: I agree with your listed bruisers, but what's so bad about{{champion:48}}? I mean I'm ~~silver 5~~ unranked and don't own Trundle (atm), so I know almost nothing about trundle being in/out of the meta.
: "The boards are a small minority of the community who just want to complain."
Sample sizes reflect the community somewhat effectively The only thing we have in common is that we all type in the same web address and play the same video game And yet there’s plenty of things the majority of us all agree on
Rioter Comments
: _cough_ dodge it_cough_
That’s the same thing as saying, “you were in the wrong spot”
Sqkerg (NA)
: If people play the game, they get an opinion. Period. If a decision affects you, then you are entitled to speak up about said decision.
My opinion is that the earth is flat and my opinion is also that the majority of people also think it is flat
: 4th option: you realize that normals have less shitty people in them and dealing with the overwhelming ranked tox isn't worth a loading screen border and a skin months later
: Dude. Ghostcrawler plan is simple. Look at wow and you have the answer. Change lol into casual fiesta, so new/bad/young players can oneshot enemy without doing much etc. This is why dmg creep was inceasing. People who saw wow fall see that the same scope of changes is being applied since gc joined riot.
GC actually changed the game to favor Hunters, Mages, etc. while making melee the definition of unfun. So yea, that’s what is happening now.
: "Even a chimp could" Well that's saying alot about the silver-bronze playerbase cuz they literally never do this. Boys just play team deathmatch.
My theory is that if you’re in bronze you either don’t want to get better, you don’t care, or you think you do, but you don’t.
: TIL 140%<130%.
> [{quoted}](name=Faceroll Tactics,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Ncacfwz9,comment-id=001000000000,timestamp=2018-01-11T23:35:38.433+0000) > > if I’m trying to make you realize I agree with you, but maybe the boards have changed you to think every statement is a complete objection.
Raiyza (NA)
: Riiiiiiiight, because that 1% is buying millions of skins and such.
I’d believe it. Have the checked how much money streamers And esports players both spend AND bring into the company?
Raiyza (NA)
: You should really take a business class. Where do you think most of Riots revenue comes from?
Whales. Esports players. Streamers. Aka the 1%
Kursor (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Faceroll Tactics,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Ncacfwz9,comment-id=001000000000,timestamp=2018-01-11T23:35:38.433+0000) > > Umm... yea? Every buff is a buff to their late game if they end up with more of a stat than they had before? Except she has less than before? She lost her passive scaling attack speed from leveling up - it's all loaded into the Q now.
> [{quoted}](name=Faceroll Tactics,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Ncacfwz9,comment-id=001000000000,timestamp=2018-01-11T23:35:38.433+0000) > > if they end up with more of a stat than they had before?
: People on here just see 1 stat change and always assume it's a buff to their late game.
Umm... yea? Every buff is a buff to their late game if they end up with more of a stat than they had before?
: So Yi should become impossible for mages to do anything about? His movement speed, Q, and W are already enough to dodge/ignore most things and then his Ult means he can straight up ignore the slows (meaning he can save Q and regular dodging for the hard cc). I think the buffs should be tailored individually for melee champions because they are just so varied. I do support the reduction or removal of movement speed on Zeal items though (with the possible exception of PD as a niche).
He already has a boosted movespeed compared to other melees, him Hecarim and pantheon are at the top
: And completely ignore the other 99%? Sorry, but I have to disagree with you here.
This isn’t my stance. But companies go where the money is, that’s just how it’s always gonna be
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Raiyza (NA)
: You want to hear something funny? A business should never cater to 1% of their customers. The other 99% is where the money comes from.
Not true. League is free to play, so if 1% spends 99% of the money they should be catered to
: I agree with you ... I used to enjoy this game honestly , until I came here and saw how everyone kept blaming supports and ardent and all problems , they made me feel guilty for buying Ardent , ardent is nerfed and now it's the adc's fault , cmon , when I try to say my opinion , I get downvoted and attacked with comments , once I just said , bot lane isn't the only problem , like once , I was a 13/0 Xayah but still lost the match because the enemy Zed mid and Vi Top were fed ( Vi who is a bruiser which is supposed to be the worst class ) , they say top lane is useless while top lane is the most wanted role that most many people fight for it in blind pick and you never get filled in draft or ranked , forget the whole balance thing , there is something wrong with the players themselves , especially with people here in boards , I swear I never thought of adc being such an important role until I came here , they keep making the joke that " tanks are useless and will die fast " well of course they are useless and gonna die fast when they go 1 vs 5 when I try to post complaining about flamers and afkers , they blamed me and said the possibility of you having afkers and trollers is the same for the enemy to have afkers and trollers there was once where I posted about to never make us get champion shards in hextech chests because we are getting tons of champion shards when leveling up already and got like 10 downvotes , cmon why downvoting me for opening 5 chests and getting only champion shards ? and the funny part after a week I saw the same exact threat as mine complaining about shards in chests and it had 100+ upvotes sorry for saying many things that has nothing to do with your thread , just a bit angry and nervous and sorry for my bad English
We had an entire patch specifically for top laners, it didn’t do shit, but that says something about the state of the lane that an entire patch is dedicated to making it less shitty?
: And if the risk of running at them is too low (ex: too tanky), then it's meaningless because melees are inherently faster than ranged champions. But if they're squishy enough to be killable in a 1v1 situation, then they're way too squishy for teamfighting. Likewise if they can more easily survive teamfights, they'll be too tanky to ever fight 1v1 or even 2v1.
Melees should be inherently faster when champions like Vayne, Tristana, Azir, Ezreal, Lux, Kalista, and Ahri exist where they have so much self peel it's actually a crime for an immobile melee to ever get to touch them unless they're caught off guard Edit: Melees have more movespeed baseline in Heroes of the Storm and they're actually as viable as ranged there, tunrates exist to stop kiting in Dota and melees are actually fucking viable there
Antenora (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=DarkMapache,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=WOXlxyEN,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-01-11T01:28:51.795+0000) > > But the main problem is her Silver Bolts skill, Final Hour might as well give no AD once she´s full build (actually, a lot before that) According to champion.gg 17.15% of Vayne's damage is True damage. Silver Bolts makes up LESS THAN 1/5th of Vayne's damage. It's not a problem at all.
That's counting damage to minions, damage to towers, even damage to wards. All things that don't usually or don't proc silver bolts at all. Checking op.gg you'll notice that the many mages have a lot of their damage as physical
Antenora (EUW)
: Funny but Meddler's already told us they are planning to hit the AD Final Hour (R) gives.
Vayne is one of the few champions that doesn't need AD to melt faces, it's like removing a cherry from a cake
Lovesick (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=YuGiHo,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=e4ddJdKB,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-01-11T05:38:25.333+0000) > > Like how they randomly nerf voli for no reason? The Silver balance team's backsides still haven't recovered from that one game where a Bronze Voli crushed them.
: Unfortunately they said they wouldn’t do the same types twice in a row, And in this case Marksman So no ash or sivir next But there are a number of other options {{champion:12}} , {{champion:1}} , {{champion:41}} , {{champion:86}} , {{champion:74}} , {{champion:30}} , {{champion:38}} , {{champion:75}} , {{champion:58}}, {{champion:37}} .
Didn’t they just do Varus through?
AkemiSen (EUW)
: > Her E is a non skillshot It has a slow part in it, believe it or not but I've seen some Lux saving lives by delaying it when people who just play her normally would've procced it immediately. I'm trying to say that every champion has his tricks, weird parts of their kits that aren't the most intuitive so just because a champion is mechanically simple it doesn't mean that he's "braindead" or anything. > By non skillshot I mean if you have more than say... 4 brain cells you’ll almost never miss it unless you’re against fizz Because you're assuming that the enemy team is an idiot. It's a skillshot like any other, I don't care if people need to make up for their frustration on Lux, it can be missed and like every other projectile in the game takes skill to be used. I don't even play her, it just looks like people have so much hate for certain kind of champions without a reason. It's like I'm seeing those people asking to 1vs1 them in all chat claiming that you're playing a noob champ, completely worthless.
> [{quoted}](name=AkemiSen,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=NQkFddky,comment-id=0012,timestamp=2018-01-10T13:48:15.752+0000) > > It has a slow part in it, believe it or not but I&#x27;ve seen some Lux saving lives by delaying it when people who just play her normally would&#x27;ve procced it immediately. I&#x27;m trying to say that every champion has his tricks, weird parts of their kits that aren&#x27;t the most intuitive so just because a champion is mechanically simple it doesn&#x27;t mean that he&#x27;s &quot;braindead&quot; or anything. > > Because you&#x27;re assuming that the enemy team is an idiot. It&#x27;s a skillshot like any other, I don&#x27;t care if people need to make up for their frustration on Lux, it can be missed and like every other projectile in the game takes skill to be used. > > I don&#x27;t even play her, it just looks like people have so much hate for certain kind of champions without a reason. It&#x27;s like I&#x27;m seeing those people asking to 1vs1 them in all chat claiming that you&#x27;re playing a noob champ, completely worthless. I don't say this in many cases, but if you EVER miss a Lux e and you're not facing someone with immediate untargetability, and you aren't above 100 ms or crowd controlled, you need to get good. It's a non skillshot, the other player doesn't have agency to dodge it unless they're a specific champion, you just have to hope someone's hands have nerve damage for them to miss your character. It's one of the only non skillshot spells in the game. The only other are origin starting aoes, like Amumu ult
Azadethe (NA)
: And Faker's not pulling 25 kill games. His KDA has dropped from about 13/5/8 to about 8/4/10 since the last nerf. If he was playing Ahri or LB, he'd have 25 kill games at challenger level.
25 kill games in challenger Korea {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Azadethe (NA)
: why do you care about a ground bubble you can walk around?
Hmm I don't know, maybe because there's areas of the map that the bubble can reach wall to wall? Why do we care about Viktor W when we can walk around it?
Rioter Comments
: I hate that us ACTUAL support players have to suffer because other roles an't keep their hands off our items. I don't understand how these changes benefit supports in ANY way that doesn't also work out for item poachers. Like, these changes feel so hamfisted, like they're catering to the autofilled support players bitching about having to.buy Sightstone. Dedicated support player for 2 years and going, I've had zero issue buying it.
Yea.. sadly this game isn’t fair Ezreal fits for the Kleptomancy (the tendency to steal) rune because he and adcs in general love taking shit that isn’t meant for them. I feel for you
kargish (EUW)
: CC sets up damage?
That would make cc more important Every time Riot makes a rework and removes point and click damage sources cc gets a stealth buff
AkemiSen (EUW)
: > There&#x27;s almost no difference between a good lux and a mediocre-at-best lux except positioning. ...that one can't hit skillshots and the other one can? > very low skill cap champion. there is a reason she's one of the most popular champions for autofilled mids/supports She's also really fun to play and has a large skin pool, I think that people hate too much on mechanically easy champions for no reason.
> [{quoted}](name=AkemiSen,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=NQkFddky,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2018-01-10T02:00:20.544+0000) > > ...that one can&#x27;t hit skillshots and the other one can? > > She&#x27;s also really fun to play and has a large skin pool, I think that people hate too much on mechanically easy champions for no reason. Her E is a non skillshot, her R is deceptively easy to hit and her q is a binary skillshot that if you play league you’ve learned to be accurate with By non skillshot I mean if you have more than say... 4 brain cells you’ll almost never miss it unless you’re against fizz
: To be fair, it was silly that people thought shen was getting a skin because of a sword that looked thing like his. Lol.
Yea that’s weird. It’s like putting Riven’s sword in a teaser and it’s a Nami skin, how could you think it could possibly be a skin for Riven?
: The misleading bit in this promo wasn't just the dragonesque door visuals tbh. The wording at the end with the ----- pause after _I_ kinda screams Sol. "The realm is safe as long as we stand. The immovable titan, the vicious beast, and I—the light of the new year." Reading it in my head with Sol's voice it works well, but with Lux's voice it's not as _tight_ if that makes sense? Anyways, I look forward to whatever skin Sol will actually get.
I’d expect sols first skin in 2024, the year of the dragon. He’ll be right after eves first skin since 2015, Christmas Eve(lynn) If the game is even still running at that time, which I doubt
: Try to keep in mind that A.Sol is a giant particle model, with swirling particles, that shoots out more particles.
Does Riot Art team have the same competence as the balance team and can’t retexture half the particles bright yellow and work from there? It cant be that hard as half of the effects are already there and just need a color change and a few fixes. This isn’t an ultimate skin where A.Sol gets 7 forms and hundreds of new particle effects, along with voice changes like SOME champion we know
Doozku (NA)
: ...like vayne top
It's like they're walking in a dark room and walk themselves into the trap without you having to do anything
SadKill (NA)
: She has 6 skins (7 with lunar Revel) Yes the last was elementalist, and the last skin that she received was November 2016 which was elementalist. But why are we all complaining only about Lux when Warwick and Nasus both have as many skins as Lux has. Probably because Warwick and Nasus fit better thematically with this years Lunar Revel and Lux feels kind of thrown in. In the end, can there be champions that more deserve skins than Lux. For sure, but I would be more mad when Aurelion Sol finally gets a skin and it's a skin that's only supposed to be available for this event then be a legacy skin like all the Lunar Revel skins have ended up being. Aurelion Sol also just fits with any Lunar Revel regardless of which animal's year it is because eastern dragons are likely to be depicted on any Lunar Revel. Skins are worked on way in advance as well, it takes 4-6 months for a skin to go from starting production to release. Riot has been releasing the posts about Battlecast Illaoi to give us insight on how long and what goes into a skin.
Nasus and Warwick don't have ultimate skins, and lux's ultimate skin is (I think?) 7 skins in one package. Warwick and Nasus also have had a longer hiatus since their skins than Lux. Warwick and Nasus actually fit the theme unlike Lux.
Altered (EUW)
: Of course the normie ugandan memes spread to the league boards. The ugandan meme is so outdated, I find it funny people think it originated in VRCHAT.
Who Killed Captain Alex? So if there was a meme about white people a few years ago, then a new meme is made about white people in a whole another context, is that outdated immediately too?
: I love new skin of lux , why all hate lux ??????
She gets a skin every year, doesn't even fit the year of the dog, it could've been any other champion and have fit more or the same as lux, but she gets it anyway.
: yes, every champion is a melee squishy, and akali has wave clear, i don't think its possible to even talk to people like you
Akali isn't viable, but your reasons for why she isn't viable suck. She isn't viable because she isn't ranged, and isn't a tanky melee.
: akali's weakness is: no wave clear bad team fights bad late game small amounts of mobility without targets squishy I never understood people that say 'poke her down'. Unless you play phanteon, that's not a valid strategy. She has a good laning phase, contrary to the stupid popular belief. And a very strong mid game. She is weak in late game and in team fights. These days, people reach late game sooner, so, she is strong only from 12 to 30 minutes or so. And from 1 to 12 she's ok, not outstanding but ok. Its sad that your game knowledge regarding assassins is pretty much non existent. Are you poking zed down in lane? no you don't. Are you poking ekko down in lane? no you don't Are you poking kata down in lane? no you don't Are you poking fizz down in lane? no you don't Why? because they can just all in and kill you pre 6 quite easily Ok, akali can't do that easily, she needs to Q + AA you a few times before doing that. So, to make up for that she has some small heal from her passive (look it up on wiki, it is small, but its nice)
She doesn’t have waveclear? What the hell? They added a reset to her e just so that she would have waveclear. She fairs better than almost all assassins (Katarina beats her) in teamfight a but you probably only think that because melee squishes as a whole aren’t viable as of late. Late game doesn’t exist anymore in league, it’s like overtime in American football, rarely happens but it can. What do you need mobility for without a target? To get to lane or roam faster? Her ult works on scuttlecrab and if you don’t think she has enough mobility check the other 50 champs that have it worse than her. You know who else is squishy? Every other champion in her role except cho gath and galio.
: SA Kayn played properly is probably the highest damage assassin in the game.
Highest DPS, maybe. But as it stands Shadow Assassin and Rhaast deal the same amount of damage to champions per game, it's just that Rhaast doesn't spontaneously combust in one auto from an adc
: Just because jerks will be jerks doesn't mean unsportsmanlike behavior should be encouraged or allowed.
It's not allowed. But it's still gonna happen. Murder is not allowed, it happens quite regularly. So if you can't stop it, why are you letting it bother you? You can mute the chat if you're gonna be a pansy
Theorex (NA)
: I should probably edit the post. Since its getting so many views. But on the other side of things. I would rather people tell me what they think seeing my bias towards mages. Now to comment on what you wrote. its not even just ADC's abusing it. Its stealth champions abusing it. The item on stealth is just dumb. Ever watch a kha do 80% of your hp with 2 autos and one click of R? Cause I have :D
An assassin building an assassin item? If he’s doing that much then you’re isolated, which is a misplay on your part. If he isn’t getting punished for building full damage as a melee squishy with low base armor/mr/hp, that’s a misplay on your team’s part.
: implying that zed can ever oneshot someone implying that zed can ever touch a mage that can instantly cc him once he gets out of ult, and when the entire team of a mage can cc him If you think that mages are the one getting oneshot, instead of the one oneshoting people from 800 range bro i will just let you play your own game
These people play mages, they probably ban Zed and Yasuo, they complain about being immobile while one shotting melees from 30 yards away, you can’t reason with them, don’t try.
: Stuff like {{champion:120}} E being unflashable made him used to be a really good champion, as guaranteeing that much damage is stupid
If you flash properly it becomes an escape tool if you’re getting ganked by him pre 6, sad and funny at the same time
Theorex (NA)
: That is true. But I want to note something. When other champions outside of assassins start building Duskblade, is it not right for me to say that duskblade is perhaps a bit overtuned? I don't want assassins removed from the game or anything, in fact. I want one of my favorite assassins back. She was a mage. Her name was LeBlanc. But currently sitting. Assassins with Duskblade are getting a bunch of benefits. From high early game damage to vision denial. I did also mention that they should buff the champions that rely on Duskblade. My statement is about making duskblade a fair and balanced item.
Who else is building Duskblade? ADCs and Assassins. So maybe it’s not Assassins being broken but ADCs abusing every item with attack damage on it? This isn’t a new concept, the flavor is just different this time.
: TBH I get annoyed as fuck when its 4v5 or just a fairly long match and the opponents are all "GG EZ" Seriously dude, nice sportsmanship there, you have tainted what "GG" was supposed to mean
Yea, I also cried for hours when the bully called me stupid Jerks will be jerks, can’t stop it, why let it affect you?
: hey i'm not a psycho mordekaiser mains are the most inteligent players of the world
Haha Brazil numero uno huehuehuehuehuehue
: You can 1-shot the ever living shit out of Vayne if you build Riven right. Some champs can’t do shit against Vayne, riven is not one of them. Hell, just ghostblade at her and she’s forced to condemn to not eat W cc (stun from W usually means death), use your 4 dashes to easily close the distance (ult increase dash range). You’ll probably kill her within your CC duration EASILY.
Lethality Riven nowadays is like playing SA Kayn, there’s an obvious better choice, and it’s really stupid to not pick the better choice.
: Just take Second Wind and farm. That's what I did with a Nasus Teemo match up.
That was a pretty crap Teemo if they let you farm anywhere close to the level you would normally.
: If you aren't going to at least say anything of substance why bother? You say that half the roster is unplayable and there is only a select few champs that are viable in each lane, what champs are these? You just want to make noise crying that a faceless and oppresive metagame haunting over this game has taken it over and turned it into something that isn't fun but you aren't saying which champs these are if half the roster is obsolete then that means at least 3 of these randomly chosen champs are obsolete {{champion:131}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:29}} which of these is "Unplayable" and which are the "small acceptable pool" because most people would agree pretty much any one trick on any champ could get to at least gold if they absolutely master that champ. Next more meta fear mongering as if "meta" is some sort of regime and you are a robot for following it there is a reason things are meta because they are good the reason trying new things on a champ that has been out for 2 plus years doesn't work is because those avenues have been explored and are objectively inferior I don't care how many kills you get with frozen mallet, black cleaver kindred you would have gotten more if you would have just followed the meta and anytime there is something that works that isn't meta it's usually the community that complains about it "how can vayne top shes too versatile nerf her", "Syndra is op with muramana", Why are adc taking relic shield make it melee only and tell thresh to screw off" I won't even adress the tank section because as you so well put "Spare me the bs about kiting and keeping away and cc and engage" So I will spare you the bs Now you say that adcs get prefferential treatment and then talk about how mages have shit items and lack itemization this is confusing because if any class has low itemization options it's adc with the dominant builds being crit on hit and lethality there is hardly room for itemization and before you start replying a picture of a {{item:3071}} and {{item:3302}} lets remember the precedent already set by you in how the meta is all oppressive and there is no room for innovation or to "try new things" if that is true then replaying about off meta things is just a contradiction instead try {{item:3031}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3094}} {{item:3508}} {{item:3072}} "Morello is the only item mages want that has cdr" {{item:3102}} {{item:3092}} {{item:2301}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3152}} {{item:3504}} {{item:3001}} {{item:2302}} {{item:3100}} {{item:3107}} Excuse me? A full ad team can win easy in what world do you complain about the itemization of tanks vs. ad and complain ad has no way to itemize because they are op in the same post. Then there is the talk of no longer having to protect the adc because they just burst down one person and the fight is over, and then some talk about how if the fight loses 1 person there is no winning just run away or feed. If the adc is bursting someone it is the squishy and that squishy is out of position if it is a tank and tanks are op like you said then the tank would burst the adc while still being tanky right? Thats what you said.Secondly I have witnessed hundreds if not thousands of team fights turn around after losing the first person. "Top lane is rock paper scissors whoever picks the right champ wins, there is no outplaying you either pick the counter or get countered" How is that in any way exclusive to top lane, If somone blind picks fizz in the mid and i pick malzahar I am going to smack this kid he has no way to crack my spellshield without coming in range or wasting an ult for a shield that came back in 30 seconds is malz oppresive? no he got counter picked If I choose Ivern into Khazix im bout to get pounded because i Picked into my counter this is a basic strategic function of not just league or mobas but of any game with strategic value, you need to make the right choice for the right situation. and don't even get me started on defensive stats being dick till late game have you ever purchased {{item:3047}} or {{item:3076}} latley? it's all the defense you need against some laners these days. Then something about 5-10 minute games even in competitive matches No lol, Why have an ff timer I'm pretty sure we can all agree that comebacks do exist, I myself have cursed the name of a stubborn person who stopped an ff but thanked them later because we ended up coming back. Then something about e sports holding us hostage. Then the runes, A majority of champs have fitting runes Especially when alot of the old runes have been brought over in some form or even have strictly better versions of themselves.
Hold up. Black Cleaver Frozen Mallet Kindred is in the core build. Or at least it used to be.
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