: My only issue with the Aery nerfs
Inspiration gives mages Glacial Augment, which makes Rapid Firecannon relevant on them. Some may be vehemently opposed to playing a game of LoL as a mage with any one of those three things involved but some might find it playable/enjoyable. Switching out summoner spells and having really low cooldowns on them is a neat keystone as well for mages as they're the ones who can generally abuse summoners the most. Also the Resolve tree might actually be relevant on mages as they have more health than they used to and a lack of resistances than they had before, namely armor. It would give them a really solid laning phase despite having less mana/ap. I can see why Riot wouldn't want to be giving mages even more burst and harass damage through keystones than they already have. That's kind of their thing regardless of what one does with them.
: The "Zone" - Where you synchronize with your champion and nothing can stop you
My teammates are ALWAYS in 'The Zone'. Not even death can stop them...
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: so because you have a high winrate with a champion that means you're banning them every game despite them being overall kinda weak?
> [{quoted}](name=T3H UB3RN07,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=tndvsAgP,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-11-18T19:23:59.774+0000) > > so because you have a high winrate with a champion that means you're banning them every game despite them being overall kinda weak? How did you read my post wrong? I never play Teemo!
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: Any Lucian changes?
One mid Lucian griefed my team: it was a won game, but he never, ever grouped for teamfights or objectives. Most of our champions fell off a bit lategame as well (I was Renekton for example). But he kept running around, taking buffs and pushing lanes up TO the turret but not actually attacking the turret for 25 minutes straight after the 10 minute mark. He blamed our jungler in chat for causing him to grief. I reported him. So I ban Lucian now if I don't see mid call anything. That's a change.
dominusx (EUNE)
: Darius is so pathetic.
Has anyone tried Potato Darius yet with the Resolve tree?
: Ehh ive played a ton of ziggs in my life. Not quite sure about that when you can take Presence of mind and get 5s of free mana per level.
That's certainly the classic way to play most mages, yes.
CoffeeMug (EUNE)
: With the new Runes even Janna and Soraka are better off building damage.
I saw a Sona with a Duskblade one game. Support Sona.
FireDrizzle (EUNE)
: Aery on Darius?
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: you're right. it's totally broken. Every time I get dragged into a match with a premade (as the odd man out), they feed hard.
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Anonagon (NA)
: The fact that people only ever get autofilled to bot says a lot.
Marksman and support may be the two easiest roles in the game right now, but they start out in the hardest lane in League history. There are so many shenanigans bot and it's tough to deal with all of them and then still have a semblence of farm. Marksmen have a giant target painted on their back with all the damage scaling and supports have an extremely difficult time laning against eachother. Some might call it "just desserts" for either after last season but all in all it's a miserable experience for most, especially those less familiar with botlane. People that aren't familiar with it stick out like a sore thumb and feed helplessly. I miss when the likes of Soraka didn't deal damage in lane and her bananas were her famous form of harass. I also miss when marksmen didn't deal "burst ranged dps". Less damage dealt from either class would result in a healthier state of botlane.
: Give *evidence,* not "tell me it's evident".
GoatPope (NA)
: I start the game with 22 armor and zed can have a mini hexdrinker
Not sure why they gave Pantheon's Q a whopping 20 additional base damage.
: You have no evidence that the majority of games are decided by 15 minutes. If yours are...gee whiz...
: For all you 1 tricks, what makes you spark with your champion?
: Udyr or Rammus?
Well if you like winning vs. all AD, Rammus. If you like winning vs. mages, Udyr. Why not play both!
: here's the problem with the boards: majority of people who use the boards don't play ranked, and play non stop norms and "fun" game modes. I played a couple games of norms during the beginning of the release of new runes, and i have to say that it's full of washed up, horrible gold 5 players. Not only that, it's FULL of premades, and it reminded of why i hated dynamic queue. Entire games were decided by the better premade. So why should we ask these types of people, who are playing in a HORRIBLE environment for improving, for advice?
: Yeah I don't really understand it. I don't get one sided 20 minute stomp games this board loves to complain about non stop. Maybe I'm just lucky.
: Riot released info on average game times
It's the context that matters. All the towers have been obliterated and one team has complete control over the map and has been fed to high heaven by that point. Games might drag on to 30 but most are decided by about the 10~15 minute mark, sometimes by 5. It's not how long games are; it's how long players can drag them out coupled with how short they would be otherwise.
: I want to make Teemo players have a bad day too much; it throws off my ranked play in general.
Why the downvotes? Is this not a gameplay topic one can have an intricate and enriching discussion over? Where are all the Teemo slayers @?
: I want to make Teemo players have a bad day too much; it throws off my ranked play in general.
I also, after winning the matchup, want them to flame/troll me in chat, calling me an ape in chat, and respond like an ape would in their mind, with something like "frist tiem leg o legends palyer her, no English spek good". Any recommendations for better BM than that? No, Teemo mains, "anything else" is not a recommendation I'm looking for.
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Sovekz (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=FCJAAAAGOOOO,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=LwVERhMa,comment-id=000000010000,timestamp=2017-11-16T08:23:13.980+0000) > > Truth. Just get more damage if you're jungling haha. The jungle is no place for tanks right now. According to op.gg, the second highest win rate in the past 7 days belongs to Rammus.
I would call mAh bo1 big dAddy rammus an exception to the norm.
: Games are decided way before you can surrender
If you aren't playing something that impacts the game you're done for in this preseason; the game's either over or it's a 4v5 for your team at that point. You can't afford to not have an impact at all stages in the game right now above silver elo unless you're playing Veigar.
: you can still take an armor rune, but not for jungle however; it does not give enough tankiness for jungling on off-meta picks.
Truth. Just get more damage if you're jungling haha. The jungle is no place for tanks right now.
: > [{quoted}](name=Tenth Leper,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=LwVERhMa,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-15T23:26:46.159+0000) > > You can still take an armor rune for jungle. It is just a rune everyone hates. Wasting a secondary path for 5 armor when old rune gave 9.... not worth. Your champion may not have good other rune in resolve.
I'd still consider it on a mage if their laning phase needs some help and I plan on building a bit of armor later on. The base five plus two more when healed at level 1 makes 7, which isn't terrible.
: Armor rune removal is killing non meta pick
Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeah, basically. Squishies can still mid but unless they can either kite or literally blow up the jungle they'll get pelted by autos from everything and just die. 9 less base armor is only ~5% less physical damage resistance at level 1 but it's a real factor both in lane and in jungle. Most mages can manage top well too, where they can kite or straight-up counter a lot of the meta there. Also supporting as a mage isn't the worst thing ever usually as you can really abuse your AoE spells against 2+ champions.
: So, with Darius being in a pretty awful spot right now I'm suggesting ONE change to him
I feel like Darius deserves a bit of HP scaling in his kit. Him not feeling like a tank is kind of silly.
: Grasp Feels Too Exclusive to Top Lane
I'd actually like to see a marksman take it botlane for once. And then just have a butt-ton of HP lategame.
Rebonack (NA)
: Aery's cooldown is the problem
: context?
> [{quoted}](name=SocietysUnwanted,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=VwoQE4Xv,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-11-15T21:42:06.274+0000) > > context? Hopefully you'll never find out.
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: Can we get a response as to why Mages weren't given any Armor?
I mean...there are some decent armor items for mages. Some. Sorc's Shoes makes Tabi a no-go... ...uhh, the Resolve tree? Otherwise are mages SUPPOSED to buy a tank item? They're given health and no armor. How hard will that be to communicate to newer players lol! I guess Banshee's Veil can help against AD champs as well and that's not an out-of-the-ordinary purchase. But mages still need some armor even beyond that just to not get instagibbed by a number of things.
: Can everyone in the game do a little bit less damage pls.
It's not so much that everyone does a ton of damage (which still isn't entirely un-true); it's that everyone has relatively 0 MR come midgame and everyone that's melee desperately needs it. Marksmen need it as well but quite a few can get away without it so long as they have enough shields, peel and lifesteal. Unless the enemy team is loaded with magic damage. Also towers are made out of paper mache.
: My friend recommended me one which I tried once and it was hilarious, but I can't pull it off too well, because I am not a top laner. It's called the Kidnapper Tahm Kench build. Kidnapper Tahm Kench: Take **Phase Rush** after that you can play with what you want, but on the second you need to go into **Resolve **and get** Unflinching.** Now to increase this take Ghost and either teleport or Flash. The boots you need are Boots of Swiftness. Now active it Phase rush on the 3rd proc and then consume them. Consume is 95% slow, but if you did this right Phase Rush gives you 75% movement speed resis, Boots of Swiftness is 25%, 10%-20% on summon spell CD, + ghost to increase your movement speed so at Max if you do everything right you will gain 75+25+20+45= 165 - 95= 70% movement speed while you carry an enemy champion in you.
Hahaha that is hilarious.
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: Does Font of Life proc for my own autos or only my allies?
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: Actually enjoying the new changes to League, anyone else?
Same! I especially appreciate the "Legend" runes from the Precision tree. They're basically "you rock" bonuses for doing what you're supposed to and I love it. I take the AS version on Renekton alongside Arcane Comet and Sorcery runes that focus on a good early game; it helps justify loads of AD items on him and helps him snowball especially hard into the midgame. I also use the tenacity version on jungle Tryndamere alongside scaling resistance and health runes from the Resolve tree and out of nowhere 10+ minutes into the game I'm both a bruiser and a carry! I never felt like people could specialize builds with the old runes and masteries like one can with these runes and I'm really happy about these changes.
Rexxiee (NA)
: PSA the cleaver stack build is not good.
I agree; it's not good. But it's not BAD either. It's probably best on Wukong or Garen since they can put HP to good use; Wukong with his passive and ult channel and Garen with his passive and damage reduction. I wouldn't build it on just anyone.
Elfort (NA)
: Black Cleaver stacks with transcendence
Sounds fantastic on Wukong or Garen. Others less so because you might as well buy some resistances at some point on most champions. Anyone that can put to work HP and loads of AD it seems really solid on so long as they can make it to the 10 minute mark. Laning phase is no joke right now.
Màx (NA)
: Hexflash
I know I'm supposed to hold it but I still tap it.
: when do you get inspiration as a rune page
When you like having an incredible early game. I take Glacial Augment on Renekton; it rocks! He's actually useful come lategame now with it and BORK haha. What I mean by incredible early game is that you get bonus potion and elixir duration AND you get some cheats for laning phase like clearing a wave for absolutely free or bonus movespeed toward impaired champions. The whole tree is basically "win laning phase".
: I don`t like the new runs system
I hope you get over the runs
: Press the Attack is not a suitable replacement for Fervor for like 90% of the toplane roster.
Press the Attack isn't the best thing ever, at least I doubt it is. It's great on tanks that can dive. AD Casters have options, mostly in Domination and Inspiration. Man no matter what you do playing as Renekton feels like being unable to reach the cookie jar. Everyone has so much peel now. Build BORK + BC, lethality, whatever. Take Glacial Shroud even. You'll never be able to stick to targets lol. Don't get me wrong, I think he's great.
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