: How Anti-Board Threads Work
Just to toss in my hat: I'm a non-adc main and I couldn't care less for this meta.
: "If crowd control is the only way to counter a champion, then its design is bad."
This statement is not necessarily right, or wrong. It's actually VERY GOOD champion design if crowd control - or any other form of counterplay - is the only way to counter a champion, factually speaking. Tryndamere for example can be mass-chain CC'ed to uselessness but has to be close to do anything in the first place, in which case even the softest forms of CC like a minor slow can help turn the tide in his opponents' favor. Old Akali and Vanye West had invisibility unless an opponent placed a pink ward in which case a team could nuke them before they inflicted too much of their snowbally wrath. It gives champions built-in agency and it gives those playing said champions an opportunity for skill expression as they can play around their counters. Now a champion having COUNTERPLAY to their ONLY counter on the other hand, such as Yi's Alpha Strike dodging CC mentioned here in these comments, or Yasuo's Windwall and infinite dashes, is terrible design. The ball is practically in those champions' courts until their abilities are on cooldown. Those champions are infuriating to play against as they are factually based on uninteractivity, and in mid-lategame duels against champions where no apparent counters are present they win by default anyway by simply being duelists. No one would care if Ziggs had Windwall or if Maokai had Alpha Strike (hey, he kinda does actually).
: Riot needs to decide who their core audience is.
: Is nobody going to talk about the fact that you can see Unchained Alistar's Testicles?
: i THINK Master Yi is really really broken right now.
What exactly does Riot expect Mages to do outside of botlane this season (or jungle if they double as assassins)?
: Stop killing the game!!!!
then Jagex figured out that OSRS was worth making and everything went back to normal lol.
: Experiment: Community Patch Notes
**Inspiration Tree:** - now gives 5 Armor and 6 MR instead of stats that mirror the other rune tree chosen
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: I want tanks back :c
Tank Meta =/= VIable Tanks Tank Meta = Tanks Also Deal Damage Viable Tanks = Minute Long Wet Noodle Fights I Love Minute Long Wet Noodle Fights I'm Not Even Joking
N63 (NA)
: When Riot nerfs adc items.
nerfed marksman w/nerfed lethality trying to be 1/2 of an assassin but ranged: the meta
: Why Nobody Likes Season 8 (Big Rant)
I disagree with a lot of this. Lethality was never fine and will never be fine. The losing jungler has zero gold. We should have fewer keystones that "fit playstyles", not more, as they're completely polarizing - my least favorite thing about keystones is that you can't just take any keystone on any champion and expect at least some success and it's even moreso the problem with runes imo, like imagine Tryndamere without Last Stand. Tanks build no AD whatsoever; you're thinking of fighters or juggernauts. Marksmen deserve the nerf to their base AD and to their crit items, and supports definitely deserve a nerf to their early damage as well by the way which still desperately needs to happen like why is Soraka now a cheeselord champion how on Earth did that happen. Teleport on every top laner ever and every other mid made the game even more about ganking botlane. Most of the other things you say I believe are correct, but still.
: @Riot: Every rioter on the balance team needs to watch this video by Scarra
The game's now balanced around uninteractivity, around inevitability. If Yasuo gets one or two kills, he'll start snowballing extremely hard. If toplane Quinn or a midlane assassin gets one or two kills, they start roaming around the map killing everyone. If a jungler dies early in a duel for scuttle, the game is now a 4v5 and that jungler is basically a walking jungle creep for the enemy team. If a botlane feeds and no leads are made by the feeding botlane's team, the game is over. If midlane feeds any said champion that snowballs hard, the game is over. If someone on a team feeds and has a useless build, the game is over. If your team gets wiped once and you weren't ahead, the game is over. If League of Legends continues down this path, Riot is over.
aeniayo (NA)
: i actually enjoy this game
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: Wouldn't mind {{item:1401}} getting its %bonus hp turned into total hp to make up for the fact that tank junglers cant really do much over scuttle by themselves....would also make it much more worth a buy as first item... I guess {{item:1400}} we pop on a very small amount of lethality...every champion that gets this would use that unless you are going {{champion:55}} jungle and want to make use of your hybrid scaling.......or {{champion:72}} who would opt into cinderhulk anyway if it was changed too. and {{item:1416}} is …..I don't even wanna touch that thing because I feel like anything onhit/atk speed related would quickly make this thing op...its already an early buy for junglers that use it and its really hard to balance..
Super agree with that Cinderhulk change or it giving significantly more bonus health for a little more gold. With Warrior I actually feel like armor is the way to go. Just tack on like 30 armor to the item and raise the price by 450g. AD Junglers would love that. Bloodrazor is actually pretty brutal on select champs already, I agree. I think it should have a much stronger proc and more stats, but only proc once out of every 4-5 hits or give it Shiv's charge mechanic as nerfing the max DPS of the proc is the only way to justify giving it enough stats to be worthwhile on more champs without breaking it on the few that were already buying it. Runic Echoes got a buff but even still seems weak. 80 AP and a little more cost would be nice, IMO. Basically my whole post here is about how all these enchantments deserve to be more cost-effective if you haven't caught that already haha.
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Pika Fox (NA)
: The truth is players dont know how to balance games. Players are good at telling you something is wrong, players are bad at telling you what is wrong. You should pretty much never listen to a player who tells you they know whats wrong, they dont.
Wrong, players are great at balancing. They just aren't great at creating new stuff.
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Speedweeb (EUW)
: For once, let's blame Ghostcrawler for something he's actually responsible for!
And this is where the design team gets what it deserves. What meaningful retort to any of this could they possibly have? The game is washed up, current playerbase or no, and the only way out is back.
: The fighter/bruiser/diver meta is coming and so i go.
Remember, back in season 2, the bruiser meta ws super real, but not because they nuked people? They were a fair legitimate frontline and everyone was ok with it? Remember that? Well imagine that but now they all have PTA/Electrocute/Conqueror.
: Riot was it really so hard?
It's like the game is constantly inevitably a joke but it's actually the real live game. They don't want money is all I figure.
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Eedat (NA)
: > Remember when damage didn't dictate the whole entire game? No.
Well there are other mechanics other than raw damage, in case you didn't know.
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Anatera (NA)
: Just wait till S9 preseason
What do you think is next: gutting support items as they're the only powerful items left, or increasing exp gain so teams snowball even harder?
Jbels (NA)
: Alright I'm sick of this.
You forgot Renekton in the NOT A TANK category.
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: Silver is so stressful.
You're a cool guy. I unfortunately play top and have no such control over bad matchmade games like you can bot; then again I _could_ build straight damage like everyone's apparently supposed to and win the low/mid-ranked games it wouldn't in any other season by flailing around on my keyboard. I'm not in Silver like I started off this season - I'm back to Gold 4 - but I really can't stand the current meta, let alone ranked, for more than a couple games every two months anymore. Just to make sure it still sucks and still has absolutely nothing to do with ACTUAL meta and team synergy. They've destroyed the concept of "meta", unless the only meta left is which champion of which generic genre is the only one worth playing as portrayed by the LCS which people now can't STAND to watch, Hashinshin was right about that. Here's to the future, and to better games, better friends and a better time for all.
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: Stop using "you can ban them" as an excuse for a champion being blatanly overpowered.
As a S1 Tryn fan I can't relate with people that say he's uninteractive. Bad ones that basically right click your towers and afk literally give you gold; if you can't outplay them with a heavy gold advantage that is entirely your fault. Something something Bramble Vest memes. Good ones are a dance and NO AMOUNT OF CRITS AT LEVEL ONE MEANS THE LANE IS OVER! He scales with 3k+ items that are clunky to build, not a mere early CS advantage. People get so salty because they can't stand the fact that they're facing a champion that can possibly beat them in melee range and then elaborate on their demise and post here. Just. Don't. Get. Near. The. Angry. Chicken. Man.
EkyonKun (NA)
: Wait. Did Riot actually fix something that was broken before it became live?
Literally Rageblade. ...Shouldn't stack with Rageblade btw lol.
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: tricks you can do with a champ that you might not know about
{{champion:23}} 's W gives him Spidey Sense in the jungle. Whenever it's activatable, you know there's an enemy in a nearby bush or fog of war.
: Can't wait for Tryndamere to feel fair to fight against..
Stop acting like you or your team didn't get outplayed at all whatsoever by that Tryndamere.
: Can we just rework Tryndamere?
Tryn is _**SO FAR**_ from useless out of lane... Just slap Swiftness/Merc's on him, take Last Stand Lethal Tempo/PTA and just watch him go...he steamrolls people...
: I like the new graves personally. Old graves was just a Lucian Clone.
"short range all game and a dash" "Lucian clone"
: I would do anything to play the old graves
Same for me with Taric... and Veigar... and Xerath... and Skarner... {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: The game needs a lot of things. Better exploration around shielding, the champions that utilize shields, and the items that empower shields could get us a lot of gains. We unfortunately didn't come to a good solution that was of appropriate scope to get into the game before midseason, at which point it didn't make sense to try to also squeeze that into midseason efforts. I understand why that explanation will be unpopular. I also would have preferred we came to a proper solution.
When I was seeing (and saying) the "10% less damage across the board" memes earlier this season I thought to myself: "what if shields were an exception to that and damage was increased versus them instead? LIke what if armor/MR was half as effective towards shields?"
Lùmen (EUNE)
: Wanted to play some League, but I guess it was not meant to be
Ah, but has that happened to you three times in a row on the same day?
: its not just bye bye league of legends, its bye bye riot. its the only game they got, they sat on their ass for 10 years pushing out basically nothing while making money hand over fist. in all honesty, league should die. no moba should go on this long, too many champs makes it unreasonable
Really it's not that the game has too many champs, it's that the game is warped so far away from what it once was at this point that it's a complete abomination.
: Patch 8.8 Notes
What baffles me is that y'all add way too much damage to the game,then drastically buff the damage keystones that are falling behind instead of nerfing all the other ones.
: Before you read one of the many Hashinshin posts.
inb4 you realize his criticisms were always valid
: New Dev Team vs Old Dev Team
I find it funny that this new meta we've mastered until the next might wind up actually being the last.
: My problem with Kai'sa is that her lore suggests she should be covered in scars, sleep deprived and underfed, yet her appearence completely contradicts that. For someone who had to survive in the void, she shouldn't look like a victoria secret model. I understand sex sells, but there's just no reason for it to be there lore wise.
> [{quoted}](name=free software,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=o6rtIHba,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-04-09T00:39:17.908+0000) > > My problem with Kai'sa is that her lore suggests she should be covered in scars, sleep deprived and underfed, yet her appearence completely contradicts that. For someone who had to survive in the void, she shouldn't look like a victoria secret model. I understand sex sells, but there's just no reason for it to be there lore wise. Agreed. It's not that they should never, it's that making a champion look attractive in this particular case is actually straight-up unimaginative and lazy and they literally have 50 other sexy champions. Shame on the dev team for not caring to even try to match the character's appearance with the actual character.
: How the hell did you get your team to push down four towers? I can barely get my teams to push down one.
good ol' Baron buffed Banner buffed cannon minion! It put in work lol.
ampheon (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=FCJAAAAGOOOO,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=T0RfhFfh,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2018-04-08T21:20:54.564+0000)> On the flip-side why not make Cho'Gath, Kog'Maw and Vel'Koz attractive? Those champs may be attractive to certain people, I for one think Kog's splash is adorable for a larvae thing, his in game model though, not so much (but the recent skins are).
I need to take a shower; I reek of sarcasm.
GothicV2 (NA)
: I'm out of the loop, what's the issue with Kai'sa?
She's attractive but why? On the flip-side why not make Cho'Gath, Kog'Maw and Vel'Koz attractive?
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