: Two big reasons: * People chase kills unnecessarily * People get tunnel vision rather than thinking about the game state. It's what leads to shit like this happening: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXXao9O8K9I
Watching that hurts my eyes.
: > [{quoted}](name=crispy66,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=N44WE58e,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2018-10-04T15:11:38.104+0000) > > it's actually the supports, i wish supports didn't exist I wish supports, supported the whole team. The two-headed monster bot has distorted the game forever.
I mean they already support the team, with wards, and being with the team in general. Oh someone is killing my teammate I better heal him! Because the route your are going down, is more along the lines of, "oh someone is killing my mid laner in the river, I am pushed... Yeah fuck em gotta protect my adc from dying." Supports will always support the whole team, whoever needs aids and the support is near by. Where does the support go? To the teammate that needs them. Jesus you people are bias.
Jansuo (EUNE)
: Season 4
I would much rather play season 5 or season 4, then season 8 so far.
: > adc achive their sipke more early Last time i checked, all Crit based ADC's will be murderd next patch in terms of early game. Non Crit ADC's may be buffed with the new ADC items... but in general they will not focus in buying AS + Crit builds. That's what people want, right ? > how can a jg main as me deal with that Camp bot lane.
The answer is always camp bot lane.
Jerah (NA)
: In plat MMR, winning games easily, then as soon as I hit series, I get two 35% win rate players.
: GJ Riot, Clash is a Real Hit!
I couldn't help but laugh.
Hügö (EUW)
: Or perma slowing ez with iceborn.
Kaìju (NA)
: Mage supports do so much damage that marksmen are forced to take Footwork or you die in lane, as well as often doing more damage than the ADC if you play someone like Brand or Zyra. Everyone wants to say ADC is busted but mage supports can very easily do more damage than the carry, but why would we mention that. "Damage dealt doesn't matter" then why cry about ADCs doing damage if they don't even do the most? Not to mention support wins lane phase.
Playing against brand or zyra is aids. With manaband, I just legit wanna kill myself most of the time.
HarrowR (EUNE)
: Except every other board member thinks every adc performs the same whether its Tyler1 or Bronze 4 and believe 100% that all ADCs are good at 1v1,even the ones good at 1v1 aren't really that good,they still have to outplay and dodge a lot of the abilities to win that 1v1,yes Vayne is good at 1v1,but if Veigar stuns her she's dead. (Veigar is a random example,any burst mage/assassin/brusier will kill Vayne 1v1 if they land their combo)
: Why.
I would do it again in a heart beat. Even when you die, emote them. For some reason they just cant stop typing.
: Bruisers and Tanks will just shit on him, adc can kill anyone with their 1000ad crit damage
: This games matchmaking has got to be one of it's worst features.
The game as largely been decided in champion select. Whether that shitty comp wins or loses is up to both sides.
: Funniest Thing my DOTA 2 friend said when first playing League
: Simple solution Unique passive: After obtaining 110 armor boots grant you additional 30 armor and 12% Damage reduction on Basic attacks, till than , just movespeed :D, so you either buy 1 more armor item or it doesnt work simple.
Draehl (NA)
: This. Damage levels are so high, making it so getting even slightly fed is WAY more important than actually being able to mechanically outplay your opponent. This is especially true as a support player. I'd much rather have a stagnant game or tank meta where neither side is fed, at least I feel like I have a little agency in what happens.
You dont want a tank meta. That's even better for ADC. Also I have yet to feel like the damage in the game is to high.
: I have a funny story about this. I was doung kinda meh (3/5/12) on {{champion:15}} and no matter the team foght everyone would just jump on me while they forgot about the 13/2/7 {{champion:50}}..
To many times, this has happened to me. To many fucking times. Whatever I'll die and let the guy carrying actually murder everyone and take a free win.
: > [{quoted}](name=Disembark,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AguIPObP,comment-id=0006000100000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-04-03T12:21:19.781+0000) > > Except that’s exactly what the community wanted? Or we’re you not here when there was a daily thread about Lee Sin/Elise being oppressive?Or when Nidalee/Mindred were permaban status. > > Also cinderhulk junglers were some ass until 7.9 tank rework and cinderhulk buffs. As well as Kha/Rengar/Graves/Elise/Lee getting heavily nerfed as they were S tier until 7.8. That's not what junglers wanted myself included. Playing tanks in solo Q is an awful experience for most people, it leaves you with a very agency in who wins the game. It's what a bunch of whinny loud bad ADCs and Tops that don't know how to play a lane and constantly overextended/feed wanted. Cinderhulk isn't buffed. This is just shit you made up in your head. Do you even think about what you're saying? You're saying that if JG carries/gankers get nerfed it's somehow makes JG carries/gankers more relevant? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} Like wut m8? What it does is make tanks and tank kills AKA ADC more relevant.
I love when people always say adc are the biggest whinning babies. Yet were we are seeing adc constantly getting attacked. Oh im sorry seems to me you like to whine a lot about ADC. What does that make you? A baby?
: They clear my jungle despite camps giving me more EXP. Which is fine, maybe they just need quick gold to finish off an item? But noooo. When I see them in the jungle, I don't steal the camps with smite. I could easily do it but I don't. Instead I just go bot and ping "on my way." The ADC always moves bot and takes all the bot farm, pushing wave up past the river. Which is whatever. That's their lane? A bit hypocritical but I'll go mid. Nope. They proceed to go mid, top side jungle, then top. Every game lol. It's asinine. Pretty sure it's because of their attack speed that they act this way. They have a MUCH higher chance of 'securing' the CS than you do, because they apply their damage much faster. I'm sure if mid laners had the attack speed and range that they would hoard the gold as well.
No adc I've seen in low, mid, or high elo has ever done this.
: Selective bias; I suspect you're mostly remembering the times adcs did this in games, while forgetting the times other roles (or you) did this. This seems heavily exaggerated.
SephAgro (NA)
: Why are ADCS entitled to everything on the map
: Yeah, and singed will be top meta again. He is also melee isn't he? So you follow singed and he starts to do true damage. NOBODY will be following him again,
Your mind is to creative. Stop.
HarrowR (EUNE)
: And then people complain how adcs shouldn't be able to 1v1 like it's a new feature,they were actually better at it before they added dedicated supports. When you had 100 dmg bt that gave you 25 LS,i remember every game getting I.E, 2 P.D. and 2 B.Ts,also both I.E and P.D gave more stats,you would end up with 500 Damage,and 50% lifesteal with 70% crit chance
God, those were the days. I actually loved doing the IE, 2 P.D and 2 B.T back in the day lol. 50% lifesteal with that much crit chance was fucking glorious.
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: I don't know what are you talking about. Lets take Garen or Cho. If they are 3 tank items + 2 fighter/ap items it takes me 1v1 as a full build ADC about 10 sec to kill them. That's a lot. Meanwhile if they get near me i'm dead
Rewt (NA)
: it was aids. I think it was a vlad I was against. The only reason that fight ended was because eventually i ran out of mana. and couldnt spam enough spells to keep healing.
I remember those days, sometimes leaving a fight so I could lifesteal off a camp to get my hp back lol.
GigglesO (NA)
: I'm pretty sure it was only 25%... and there was only breally brutalizer for flat pen. IT spelt leet with its cost.
It was never 25% total armor back then. It really was 40% total Armor pen.
: This will totally RUIN the game lmao Conqueror rumble with liandries.
Stop, you're gonna hurt my brain even thinking about it.
: So how do you kill Viktor?
: > [{quoted}](name=Mizaya,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=5WZ9NrKz,comment-id=00040001,timestamp=2018-03-23T00:07:46.752+0000) > > At least Urgot was pretty viable bot lane in s2-s3, in competitive at least, building as a tanky damage dealer. I think ADCs now are more essential than before, as non auto attack damage sources are a lot less reliable now than they were back then. > > That's why it annoys me to see adc itemization being the most popular topic when it comes to ADC and how they relate to overall game balance. Because people forget there was a time when their itemization was just as strong, if not stronger than it is now, and therefore the topic of relative value of auto attacks is never brought up. This game just desperately needs more diversity especially in bot. It's so stale and old having the same class archetype be forced down there EVERY game and having so much of the teams and matches importance placed on them every single time.
Laura ß (NA)
: This game is rigged AF
Looks like you didn't carry.
: I've honestly had enough of our ADC overlords and applaud any reduction in their status with kneejerked speed.
CD8 (NA)
: In terms of in game levels why is it that ADCs (on average) ..
Acheron16 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Wild Geese,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ezWsPXPA,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2018-03-17T05:29:54.900+0000) > I want to see ADCs running Black Cleavers, Frozen Mallet, cool stuff like that like in the old days when only IE and Phantom Dancer existed. The role is a boring crit machine right now. No you dont. The moment ADCs dare to buy anything that isnt an "ADC item" the boards flood with posts bitching about how "Muh armor buys are now useless" or "ADCs just kite us to oblivion with the mallet slow", "X, Y, Z class is now unburstable due to Maw".
Sadly that is also true. I would love to build some things to be a bit more tanky, however when you do as an adc. You're essentially shooting pellets at people.
Sõna (EUW)
: Thanks god you are the one that actually support the enchanters. Because majority here are having huge hatred against Enchanter. I play as support player, and lots of player told me I am a cancer.
Honestly the only reason I even survive team fights is always the support and enchanter. Without them, most of the time an assassin coming after me would of nuked me off the map.
: > [{quoted}](name=Kiss Kiss Kiss,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ga5UmXNT,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-03-14T19:35:40.428+0000) > > I fucking HATE their speed NO JOKE > And Jhin? Jhin is faster than Rammus sometimes lategame it's just funny and pathetic. Vayne is a special case of disease of course, but that we all know. I still remember that montage of movespeed jhin where the guy is running along a sion ult autoing him repeatedly lol
What a beautiful game mode.
Aekami (EUW)
: If anything, the game is *less* snowbally than it used to. Go back to S2-S3 and watch what snowballing means. Not to mention you say that "I'd prefer it if I felt like I had SOME effect on my games", which is partly accomplished by ... snowballing yourself. Nothing prevents you from being the one to snowball. " you can snowball off the dumbest things, like the enemy making a mistake" is ... normal ? Being better than your opponent should give you an edge. Also you do have impact on your games. The percent of game that cannot be won due to your team is maybe around 20%. But that's it. I got 3 accounts to diamond, each by playing different roles (mid, jungle, top). And guess what ? I still climbed with a 80% winrate up to plat, and then finishing at 65% in diamondV, regardless being wrongly placed in silverIV on one of my accounts. You are the only common factor in your games, if you are not winning, it just means that there are some parts of the game you haven't mastered yet. So when you say that a great deal of the game "has to do with things that have very little to nothing to do with your personnal skill", I have to disagree strongly. How you react to having your botlane get killed is also part of your "skill". Many low elo players who talk about their "skill" refer to the way they play in lane and teamfight. And sure, being good at both will get you somewhere around gold elo. But knowing when to roam, when not to trade, how to mentally keep track of the ennemy jungler, how to splipush correctly (and not just push alone and die), how use your positioning in lane to force the ennemy positionning, how to manage the minions waves, etc. are the kind of things that people very often don't take into consideration, because it's a kind of "passive" skill, so to speak. It's not doing a sick flash combo to kill the opponent, it's playing slow and calculated, freezing the wave, denying cs, getting a 30 minions lead on your opponent ... and you're up a kill in gold, except you never killed your opponent, and now you are ahead. But it's not flashy, not epic enough, so people forget about that, or just don't know how to pull it off properly. Low elo players don't know what they don't know (seems pretty obvious doesn't it ?) which is why there is this "it's just being unlucky" explanation. When in fact you could have changed the way things went, but you just didn't know yet how to.
Its funny, because you are right on all accounts you pointed out.
: > [{quoted}](name=Dasdi96,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=gEUrEgP4,comment-id=00000002,timestamp=2018-03-15T01:55:44.304+0000) > > {{champion:222}} will get completely destroyed in lane. There is nothing that can compete with his 120 damage autos at level 1, and 200+ when he gets his 1st {{item:1038}} Press E or W and you can kite him, not counting supports.
Honestly, I get a hard on when I play against jinx as Draven.
Sõna (EUW)
: Just remove ADC and SUPPORT champ, Left the game with juggernaut+mages, it will be fun to play. I prefer that is much more balanced.
that would be fucking boring, and shit for mages. Straight MR, no need to even bother getting armor. Now all you need as them is MR, and health.
Subdue (NA)
: Win Bot, Win Game! Prove it!
Oh, thats actually interesting. Though I've always said, bot lane is directed by the support, not the adc.
Eggbread (NA)
: Building self-shield items in my opinion is much more effective than buying Armor. If you get stuff like: {{item:3053}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3193}} Are the best anti-ADC in the game to be honest.
Raoul (EUW)
: (ADC VS Assassin) If anyone asks you whats wrong with this game, just show his this GIF:
: 50-50? I had 2 games in a row where my adc act like bot, not farming well and start weird items while in same time just feed the enemy team well.
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: Can we please address the issue of unbalanced matchmaking
I have a smurf in silver, still feel like I have complete control in most of the games. A few, get out of hand, and well I cannot control other players.
: {{champion:104}} https://media.giphy.com/media/a9xhxAxaqOfQs/giphy.gif
Sansusi (EUNE)
: Getting out of gold elo hell
Good luck on your climb.
: No it's because the game has lost a lot of it's depth and difficulty, meaning that skill differences mean less at lower elos as everyone is basically swinging with the same stick. My most recent game, i went 10+ / 3 or something and my entire team was losing they eventually managed to come back but still flamed me despite me being the ONLY person on the team that was destroying the enemy team. We won after my team almost threw it at their fountain, going for kills. It's cuz late-game turns into a horror movie of jumpscares and one-shotting. You can't counter certain abilities, especially if they flash up to your face for 100% hit ratio.
It's always been their, the jumpscares and one-shotting.
Yenn (NA)
: I'm really sick of games being decided by the worst player on each team
But that has always been the way diamond goes, worst players rapes the game.
datfatguy (OCE)
: That could not be any more wrong. She should not have an escape. If she decides to jump in like a retard, she should die. Also, she kinda does have kill pressure early (Attack speed steroid, stupid mobility, and... her E) ALSO, no ADC has burst, and no ADC should have burst, but what can I call it when Tristana kills you instantly?
I mean if she jumps in like a retard, she doesn't just magically get out for free. At this point the only ways he is going to make it out is using e and getting it fulled stacked to get out. Now she has to W to get out as well WHICH all takes time to get out. No adc has burst, get armor next time and you will see.
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