MS exceI (EUNE)
: Still, there is almost no Noxian story where we get to see them as heroes. They are portrayed as blood-thirsty people who make a weapon out of themselves for the empire but the righteousness of their cause is never shown. Every faction hates Noxus and Noxus only. Noxian champs are either powerful and influential figures or disillusioned warriors
Couldn't have said it better myself.
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: Make a balance change based on logic
Zac is immune to all bludgeoning and piercing as it does not split him into more parts.
: Uzi played Neeko as Bot lane "ADC"....
#Well, Dark Souls 3 was less painful than this. Time to go on NG++!
: For all ya Leona players out there.
If only I could be so #**_G R O S S L Y I N C A N D E S C E N T_**
: To be fair, MF gets more skins than the both of them
If the champion in question is a female champion frequently played by Egirls, they're going to get way more skins than the average. Lulu, Soraka, Yasuo, etc.
: Huh....they're all Freljord champions too.
: If these champions were designed today, their kits might look like this...
: it can only disguise as members of it's allied team
Oh, guess I should have read the fine print. Well, Spy can disguise as his own team as well.
: Patch 8.23 notes
Yeah that {{champion:83}} change ain't a bugfix. Should happen, though. I find it odd how I was able to harass people while also attacking their tower. Maybe just call it an actual patch instead of a bugfix...
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: When you play a game of Twisted Treeline and neither team has bots
Stupid easy to get S sometimes. Of course, there's always the 1v3 matchup where it's a full player team versus you and two bots but that's to be expected.
: I found this: Gotta say the Rhaast looks especially sick...
: Pentakill actually has music released, and I love it. Did they release any music for KDA
One. To compare, Pentakill made two albums with 18 songs and, with zero promotion from the music industry, still broke the billboard top 40 and made it to #1 on the iTunes metal chart. Pop music and Ahri may be more popular, but that just goes to show how insanely good the sound of Pentakill is.
: Everyone put your hands in the air for the greatest band in all of League history!
Uhhh, this was my first post in about two months, I was afraid I was gonna be the only one left who didn't buy into the whole K/DA thing until I returned a day later to this. You guys have good tastes.
: When people refuse to /ff
I'm more of the "well, this match is screwed" kind of person. Not that I'm salty or pessimistic, it's more that I'm going to be either correct or pleasantly surprised.
: I'm stuck with fucking Odyssey Yasuo that I got after re-rolling 3 skin shards.
At least it's one of his less "Oh look at me im so edgy and cool and listen to linkinpark no Mom you go clean YOUR room" type skins. I don't even play the guy, but I'm still waiting on a Baker Yas skin because I really wanna see him murder with a baguette. ~~Also, Yasuo mains seriously need to take things a little less seriously.~~
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Nightinez (EUW)
: Halloween and After Party skins
She's getting a new skin. I wish she wasn't, but she is.
: Have you ever heard of the tale of Darth Plagueis the wise?
: Imagine if this was in SG Anime Style
: No-one mocks the SG Urgod
: Thats nice and all... but how about you actually stop dying? kthnx
I'm afraid it's not possible. Everyone will die eventually.
Hilsun (NA)
: I prefer the dichotomy of the poor drawings with the high-quality music, personally.
At least make an alternative version that's painful to listen to.
: RISE but it's a shitty paint animation
Can you make the music earrape-y?
: Champion and skin sale: 09.28 - 10.01
_sees Lux's legs_ **[HEAVY BREATHING]**
: {{champion:82}} is the biological father, {{champion:1}} `s mom cheated and never told her husband. Atleast that's what I think... hmm and only someone capable of deception would be able to do that in the lol universe... {{champion:7}} is the mother and faked her death / disappearance. (Prob one of her clones setting up a life for themselves then going poof after the timer expired)
Morde's been lacking a physical body far longer than Annie's been born.
: Seriously, Riot we need more Ezreal tier VGUs.
Soraka and Annie are visually fine, but the others definitely need some work.
: I feel like this is an unfair comment. The skins team and the rework teams are 2 different groups.
The Balance team and the Art team are two different groups, but you need both for a full VGU.
: If I'm not mistaken I believe the skin he received is dragon trainer. It does however look like aids
It's a Harrowing skin.
: Why I'm slightly disappointed with the Ahri skin.
I am **vastly** dissapointed. Put her in a box and don't touch it until Morde gets his VGU. She doesn't need or deserve another skin.
IrvenM (NA)
: we wanted a kled skin
Yeah, the skin leaked looks like garbage. Was it _too_ hard to give him a Dragon Trainer one along with Heimer? Everyone kept saying they wanted one.
: The last time Jhin did something like this it was removing the 5th hp from {{item:2055}}
Downvoted. The comment's pretty good, it just needs to be 4.
: Name something more broken than Yasuo
Yasuo ain't broken. But his players are. They're the worst...
: the people you see try to rush through the hardest difficulty .... it's pvp.
Moody P (NA)
: I disagree, his early game is not really anything special other than that it's exceptionally safe, particularly for a juggernaut. I wouldn't call him a pseudo-marksman; he's more of a juggernaut/artillery mix with how good his poke is for his class.
Then wouldn't {{champion:2}} also be a juggernaut/artillery? Urgot's classified as a unique playstyle but, personally, I would consider him to be a juggernaut/marksman since you're relying more on auto-attacks than you are poke (unless the enemy laner is constantly 100 feet away at all times).
EdgeLady (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=EvilUnicornLord,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=NcKBOlTA,comment-id=000100010000,timestamp=2018-09-14T19:09:43.500+0000) > > There's still no such thing as a good Noxian and a bad Demacian. Katarina leans more toward the good side, as does Talon, but less so. I guess there's no such thing as a bad Demacian yet (we'll see what's up with that new Demacian champion coming next year), but I think that it might depend on the royal family's reaction if Lux's magic is revealed, or if Garen is indeed proven to have magic himself, like Swain (and his ultimate) hint.
They aren't as evil as someone like Thresh or Morde, but they're definitely more evil than good. But, yeah, I'm hoping the next Demacian champion, if they aren't evil, they have someone in their lore that's both Demacian and evil.
: What is the meaning of Yasuo?
> 靖男, "calm; peaceful, son; male, baron" Kill him and your minions get buffed.
Alzon (NA)
: It’s because he doesn’t fit in their elitist view of what should be in their games xd
His win rate is affected as well so I'm pretty sure it has more to do with the ability to counterplay and how he doesn't have it.
: Playing any champion on any role? Swain and Ivern bot
: > [{quoted}](name=EvilUnicornLord,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=cbn4s3od,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2018-09-13T23:28:27.416+0000) > > I know how it works, I've played the guy several times (he's a good pick when you want to just play casually). > > Just that, should you so much as be the target of a failed towerdive or get first blood on an invade, he still gets a free mauling ticket. > > I like the idea. It teaches new players to focus carries and more experienced ones to go toe-to-toe with their fed Hecarim and emerge victorious (since he can't really outplay someone). It's when the passive is used early on in-lane that I'm not a fan of even when I'm the one playing Garen. This is what everyone gets wrong. He's not just a casual pick. High elo players right now are saying he's legitimately one of the strongest champions in the game. No one seems to get that he's broken right now in every elo, everyone is still stuck on the mentality of Garen being a bad/low elo only pick that easily countered. Garen players who go out to defend his current state right now are clearly delusional.
Hmmmm, no not really. If you check his stats, his pick rate and his win rate gets lower the higher elo you go.
Moody P (NA)
: why is urgot here? he doesn't fit anything you described
He's a pseudo-marksman. He isn't in as much of a problematic state as some of the others but he does have a few slight issues (mostly stat issues, though, I've noticed while playing as/against him that his early game is kind of absurd).
EdgeLady (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=EvilUnicornLord,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=NcKBOlTA,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-09-13T08:09:18.797+0000) > > I'd prefer to see his face more clearly under the hat and give him less of a hop to his walk. > > Seeing a seemingly-innocuous yordle that you know is evil and power-hungry to the core would really help flesh them out as a fictional race. Yordles are still in the "planet of the hats" side of fantasy along with Noxians. > > Of course, Final Boss Veigar would be best remaining like it is and very little, if any, changes. With Swain's rerelease and all the Noxus lore updates, I would say they're becoming less of a planet of hats. Quite a few Yordles could use some lore updates to help distinguish them as not a planet of hats either.
There's still no such thing as a good Noxian and a bad Demacian.
: Jax is taking me places....
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: Riot's instakill fethish
The idea of picking a glass cannon is to defeat enemies by outplaying and outdamaging them. Sure, it isn't your fault your midlaner fed Diana, but equal footing with nearly all enemies and you can beat them.
: > [{quoted}](name=EvilUnicornLord,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=cbn4s3od,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-09-13T23:05:42.772+0000) > > Postpone it until he puts _two_ points into Demacian Justice. > > Winning lane against him is a death sentence when he hits level 6 and that's not how it was intended. Shutting down carries in the mid and late game is its purpose and that's how it should work. The villain mechanic doesn't work when you kill the Garen, you have to kill one of his team mates. Unless his jungler inted into you pre-6 you realistically won't be the villian. At least know how something works before complaining about it. The purpose is to get revenge, nothing more.
I know how it works, I've played the guy several times (he's a good pick when you want to just play casually). Just that, should you so much as be the target of a failed towerdive or get first blood on an invade, he still gets a free mauling ticket. I like the idea. It teaches new players to focus carries and more experienced ones to go toe-to-toe with their fed Hecarim and emerge victorious (since he can't really outplay someone). It's when the passive is used early on in-lane that I'm not a fan of even when I'm the one playing Garen.
: Well, my thinking on the design of the gimmick was that it was INTENDED to go on the carries, as they were generally expected to be the ones with the most kills in any given game. The Juggernaut Update (IMHO) was intended to cement Garen as the Carry-Killer of the 4 champions that were updated in it. However, with low-kill games, very few people will get marked as the Villain, OR, it's just whoever can get a kill is instantly the Villain and it might not even be the target the Garen player themselves WANT to be marked. If they could choose like Kindred can, OF COURSE they'd mark the Carry, or whomever happened to be doing the best on the enemy team at the time. Shut-Down Gold, after all, if the Garen can kill them.
If they could choose who the villian is, it would have to be exponentially weaker since he's always going to throw it on his lane opponent (unless Garen jungle becomes a thing). Of course, if the enemy carry doesn't get fed and someone else becomes the villian midgame, it's still a fair deal since they're most-likely on a killing spree and Garen could use the help beating them since he can't really outplay aside from dodging skillshots and timing his Q and W.
: If you had the chance to design a Class Update...
Marksmen/psuedo-marksmen but not ADCs. {{champion:133}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:41}} and so on. They aren't in a wholly great spot right now, either always winning or hard losing and never on steady footing. I'm okay with the concept of up-close-and-personal marksmen that take toplane and jungle, but they're never fun to play against even if you do win and also not so fantastic to play as either. I can't think of any general blanket change that will fix all the problems of playing with/as/against them but there are a few individual changes I can think of that I would list here if I had infinite time.
: Champion Capsules for level up
I like getting the champion capsules because I remember when you _didn't_ get champion capsules for leveling up and you had to purchase runes (almost making it a pay-to-win model) with IP.
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