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sobi999 (EUW)
: I know its a tank meta but what are mages suppose to do now?
I'm recently returning to the game and so I can relate to an extent. I was previously a mid lane main (mages, mostly) and in my return I've felt kinda lost. It feels unclear to me what I should be doing at times. I mainly just try to win or not feed in lane. As of late I try to bring some CC to my team comp. The tanks often feel impossible to kill unless I bring Brand.
: I need help top lane
I start Doran's shield with some Resolve masteries for better sustain in that type of situation. Gonna have to farm as best you can and wait it out. Perhaps find a better blind pick champion for the role.
Verns (NA)
: Best champion to get the most CS?
Miss Fortune & Zed are easy. Annie Q makes farm easy. Malz E+W clears good. Heimer can help outfarm depending on match up.
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: I'd like to thank Riot for my second demotion in a row due to AFK's
If they aren't AFK they're feeding lol shout out to promo frustration everywhere
: Can people stop suggesting stupid changes to Aatrox and see his actual problems?
Leiden (NA)
: I think Azir got nerfed a bit too hard
I feel that Azir won't be relevant for a long time. There are just easier to play Mages that can be used to zone and CC which don't take as much build up. Until a rework or a far fetched buff I'd go ahead and say RIP Azir.
Kimblee (NA)
: Cant figure out ranked
I've had a similar issue in terms of feeling most loses are at the hands of my teammates. While much can be said about all of this I'd say just find a group of people willing to communicate. Add me for your stay in Silver. ERROR 1404
Neobus (NA)
: I think I'm done as an adc this season
You'll find another champ, bro. Just experiment and keep a positive mindset going into every match!
Speeedy (NA)
: Need help as an ADC
Shoot me a friend request. I'm also S5 with voice communications looking to find friends to improve with! ERROR 1404
: [Looking For Team] (Silver 3) Support main, can also Jungle
Add S5 Mid LF people to play with. Add me. Have mic. ERROR 1404
XACE2792 (NA)
: smurfing in bronzodia anyone want to duo :)?
S5 Mid LF people to play with. I practice responsible laning. Add me. ERROR 1404
Bird Sap (NA)
: S4 support looking to improve
S5 Mid LF people to play w/. Have discord! ERROR 1404
: Looking for competitive, chill ADC Duo
Add me, S5 Mid LF people to play with. ERROR 1404
Felo (NA)
: Stuck in Silver 2 and 3, LF Help to get to Gold before season ends
KillHit (NA)
: S3 ADC trying to get gold.
Add me I'm S5 Mid w/ Discord. ERROR 1404
: Silver adc lf team
Whats up I'm Silver mid LF people to play with add me ERROR 1404
weenking (NA)
: Top/Mid/ADC main looking for bronze-gold ranked!
: I just wanna play.Been gone for about 6months.Been playing for about 2 days.Need Friends to bs with.
: top lane tanks
Try {{champion:48}} {{champion:54}}
: Anyone have advice on Teemo vs. Ryze
Seems like a bad match. I'd say farm up, ping for a gank and don't feed the Ryze if you can avoid that.
: What is the counterplay to a large champion standing on top of the adc?
Assuming you mean someone body blocking or being a meat shield I'd say farm up or get a gank ready. A team playing it safe like this might be looking to play the long game.
: Silver dynamic grind anyone?
Add me in game, mid lane main w/ mic capabilities. ERROR 1404
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: Lf a dynamic/duo/5s silver or gold
I am only S5 but am looking for players that have mics and are willing to gether to win matches and prepare for next season. Add me!! ERROR 1404
jdbri619 (NA)
: LF someone to climb out of bronze with.
Add me, I'm Silver 5 and looking for more people to play with and improve for the next season.
Add me, I use Discord & Skype. Looking for players that are willing to work together.
: Looking for a Teacher
I'm not qualified to teach you anything but if you have a mic and wanna play together sometime I'm sure we could improve together. My in game is ERROR 1404 I play Mid.
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: Gameplay tab
> [{quoted}](name=ClearedToEngage,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=dAyI6oIB,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2016-10-26T16:29:45.077+0000) > > Gameplay tab You're correct, have to hit show all. False alarm. Peeps, am a noob, my apologies.
: I can't find them too. I guess they took them out. lol
> [{quoted}](name=Bimclunk,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=dAyI6oIB,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-10-26T16:08:14.991+0000) > > I can't find them too. I guess they took them out. lol Yeah, I'm guessing that has to be it. Guess no Tank or champion specific Rune pages for me! :[
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: I don't know what it is: Darshan playing it, or just people thinking it's good....
I'm glad I've seen a lot less Yasuo oh my team in the solo que but like everything else it seems situational.
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Lapis (OCE)
: Is an ap adc good to take in some situations?
I usually go for an offensive support if my team is lacking AP. Lux is usually my go to.
Raoul (EUW)
: Why does Zed have an "Ok, I am done, I am out" button?
The boards have been crying about Zed for a while now. People need to build and prepare for Zed's attack. You just perfectly described assassins in the game and described exactly what Zed does.. if you can't counter it with you knowledge you just demonstrated by writing this post then maybe this isn't the game for you. Zed's ult can be canceled by building two different items and he can be CC'd once he is done traveling to the target. Zed is gonna punish squishies for poor positioning. That's what Zed does, kill and get out. Bait the ultimate and you have about a minute to work with.
: Tahm Kench is the most oppressive champion in the game right now
: One-shot by lvl 3 Brand
You can only live 8 turns without taking into account the flinch from Q. >:P
: malphite is a rock type
> [{quoted}](name=Puddinglax,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=xhuXmZoJ,comment-id=0000000100000000,timestamp=2016-01-06T00:24:36.013+0000) > > malphite is a rock type Will O Wisp does 1/8 of a pokemon's health every turn and reduces their attack stat by 50%. As long as your fire type can land it your opponent will continue to take HP % damage ignoring the type advantage. #checkmate
: Daily reminder that there is no legit way to kill Ahri
I would give Yasuo, Zed, Azir & even Ziggs a shot at Ahri. First two would be skill match up and the two mages would depend on your ability to zone her out in laning phase.
: Play {{champion:54}} {{champion:267}}{{champion:3}} , free win vs brand
> [{quoted}](name=Puddinglax,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=xhuXmZoJ,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2016-01-05T23:12:09.370+0000) > > Play {{champion:54}} {{champion:267}}{{champion:3}} , free win vs brand Brand can entirely deny Malphite his passive by hitting him with it every time he tries to CS. Its HP % damage on Brand's passive. To beat Brand I recommend Yasuo, Ahri or Velkoz. The first can outplay, the third is just as immobile but can lay down some serious in lane harass.
: Just build a thornmail they said
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