: Bot User's in Co-op (Cheating using AI to play)
This is becoming a problem, my bot games have turned from 20 mins to 35 mins. I usually play 1 bot game when trying out a new champion, lately I have been noticing more and more bots.
: Esports: Return of the Team Icons
I would love to buy previous esports icons, especially 2014-2015!{{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
: #YESSSSSS DADDY FILL ME WITH UR ITEM GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK U RITO
Yes finally, sometimes I go back to the legacy client to fix up item pages!
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Zarama (NA)
: Instead of a black screen I'll get X-way through champion select then my client freezes. The only way to fix it is the same way as PMT Battlecast, losing LP and having to wait before I can requeue.
This has happened to my friend too. Back to back. What is going on...
: Champion Update Q&A: Taric, the Shield of Valoran [COMPLETE]
I have never been so excited for a champion update! The update came at the right time for me, I just began to admire the support lane now I have another champion to use. Will there be any new Taric skin in the works for the Summer? {{champion:44}}
: Infernal Diana! Thank you Rito! Quick request.
I totally agree with you Elite4Runner, while this skin is amazing it sure could have minor fixes to make it even better. Quick question, is this skin for the All-Star event skin contest or is Infernal Diana another skin? {{champion:131}}
GigglesO (NA)
: Key Fragments...
I have not received a single key fragment in about a week now. is there a limitation to the amount of keys you receive per week now? I also play with about 3 or more friends in normals and ranked yet no keys.
: I cant get any key fragments
I do not know if Riot has made any statement about the key fragments today but I as well have not received a single key fragment after many wins with a four man pre-made in two days.
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: Patch 6.5 notes
Still no All-Star Diana skin RITO PLS {{item:3070}}
: They've never done one before. This would be the first
Isn't All-Star Alkali related to the event or is it part of another event?
: No. They are working on the skin. They never said it would come out right after All stars
Do you know the release dates of previous All-Star skins?
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: New champion select roundtable
I am so excited for the new champion select, the animation is amazing! However I do wonder how long it will take to get in the loading screen, the process seems longer than the typical old draft mode.

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