: Nidalee Buff
Bump. Buff.
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: client bugged?
: Patch Chat with Playtest - Comet Dragon
How does hextech gunblade work with Aurilon Sol? Does he get life steal from his passive/W?
Sentrık (NA)
: Depressed looking for Jungler, Top laner, Mid laner
: Want to get out of bronze?
: Marauder Clan is recruiting!
Looks good look toward to a few games. Add: ExecuterNMH
: Ranked teams? (bronze to gold) add Best Llama NA
I used to know someone named llama that played startcraft. Think his name was AngryLlama lol Add me up: ExecuterNMH
: Team NoveStrike is recruiting! Bronze-Silver team
IGN: ExecuterNMH Skype: Curse: Age: rank:silver 5, skill gold 1+ Main Role: top/jg/ADC/mid/supp Champs in that role: Olaf/jax/mundo/gnar/malphite/lux/viktor/Anivia/ Ashe/Caitlyn. Right now I am maiming lux mid and supp
Fear eVo (NA)
: ADC looking for serious ranked 5's or Duo
Gonna start playing ranked again, add me ExecuterNMH
: Making Silver Team
Add ExecuterNMH
Rhugzo (NA)
: D4 adc looking for a support to rank duo with
: Gold+ team looking for a MID!
ExecuterNMH S4 but gold 3 with non-afk's Mid/Top/JG/ADC Fav champs are lee sin/mundo/jax/Ashe/ lux-(more recently)/victor I enjoyed playing ranked I don't enjoy playing ranked with either trolls& afk's. Looking for group to play with and climb ladder. Would be a great addition to any position.
: Looking for a top/midl/ and a jungler for our team
: > [{quoted}](name=ExecuterNMH,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=2c3Y00ET,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-10-19T20:44:10.405+0000) > > Hey sounds good I am main top/JG/ADC. Add me. Alright will do
> [{quoted}](name=LiquidS7evin,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=2c3Y00ET,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2015-10-19T21:04:00.375+0000) > > Alright will do I'll be on in about 40 minutes
: Looking for a top/midl/ and a jungler for our team
Hey sounds good I am main top/JG/ADC. Add me.
: LF Silver DUO (NL)
You sound like a cool add me and we can play.
: Previous silver demoted to bronze looking to be silver once more. Support, Mid, or Top laner
Hey cool, add me in game I am always looking to move up..I was silver iv then got demoted.
: ADC main LF bronze/silver team
Add me up I'll on be on Saturday all day.
Kecin (NA)
: duo queue silver to gold looking for support or peel jgler
Add me and we can play I have many tank/disengage Jung champs. Add me in game. I'm silver IV.
Daen (NA)
: FPS generally around 150, ping generally around 70. When you say screen jumps, what are you referring to? It might benefit you to run some tests in the background, because if it's what I'm thinking of you might be getting some packet loss.
it like lags and then skips, its like stuff is happening while im not able to see it happen..like a delay.
: You know what i don't like about this afk buster?
I agree I had internet problems last night and we lost a game my internet dropped twice during the game and at the end I dropped and I got the leaver buster. I attempted to connect back but Internet was down. I really now have to wait 20 minutes for a few games because of 2 games. I played 30+ ranked games without dropping out of one and I get a dang Internet problem and now I have to deal with this. I really agree there should be some built in system like so many dropped games per time period or like if you play 35+ games and happen to have 2 bad games with connection issues you don't get the LEAVER BUSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really unfair tbh.
: On my old laptop, I would get FPS at around 30 (but with a lot of the setting on low) and ping at around 72-80 (before the server move. I never played on my laptop after they did that). Once I built my PC (and have a dedicated GPU) I get FPS at around 140-200, with ping at a nearly constant 41. But for what you have, the game should run perfectly fine. If you are experiencing lag in teamfights, consider decreasing some of the graphics, such as disabling shadows. Another possibility is to upgrade the RAM in your computer
I'll check the settings, thanks.
: how do you get 40-45 fps?{{champion:114}} I get like 2-300 on my laptop and 2-500 on my main pc. and now a shitty 70 ping since the server move{{champion:1}}
I'm not sure, maybe my video setting then? I just know it gets jumpy when big fights break out and it becomes incredibly difficult to micro when I can't see.
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: LeaverBuster Lower Priority Queue
Solbs (NA)
: LF Supp main for Silver 5s team
Add me, top carry or adc carry.
Eterynal (NA)
: NForce And NForce Black Is Recruiting .
IGN : Executernmh Role : top/jg/adc Age: Name : James Season 4 Rank : Season 5 Rank : silver iv Strengths : lane presence, solo kills in lane, draw jungle from other team, I can 2v1 jg and top lane, Weaknesses : I can over extend at in opportune times early in the game, Why do you want to be in this team ? Need good team as I can get ahead early and mid game, looking for decent squad to team up with.
Lougle (NA)
: LF SOLID 5S silver + for my ranked team
Cobelius (NA)
: Ranked 5s Team Looking For a Support (Preferably Gold but Will Take Silver)
Cool sounds good I'll ad you. I played my ranked placement games solo, so I know I'd place better than silver iv with decent ally/team mates.
Làtt (NA)
: LF members for SERIOUS ranked team and a duo im silver 5 [read]!
I'm looking to play with some decent people I play usually at night. Add me up and we can play a few and see what happens.
: Ranked team looking for top laner for ranked 5's
IGN: ExecuterNMH RANK:silver iv MAIN ROLE: top MAIN CHAMPS IN THAT ROLE: Olaf/garen/jax/shyvana/aatrox/malphite/Ashe SECONDARY ROLES:jungle/advice ANY OTHER CHAMPS YOU FEEL YOU PLAY WELL: Ashe/cait/ rek'sai/yi/ VOICE CAPABILITIES: SOMETHING YOU BRING TO THE TEAM:I'll win my lane and bully my lane I just need a good team to team fight with late game, I can 2v1 jungle and top lane giving pressure to other lanes STRENGTHS: billy my lane/ Hugh CS/early to mid game carry WEAKNESSES:I can be over aggressive and get ganked if I push too far up at unfavorable times.
: Team Instinct Looking For A Serious Toplaner
Role Wanted : top Main Champs in that role :Olaf/Garen/Aarrox/Vladimir/Tyrdemere/ How old are you : older than 21 Rank : silver iv- i placed lower due to some afk's in my placement games and also trolls. Are You Willing To Play As A Team And Improve As A Team : yes I am very good in solo lane, just looking for good team to team fight with. When Are You Available :10pm cst to 1am Strongness/Weaknesses :solo lane killer/draw jungle attention free other lanes from ganks, I push my lane so we can dive top lane. Weakness is i can tend to be really aggressive and not back when I should and can get ganked. If you want to play a few games add me in game, ExecuterNMH
: S3 looking for Duo
Add me up I jg.
Grizzyy (NA)
: Smurfing in silver 2 (Gold 1 MMR 86% win rate) LF another smurf in gold to duo
We can game I'm silver V was IV, be on at 10ish central
: My team is looking to try out a top laner
Add me up I usually am on around 10pm central
Imprint (EUW)
: Nerf Garen
Garen is fine right now..you just have to know how to play against him..his Q nerf slowed him down a lot making it a lot harder for him to run up smack you in the face and run back.
: Join the cause. Let's get rid of Devourer FOR GOOD.
Dev is a good jungle item great scale late game I don't jungle much anymore but really would like the item to stay in the game.
I have to admit over the last few days I have been getting 2-3 second delays in the game. I live in Chicago and my ping is usually about 20ms I should not be seeing any lag at all..did riot identify any server issues? It's really causing me pain in these games over the last few days.
iTrooll (NA)
: Need a ADC main (Silver or gold) for 5s team ranked
xyzoom (NA)
: Looking for calm duo hardcore silver 4++
: making 5s team gold+
I can adc/top/JG add this name, I play mostly at night time. 10pm cst.
: need peeps for 5s
Add me up I play at night.
Borkahn (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Tristaen,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=IwMAhLVM,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-09-24T13:29:22.948+0000) > > All I see in that match history is a collection of bad players that got out-played by someone who could have done the same thing with almost any jungler with the same result. All 5 were on me right at the beginning and i still came away
I like Garen I don't think he's OP he's hard to kill but the Q nerf really slowed things down for him. I must admit he can be a beast in the jungle, especially if he gets a gank. http://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/1922718213/226475364?tab=overview
Borkahn (NA)
: Took him in the jungle and holy crapped wrecked face.
I went bananas with jungle garen, one kill is a snowball. 21/2/11 only died because I was 1v5 I killed 3 of them lol.. http://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/1922718213/226475364?tab=overview
Eversio (NA)
: Just looking for non-toxic friends to play league with.
RexZor (NA)
: Looking For a Fun Duo with in Silver
Add me up anyone who is no AFK is good in my book.
: Silver 5 adc jun main looking for duo
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