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: Can you guys stop giving AD all the good stuff?
_"I'll accuse Rito of being bias by being bias"_ {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: Why is Riot adding more true damage?
Because Tanks are busted, and they're too afraid of nerfing them meaningfully so they just add more damage, like that's gonna solve the problem.
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Venomar (NA)
: Hate all you want, but the game has been directed toward MM/Support for 5-6 years. Opening up bot lane is just not a realistic goal or an achievable one. It would require an entirely community shift of some 60 million people, pro adaptation and trickle down, beyond extensive balance changes in the form of items, scalings, economics, power curves and budgets on mellee/mage champions, etc. Furthermore, for them to even start the shift. There would have to be a direct and targeted approach on "trial champions" that would require entire kit reworks and or completely new designs. You would have to make something to compete with ADCs range and damages directly. For the 5% who want Darius bot,do you think the other 95% are gonna be cool with riot just fucking his shit up one day and shoving him into a new lane? Probably not. And at that, do you expect riot to even come close to getting it right? Hell no. So basically. Give it up and try to enjoy the state of the game as it is. Bit lane being opened up has as much of a likely hood of happened as From Soft adding rainbow guns to Darksouls. Just not gonna happen, sorry.
Game has been dictated by Tanks ever since the release of Cinderhulk. It's not about MM/Support, but to see who gets tankier faster. Tank items are cheap and effective. This is so much of a problem that Riot had to overtune a class that could deal with these walls of CC/HP/Resistances/Ambient Free damage by standing around. ADC being strong is just a symptom of the problem: Tanks have been busted for years now, except nobody cares or just is in denial about it.
Elohaven (NA)
: We've seen it with Swain; We've seen it with Kai'Sa
Yeah it was {{champion:516}} only Kai'Sa and Swain {{champion:39}}
: Mages getting nerfed meanwhile all i play against mid is....
You know why nobody plays assassins in LCS?? **Because Tanks are so busted that playing Assassins is a waste of time** When are you people gonna finally realize that the root of this horrible meta is the Tanks.
: The true reason behind the tank meta/ how to get rid of it
> I think it's pretty obvious that our community has had an issue with tanks for quite awhile Excuse me but **WHAT**??? The only person that has an open war on these boards against tanks is me. I've never seen anyone else get vocal about how busted they are, to the point where playing anything else Top in LCS can be considered trolling, and I'm not even covering Sej/Zac/Skarner being the only 3 Junglers that can really be played (thank god for at least Olaf). Yet the boards just love victimize them to (SURPRISE) complain about the ADC and make them the villain cause that has never been done before on these boards before. There's many ways and classes that can kill an ADC (unless they have a Janna but everyone knows Janna and shields are quite BS right now) yet there's only **ONE WAY** to kill and deal with a Tank. **You got the whole issue entirely upside down. It's the Tanks that ruin the game, requiring a class to be busted only to be able deal with them.**
: As a jungler and support, its an ADC "meta"
But it is just circlejerk. Your post only confirms the position further. Try playing 25 - 50 ADC Ranked games and see if your bias ideas even hold any ground.
333 (EUNE)
: @RiotReperoir You should wait with the Ninja Tabi nerf and hit them same time when ADC gets changed
**_"Oh NO!! Poor tanks are so weak please buff them they're struggling so bad it's not like every LCS game has so many Tanks every single game and whichever team has the more/stronger tanks just win in solo queue please don't nerf this poor class that is super weak and has such a hard time"_** And of course the boards just Updates to #1
Lovesick (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=FNC Jinx,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AxGaQ7F8,comment-id=001d,timestamp=2018-03-13T21:21:37.449+0000) > > Can we **PLEASE STOP PRETENDING POOR TANKS ARE VERY WEAK AND UNDER POWERED AND EASY TO KILL??** > > Why do these threads where people pretend Tanks are weak get so many up votes? Why are so many people under the **_DELUSLION_** that Tanks are somehow weak? > > Do you guys even know the state of Top Lane? Do you watch **ANY** of the competitive Leagues and how **EVERY GAME** fills with tanks? Do you even realize why ADC characters need to be toxic? > > **BECAUSE THEIR TOXIC STATE IS THE ONLY THING THAT CAN DEAL WITH TANKS IN THE GAME** > > Please stop victimizing Tanks as if they were weak or anything but overpowered. Ever since the release of Cinderhulk the game is just seeing who's the tankiest and who has the most broken ADC to deal with that tankiness. And the root of the problem is Tanks. if you're not gonna accept that, at the very least stop victimizing the class if they were in desperate need for a buff to their resistances or god forbid, deal more damage by standing around. > > Also, to the OP of this BS thread: **Post video or non of this happened** I'd rather a tank meta than an ADC meta >:(
Do you really? Cause we've been in a Tank meta ever since the release of Cinderhulk, with a very small break when OP Fiora and GP were up around the 2015 World Championship. Other than that **IT'S ALWAYS BEEN A TANK META**. This _ADC Meta_ myth stems from what I just explained. The only way to deal with a 6K HP Cho, is a Vayne or a Twitch. You wouldn't need them to be that strong if tanks weren't so busted. Sometimes the Tank Meta has become so bad that non-tank champions just buy Tank items. Remember Tank Ekko and Tank Fizz? Yi, Yasuo and Akali. Then there was the Mao'Kai and Poppy age. It's **always** a Tank meta and the real root of the damage creep issue, and everybody just sweeps it under the rug and pretend it's normal. So no, I don't think you want more years of Tanks.
: ADC's need to lose their carry monopoly and supports need to help the whole team.
: Is last whisper even an essential item against tanks?
Can we **PLEASE STOP PRETENDING POOR TANKS ARE VERY WEAK AND UNDER POWERED AND EASY TO KILL??** Why do these threads where people pretend Tanks are weak get so many up votes? Why are so many people under the **_DELUSLION_** that Tanks are somehow weak? Do you guys even know the state of Top Lane? Do you watch **ANY** of the competitive Leagues and how **EVERY GAME** fills with tanks? Do you even realize why ADC characters need to be toxic? **BECAUSE THEIR TOXIC STATE IS THE ONLY THING THAT CAN DEAL WITH TANKS IN THE GAME** Please stop victimizing Tanks as if they were weak or anything but overpowered. Ever since the release of Cinderhulk the game is just seeing who's the tankiest and who has the most broken ADC to deal with that tankiness. And the root of the problem is Tanks. if you're not gonna accept that, at the very least stop victimizing the class if they were in desperate need for a buff to their resistances or god forbid, deal more damage by standing around. Also, to the OP of this BS thread: **Post video or non of this happened**
: Yeah, adc top lane with fleet footwork and overheal is pure bullshit.
Anything can be OP if you word it properly, specially if you just lost against it. Literally whatever crap goes, even if it makes no sense. Here, let me give it a try... **OMG KARTHUS WITH GRASP TANK IS SO BROKEN YOU TRY TO POKE HIM AND HE JUST WALKS UP TO YOU SLOWS YOU WITH {{item:3116}} AND NO COUNTERPLAY OMG SO BROKEN NERF**
: "Tanks shouldnt do no damage, they SHOULD KILL ADCS"
Why are people in love with Tanks on this Forum?? I just don't get it. Everyone likes to pretend that an impossible to kill wall should also be entitled to kill characters designed to deal damage?? Then you guys wonder why Riot doesn't take this place seriously, and I'm glad they don't, or the game would be even worse than it is. Probably 10 tanks per game with no mages, marksmen, bruisers, mages or supports. Just a bunch of walls competing to see who can resist the most while also dealing the most damage.
: What people don't get about tanks in League...or gaming in general
I've never understood the love for Tanks that this place has. According to you guys, it's ok for a Tank to be able to do anything, and you just don't get what's wrong here and try to victimize Tanks for some insane reason... Tanks in League Right Now Can: Be a front line, be a huge damage source, engage a fight, disengage a fight, split push via dueling any character, wave clear, objective control, tower dive, beat fighters in Lane, solo-kill squishy characters. They can do everything without much risk. Their builds are cheap and super effective super early in the game. And you guys try to victimize these characters........
Ralanr (NA)
: It’s not about dealing less damage than a dps. It’s about a dps not being able to survive because they go full glass Cannon.
>because they go full glass Cannon lolwut You think going Fleet Footwork and Targon's are signs of the ADC class going for a full glass cannon build? You think assassins like Zed or Rengar going for Black Cleaver are examples of full glass cannon builds?
: Tanks should absolutely be able to 100/0 squishy champions
Oh here we go. The Boards at its finest with its bs... _"Tanks dealing tons of damage is totally fine, this is healthy gameplay ;__; we should buff Tanks as they are very weak at the moment and Tank items are really bad! They should be able to deal damage and be a front line and 1v1 squishy champions and mages and fighters and ADC and assassins and supports and every other class and be able to do everything while only buying tank items and maybe a Black Cleaver because that's very healthy and fair!"_ Here's a suggestion for you: You should remember what this game is supposed to be - it is not supposed to be your God of War simulator. Just because you feel as a Tank you should be able to excel at every task in the game while tanking, regenerating and dealing damage on par with characters just buying damage items doesn't mean that it should be _the*_ balancing goal. _(*What's with the phrase "our balancing goal"?? You're not a designer at Riot. Get out...)_
: The problems with balance team is deeper than just some bad decisions, is actually
**OMG I LOVE YOU** Finally a post that mirrors how I feel. I've been trying to rise awareness on this subject on how currently Tanks force the ADC class to be as strong/important as it is, except you were far more tactful than I've been in all of my posts. You're very brave too. The Boards is a Tank-Loving place, where they're always insanely under powered and always victims of the meta, are very healthy and always in need of buffs. Thank you for this post, and my most heartfelt up vote. It's time for Tanks to be held accountable for the current state of the game. The ADC situation is only a symptom. The problem is the Tanks... who just got buffed recently btw
: Stop bringing healthy ADCs up, start knocking OP ones down
Oh great... another **GENIUS** post about the ADC class. Yeah, let's nerf all ADC. What about that Tank soloing mages and carries on 4 items? Yeah, whatever. That's healthy because he's a tank, so it's ok! It's ambient damage guys, it's totally healthy design! Let's nerf all ADC so then there's no class able to deal with the 90K HP Tank soloing everyone on the map on 5 Tank items and maybe a Black Cleaver. Yeah, that's gonna be a fun meta!
: To ADC mains: No one likes your class
Hey **genius**, if it's not the ADC class, who's gonna deal with the 4K HP Ornn that's soloing the mages, supports and any other melee champions?? **ADCs are a symptom of the problem: Overpowered Tanks that can duel, be a frontline, a backline, a damage source, the hard CC, the engage, the dissengage and the only Melee class that matters** The **real solution** and the **truly** Toxic Class is the Tank class, along with all the **bullshit** derivatives that Riot makes up to attempt to excuse their 999K HP champions that also deal damage and have hard CC and can dive towers, duel whoever and do whatever they want. Why do you think Riot buffed ADCs?? Who else is gonna deal with those tanks?? Unless you nerf Tanks **FOR GOOD ALREADY**, ADCs are gonna be a necessary evil, so then **ALL YOU HAVE** in the game is the 90K HP characters that deal damage and the class that deals with them. Any other class is irrelevant. ADCs need so much burst and power because Riot keeps buffing and buffing Tanks, so **ANYTHING THAT'S NOT A TANK OF COURSE DIES WITH TWO AUTO ATTACKS** Oh and they just buffed Tanks, so enjoy the meta...
: What is your main problem with the game right now? (Poll)
**All Tanks Are Ruining This Game** Why are people so **BLIND** to the truth?? Just think carefully: - Who's getting One-Shot?? Anything that is not building Tanky Stats. ADCs (on losing side), Squishy Supports, Mages. - Who's doing most of the One-Shot? **ADCs** - What is the most important class at the moment? **ADCs** - Why are ADCs the most important class at the moment? **CAUSE WHAT OTHER CLASS IS GONNA KILL A 4K HP WALL THAT ALSO DEALS DAMAGE AND CAN SOLO ANY OTHER CLASS??** The only class able to deal with how broken Tanks and Tank items are, is another broken class that focuses on dealing damage so you can kill the damage-dealing moving walls that also pack in powerful Hard CC. You **CAN'T** lower the damage because if you do?? **WHO'S GONNA KILL THE TANK THAT ALSO DEALS DAMAGE??** Now come the down votes because for some reason I've **NEVER** understood about The Boards, they try to make it seem like poor tanks are so weak and need help, while it's that class that's ruining the game and forcing Riot to just add up more and more damage to the ADC class. If you nerf Tanks and Tank items, then **SUDDENLY** you can nerf **ALL** Crit Based items. Oh by the way, Tanks just got buffed. **Who's gonna deal with them??** The mage? The assassin? The support? Guess what class may be getting a new buff to compensate for the Tank buffs... And you think ADCs are the problem? They are but a symptom of the problem. I wouldn't even mind if those Tanks didn't deal so much damage that they just walk up to you and kill you by standing around, and some people think it's ok. A tank shouldn't deal damage **PERIOD**... cause then why would you even play fighters or any other kind of melee champion? A Tank can be a frontline, an engage, a 1v1 specialist, a split pusher, a damage source, a tower diver, a CC fountain, and all while only building Tank items and **MAYBE** a Black Cleaver or a Frozen Mallet. Enough is enough. Wake up people.
: Can Amumu have 1 more base health?
Are you people **insane**?? If tanks get more buffs, **who do you think is the only class that will be able to deal with them??** Unless you guys actually want more ADC buffs... That Extra One HP at level 11 is the whole difference between diving a tower, getting a kill and just walking out of it to recover fully like nothing even happened. Yeah, cause towers aren't weak enough and the game isn't fast enough already... No dude, get to Level 12 so it takes you longer to get that extra HP. People, wake up: **The reason ADCs are required to be so busted, is because only the can deal with how broken Tanks are right now** You buff tanks, all you will see is a bigger need for more bursty and more damage from the ADC class. Who's gonna deal with a 9K HP tank that also deals damage?? Your mage? Your fighter? Your support? ADCs are only strong because if they weren't, then tanks would be impossible to kill. **Stop buffing tanks and nerf them for real. Then finally we can have nerf Crit items also for real and not have a meta that is 2 AA kill on a squishy target cause Vayne finished two items**
: Why does marksmen/ADC have the cheapest itemization in the game??
Cause you tell me: **What's the only class that can truly kill those busted tanks that also deal damage while having 9K HP and solo mages and fighters???** Only an ADC can truly kill those tanks that ruin the game. If you don't nerf those toxic tanks, you then need a class that can kill them, resulting in that class also becoming Toxic to anything else, and resulting the meta you see today. Who's gonna kill a 9K HP monster if it's not Vayne or Twitch??? Now, if tanks weren't busted, then suddenly other champions get a chance to shine, and all Crit Strike items would be nerfed for sure. You think it's a coincidence that Jhin is garbage right now even if you build him full crit?? Cause he can't kill tanks. Riot's way to fix it: Make ADCs damage so high so they're able to kill those 9K HP damage dealing walls. And the squishy champions? Mages? Fighters?... of course they just explode with 2 auto attacks. They just buffed Tanks by the way, and I ask again: **What's the only class that can deal with them realistically??** Yeah, ADCs aren't the problem, but a symptom of the problem: **Overpowered Tanks** Wake up people.
: 25 Game Chat Ban After Being Harassed
You're exhibiting loads of negative attitude in game sir. You gotta understand something: **Being harassed doesn't entitle you to be negative either** Next time, mute them, report them and that should be it. Keep acting like this and it'll get worse next time. Bans don't occur over a single game, but often several accumulated reports. If you can't see what you're doing wrong, then that's precisely why you got what you deserved and should really think about it.
: You can literally just tell the skill difference between Game 1/2 & 3. Mostly in Game 2, Peanut never tried to do early ganks like how Blank did in Game 3, and Peanut got constantly caught off & majority of the time uses his ult just to save himself, only to still ended up failing horribly.
Who gave Huni's Yasuo an early lead?... oh yeah Or do I need to link you the entire replay? Wanna get picky?? Who was playing Gragas and attempted a dive in mid, got himself killed and broke his team's entire tempo? Hint: His name starts with a B Blank is horrendously overrated. Don't try to pretend he's Bengi material. That's insulting to Bengi.
: They definitely we’re on Something... Skt winning or losing wouldn’t change Esports, Not even the slightest. Only conclusion is Skt were paid for losing
Yeah, and the Earth is actually flat and we're controlled by a race of Lizard People that live underground. You're onto something here! :D
: Kinda what they get for: 1) Going ez on them at Game 1. 2) Asking too much for a Yasuo skin in Game 2. 3) Never swapping Peanut til Game 3.
You **HONESTLY** think Peanut was the reason they lost the first two games...
The end of what??? He's a professional at his job, not some random Solo Queue Rage Quitter. What are you even talking about?
: Why did SKT and SSG play on the same sides for all their games?
Samsung picks side on Game 1 (Blue) SKT Picks Side on Game 2 (They go Red to specifically counter the Gnar) Samsung picks side on Game 3 (Blue again, they want first pick, don't care about counters) Crown was countered by Faker twice actually due to this.
Quepha (NA)
: How are you supposed to watch esports withot spoilers?
Here's what you do: - **DO NOT LOG TO TWITTER OR REDDIT** - Do **NOT** go look for the game on YouTube - Go **STRAIGHT** to and browse the latest video, which is usually the recording of the series you want. Across several years, this method for me has had a **100%** effectiveness ratio.
: Legends Never Die - What Moron Decided that this was a Good Theme for Worlds?
Open question to other people (not OP) reading this: What is this guy even talking about?
: Lets take a second to look at the 3/0 sweep by SSG....
Yeah, you must be right. Also, the Earth is flat and we're actually controlled by a race of Lizard People that live underground.
: You can't compare Annie to Zoe... Annie does look like a brat, Zoe is an another story, she's cute and fun looking.
Yeah cause Annie isn't know for being "cute", you're right... And yeah, Zoe doesn't seem like an annoying brat **AT ALL ** She's just... "Cute" Yeah, that doesn't look annoying at all. {{champion:1}} Very {{champion:1}} unique {{champion:1}} concept {{champion:1}}
: While it refreshing to have someone not SKT win worlds...
**Huni** - I don't know what else would he need. He was put ahead by Faker/Peanut in Game 2 and did nothing with it. Same for Game 3, and makes me wonder if people were just telling him to group instead of split pushing. May not have been his fault if he was told to not use that advantage. Really strange... **Peanut **- Serviceable Jungler, put Huni ahead in Game 2, just did what he had to. Sad that **SKT** turned him into a moving ward from his carrying days in **ROX**. Not sure what happened there but I don't think he was hardly the reason why things went south. **Blank** - Overrated. He's not Bengi, I'll tell you that much. **Faker** - Best player in the world and in the game's history. Carried his team through **MSF**, **RNG** and should be proud of his legacy. **Blank** - He may not be Cody Sun, but I have no idea what he was doing all series long. He was crushed by Hans Sama. He didn't look much better against Ruler. **Wolf** - Became a _Rakkan-One-Trick_ in playoffs and nothing else. Move along. **CLOSING THOUGHTS**: Keep Peanut/Faker, remove everyone else. Get another Jungler besides Peanut. Get either Smeb or Khan for Top, and Deft/Mata/Pray/Gorilla (any of them) for Bot Lane. Faker deserves a team that he doesn't have to carry 1v9.
: I think Zoe looks awesome and very unique
{{champion:1}} Yeah {{champion:1}} cause {{champion:1}} League {{champion:1}} has {{champion:1}} never {{champion:1}} seen {{champion:1}} this {{champion:1}} concept {{champion:1}} of {{champion:1}} a {{champion:1}} mischievous {{champion:1}} brat {{champion:1}} with {{champion:1}} an {{champion:1}} annoying {{champion:1}} face {{champion:1}} you {{champion:1}} wanna {{champion:1}} punch {{champion:1}} ... Though I'll admit Zoe seems even more annoying. So fun!
Éve (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Fate Fire,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=65WNdExI,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-10-14T14:39:24.375+0000) > > "Region killer" ...hate to break it to you (actually no I'm not) but the entire region, no matter what team you send in, is pure and utter garbage due to multiple reasons inside and out of the scene. Such bullshit. TSM has plenty of imports, all the money in the world for training and gets smashed (they did not do "fine") by newcomer teams. By comparison C9 has actually done much better in their groups which is an order of magnitude more difficult than TSM's. And it's not like NA doesn't do good internationally, CLG came in second at MSI a couple years ago. TSM just has a history of shitting the bed internationally.
> [{quoted}](name=Éve,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=65WNdExI,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-10-14T14:47:59.025+0000) > > CLG came in second at MSI a couple years ago. And FNATIC won Season 1 and Taipei Assassins Won Season 2... so that must mean the LMS and FNC are the second best in the world, right?? Oh, the three LMS teams got eliminated **yet again** and FNC, while staying competitive, are far from _"The Second Best Because They Won A Couple Years Ago"_. What happened years ago means absolutely **NOTHING** at a game that changes so much month to month. Stop pretending that what happened in 2014 or even 2016 means anything in 2017, unless you're SKT and actually perform every time it matters. Gambit were one of the strongest teams _"a couple years ago"_... yeah, should I link you their Play-In Games? SK used to be one of the best EU teams _"a couple years ago"_... where's SK's League team now? Don't live off pass glory because there's where delusions of grandeur come, and a reason why people keep (for no reason whatsoever) keep hyping the very mediocre LMS region every year.
wobaji (NA)
: Absolutely Unethical False Reports Actually Working
Seems you got the right words to put teammates on tilt without really insulting them. Seems really annoying tbh... not sure why it surprises you. You know _"Negative Attitude"_ does encompass way more than just "Uninstall you f**ck" right? I've done what you do, and I force myself to stop because this passive aggressive attitude is an excellent catalyst to tilt a struggling player over the edge. Everyone knows that reports are cumulative. I don't think you get punished over just a _single_ report. If you're behaving like this every other game, then I'm not surprised. You may tell me _"Well they can mute me"_... and sure: That's what people tend to do with passive-agressive _"I explain you the game now that you've died"_ people. Again, these tend to be cumulative. Doesn't really seem _"Unethical"_ or _"False"_ to me.
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: Ornn E Should Damage Towers
Yeah, cause towers aren't already paper-made worthless things on the map enough. That's what we need: more things to destroy em even faster.
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Synnx7 (EUNE)
: Who the fuck watches that boring ass farm ville anyway
Oh nobody, just a couple million people throughout each year... then there's these few people filling up the Beijing Olympic stadium. Yeah no big deal, just a couple people.
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: > [{quoted}](name=FireDrizzle,realm=EUNE,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=zAKIHvO9,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-09-01T11:46:43.619+0000) > > I dont get it. Discussing why it's funny is probably against the forum rules.... but let's just say the op is most likley implying you'd wish the Lucian used some lube after he was done with you, as implied by the picture. At least that's the impression I got.
Gosh, just say the word out loud
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: Only 5 tanks are actually strong right now. We are in a protect the adc meta and if you think this is tank meta then you are either in denial or have no understanding of the game
Look: If you wanna call people like kkOma _lairs_ or that they have no idea what the game is about, then that's not my problem. It's a Tank meta.
: No we are not in a tank meta at all. We are in a support meta with a few very strong tanks due to them being overtuned by reworks. (Cho, mao, zej, zac) We are in a support/adc meta.
No, it is a tank meta. The fact that so many people are just blind to how busted they are and how the game has been balanced around them for the longest time is something I can't still quite understand. Once again: **Ask any professional or Master/Challenger tier player or coach or caster** and they will confirm that we're in fact in a Tank meta. Tanks dictate what every other role can or can't do. Wanna dive? Need a Tank. Wanna fight? Need a Tank. Want an objective? Need a tank. Want the ADC/Mage to be useful? Need a tank. You can have games w/o Janna/Lulu and win them, but not without a Tank. That's how the game works. Whoever's got the most tanky lineup that can stand up while the Mage/ADC deal damage will win the game.
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