: League of Legends Update Ideas!
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: Patch Chat with the Playtest Team - Patch 7.10
Hello, I know that you guys will probally not see this but i think this game is 100% awesome, but i just want to push it to 110% ;) i know that you guys just recentky just made the champions Xayah and Rakan, but ive been thinking of a champion that would really be awesome. The champion that i thought of is called:"Morpher"(you guys can name it whatever you want, its your choice".The background of the "Morpher" is that when they created Zac, a small chunk of him came out without anyone never noticing, the tiny blob figure started to wonder off going miles just to find people like him, Some scientist found "it" but when he was grabed, he looked at the ground and saw an ant, "it" quickly somehow turned into an ant. With the scientest looking for the blob, they just noticed an ant in their hand and threw it away. While getting away as an ant, he went to a to Demacia. He looked at some people while they were training:Garen,Galio,JarvenIV,Xin Zhao. "It" suddenly turned into a boy combining features from all of them. That's when he realized that he could "morph/shapeshift" into anything. "It" was trying it out on other things and people, such as:girls,boys,animals, etc... One day he was in the middle of a war, not known what it was or how it started. He turned into one of the soldiers and saw what the others were doing, so then "it" started to fight along. The next thing "Morpher" was the only one on the battle field along with another mysterious blob, Zac. "{Morpher" knew that Zac was his family, he started to run after him turning into his normal form then Zac just bounced away. From that day, "Morpher" was dedicated to find its lost family/brother Zac. It searched for, days,months,years until he saw him fighting against other champions. Ever since it saw him fight, it wanted to be apart of the "League of Legends". So its Passive is that for every 3 consistant hit from an champion or monster will grant it +5% of his armor and magic resist and gains +10 movement speed while having less than 10-15% of his missing hp(lvls vary the passive). It's Q is that he takes its blobby arms spins in circle(for a second) dealing damage(ap or ap dose not matter) and gaining +5 percent life steal. Its W is that Morpher gets bigger, gains Armor,Magic ressist and deals +125 dmg(again, ap or ad dose not matter). Its E is that he goes into a chapion/enemy/monsters body then jumping out to his previous location dealing dmg to the enemy+monster and stuns them for 1 second, and if going into an allied champions body, grants them movement speed and armor. Its ULT/R is that he turns into a dragon(thats alive)(not baron), an allied champion, or an enemy champion gainning armor, and some extra dmg for 5 seconds. For some of his skins it can be like a gallaxy theme, fire theme,candy theme,blood theme,dark theme, light theme. If you read this and make this possible, it would be nice if i could have some rp to help me out with the game and hopefully get the champion. Ive been working on this for over 5 months and i would really appreciate if you could make this happen -FazePulser P.S IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR HAVE ANY NEWS ABOUT THIS, PLEASE NOTIFIE ME IN LOL, THX! :D{{champion:154}} {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}


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