: Ya there is a reason you play and people get so angry and dont attempt to improve or. you just have people who play for fun which is A ok but the top tier players, not myself, know the game better and what works and how to improve. Majority of people are bronze or silver and think yi is broken need i say more.
Bieng a low wlo player myself (S4/S3) I can attest to this, I don't know how many times I've been in champ select an someone says of their pick, "X champion counters me" then they lock in that pick anyway and get smashed in game. The problem with NA is that all these YouTubers and streamers say "Just main a champion and you'll climb" when in reality you should be trying all the roles and testing out champions you have difficulty against in normals so you actually know what that champion is really capable of and have a better overall understanding of the game itself for when you go into a ranked matchup.
Heos00 (NA)
: To be honest the whole "Does it matter if i win my lane when the enemy botlane is 7/0" is a bit BS, adcs can feel the same way xd. Think this way, im playing adc, im even or winning lane but how do i help my feeding top laner and mid laner? I think sidelanes should have more ways to help other lanes, at this point they should revert league to old league or just make it an extreme clownfiesta. For what i have played from toplane, i think the worst thing of it is getting counterpicked, not so much the "i have no impact" thing, since i know how it feels since i main adc and i got to the point of not caring about my inting solo roles.
Nothing is worse than going even in lane as a marksmen and being up in cs, just to get completely ran over and smashed by a fed top laner 2 levels ahead of you. Now they'll be 3-4 levels ahead... so rip any type of agency bot laners have atm.
Kazekiba (NA)
: ADC is garbage anyway Instead of nerfing them, buff everyone else except Tris. Once Lulu gets buffs though, ADC in general is going to be a much better role especially with Senna release the following patch
I kind of agree with that statement. But Riot wants it that way because they got tired of marksmen being useful and being the deciding factor in games, so they nerfed the shit out of them and buffed a bunch of mages last season to make room for mages in the bot lane.
: But they did hard nerf xayah’s ult. The issue is that every ADC without self peel is garbage at Worlds.
That's just solo q in general at this point. Every champion being played has hard cc in their kits so marksmen need something to be able to escape. So if you don't have cc or a get out of jail free card, you're pretty much dead in the water. But qss isn't up as often as enemy cc nor is cleanse, so it's almost a waste of gold to even buy that item or take that spell in solo q.
: Are there no changes planned for Kai'Sa?
She's strong in comps that have a lot of cc as that allows her to proc her ult more and still remain relatively safe. Her wave clear is pretty amazing because of the q. She relies a lot on her support for lock down cc which is why she's being paired with Nautilus in most worlds games (if not all). I play her in solo q only when I have a friend playing support because she can be strong when she has a cc support, but I feel that could apply to any marksmen. On a side note, don't play her into a Karma lane...that's just asking for a bad time.
Ännïe (NA)
: Turret Damage
I think the damage they do is fine, however the rate at which they fire is not. Because damage is so high, you can die instantly to anything between the first and second shot. Most champions can survive two tower shots, but need to stick around long enough to do that. Having the towers fire faster would mean you actually need a front line to tank a tower.
: Some Concerning Observations About Gameplay
There's also a rune that lets you deal more damage to a cc'd opponent. If you have cc in your kit and you aren't running that then you're losing out on even MORE damage.
: > [{quoted}](name=EyesOfTheFox,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=WBdUEzih,comment-id=00270000,timestamp=2019-10-21T03:16:49.792+0000) > > My problem with NA concerning your point is that knowing the game is all about high dmg and snowballing, they still refuse to play those picks or that style of play even though that's what the current meta rewards. Being pros they should be taking advantage of that like the other regions, but they don't. It really doesn't seem like they care enough. It looks like the same yolo play I see in solo queue. Even the long standing pros like Jensen act either lost or uninterested. And egomaniacs like Doublelift think they are better than they are. It has become unwatchable.
I wouldn't say it's unwatchable per say, however it is getting old (in pros and solo queue) seeing someone with 2 or 3 kills just run amok on the whole team and basically make the game unwinnable. I don't know how many times as a marksmen player I'm going even in lane or up in cs on my opponents in bot lane just to get shit on by some other laner just cause they have a kill or 2 over me. Feels unfair and unplayable at that point, and watching pro games seeing the same thing happen is kind of disheartening, as the games are pretty much over once one player starts to snowball. And with the changes coming to experience next season (duo lanes getting less and solo lanes getting more) it's gonna be even harder to make plays as a bot laner being down 2-3 levels to a mid or top laner, and those lanes are going to become even more snowbally because of that.
: The whole game has become an embarrassment. It is all about high damage and yolo play. Riot has destroyed the concept by undermining its core strategic game play. N/A is the worst major region because they don't even bother. The team comp choices and coaching decisions show that. It has become a very boring game to watch.
My problem with NA concerning your point is that knowing the game is all about high dmg and snowballing, they still refuse to play those picks or that style of play even though that's what the current meta rewards. Being pros they should be taking advantage of that like the other regions, but they don't.
: I am ashamed of our region (huge rant)
I'm just sad Jensen picked {{champion:7}} into {{champion:246}} when he has a losing record against {{champion:246}}. Not sure why they didn't ban it since he obviously can't play her nor against her. Overall problem with NA is their actual picks and bans. They underestimate all the Korean power picks and refuse to play those picks themselves or ban them. Had they bootcamped in Korea instead of EU this worlds they probably would have been better prepared for those picks. Last time worlds was in EU (2015) no NA team made it out of groups then either.
doobado (NA)
: Legends of Runeterra sign in issue, code 170000
The play test is over until the next one in November. No one has access anymore until then.
: Legends of Runeterra Error Code 170000
The play test is over until the next one in November. No one has access anymore until then.
: A list of champions that are unfun to play against?
{{champion:43}} is pretty unfun to play against.
Meddler (NA)
: Moving Vilemaw to another map would involve quite a bit of work, so it's not something we can do for preseason at least. Art's the largest thing there, with work needed on both the location Vilemaw would go into and potentially Vilemaw's anims, VFX as well to work well in a new location. Gameplay wise I don't think Vilemaw's a good fit for an early game boss that can be killed by one or two champions. Rift Herald does fit that role well, which is what we're looking to deliver from the Baron pit early game. Vilemaw by contrast reads more as a full team fight boss at, or potentially beyond, the threat level of Baron, at least as currently presented. Would be more inclined to look at things like a super late game replacement for Baron instead (e.g. post 45 minutes as a rare occurence).
So at 45 minutes Vilemaw replaces Baron and if you kill it, you get a giant super spider spawning in every lane that buffs the minions, as well as a buff for champions that give their autos a slow on enemies (like web).
For real, even Disney opens up the vault from time to time.
: Where to Watch the League of Legends Origins Doc
TLDW: We loved the DotA mod, so we left Blizzard and stole the idea...erm...I mean made our own better version.
: Is Miss Fortune in Legends of Runeterra?
Bilgewater is not currently one of the regions in the game, however they did say they would be adding new regions in the future. Hopefully one of those regions is Bilgewater.
: There's a lot of marksmen champions and marksmen mains... if these changes have a negative impact on that role, obviously they'll try to balance around it. It's not realistic to say that they're just going to throw a fifth of their characters in the dumpster.
I don't see how it wouldn't be negative to have your main dps role be under leveled the whole game. We already get shit on by every other role in the game in that situation so this is something that they're going to have to keep an eye on for sure. i could see a situation in pro play in which teams start running double jungle (since ANY three camps will now guarantee a level 3 hit), that would put two level 3 junglers on the map super early and create a 3 solo lane scenario.
: ...Leveling has nothing to do with items?
No, but being under leveled may not even make three/four item spikes relevant.
: > [{quoted}](name=EyesOfTheFox,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=5VAbPOzR,comment-id=001f00000000,timestamp=2019-10-16T04:03:15.360+0000) > > Only less off krugs but more off gromp. You'll hit level three off three camps now anywhere on the map. That sounds like a buff to me. "We’re increasing base minion XP slightly so solo laners level a bit faster, and we’re reducing the amount of bonus XP generated when allies share XP so bot lane levels a bit more slowly. We're also slightly decreasing jungle XP. Additionally, to balance out the map objectives a bit, we’re spawning Rift Herald earlier in the game and allowing her to respawn once if she is killed early." You might have missed this
No, I saw that, but they didn't nerf jungle exp and still made it easier for jgl to reach level 3 earlier, and now you have the chance to get two heralds so that's a buff. I think you're more upset that you won't be able to cheese gank solo lanes as easily and soak up exp by sticking around longer than you need to.
: Preseason 2020 Gameplay: Rise of the Elements
Clutch Gaming is gonna be happy with that Double Rift Herald.
: if the past 8 years of jungling have taught me anything son it is not a buff it is a nerf. auto chess over tft, yugioh over their card game, drinking over league (come to think of it maybe because of league)
I'm probably too old for you to be calling me son. Magic the Gathering is and will forever be, THE greatest card game. And as I recall now, it's only possible to hit level three off three camps only if you take krugs as part of that, so being able to hit three off any combo now is definitely a buff, sorry if you don't see it that way.
: Riot Games MYSTERIOUS WHITE BEACON IN VIDEO! What could it be?
: Preseason 2020 Gameplay: Rise of the Elements
Hyped for the dragon/map changes. Afraid for the marksmen role.
: nerfed jungle. junglers are getting less xp while solo lanes get more
Only less off krugs but more off gromp. You'll hit level three off three camps now anywhere on the map. That sounds like a buff to me.
Keyless (NA)
: There's honestly already too much damage in this game and now with these changes, damage is going through the roof. In fact, now late game champions seem irrelevant and unplayable because if you play a late game champion your team will not be able to get priority on dragons: and this season emphasizes on that importance. Honestly think damage needs to be reduced because as of now theres too much and little place for late game champions.
RIP marksmen, we already level slower than every other role (now we'll level even slower), we already need three to four items to be relevant (now we probably won't even get to that). This is Riot's final nail in the marksmen coffin.
: Now i know why everyone memes in these chats. The people that complain the most are hard stuck players who claim to know the meta but do not. Just play the game and learn these changes look hella dope. And if you think everything is heavy rng base then idk what to tell you get better and be more positive. Easiest answer.
You realize that only about 20% of the entire global player population is ranked higher than gold right?
meeplion (NA)
: Lots of the terrain changes seem to be buffing Quiana indirectly not saying it's a bad thing just pointing it out.
Or nerfing her if its the infernal map debuff.
: Preseason 2020 Gameplay: Rise of the Elements
RIP Lethality MF and marksmen in general with that "bot lanes level slower" approach. There better be some marksmen buffs incoming since you guys seem to be killing them off from ever being useful in the game.
lluxxdot (EUW)
: How are you meant to climb when everyone feeds
Just play high damage champions with hard cc.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 4
Mages being super oppressive in the bot lane is not healthy for the game. Maybe if marksmen still weren't weak. By weak I mean, being fed and having three items and still not being able to solo kill anything in the game. If you want mages bot we need more than two marksmen that can be played in other lanes and not instantly get blown up for choosing to do so. Throughout the last two years you've made marksmen weaker and weaker to the point where they honestly aren't even playable depending on what support is on the other side (mostly mages) so then putting them against two mages is basically a death sentence and an invite to /ff. Xayah is 100% pick ban because of her get out of jail free ult and synergy with Rakan. Kai'sa is close to that for her wave clear and get out of jail free ult. Outside of that marksmen in the bot lane are trash and aren't being picked because they don't do damage and can't get out of jail free/escape. Riot basically made an entire class of champions unplayable and they still think it's healthy for the game.
: Casters are avoiding saying the words ‘Hong Kong’.
Well, Tencent is a Chinese company. I'm sure they are quite aware of what the Chinese government will do if the Chinese government thinks League is promoting rebellion or seen as a form of propaganda. And to such a large company that has a hand in the global economy, money is more important than human rights. Gotta keep that honey pot overflowing so Winnie the Pooh can stay fed.
: > [{quoted}](name=Xphineas,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yoWrINB0,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-10-07T06:44:54.990+0000) > > Well; overall; Elo truly doesn't matter. Its game knowledge and skill. It matters when the system put iron on my team
> [{quoted}](name=Light of Madness,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yoWrINB0,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-10-07T06:45:39.605+0000) > > It matters when the system put iron on my team If you're getting iron players on your team I would assess that you are only in silver, which is basically the same thing. Also, just fucking alt tab and go to op.gg or u.gg or mobalytics.gg it's not that hard to find the information you're complaining to Riot for. Bet imma dodge if I ever see your name in game though because you are weak af.
: If you don't want to ban a champion, because you're such an "alpha male", ban something for an ally.
This game is too toxic to make a big deal about someone not banning. I tend to just say to myself, well that dude is cocky and making the game harder, but god forbid you say shit to them in the game for fear they lose their fucking brain and start acting fucking crazy and turn into a troll (which they probably already are). Most of the time the type of person that specifically says they aren't afraid of any champ as the reason they don't ban, isn't a team player anyway. They are most likely a feed then afk, or feed then rage, or get a bunch of kills, but still can't carry and rage. Lots of rage. So I just learn to expect nothing from solo q.
Papalug (NA)
: I have been falsely Permabanned
All coming to the boards will do is get people to flame you. If you honestly feel you shouldn't have received the ban, then you should have submitted a support ticket. Posting this to the boards will not help your cause.
KazKaz (OCE)
: Worlds just isn't doing it this year...
I mean, it is just play ins... And how can you not be hype about Clutch Gaming/Dig possibly winning the best of 5 to make it to the group stage for a chance of having 3 NA teams in the main tourney? Your arguments are also just you complaining about the meta. That doesn't make the quality of pro play any better or worse, it just makes you sound like a whiner. Pro play isn't about what you want the meta to be. Ranked isn't about what you want the meta to be either. The point of pro play and ranked is and will always be, who can perform better in the current balance of the game, regardless of the way the game is currently balanced.
: its season 9 worlds and i still cant check what matched i missed without getting a spoiler
Use the lolfriends app. It's set by default to not show the scores unless you click the little eye icon~ thats what i do. However it does show some fufure matcbes if placements have already been determined so its no help there. Also on the lolvods channel on youtube they dont post series in a block but by individual games, so if its a best of 5 and there's only three games then it kind of ruins it because you know rhe winner of the first game just won all three. It's the age of the internet so it's just going to get harder from here on into the futire to avoid csrtain spoilers.
Cheehee (EUNE)
: Do Rioters seriously play with people to get their 100th normal win?
I think it would dwpend on tbe Rioter, and where you make your request. Beacuse reddit gets more traffic most Rioters hang out there and they've even released statememts saying hoa few of them even support their offical boards, which is komd of {{item:3070}} .
: A Guide to the LCS Season
I read all of that in Chris Berman's voice. Now we just need an LCS show in the vain of the C'Mon Man segment.
Prandine (NA)
: Congrats to Clutch Gaming.
I personally feel like they'll make it out of play ins. I mean, they basically got a years worth of games in the summer split post season alone. That experience is going to be invaluable when it comes to making it further in the tourney.
: Can’t Wait to See Kai’sa in Every Single Game at Worlds
: Please fill out the survey on the following link for my MFA thesis if you can!!!
: Yuumi feels like they took the worst parts of a HoTS character
Yuumi has different problems in different levels (elos) of play. In lower elo, she basically is useless because players just stay attached the whole time and outside her one extremely nerfed poke ability she offers no real utility until lvl 6, by that point though the enemy bot lane has probably already fed on your carry since the Yuumi is basically afk and can't really help you or establish any type of lane dominance, thus she has a 44% winrate. In higher elos where the person she is attached to is less likely to get caught out and the Yuumi player isn't just an afk bot, she can be very tricky to deal with, especially in late game team fights. In pro play, where everyone plays safe and knows when to press advantages and when to fall back and generally have better posistioning, she can be a nightmare to deal with, thus she has almost 100% pick ban (mostly ban) presence.
: "Build tow of the same completed item in a game" not working
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: September 13
Yuumi is still going to be 100% pick/ban, and Riot still has no idea it's because she can't be targeted and makes people unkillable.
5050BS (NA)
: DO NOT play ranked at 4-8am EST
I'd say don't even play ranked after midnight, but if you must, since you consider yourself better than the other players, you could just go fill yourself, so at least that way you feel somewhat in control of what's going on.
: I actually really like this Tilt Type thing Rito just put out. Thank you Rito
Kat XD (NA)
: The real reason Twisted Treeline failed.
I personally feel the whole mode overall failed because they tried to have a jungle in a 3v3 mode. Jungle is one of the most autofilled roles outside of support. People DON'T want a jungle in a 3v3 mode. It never made sense. Then they tried to make a new map where you had 2 junglers... wtf rito. No one wants to play jungle stop forcing it into your other game modes.
: Eternals Feedback Thread: Set 1 Uniques
As it stands now there doesn't seem to be any marksman related skill based eternals. Examples would be: 100 cs before or by 10 minutes/200 cs before or by 20 minutes/300 cs before or by 30 minutes etc goals (reward csing) AVG damage to objectives goals (reward spreading your lead around the map) AVG damage dealt in team fights goals (reward team play/carry potential) Less deaths goal/less DMG taken in team fights goals (reward posistioning)
: Match making attempts to force us to ~50% winrate, riot justifies champ balance by winrate....
I miss when there was the option in ranked to actually pick a role or search for a specific role so you actually got people on your team that wanted to play said role. None of this autofilled so I afk bullshit. Even if queues took longer, you actually got better teams because people were in the role they were good at.
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