xxQue (NA)
: Silver 1 Flex Gold 5 player looking for other teammates
Hey I'm Silver I right now, my IGN is Blade99. Hit me up.
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: well, you can still do your part of theory crafting since the runes are available to look at.
I will eventually, but working and trying to shake off being mentally disabled for long enough to climb out of Gold takes up most of my time
: PBE isn't a good place to base your judgments on how "good" a champion will be. There's too many low elo/non-competitive players there to see how things will actually play out for champions. (NOT ELO SHAMING BTW)
I haven't played on it at all or really gotten too deep into the season changes. I just have a champion I really like and I am curious how he will be once they fuck everything around.
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: Considering how often people get told to kill themselves for having a bad game, I'm not entirely sure this is the best advice to follow.
Literally clicked on the title with the intent of coming here to make a joke about this lol.
: They donated lots of money to League of Legends and received the rights to sell their product exclusively on the Rift while pushing out the competition. This is an example of the concept of customer lifetime value for all your marketing majors out there.
Noooooo Flashbacks of being forced to take a marketing class in college. Teacher took that shit so seriously... the group discussions and buzz words... *shiver*
: when you're 1 division higher than op, don't try to elo shame dude was right and this is how lulu players use ult even in master
http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/351/468/d65.gif Savage
: Yup I figured that they did something to lose early game.
Yeah and that exact sequence of events is usually how people lose to singed early lol. Poke or try and fight at level 2 or 3 and get flung into minions and slowed/poisoned to death. All downhill from there.
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: What does it actually take to get perma banned?
Call someone retarded and tell them to kill themselves and thats pretty much an auto-permaban as far as I know. Hopefully using those words doesn't get me in trouble here...
: Fiddle mid main: continue or no? Help me high elo players
To be honest if you enjoy playing Fiddlesticks mid then you should do that. Because as long as you maintain a positive win-rate and you are having fun, that is how you are going to climb. If you switch to a new main because someone tells you its better because Bjergsen plays it or it's easier to climb with, you probably aren't going to do as well for two reasons. 1. You won't know that champion as well as your own. 2. You probably won't like it as much. Obviously i'm operating under the assumptions that you play fiddle because you love playing him and you aren't already exceedingly good at another substitute someone might suggest. But climbing in the long run is all about your attitude and if you can win more games than you lose, while having fun because youre playing a Champion you love, then you will Climb. As long as you focus on all the aspects of the game that aren't champion specific, like objectives, CS, Pressure, Roaming, etc.
: Don't forget ardent censer and warlord's bloodlust.
Don't forget his Janna Shield and Ult, plus locket, plus redemption.
: You can't "catch him with hard CC" if he kills you in 3 autos attacking like 2 times per second.
The other problem is you cannot CC him and blow him up. There is always a Janna, or a Lulu, or a Jungler, waiting with support ults, shields, locket, redemption, etc. So when you do hard CC him and think you're going to blow him up, he gets another 3,000 Health and you get CC'd and fucking mashed for trying.
Knoyle (NA)
: CertainlyT is that you?
I don't understand the reference, I know who the guy is but don't know what bad design mechanics he's responsible for that are being referenced lol.
: I can see very clearly in my head Xin Zhao smacking the fuck out of a max size Cho'Gath
Makes about as much sense as knocking a full size Cho'Gath up with an auto attack, but I don't see anyone saying shit about that.
: You need a little bit of mobility and damage and he dies. Maybe even some CC if you do not have mobility or damage. Tankiness can help too. Who the hell are you playing that you lose most of your HP without chasing? Seriously what top laner is squishy enough to take that much damage, but still does not have the damage to hurt singed? Is he fed because if so, then that statement is useless for your argument.
More like he probably tried to fight Singed early game at like level 2 or 3 and drew minion aggro and got flung, slowed and poisoned all while face-tanking a minion wave and was blown away how fast he died.
: What else do you expect them to do with a spear? They already have a charge. They already have poking...what else would you have made his W when his R is already a wide arc swing?
Bash them with the pole of the spear right in the mouth, disorienting the enemy and causing them to miss basic attacks for the next 2 seconds.
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: No its not. It's decided by which bot lane is dumb enough to fall for ganks. And this ENTIRE game right now is bot lane bot lane bot lane or die. You cant get top fed because your bot lane will die, you can't afford to do shit if it isnt for bot lane. be the adc's bitch by building support items.
Literally just had a game as Jax where I got ganks and snowballed to like 7/1 in top lane versus a Darius. The other team was Xayah, Janna, Orianna, Amumu, and Darius. Guess who spent the rest of the game completely unable to kill a carry or do anything of value in a fight. This guy. All because as a melee top laner, even one with a gap closer. I couldn't overcome the fact that our bot lane gave up a couple kills in the lane phase even though I was massively far ahead. Just got ramfucked by CC and shields. So frustrating.
: is elise worth learning and how hard is she to learn
Yeah she is worth it and she isn't that hard to learn. When ganking you start out in human form, E for the stun, Q for % Health remaining, W to send the spider after them. Then switch forms and use W to buff spider attack speed and then your Q is a small gap closer with a % Health missing execute so it's a great finisher/ability to use late in the combo when they are low. Save your E in spider form (Rappel) to see how you will need to use it. You might need to use it to drop tower aggro if you dove for the kill, or you might need it to gap close or dodge an incoming counter bank. When you first walk into a lane to gank, if you are ganking someone like ezreal or gnar, wait for them to dash first because they will usually panic and dash away as soon as they can, then use your E to stun them. Unless you are high enough elo, you probably won't have to worry about people outplaying your gank and at the minimum you'll probably make them blow flash which just means come back very soon. Tldr: play elise, she's good.
: Name one champion you wish you could delete from the game and why
Lulu. Because if I try to kill a priority target only to get knocked up by them being ulted and get turned into a fucking squirrel or whatever one more time I'm going to have an aneurysm.
Cloud273 (NA)
: Mobility creep is a necessary evil in this game...
Yeah they aren't giving mobility to the people who need it though. Also the amount of CC and CDR that they've tossed in more than offsets any mobility they can add on melee attackers.
Yenn (NA)
: Righteous Glory needs to be removed, this item's only value is further shitting on immobile casters
If every single tank, mage, adc and support didn't have 6 forms of CC a peice then it wouldn't be an important item. Obvious hyperbole but you get the point. I'm not a big fan of righteous glory but an obvious counterpoint to removing it is that with all the CC everyone has, it's already hard enough as melee to stick to targets.
: For those who never played/learned ADC
Unless you're Vayne in which case you really don't care.
: All I see with the new runes is even more power-creep being pushed into an already bloated game
A train wreck is a bad metaphor. Train wrecks are fast and sudden. This is more of a slow-developing shit storm.
Gelmous (NA)
: i see your point where this could be game related if it was a legit honest post but now that we strayed out of all seriousness, why didn't post this in memes and games, allowed or not in these boards why didn't you use logic ? why did you post a joke in gameplay when there's already a memes and games board or heck even general discussion was fine. i think the mods have to be replaced if they allow any thread to slip into gameplay.
I bet you are so much fun at parties. It's one thread, and the people loved it. Stop being a baby about this.
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Gelmous (NA)
: what am i suppose to read in your post ? says clearly you have autism, unless you're lying about it, are you ?
Well its obviously (maybe not so much?) satirical, you seem to be comin at me pretty literal. Wrong boards or not, its a fun post and mods chose to let it stay, don't be a buzzkill. Also, not that I'm here to nitpick but any mental condition that could potentially affect the way I play the game is certainly what could be termed "gameplay related" in the most literal sense.
Gelmous (NA)
: sorry to hear that, but discussing your condition is not gameplay related, try General discussion
When you don't read the post and the fact that the Gameplay Warden commented deciding to allow it lol
: lol yeah not to sure whats up with that. Almost like they hate the concept of him.
Yeah they really just haven't given any fucks about him since they made him. My guess would be, despite how cliche it is, that no big name players use him. He hasn't ever seen pro play, and you don't see qtpie or any other guys like that playing him. So he kinda just flies under the radar. After all, Riot is running a business and the guy doesn't exactly sell skins or sell at all. I'd be shocked if their priority on balance and who got reworked when and how wasn't influenced on some level by management.
: 100% agree with you. what i was saying though is until he is reinvented he should be reverted, because for me personally I enjoyed him more prior to the changes.
Fair enough, but to be honest I got a better chance of walking outside and getting hit by lightning on a sunny day than Riot doing anything for Aatrox. Never seen a champion get released and then just left to die so hard before lol.
: Revert Aatrox to prior "mini rework"
Revert? Nah, Reinvent. I always like Aatrox, but even pre rework he was really just disappointing to play. He is thematically pretty awesome and his gameplay just blows, they could do so much better with him.
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Yenn (NA)
: Being outplayed by champions popping Righteous Glory and right clicking your immobile caster is fun
I play mostly if not all Fighters/Tanks top and I agree, towers are pathetic. I get dove by their top and jungler all the time and have to watch them walk away. That being said, I don't think immobile casters in a bad spot at all right now. If I had a dime for every time I tried to kill an immobile caster and got perma-CCed by them and the whole enemy team I'd never work again. There is so much CC in this game right now that I honestly feel like Righteous Glory is necessary. Otherwise tanks and bruisers would never be able to land an auto attack on anything. Kinda miserable to play melees sometimes honestly.
Kissie (NA)
: ***
Things I do when I'm bored at work
: The world needs more people like you, this community too
That rhyme was unintentional
Aveira (NA)
: Was this person an approved doctor with a degree to deliver those news?
He was playing Doctor Mundo, checks out.
: I have ASD and I and I approve of this message. Laughed my ass off..
The world needs more people like you, this community too
Galacius (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=FDS Desperado,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ZIBIpVwg,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-08-30T19:40:49.857+0000) > > Never even realized it, but sure enough, first game of the day. It was actually my top laner that caught it, right after he died to a gank. I appreciate that he didn't try to sugar coat it, just gave me the diagnosis. He said "Jarvan, you are autistic". In that moment, my life changed forever. > > It was pretty tough news to receive, but I think I'll be alright. I've been joining a lot of support groups and reading up on some literature. > > Keep me in your thoughts and prayers. > > Edit: This got a lot of upvotes for some reason, so im adding the disclaimer in no way shape or form is this meant to be derrogatory to people with autism. Love you guys. I like the satire that you used here and there's nothing wrong with the thread. However, in the future, these threads should be posted in [Memes and Games](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/memes). With that said, go ahead and have fun here!
Karfuss (EUW)
: For Honor had great potential, but Ubisoft happened. Terrible servers, and guard break spamming, unlocking and then into unblockable zone attacks. Someone even won a tournament, said it was easier than he thought and hadn't played for 2 weeks, by doing that. Game is broken. Although Ubisoft is pulling their thumb out now, so I'll give it a year. One good thing is that tournament designed to promote the game left them a bit red faced.
No shit almost died of an rage-induced aneurysm from guard break spam. Then i just DCed from the game. For Honor experience in a nutshell.
Rainfall (EUNE)
: does this not belong on memes and games or player behavior?
Meh. I kinda hope this keeps getting upvoted. Somehow its already the most upvoted thing of the day. Which says a lot about the quality of posts on the boards.
Galiö (NA)
: I have relatives with autism, mostly low in the spectrum... but it was enough to upset me when people say 'youre autistic' as an insult in a game. its very insensitive and unnecessary. i recommend reporting anyone who uses that type of hate speech and write what they said.
Despite this post I agree, calling some autistic as an insult like its a bad thing is wrong and deserves a report. That was not the intent of this post to make anyone feel bad.
Grism (EUW)
: Okay, I'm not sure if this is a joke or you're serious... You got it from a player after all.
Worst part is.... He was playing Dr Mundo...
: i gave you a like, i hope my prayer goes through
: LOL GET YOUR S#@$% straight
You do realize you don't have to censor posts. I have a post on the best tab called Fuck Mobility Creep. You can say whatever you want in titles. Shit Pussy Cock Butthole. Barbara Streisand See. Dont censor yourself, let it all go.
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: It's what I did: I took months off of League and instead was able to increase my Steam library count by about a thousand. Money well spent, time well spent, and I felt **very** comfy. I come back to League all fresh n shit, and first thing? Toxic and trolls.
Some things never change. My first game back I was diagnosed with Autism.
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