meowwow7 (NA)
: easy way to win nexus blitz
I actually learned that player-made terrain can stop the cart. I held it off by myself as Trundle for some time.
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S0kaX (EUNE)
: Sex may be cool
No. I am single and have not gotten anyone banned yet. Strangely, I have not perished of self-disappointment.
: Confess
I don't play Ranked and yet I debate about how the game should be balanced.
: When you get 4 kills as a Support in Nexus Blitz
I got my first pentakill with {{champion:48}}. Nexus Blitz rocks.
: So... that role select in Nexus Blitz...
Just select fill all the time so you don't get autofilled! Wait...
: Your Shop is open for business!
I get myself a pentakill on the dude and really hope I get one but **_nooo_** Trundle skin. I can't really complain, though. I got skins for Ornn, Shen, and Garen so tell discount bot his work is satisfactory.
: New Epic skin: Mecha Aurelion Sol
Well _**I**_ think it looks cool.
: Is this the Lux Skin I was waiting for? Cause we could use like idk 3 more? It'll be fantastic :D{{champion:99}} {{sticker:sg-lux}}
Guys, chill with the downvotes. They're being sarcastic.
: can i get robot nunu for this amazing drawing?
: I need my lulu cosmic skin. T_T
Yeah I love the new cosmic Camille, Kled, and Ivern!
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: Lol who on earth plays bot games
They're really easy to complete missions with (unless they specifically say "PvP"). I was able to get all the pool party missions done in only a few games.
: Your Shop is open for business!
Blood Moon Shen, Thunderlord Ornn, and Steel Legion Garen? **Riot, you shouldn't have.** ~~Not sure why Prehistoric Cho'Gath is in there, I only ever played him by other people's choice in OFA.~~
: I loved this Urgot skin but there is one problem
I'm telling ya guys. Gift Robot Nunu 6 RP and all our problems will be solved.
: > [{quoted}](name=EvilUnicornLord,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=P0UsK4zu,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-08-16T04:15:18.906+0000) > > They should just make a separate balance system for proplay. > > Yeah, sounds stupid, but think about it. Fish shouldn't have to learn to climb trees. {{champion:105}} {{item:3070}}
It's paraphrasing Einstein who said something along the lines of "Everyone is a genius, but if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree it will live its whole life believing it is stupid." Simply put, we aren't professional players and Riot balancing the game to professional play makes it really obnoxious for us to deal with especially since there are so many more common players than Esports guys.
: League of Legends no longer feels like our game anymore.
I'd imagine it's kind of hard for a multi-million dollar company to listen to its fans requests... Except that plenty of other companies of similar size have done so.
Aarron (NA)
: Pro players need to practice in soloQ though
Yeah, but they're less than 1% of the League community. I'd rather have the game balanced to the 99%.
: Nexus Blitz event AI
It is rather obnoxious how he likes to favor one side of the map.
: Please nerf Timewarp Tonic + Dark Seal + Corrupting Potion before World's
They should just make a separate balance system for proplay. Yeah, sounds stupid, but think about it. Fish shouldn't have to learn to climb trees.
: While these are opinions and all, if your answer isn’t or doesn’t include {{champion:202}}’s theme, I genuinely worry for you.
Jhin's is pretty eerie. Although not my favorite, it's up there for sure.
DirigoX (NA)
: Which Login screen has your favorite music?
{{champion:201}}'s personally my favorite. Not only was he released soon after I started playing, but the login screen always got me pumped up. I even have the track on my phone and listen to it from time to time and I don't even play Braum!
: Lost in time. My friend
Dang. I was hoping they'd finally update his dance to this:
Cloud273 (NA)
: Small problem with Nexus Blitz
Or if they respawn as close to their spawn as possible but within the circle.
: Nexus blitz is really bad. The events favor one side and the matchmaking is pitting 5man vs randoms.
I would agree that the placement of the events make it pretty frustrating, but the cramped map and "on fire" thing do make for some really fun times. But, yeah, make a set point for all the events (they all spawn along the center line) and it'll definitely be a chaotic gamemode without being dictated entirely by rgn.
: So, When Will Riot Actually Make Tanks Viable?
I kind of want to try my hand at Ranked since my schedule's clear to play a lot of League but this meta is not favoring me (or anyone, for that matter) and I'm going to stick to normals and the RGM until they do something about the onslaught of assassins.
Larriet (NA)
: Maybe unpopular opinion, but Lux saying "We've never even talked" was music to my ears. I'm OK with him pining for her forever. :P
If Lyte and Aatrox have anything to say, I'm pretty sure that Ezreal and Lux are secretly dating, which is why Lux denies any relationship with Ezreal. And I'm not going they-dislike-eachother-ill-ship-them obnoxious fan type thing, there's actual lore hinting at them dating but keeping it a secret.
Zatsukino (EUW)
: After all that bunch, I think they would give some love to those champions : {{champion:26}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:8}} Whether it is fully-fleshed VGU or simple VU just like Ezreal or Morgana, I really hope they will come the point when they will rework each champion, that would take some time tho...
Out of that list {{champion:26}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:79}} and {{champion:8}} are the only ones that could use a visual update. The rest are pretty fresh looking. Also, {{champion:117}} has a really outdated model.
Zoli Ben (EUNE)
: A big thanks and appreciation to Reav3 and all the champion team!
I hate to be "that guy" but... Where's {{champion:26}}?
: Meanwhile there are still no black female champions
Guys, this is clearly a troll. It would be best to just ignore them.
: > [{quoted}](name=EvilUnicornLord,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=n2RR0peN,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-08-16T00:02:44.220+0000) > > If it really did come from the RPG skinline, though, wouldn't it have a name indicating such? > > Like maybe Nunu Beastrider or something. Also, it's a great deal older than the RPG skins so I don't think it's a part of that line. I can see them potentially retconning that as they do pull some skins into pre-existing lines to give everything a theme and home; though...The fact we don't see any of the others in the background is a bit problematic.
Not all skins have to share a theme. Believe me, you are going to have a hard time shoving "Curling Veigar" into anything and Riot certainly isn't going to continue that skin. But I'm getting off topic. The question still stands if goblins exist in Runeterra.
mærk (NA)
: That's considerably bland and pointless... A good April Fools' Joke would to make URF permanently a game mode.
: Wait your missing someone... Star Guardian {{champion:17}} He is wearing a tutu with a skimpy top cause he is best girl {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Could just go all out and give every champion Star Guardian skirts. It'd look dumb as crap and require a ton of work.
: No Demolisher Nunu is part of the RPG skinline along with Whitebeard Ryze and such. The goblins come from that. It is a stretch to believe goblins also exist in current Runeterra because they exist in a non-canon universe. The whole point of making that universe non-canon is to express that fact
If it really did come from the RPG skinline, though, wouldn't it have a name indicating such? Like maybe Nunu Beastrider or something. Also, it's a great deal older than the RPG skins so I don't think it's a part of that line.
mzicio (EUW)
: Big kek Shouldn't talk tho because I'm Italian.
~~I'm not actually sure how the joke of French people being cowards came about because, with the sole exception of WW2, they're pretty hardcore. Joan of Arc, Lafayette, pretty much everyone in the French revolution. I dunno.~~
: When is Invasion
It would actually be funny to have ~~misplaced~~ proper Star Guardian skins for next April 1 (temporary skins that only replace the default champion and are gone by the end of the event). Like Star Guardian {{champion:6}} of course who tries to act all pretty. {{champion:421}} Who has no opinion of the dress she's wearing. {{champion:48}} can't properly fit into his outfit and it's super tight (oo la la) And {{champion:429}} who actively hates the outfit they gave her.
mzicio (EUW)
: 0/21/2
0/0/0 They ran the moment they saw the minions.
: I’m telling you man it’s the big sword, large guy, even the haircut. But I agree Kayn definitely has anime up to 11
Garen definitely seems "cleaner" ~~and guts isn't your typical anime protagonist anyway, probably why his anime's more popular than most~~.
: Garen and Kayn Inspiration
Just because someone has a big sword doesn't mean they're from anime. Besides, Garen doesn't seem like he took any inspiration from anime at all. Kayn, however, took the anime to 11. That doesn't mean he's inspired by any one particular anime character, though.
Jinxalot (NA)
: It's a problem if you like playing Bot games. Before, when there was a jungler and 5 active Bots, the jungler could practice ganging top vs 2
That's not a very handy skill to have since nobody in pvp games sends two guys top. If Riot's trying to make the bot games as similar to pvp as possible, it would be better for one to stay in fountain than for two to go top. It would be nice if there was a jungler bot, though. Wards are almost useless in bot games.
: Nunu rework is terrible
I think raptors are more prone to killing you.
It would be better to lower the power of all that assassin stuff before getting to ADCs since the greatly increased multitude of assassins are part of the problem.
: *map awareness dance*
######When they give him a VU, they _need_ to make that his dance. We know they're aware of it thanks to New Nunu bot so there's no reason he shouldn't get a better dance.
Häxel (EUW)
: sry if i'm wrong: but what if i want to play the entchanter style? ad is good vs melee enemies, but vs brands, zyras, namis, you can't use mucht the ad. But the ap helps with the heal and with the e damage, which is your range counterattack to range enemies. Even if you stun them you don't want always to go for the passive autos, cause again, after your stun is down on brand or zyra they just hit you hard back, so it maybe just makes sense on some entchanters and enemy tank supports. there was also this {{item:3070}} playstyle where you basicly just spamed q heal and during the {{item:3504}} meta or {{item:3107}} meta taric was a champ that could use it pretty good. Even today after {{item:3109}} and {{item:3050}} / {{item:3190}} heal/shield items are not that bad on him. Leona is kinda diffrent cause she is a full vanguard and not a warden/entchanter hybrid like taric. She only has the full engage playstyle, taric stuns from far away and can decide to either go in or stay away, similar to thresh (but without range autos and a dash). Leona pulls herself in with her e and her q is an empowerd autoreset, so while being already in the front she can use the autos. again, i don't say taric autoattacks not much. Just that the ap ratios MIGHT be more usefull vs non melee enemies.
Enchanter Taric is still pretty trash against mage supports and his heals and shields are unimpactful even when built to compliment such abilities.
: Kick option in champ select?
I think it might be abused a lot so, while an interesting concept, it really wouldn't work. And if they added it, that would just make trolls clam up prior to the match and then troll, making the system useless except for four-man premades consisting entirely of trolls just looking to pick on people.
: I Can't Buy Skins
Assassin metas _are_ the most obnoxious. And this one, by far, is really making me open my Steam library more often than my League account.
: Please give me Yasuo skin
gift me rp plx i will dye of canser if i dont have skins thankyou
: > [{quoted}](name=SoundChaosDebug,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1qng9aBv,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-08-15T06:07:25.187+0000) > > Shes gonna turn out like azir did, had a lot of cool shit you can do but it's never balanced in the hands of people who know how to play. Haven't seen an Azir in well over 200 games lately, so that's concerning, to say the least.
Last one I saw was in ARAM so he doesn't count.
: Do you think Zoe needs a rework? As sad as that sounds.
I don't want her to suffer the same fate as Azir ~~speaking of which, why is he still garbage, Riot?~~ but I do agree that she's pretty ridiculous right now. An entire rework, though? Well, I suppose it's better than beating her over the head with a shovel and leaving her in a dumpster, but it's got to keep a similar, less obnoxious design.
: the reason why mobile champions are more "fun" is because there are fewer consequences for errors
Well this is an actual discussion. It's not a complaint, it's not ranting, it's not even suggesting, it's just talking about the mechanics of the game. You, sir, deserve an upvote.
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