: Academy Adventures 3
It's back!!!!!!!!!!! Who's excit3d!!!!!!!!
: My only complaint is tying the VP amount awarded in relation to what Tier you are in. If I understand correctly, the Tier you belong to is dependent on your Rank/MMR which is understandable to keep games with Bronze vs Challenger from occurring. What doesn't make sense is how a player gets less VP for victories if they are in a lower Tier. These games are between other players of roughly the same skill on either end of the Tier spectrum so why should a Tier 4 get less than a Tier 1 for doing essentially the same thing? Players already receive rewards for getting higher ranks in ranked game play so why should those same ranks with their own rewards dictate what rewards a player gets in a completely different game mode? If Riot is implying that they think higher ranks should get more rewards then why not give those rewards for getting higher ranks instead of messing with rewards given in a game mode that has 0 effect on ranked game modes? I'll admit I'm salty I didn't get a Blue Banner after going 2/0, 0/2, 3/0 but it makes me curious why if I went 2/0, 3/0, 4/0 effectively winning every game every day that I wouldn't get a Purple banner. EDIT: Also, is the banner supposed to be view-able on your profile by other summoners? I currently don't see my friend's nor does he see mine.
From what I've seen, banners are viewable in game on your side of lane or by your river objective if your jungle. Also, I believe the reason for the top-tiered rewards is , as stated in this post, to dissuade smurfing, since if all tier rewards are the same, why would you waste time in balanced, similar strength matchups when you can just stomp low tiers for easy wins and rewards.
: Academy Adventures
Zed with academy skin... I can see it working well


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