: Unfairly Suspended for 14 Days
so if you are high elo then you gotta realise trash talkin doesnt get you anything. all it does is take away from someone else. without a single doubt if you have skills and mechanics and macro awareness then why limit yourself to the chat box. i guess i cant talk much because the moment i realize someone is trolling while im giving it my all i lose my shit. but why step on lesser players? thats like in an mmo you make it to max level then you go kill people who are new and leveling. why? why kill your games fanbase? why smack talk silvers?
: Unfairly Suspended for 14 Days
I feel like maybe you shouldn't talk so much trash. like instead of saying "ggez trash noobs stay silver" _while your in silver_ you could just. kill them. take their towers. then their nexus. then your lp. like ive never understood why people talk so much trash in this game. like i understand if you bot is legit greifing and inting your lane going 0 and 18 together. then you can trash talk them its only fair. but why to random people. just trying to play. http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=exiled+summoner hers mine. i also main yasuo. but i dont play much ranked cause people tend to ban my champions and criticize my pick. plus i get nervous. i was also recently punished like you but i got a chat restriction because i called out a raka in a normal game for running it down my lane twice and feeding everywhere and i used colorful language. my point is I get where your coming from but i still say. just dont type.
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: Why does Yasuo instantly get compensation buffs and passive rework
> I think he should remain the way he is, and his mains simply have to deal with it. Other champ mains have why cant they? I just hate the bias. listen if yas stays the way he is people will build what ever it takes to make him busted. storm razor triforce malet pd. i am very bad at this game. but i can tell you this with all of the confidence. YOU DO NOT WANT BRUISER OR TANK YASUO TOP BACK IN THIS GAME! that was not fun for the enemy. it was not fun for yas. it was not fun for league of legends.
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: Nemesis Draft Pick Bug - Leaver Buster Problem
the same happened to me this isnt fair

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