Sydney26 (EUW)
: If u were Riot what would u have done for Preseason ???
really not sure why riot is rushing to add stuff.. They still haven't balanced any of the issues caused by the Runes and updates to the game.. since season 8. AP being a huge issue along with others. and now they want to throw in the dragon changes and add environmental like come one fix the issues you have first.
: What Are The Pro's to Playing Kalista?
You will get steam rolled and the game will end quicker?
: Season 10
Fix match making and Damn i'll be happy as hell. tired of climbing ranked to get away from silver and bronze players.. and suddenly all i have on my team s a gold 4 are silver and placement match members
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Jamaree (NA)
: Doesn't your opponent have to deal with that as well. So if you are both dealing with feeders and they are able to carry and you can't, doesn't that mean they are better then you? Edit: Now that I think about it, doesn't this analogy kind of fall apart in the grand scheme of things because if Frieza decided to use his massive power over the other Z fighters at the start instead of wasting his time gloating at how much stronger he was, ie, using his advantage to end the game, he wouldn't have given Goku the time to get his several Zenkai boost. Seriously, Frieza could have went to each village, quickly get the dragonball, not waste time trying to boost his ego and KDA, gotten the balls, then dipped before Goku had time to get there, or even Krillin and Gohan had he not gloated, gotten his scouters blown up, continued to waste time after he got the new scouters from the Ginyus, continued to waste MORE time fighting a person going average instead of getting the dragonballs (fighting Nail instead of you know...doing what he planned to do, AS WELL as bothering to follow him for like an hour, ie being baited into a chase), and then waste even MORE time not using his full strength and then again wasting even MORE time not immediately killing the Z Fighters who he was clearly stronger then by playing around more BEFORE KILLING HIMSELF in the end. So are you saying that you waste time not ending the game to instead pad your KDA and boost your ego?
Well the difference in Feeders is who gets fed. A fed Goku > A Fed Vegeta doesn't matter how fed Vegeta gets in the end A fed Goku will trump because Goku has more impact in the fight then a Fed Vegeta.
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caw (NA)
: Thank you for finally allowing me to remove chat from the game!
Honestly i have to agree with this. Chat should have no part in this game.. Since we have pings, emotes, and even voice chat now. Honestly i think the majority of my games have Toxic and hateful chat about 80% of the time and maybe if i'm lucky 20% of actual positive chat or even just flat out Decent chat. I would recommend riot looks into just removing chat period from the game. Then again i'm also a firm believer riot needs to stop Banning / punishing accounts for Being toxic . I get racism and hate speech ok. But some one saying Noob and venting on a player no. IF some one is being "Toxic" then mute them, if you sit there and take it non stop then you're just as guilty as the person spouting it.
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: My ADC unranked in Plat vs 400+ games PLat 4 ADC
You're basically seeing some one be hard core boosted. or the other account was a purchased account and they are trying to boost it into gold.. before end of season. that's why my friends urged to not play ranked when worlds start.. Biggest push for Boosting for end of season rewards
K1mster (NA)
: Gold 2 in Plat 1 game | Is this normal?
Yup he's either duo queued. and is how match making works. Duo queues get a Artificial boost to their Elo to make up for the Difference in rank. its one of the biggest complaints by players to remove Duo queue because of this
DrDubb (NA)
: Ranked Matches Feel Predetermined
> [{quoted}](name=DrDubb,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=q6MknWal,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-10-03T12:10:01.407+0000) > > Maybe the clients are too saturated with smurfs, but I don't feel like that's always the issue in these one sided matches. I feel it's the unintentional result of a system that is trying to keep your W/L ratio even. In these styles of ranking systems, the system matches you in such a way that attempts to challenge you and keep your W/L at 50/50. Ideally this is done by matching players up in CLOSE, COMPETITIVE games where the outcome of the game could swing either way. Performing better than average in your ranked division, IMPROVING , and performing game changing feats is what allowed you to climb! But sadly, that's not how the ranked system feels... anymore. You hit the nail on the head honestly This System has become so saturated with Smurfs and Rank bought accounts its horrible now ( Gold and Below ) Cause personally I've never seen a bought Plat account. But yes. I've had this experience so many times and i'll see some silvers or unranked players on the enemy side. then suddenly I'll lose and i'll see I have a Silver 4 and a Un ranked placement match player on my team vs gold 2 > players. I think awhile back I had a Actual Jinx Who in her entire match history had 2 games played That's it. or multiple times i'll see players who have 19 Games of Aram played.. then suddenly one game of Ranked or they are gold 1 but have 20 games of Normals or arams and they haven't touched ranked for 3 months?
: League has gotten better
From what my friends say ( I started this year) The game is fun, But the community is horrible. I have to agree with them, Playing normal after getting to gold, the normal games are either troll or be trolled hard core. which has answered my question of " why don't people learn in normal" because why would you when you can speed lvl your account in ARAMS and then hop right into rank which isn't as toxic as normal ( give or take your rank)
Naalith (NA)
: World's is the worst time of year to be a League player
I will agree I got to gold on and was on a pretty good streak and climbing then worlds started and its just.. 1. So many people on bought accounts for gold. 2. Playing things that have no business playing in a roll (Support Evelyn) 3. Smurfs doing final pushes to boost players accounts for money ( don't pretend you don't see this riot) 4. the famous ( Said pro player plays this and he carried, so I can too!! ( says the silver / bronze player))
: Yes honestly , I climbed from Bronze to Gold By playing Nami. IT's funny cause in all honestly the reason I played support was cause I got tired of always getting Supports who didn't want to be a support from auto fill and ended up just harassing the adc or picking some thing that was silly just cause they didn't get the position they wanted.
But to your point. Its not that Supports can't carry. Its the issue of most supports Are Autofilled people who Refuse to play the role and will rather harass their adc or half ass it. just because they got a position they don't want to play .
Kai Guy (NA)
: Can supports climb lower Elo S9? Time to test it.
Yes honestly , I climbed from Bronze to Gold By playing Nami. IT's funny cause in all honestly the reason I played support was cause I got tired of always getting Supports who didn't want to be a support from auto fill and ended up just harassing the adc or picking some thing that was silly just cause they didn't get the position they wanted.
5050BS (NA)
: So Zed's Ult is getting Reworked? Because it would need to be if they removed Stopwatch.
Zed and Fizz, you pretty much need a stop watch to survive both.
: Can We PLEASE Separate "DUO"s into FLEX.. and get a pure SOLO Queue?
I have to agree with this. Kind of tired of losing games cause some one is boosting a player who doesn't need to be in higher ranks.. just got out of a Game with a lux Who was Silver 4.. in a gold match because they were playing with a gold 4 player.. needless to say she fed but it was just frustrating cause you could see the HUGE skill difference in this player.. vs the others..
Galiö (NA)
: Watch Worlds on LOLEsports not working... again
Having that same issue. I watched all the matches today and didn't get a single point -.- i'm really wanting my 500 BE cause i'm sorta new and could really use it
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