: Star Guardian Little Legends are coming
We should be able to ALWAYS buy eggs with BE, I'm sitting on 400k+ not being able to use it and I dont wanna gamble real money trying to get a LL.
Kai Guy (NA)
: Low # of games = Higher K factor = Bigger MMR changes per match. Due to Weight on early matches. K is the variable used in Elo systems to represent system uncertainty. Some one like your friend who has under 40 games is considered higher uncertainty them a player like yourself sitting at 210 matches. Also related to MMR. Checking the average of games it looks like your friend is playing at or higher then his currently assigned Tier, where as you tend to play At or Below your assigned tier. Far as I know there are ways two ways to build tiers. One is a leaderboard tied directly to Population, which is kind of terrible as inactivity will sink players. The other off MMR ranges, which only has accuracy for low uncertainty accounts.
Still doesnt explain how I dont even get 21LP back when my MMR was 3 tiers above my current rank. Also when I did my placements, I won every single one.. riot said you would gain a lot of LP(like 50+ per win) but somehow I only managed to get 55LP for my first game and then every other placement match after that was 27LP to 30LP
: It’s so busted in fact that she currently has a 48% win rate. You realize she’s literally a split push bot when she can’t ult someone right? She has to build full glass cannon to have any impact. The %max health true damage generally does around the same damage as every other juggernaut and duelist in the game, only being more impactful against tanks. This is exactly what I’m talking about, everyone is so afraid of the %max health true damage as if we aren’t in a glass cannon meta anyway and you can’t counter her by hugging a wall.
That's the shit I hate the most, when people hug walls like a p*ss*. And people who are so afraid of Fiora all they do is hug their turret and actually give up early cs and wait for a gank. Fiora needs buffs, not to her dueling but to her splitpush and Idk why riot doesnt realize that.
: Tahm is getting gutted, tanks aren’t tanky but they have damage and cc. I don’t see amumus at all and Danny’s is only tanky with his w on but has high damage. Renekton and aatrox aren’t tanks. And Fiora has percent max health true damage which is busted and a toxic mechanic
Toxic machanic? You must be Hashinshin's clone
: This is exactly what she needs and very close to my thoughts on Fiora and why she’s so hard to use compared to other people in her class. People saying Fiora doesn’t need love just don’t want to see her meta, but there’s already more frustrating shit in the game right now and she can stomp out some really annoying picks in the right hands.
Conqueror isnt that great on her anymore, I feel like I lose more games with Conqueror that's why now I only play Grasp unless I'm against Aatrox or Nasus. Yes she has a 50% win rate in plat+ but that's because she is a counter pick to Aatrox and Irelia. Those 2 are super popular now.
vyoda (NA)
: Well thought-out insight. However, would the Q buff make her a bit too OP against immobile squishies like {{champion:22}} ?
Irelia 600 range point and click *cough* Fiora 400 with handicap hitbox *cough* Jax EZ stun *cough* Yasuo dashes for days *cough* (Just to mention a few, not flaming btw)
: We’re not in a tank meta she already does well into tanks with percent max health true damage. She doesn’t need these buffs besides the e working on turrets.
I see a bunch of Tahm, Naut, Sej, Amumu from time to time and Rammus. Top Renekton and Aatrox are pretty popular. Or am I missing something?
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S V (NA)
: MMR difference most likely https://na.whatismymmr.com/FA%20Dragon (I've found this site to give me reasonable results when trying to understand my gain/loss ratio over Silver-LowDiamond but I'll remind that this isn't Riot's explicit MMR system) You can look up your friend's mmr too. Winstreaks don't matter, it's just the MMR that causes the Win/Loss ratio to be favorable or less favorable. If you want to bolster your MMR, duo with higher elo people and retain high impact scores (Not only KDA) in other areas while doing so. If his Win/Loss ratio is higher than yours at the same LP score, then it's clear that, according to riot's system, his MMR is greater than yours. From this, complaining or attempting to reason this as a fluke is useless. Instead, just find faster ways to gain MMR rather than trying to reason with the system.
Thanks for your comment. I checked his MMR, his normal games is pretty high and his soloq is gold 2. It's still weird to me, cuz he hardly plays soloq
Kai Guy (NA)
: I am pretty good with MMR systems. Provide me your friends Op.GG and I will take a look.
His na is FA Inspire
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: Forgotten Project, The King of Fiora
Fiora needs buffs for sure, she just gets outclassed by almost every other top laner and she does not have much mobility for mid lane
: I don't know when it will get announced officially, but in an interview they mentioned which champions they are thinking about picking. [Here a link.](https://www.vpesports.com/leagueoflegends/invictus-gaming-shares-their-ideal-world-championship-skins/) Baolan: {{champion:497}} (but this might be subject to change, can't imagine Riot lets them chose the same champ like last year) JackeyLove: {{champion:145}} Ning: {{champion:164}} TheShy: {{champion:266}} or {{champion:114}} Duke: tends towards {{champion:39}} Rookie: Not decided yet.
I hope TheShy gives his skin to Fiora. But I see Aatrox having a bigger chance for the skin since he was pick or ban at Worlds. But TheShy does love to play Fiora a lot

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