spasaddy (NA)
: remove bans and the ability to not have dup champs in games...
Lol no. You're quite idiotic if you think removing bans and allowing multiple champions in normal play is a good idea. If you want that, go play blind pick, thats EXACTLY what it's there for.
: WTF Did I Just Play?
Maybe try turning off caps lock, and more then one question mark won't help make your point more.
: I think I figured out what Higher Elo Junglers are doing and still staying safe.
: 35 min -> 40 min -> 60 min
Yep it went to a 60 minute while I was 2 minutes from starting.
Please, PLEASE let this be satire.
Napoleon3 (EUNE)
: league of legends zed vs maokai full build.
He aint full build, he has only 3 items lmao
: mages dont need buffs
AD has like what, 3 items to counter ap? MAW, Scimitar, mercs oh and a ga for countering burst. Mages? Only Zhonyas.
Ludicol0 (NA)
: trynds ult
Tryn is stupid easy to kite, his ult helps him get around getting bursted instantly because nothing else in his kit helps him dodge any sort of burst.
CIapper (NA)
: About Time to Bring Mac Optimization
Don't forget about the great priced $1000 aluminum monitor stand for your $4999 dollar monitor! What a deal!
CIapper (NA)
: About Time to Bring Mac Optimization
I'm pretty sure the overheating isn't on Riot's side, more or less apple. They're pretty well known for more underhanded tactics to cut corners. Such as using a case and cooling that's not enough and causing overheating.
wety (EUNE)
: so summer brake started and i have losed nbealry every game cose trolls
Can't tell if that spelling is satire or just one of those Summer vacation kids.
: A problem of fps
League of Legends is a Virus.
: League voice chat for Macs (Apple computers)
Lol using a mac for gaming. Also on a serious note, can't you just use discord? I mean it's not resource heavy, and you'll probably get a higher quality voice call.
: [0.4] Boards Enhancement Kit - May 7 Can I get this as my avatar, and a fish as a badge? Any fish.
: The New Ryze BS Rework
What a wall of text.
: ( Prove Me Wrong ) Your promotional game shouldn't count as a loss if a non premade doesn't connect
The system could be easily abused, but I do wish I could dodge, because I did NOT want to play my promos with a ignite clense Zilean jungle.
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: Black screen on MacBook
Don't use garbo macs, problem solved.
: Riot support READ THIS!
They're probably swamped with unban requests rn, be patient.
: FIzZ NeEDEd A bUFf.exe
Hey, Fizz was actually the lowest winrate assassin at 30th place with a 46% winrate. "Jee I'm a squsihy adc with 0 mr. MUST BE OP!!!"
borger (NA)
: so why was fizz buffed again
Lets see, I couldn't burst a level 7 zyra (One of the squishiest champions in the game) with a 4 level advantage and 2 and a half full items, something is wrong. Also because he was dipping to ryze levels of winrate which you have to try pretty damn hard. The community will always complain about fizz, he could legit have a 10% winrate and people would still cry about him being op, He dropped to about a 46% winrate (Which is trashbin) Why not learn the damn matchup or stop picking champions that get blown up
Fìzž (NA)
: Report system is a joke.
Checked his and he was still playing after spamming hate speech that hard as well, so what gives?
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: Give Zoe W a Mana Cost
Eh, she's probably one of the most infuriating champions to lane against, at this point I just instant dodge if I'm against her.
: A My Shop Bug that lets you Re Roll the My Shop Cards!
My shop was all on champions I didn't even own and garbage skins. Red baron corki lul
N63 (NA)
: Can we change Blitzcrank's Q a bit?
Yeah it's hard to land late and you risk pulling a tank into your team or being useless and miss it all game.
: Ranked Leaver buster
It's called be patient, go get a snack or something.
: what triggered my perma banned in my reform card i would like help pls
Well I can that you were quite aggresive and toxic,
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