Eyrthnul (NA)
: Silver Team Looking For Jungler
could have me as support and support could go jg
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Railage (NA)
: Smurf lookin for duo for placements
: you suck doe
> [{quoted}](name=Lord Harry,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=tP5rmai1,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-12-06T04:21:24.959+0000) > > you suck doe fight me IRL on stickman fighters.. YOU WON'T
: Riot 1v1 me... You wont.....
> [{quoted}](name=Shem WOW,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=tP5rmai1,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-12-06T04:19:55.067+0000) > > Riot, > > 1v1 me, they used to call me Senpai... Now they call me "Riot". Lets have a battle to the death, 1v1, man to man, Mono e Mono. You won't Report my team for trolling this super serious post
: Riot 1v1 me... You wont.....
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Vith (NA)
: LFM for Normals Dynamic with discord!
your name is doofy af add me
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: Silver jungle and Silver adc lf supp for 3 man flex
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Gamauf (NA)
: Gold 1 Support Looking for a Serious and Active Ranked team (Not just a Dynamic Q team)
Hi steven my name is clint, I am looking for a friend, that won't just remove me from their friends list after a loss if interested please feel free to add me Im a really good friend that if I enjoy you enough and play with you enough I might get or buy you an epic Skin :D
Gamauf (NA)
: Gold 1 Jungle Looking for a Serious and Active Ranked team (Not just a Dynamic Q team)
Hi steven my name is clint, I am looking for a friend, that won't just remove me from their friends list after a loss if interested please feel free to add me Im a really good friend that if I enjoy you enough and play with you enough I might get or buy you an epic Skin :D
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Gamauf (NA)
: Gold 2 Mid laner LF A serious and competitive team
FPSBucky (NA)
: Exploit Forward Gaming Looking for Gold + Top Laner
Hey everyone we will be holding the tryouts tonight around approx 4:30 PST
FPSBucky (NA)
: Exploit Forward Gaming Looking for Gold + Top Laner
Name: Clint IGN: EFG Kash Time Zone: Central Champions: Varies Age: 25 Availability : almost every day after work approx 5 pm ct
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: Serious Team Looking for Serious JG (Gold/Silver Pref+)
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KL Pulse (NA)
: Looking for a support for dynamic q:
dawa i'll get it next time then coach
KL Pulse (NA)
: Looking for a support for dynamic q:
Body: Average Age: 25 Time zone: Central Time Fav sups: Alistar, Morgana, Blitz, Nami personality: Outgoing Division: Silver 1 Since when have you been playing: Season 2 What you're looking for in a team: Looking to grow and actually stay together after a loss
: Forming Diverse Ranked Team for 5v5
Aren't ranked teams a thing of the past?
: !!!Wicked Gaming looking for new dedicated members must be silver or higher!!!!
If only you could make room for me as a support http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=icantlasthit
Glockiee (NA)
: Looking To Make a Team SLIVER 2+
Age: 25 Time Zone: Central IGN: I Cant Last Hit Rank: Silver 1 Role: Support Top 5 Champs for your role: Mid: Lux, Malzahar, Orianna, Lux, Syndra Jungle: Me ADC: Meh Support: Nami, Blitz, Morgana, Alistar, Naut (working on it) top: Renekton, Trundle http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=icantlasthit
V3ndelb0 (EUW)
: Did not get Hextech drop!!! [CLIENT]
You can only get a few per week
: Maybe if you could last hit better ;))))
> [{quoted}](name=Hello I am Bird,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=Eq8EJwcx,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-03-24T16:04:28.012+0000) > > Maybe if you could last hit better ;)))) Thanks fam :D
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Kami Ite (NA)
: Raising Awareness
You only get one shot... so go F*cking nuts. RIP Mitch Lucker thank you for the years of music Warped Tour 2010 This is a good post thank you for this
: Divine Judgment eSports looking for Support
Current Soloq ranking: Silver 2 Highest achieved Soloq ranking: Gold III Top 5 champions: Alistar, Blitz, Morgana, Nami, Janna (can play most all other supports) Are you able to make Practice times?: Yes Do you have access to Skype?: Yes, Prefer Teamspeak but I can do it Biggest Strength: Good map awareness Biggest Weakness: Once game gets to later, My warding starts to lack a bit 5's Experience: Been on a few teams as a mid laner, however most of them ended when we lose 1 or 2 then a guy rages and leaves... Are you able to confidently Shotcall/Macro?: Yes, Will get much better in time, however I am confident in shotcalling
: The Blood Moon calls
I still really want to see Forgotten Orianna. Where she is basically Tom Hanks from castaway and her ball will be "Wilson" except with the riot logo and a fun name...
: [2/26] NA Login Issues - RESOLVED
Nyx90 (NA)
: Duo wanted for climb back from bronze
{{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} Silver 4 Support/Mid main
: recruiting bronze players to make the elo climb
silver IV support main was Golld in season 4 stopped playing in season 5 let me know
FukBoiii (NA)
: Look for a 3rd person to party ranked with consistently
Hey gents, IGN: I Cant Last hit, Support main
Raiiyne (NA)
: LF Players Silver+ for some Serious Improvement
IGN: I Cant Last Hit Rank: S4 Requested Role: Support Do you have Skype?: Yes Do you bring with you the readiness to learn?: Every day
: Not good when stuck with Support. Recommendations on how to work with it?
Basically like the other two had said about sums it up. Playing support basically seems like it is a boring and highly meaningless position because you aren't the person getting kills. You may feel as if you aren't contributing much to the team by being a support. However, whether ADC's like to admit it or not, a majority of the time (when they are doing really well in lane) they like to neglect that the support got them where they needed to be in order to carry the game. I am a support main and have been since season 4, I went from bronze to gold with just playing as Morgana support (Before it became popular in the LCS). This season it basically feels as if a Tank meta wins, but that isn't always the case. I usually pick blitz crank, regardless of the opposing bot lane. I feel as if the enemy pushes you up to turret early, they are setting themselves up for failure (If you are playing blitz). All you need is a Q and then E combo under turret, then your adc and turret can do the rest, If you don't kill them you at least wasted 1 if not 2 of the summoners on bot lane. **1st off**, make sure you keep up good vision in the bot lane, I like to do an early invade/harass with blitz in order to get a flash, or possibly another summoner spell. If they don't know I am there, I will pull the enemy gromp or Krug, and have it reset. Which will delay them a little bit in the JG and also in lane. However as for wards try and get a sight stone on your first back along with a pink ward, I like to ward my side tri with the pink ward, and then put one in river bush, 1 by dragon pit, and one by their blue or red path (depending on which side you are on) Good vision wins the game in that aspect. **2nd**, Know your fight and when you can take it. Pull only when and if you know you will get a kill or at least a summoner spell. Stick with your adc, let him know when you are going to be leaving lane to go ward so that way he isn't overextended and gets killed. Leaving him to blame you for his lack of game sense. **3rd**, Team fights, pretty much the same as number 2, however you will be with your full group, and always try to make sure you are keeping them off your ADC by**_ peeling_**. As much as you may hate your adc, he is going to be the saving grace in most cases. Don't let anybody get you down in the game, Your role is just as important as any other lane. I know this is just a broad spectrum of information based around blitzcrank. However i also play Janna, Nami, Thresh, Karma, Tahm, Trundle, and Morgana. Each one has their own play style, you just need to find yours. _NEVER _tell yourself that the support role is pointless and stupid. Have fun. I hope that this has helped, however if it doesn't, I apologize for wasting your time.
: Not good when stuck with Support. Recommendations on how to work with it?
You can add me in game. I cant last hit Or give me your Teamspeak info if you have it. I can help you out
: Support Main Looking for Dynamic Queue either Duo or Team Bronze - Silver
Hey guys send me and add in game Skyther add me. ScapeMage i got you invite and accepted it! Hope to talk to you guys soon
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Ewiz (NA)
: LF committed S1+ top laner for ranked 5's team
: Looking for silver - gold team members
Age: 25 Ign: I Cant Last Hit Role: Support/Mid/ADC/TOP (that order) Main's: Annie, Morgana, Blitz... I main alot of champs... Name: Clint
jussybby (NA)
: Team looking for a die hard support!
IGN: I Cant Last Hit Rank: S4 - Gold 3 S5(took a hiatus) Strengths: Ability to make callouts, Great map Awareness Weaknesses: Need to work on my warding Availability: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 4pm CT - 10 pm Weekends usually are fine (I Bartend on Tues and Sat) Curse: I Will Champion pool (at least 3): Own all champs, Main Blitz, Morgana, and Janna
: Looking for silver - gold Team members
Age:25 IGN: I Cant Last Hit anything but JG Main's: Anivia, Blitz, Tristana, Ashe, Renekton, Syndra, Janna Name: Clint
: Looking to start a ranked 5v5 team. Gold+ players
IGN: I Cant Last Hit Age: 24 Season 5 Rank: S5 Season 4 Rank: G5 How long have you been playing (What season): season 2 What days of the week are you avalible? Most Main Role: Support Champions that you feel are strong in the meta and are comfortable on: Nami, Blitz Do you have any ways of voice communication, if yes name it, if no then I don't think you can play without a means of communication that isn't typing: Team Speak, Skype, Raid Call ETC... -For any questions add me on league and ask me :D
Haxor (NA)
: [LFM] Serious Ranked 5s Team
League IGN: I Cant Last Hit Role: Support Skype (Y/N): Y (Pref TS) Rate your communication skills with a team (1-10): 6-8 Varies Weaknesses: I sometimes get complacent when warding
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: A NICE TEAM being MADE! COME JOIN! Skype necessary
Hi i main support and like to have fun Add me so we can Have wins
: What is the best way to spend Riot Points
The best way to spend rito points is by adding me in game and sending mystery skins.. its the only positive way of spending them {{champion:119}}
The Gist (NA)
: LF Bronze players to form a team.
IGN: I Cant Last Hit Rank: S5 (G5 Last season) Role (only one): Support Best Champs: All Voice Coms: TS, Skype, GameVox.. and anything else if needed
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