: Patch 9.21 notes
Yorick buff pls. Removing core items Shojin and Zz'rot is too much. Save our Ghoulmonger.
Elikain (EUNE)
: No. No champion will ever be deleted.
except Yorick....R.I.P. Yorick MORI 2012-2016
: I'm so tired of the female champions being oversexualized!
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Durfain (EUW)
: I challenge any Rioter to explain to me the value of allied creepblock
I gotta say this is why I play league of legends, so that whenever I go up to an enemy champion to attack them, I can't make some ramen, then some pasta, a little filet mignon, go to india, then realize the game is over, and I still am stuck between 3 minnions.
: where is the option.. for.. "I never have played {{champion:83}} and the rework changes nothing?"
to that I tell you, sorry, because you will never know what you are missing out on and is only fun for about 1%~ of league's player base.
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bill84 (NA)
: Petition to put Yorick in free rotation one last time in his current form
: Riot Doesn't Understand Yorick (or Monsters)
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: Find Your Lunch Table: Which Champs Are Friends?
Could we please see some reskins of this, like color by Champion release/update date, by position(top, mid), role(assassin, tank)?
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Frius (EUNE)
: fucking sick of this game and top lane
Well Tanks have to do something, and if you read their abilities you might notice that all of those champs rely on zoning you. Playing someone like Cho'gath who has a long Knock-up and Silence could prevent them from setting themselves up to kill you. And Alternative is to take Barrier, it can help more than you think.
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leechy (NA)
: Yorick
Not a Bug, it is intended. When the Revenant ~~dies~~is killed by Yorick, via 100000True damage.
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: I got Perma banned
If I recall correctly it take 1 person to agree with you if you report someone greifing or trolling. So If this sucks for you watch out!
06...IV...Project Vi?
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: Death blooms
And Clarity is still banned from the Rift...Was it that they noticed that I did better with it than without? maybe {{champion:53}} Support was "too OP" with it.
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: Grading System is pretty broken.
OK, so what you want to do is the following: If ahead, waste money on Pinks, place them in base and buy more. If behind, AFK farm the entire game, be a pussy and run every time you see someone.
: Champion Insights: Aurelion Sol
POP(goes the)STAR {{champion:103}} get it, ahri destroyed the stars he made!
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: Of all of them, I absolutely want to see Crazy Cat Lady Yorick become an actual skin.{{champion:83}}
It will be yorick's first touch in over a year!
: New free champion rotation: Braum, Caitlyn, Garen and more!
WHERE IS YORICK? fazemlgcodplayer 1 minute ago --------------------------- Summoner I have been banished to the Shadow Isles, never to appear on the fields of justice. Yorick Mori 30 seconds ago
: Mages NEED Another AP Armor Item
I get this feeling that If I rush this Item and wait a while I won't need to worry about get any other tanky Items it might be I have not waited long enough for you to understand. {{item:3027}} Do I need to tell anyone how good {{item:3027}} is? How about, "Worth Rushing" or "Saves my ass" or even "I think I feel safe getting {{item:3089}} every game now!"
: The RIP List of 2015
please give me the rip ADC/lose
: Snowdown is coming!
Wait so If I buy only Cho'gath than I have a 50% chance of getting 2 legendary skins?
: Recently? He quit... like... two months ago I think? 0.o He left because League wasn't his game. It hasn't been his game in a long time, especially since his friends don't play it anymore. Then he tried to do one of those 'smurf' videos where you get to Diamond in so much time and he learned that we had some toxicity. He got a 2 week ban and decided he'd just finish it up. He was only playing for his viewers for a loooooooooooong time there. It wasn't just some 'I got banned, so I'm leaving.' sorta thing. He was over the game ages ago and was playing it not for his own sake, but for the sake of his viewers. Everyone gets tired of a game after so long, whether it's changed or not. Only ones who usually don't are the ones addicted to a certain game, like most WoW fans.
Sorry for the snobbyness but I too have watched his video. I did not intend to portray his quitting has such.
: Why aren't you playing Normals?
5th pick trolls. that is the number one reason not to play ranked.
: So I Actually Liked Twin Shadows...
Honestly Spooky Ghosts is a great Item and I too wish It could stay. Throwing useful Items for mids and making them support only hurts people who try to think of new ways to win. This condones a stale game that does not change, Things like this hurt the game and ultimately less people play it, and less people are there to buy skins, so nice money rito.
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: The HUD update ready to go live with 5.14!
Please add a 3rd option for Camera Settings: Drag. Camera can get dragged around but will not let the Player go of screen. Would really enjoy seeing this.


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