abca98 (EUW)
: "Stop complaining about mobility, you just have to aim your skillshots properly"
abca98 (EUW)
: "Stop complaining about mobility, you just have to aim your skillshots properly"
: Who do you most want seen in Team Fight Tactics down the line?
{{champion:141}} I would love to see Kayn added, his R seems pretty op. Since he's an assassin, you can go in the back to kill the ADC and once you're low just go inside them. A feature where Kayn's form adapted to the enemy composition would be cool. So if they have a squishy comp it will transform into Shadow Assassin, and if its a tanky comp then it will transform into Darkin. All of his abilities seem pretty good.
: PBE Update: Demacia Vice Garen & Lucian
This is literally just GTA: Vice City inspired
: Nice meme, but only one champion isn't a good enough meme. {{summoner:6}} > _Your champion is granted ghosting for 10 seconds,_ and gains increased movement speed for the duration. Grants a maximum of 28% − 45% (based on level) movement speed after accelerating for 2 seconds.
You ignore creep block for 10 seconds, that's nothing
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: PBE : Ornn Volcanic Rupture (Q) AD ratio increased from 100% to 110%
: PBE : Ornn Volcanic Rupture (Q) AD ratio increased from 100% to 110%
: Kai'Sa Favoritism much?
more skins for sexy champions = more money
Kei143 (NA)
: Riot, I know you are trying to calm the community down from NB3 x Nubrac drama
: Now in what world this Lux R didn't hit ?
Dasdi96 (NA)
: Tahm kench has 280 base damage, 70% slow on a 4 second cooldown.
Its damage needs to be lowered all the way to 200 and the slow reduced to like 45%
: Hadn't drawn my favorite ADC in a while.
Her personality is the reason why she's such a hypocrite. That line just shows how much of an ignorant girl she is. I'm pretty sure it was intended.
Just Mo (EUNE)
: Can we bend this collar for this Prestige Cait?
is it affecting ur gameplay? no so stop complaining or don't buy the skin
: It finally happened!
No wonder Ivern is rarely played. Playing him makes you less toxic.
: A fond farewell...
Thank you for discovering the many species of bugs
Keyru (NA)
: Boards Moderation Discord Verification
: My reaction to Yasuo's new skin
Fuck Zilean, where's Battle Boss Vel'Koz?
: Man, Yasuo really needed a new skin.
Brings a tear to my eye {{champion:161}}
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: This is epic
Vaarus, get it ?
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: TK top needs to be hotfixed
tahm gets shit on by aatrox lol
: List of Incredibly Frustrating Shaco Bugs
Bug when Shaco can't proc electrocute through his clone
Saezio (EUNE)
: That's an _increased_ CD not lowered
> [{quoted}](name=Saezio,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ewJIEsdK,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-06-08T17:17:24.820+0000) > > That's an _increased_ CD not lowered Looks like the SurrenderAt20 editors fault
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: Whenever Riot releases an attractive champion
Riot has a thigh fetish, the in-game designers specifically, they always just sexualize champions as much as they can whenever they either rework or release them This is evident towards: {{champion:145}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:84}} (bit of a stretch) edit: It's nothing new for a Chinese company like tencent though, the moba games are wayyy more sexualized
: When everyone is complaining about Qiyana's design being dull or generic, but you really like it
I'm not sure why Riot keeps making jungle or forest themed champions, we've already had Neeko, I don't know if this design choice was right in order to create something "unique" in some sort. I guess elements and shape shifting are two completely different things so I'm not complaining.
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: I stole this from S@20 comments section but it deserves more spotlight
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: He is even out of the list of support champs (when you click the support icon in champ select) lol.... (edited since people keep annoyingly posting the same thing.)
> [{quoted}](name=Tahminatrix ,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=bqQfEwAG,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-03T19:20:48.404+0000) > > They even took him out of the list of support champs (when you click the support icon in champ select) > > > lol.... If you hover over the support icon in champ select it tells you the most recently picked champions during the previous patch (9.10) so its obvious that Riot didn't just insignificantly take him out, its just that nobody has played him in his intended role
Cuby (NA)
: Possible Kalista Quality of Life Improvement.
Giving it an execution indicator would only help for newer Kalista players if anything. I do agree they should add this but it's just another crutch for people who are learning her (she is really hard to play) but with some game knowledge and timing paired with practice, you should be able to pull off a reset every single time. {{champion:429}} hasn't been getting love recently so its more or so likely they won't change anything to her unless this thread gets some tension
: But if it were 3 attacks, then it would need to be renamed to "Three Shiv Poison". lol Three shivs seems like something Riot could playtest if they decide to experiment with this new E concept. Then they can decide whether two or three shivs seem to play better. The way I was envisioning the E being used, you wouldn't want to just throw them as quickly as possible. Hitting them too closely together would lose potential bleed duration. If you were to use it as an opener in a fight, I was imagining that Shaco would hit and run with the first shiv, juggle for a couple seconds at the edge of the fight while the target bleeds, then move in to throw the second shiv, then Q in for the all-in assassination if the target is injured enough. Or to use it as a finisher, you would fight the target for a bit, then hit them with a shiv when they are sufficiently low health, then start disengaging from the fight, and hit them with the second shiv as you make your escape, leaving the victim to bleed to death.
I was thinking that instead of a bleed effect through each Shiv thrown, it would just stack on top of each other; so basically {{champion:20}}'s E. I don't think a poison is really necessary for Shaco, especially if you're playing AD where it would take longer to burst a target. You have to remember he's an assassin and he has a high risk high reward play style. Also, you never clarified if his E was kept as point and click, otherwise I'd change my opinion.
: Very Small Scale Shaco Rework
Shaco's current E is hardly useful. Its iteration is more suggested towards AD Shaco but it does barely any damage versus healthy targets (having a high health bar) and could use some work to improve Shaco's jungle clear. Usually its either just a finisher for low health targets and just another ability to proc electrocute when you catch an enemy in a flurry of boxes (W). I do want to make a recommendation for your idea though, on the E, instead of just two basic attacks it should be three and grant more attack speed to throw them faster so going electrocute is more rewardable.
Dyromic (EUNE)
: Riot, If you'll ever rework Nocturne I want only one thing
I was thinking of an effect where his ultimate would fear enemy units upon impact. For example, if Nocturne pressed R onto an enemy champion and dived into a teamfight it would literally fear all other units around target champion for 1.5 seconds. But yeah an additional effect where he silenced all global audible ultimates like Kled or Sion would be insane synergy, would just be a guaranteed hit for Sion and Kled won't miss his dash
: How to Fight Urgot?
: I wish more champions had a CTRL + 5 Feature
: The case for point-and-click hard CC
the only champion I care about point and click is pantheon
: Can Yasuo Ult Stop Taking Him Out of Turret Range?
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Sonný (NA)
: Wukong New Skin Release Recommendation
if riot pulled off project jhin im sure wukong would be just as nice
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Pale Mask (EUW)
: A VGU that's easily overlooked
leblanc has been reworked countless times but i would love a vgu her kit is so fucking toxic
: Connecting to chat? [CLIENT]
: the death recap is so outdated that it shows icons from pre-reworked champs.
death recap will never be worked on riot has other things to worry about like new lux, annie, and ezreal skins
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