: Hello! I'm the one who drew that Poppy. Going through all of the feedback for this contest, I get the impression that there's a lot of misunderstanding that I'd like to make note of. I want to address some of the claims that I see being made often. 1. _This was not a popularity contest._ I see people saying that this was a matter of popularity, that contestants with large followings would try to garner votes with the help of their thousands and thousands of followers. Note that artist popularity was not a factor in this because contestants like SPINIPS and ScruffytheTurtle, with Twitter followings of 52.5k and 22.7k both placed third, while I placed first and only have a Twitter following of 1.2k, a measly fraction compared to those giants. Not to mention ffSade and RinTheYordle, both with 14k+ followers who (unfortunately) didn't even place third in this contest. 2. _Community votes didn't matter._ While I'm unsure of how the voting system was supposed to work, I have a theory (that may be incorrect, but hear me out). The Woobox gallery was randomized so everyone gets a fair shot at seeing all of the entries in no particular order. It's possible that the community votes were supposed to weed out the entries that the voters were giving more attention to. That way, the spam submissions would be pushed out of the picture so that Riot would have a more solid pot of entries to choose from when it came time for their final vote. Riot used community votes for consideration, not a deciding factor. 3. _Digital art always wins over traditional._ I completely disagree with this. When it comes to art contests, it's not about what medium you use to draw, it's about how well you can execute a drawing in your medium of choice. In many ways, traditional drawings can look better than digital ones, you just have to know what you're doing. **It's a matter of quality and skill of medium.** For instance, Christopher Campbell, a senior artist at Riot, does a lot of his art with traditional pencil and paper. The quality of his work shows that he's a master of the tools he uses and knows what he's doing to make his drawings look as good as they do. There's plenty of both great and bad traditional art just as there is plenty of great and bad digital art. You just need to know how to execute a good drawing with whatever tool you're using. 4. _Too many angry faces won._ I think this is sheer coincidence. All of the drawings that won were excellent drawings, and they just so HAPPENED to be angry, for the most part. The contest was about "conveying an intense emotion," and I feel that plenty of submissions just didn't do that well enough. A lot of expressions weren't as pushed/exaggerated as they could have been, a lot of drawings couldn't be read as a specific emotion, etc. One more thing I wanted to add was that a lot of contestants submitted drawings as if they are supposed to be in-game emotes. The rules didn't specify that at all, and these drawings are not intended to be emotes for the game anyway, it's just a fun art contest. All of the winning drawings followed what the guidelines called for down to a tee. I understand why there are complaints coming from the community, but I think a lot of it is due to misinformation. Also, I absolutely love the Garen drawing that won next to mine. It totally captures the essence of what the contest is, and is so much fun to look at. A drawing can be simple, yet very strong. Great job to everyone c: {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
First and foremost, great work and congratulations - I saw your entry on Twitter and had a feeling you'd be placing somewhere in the finalists. Secondly, I don't disagree with any of the points you make here. However, my main concerns were how easily Woobox could be exploited by random IP address generators (as votes weren't tied to users' accounts), how participants couldn't delete duplicate entries that would split their votes, and [that participants were encouraged to make duplicate entries by Rioters helping with the contest](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/c/riot-official/87GOYymE-check-out-the-champ-memotions-contest?comment=0059). Hopefully these are easy fixes, because I think the spirit of this contest was fun and well-intended, and it's unfortunate to see that dampened by technical issues.
: {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} Okay, looking at this thread, there's a lot of common themes. Why is everyone being so salty about this? Yeah, woobox was bull, but a few of the honorable mentions are people _without_ a following, so it wasn't a total popularity contest I do think some really good ones probably didn't make it through the first round. I would have liked to have known if I did. I probably didn't. Can we stop being rude to digital artists? Digital art IS hard. So is traditional. They both are difficult in different ways, and depending on your proficiency in each you're gonna be better or worse at one or the other. I won't deny that color selection and undo are an absolute blessing, but it still takes skill to make the piece look halfway decent. You still have to know color theory and the human form. Furthermore, this is a contest in a digital format, so entries in that same format are going to have an advantage. "eVeRyOnE oF tHeM iS mAd." Okay. Were they still well drawn? Was there skill behind them? Were they dynamic and interesting? Nidalee and Lulu have some amazing perspective up there, and their colors are ON POINT. Come on guys. Yes, this was an absolute clusterfrick. It was poorly handled, and basically no one had a fair chance. But that's not the fault of the angry faces, or the digital artists, or the popular artists, it was Riot's fault. Plenty of really good pieces got passed over. But, nonetheless, a lot of good pieces made it. Stop being bitter and cruel to each other. We all got screwed over. I'm just glad that some of the pieces got the recognition they deserved!
"Why is everyone being so salty about this?" "Yes, this was an absolute clusterfrick. It was poorly handled, and basically no one had a fair chance." Think you answered your own question, fam.
: I hadn't even thought of that! Also, Congratulations! Would you mind showing me yours?
Thanks, yeah, my entry's right here: https://woobox.com/f4sis9/gallery/tOH31aFaHeo
Noxxy (NA)
: You just sound bitter you didn't win. Fix your attitude and be happy for your fellow artists. I think Riot is bright enough to look over their own system of voting. Which I'm not mistaken the community vote was consideration and not final, as Rioters themselves had the final say. And if you're really trying to use the "rigged vote" argument than all of of the popular artists that entered would have placed.
If I'm bitter about anything, it was the inability to delete duplicate posts. I know for a fact my votes were split because I had friends that would say they found my entry on Woobox and they'd send me one of two different links, meaning their votes were getting split. Honestly, though, I don't think that would've changed the outcome, and I didn't participate to win nor did I expect to. Honorable mention was already more than I expected to get. I'm both happy for the winners and flattered to have gotten an honorable mention, but I also think the voting system was a bit flawed - I can think both.
: In the future, I _would_ suggest that the duplicate entries, traces, memes, and entries that don't meet criteria are removed before voting begins. That way, we won't have quite the overwhelming number of entries to vote on! Also woobox isn't the best - it'd be better to have more pics per page. Other than that, Thank you guys <3
Also maybe using a voting system tied to users' accounts instead of one that can be easily gamed by a random IP address generator.
: hey i voted for that lulu one, i really liked it!
Aww, thanks, fam! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: also pls do post your submission i'd love to see yours
Yeah, sure, my entry's right here: https://woobox.com/f4sis9/gallery/tOH31aFaHeo
: Don't know why you got a downvote. Anybody who has looked at ANY community judged contest for ANYTHING knows this is true. I just wish riot had been open about it being community judged from the start. Feels kinda shitty to know that all the cool traditional entries probably didn't even get considered.
To be fair, they were open about it in [the original post announcing the contest](https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/community/contests/check-out-champ-memotions-contest-0) as well as the following posts. >For the first round the community will be the judge, working in Woobox to pick their favorites.
Papikana (NA)
: Can you honestly look at these and say they don't deserve to win? These are beautiful submissions that respected every aspect of the rules and worked hard to have their art voted for. I don't understand the stereotype behind digital art saying it is "easier to use and requires much less effort." To do digital artwork, you must still know how to sketch, outline, use shading, proportions, etc. You can't just pick up a tablet and be a professional artist. Just because it's a different medium does not mean it's easier. Calling out artists that use digital tools is kind of rude. Their art is just as valid as someone else's, whether that is traditional, digital, a sketch, painting, or anything else. Also, I managed to get in the top 30 by sketching out my drawing on paper more than once, uploading it to my computer once I was satisfied with my traditional piece, outlining it and coloring it digitally. This took around a week and was by no means easy. Please respect all art types and not just was you deem valid. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Yeah, I did my sketches on paper first as well. I can understand feeling frustrated at the voting system, but I don't think we should be using that as an opportunity to take down other artists and their medium of choice. The intention of my original post wasn't to incite malice towards the winners - I think everyone did a great job... well, everyone whose piece I can actually **_see_** without having to dig through Woobox, ha ha! {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
: Well Riot used to only vote themselves but everyone was mad and said the community should vote. Now the community should vote and nobody wants to the community to vote. Lets all face it, no matter what Riot does someone will complain. We're all different humans with different opinions, blah blah, they'll never get it right for everyone. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Is it really a "community vote" if anyone from anywhere regardless of whether they play can vote, the votes aren't tied to user's accounts, and the system is easily exploited by anyone with a random IP address generator?
: I'm happy for everyone who won but having the community vote feels very manipulative still
Particularly a community vote not tied to players' accounts (so someone could easily spam votes through randomly generated IP addresses) that didn't let participants delete their duplicate posts (potentially splitting their votes across duplicates and hurting their chances of winning)... which [Rioters encouraged them to do if they were unsure about their entry](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/c/riot-official/87GOYymE-check-out-the-champ-memotions-contest?comment=0059)... which a lot of people were because the submission system was so confusing (lack of clarity if entry was disqualified if Summoner Name wasn't visible in thumbnail, link provided after entering didn't lead anywhere until after submissions ended, etc.). {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: Kinda sad the "shut up and take my later" guy didn't win nor get into honorable mention. But hey, these look sick as hell, especially the Bard one.
Do you have a link? The Woobox is as aggravating to navigate as it was during community voting.
: Check out the Champ Memotion Winners!
"Narrowing this massive field of submissions down to just a handful of finalists was tough." "For the first round the community will be the judge, working in Woobox to pick their favorites." {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: Champ Memotions Contest Voting Begins
TFW the contest doesn't require people to vote with their accounts so you can just cheat by spamming votes from randomly generated IP addresses lol nice work riot BTW since everyone's posting their entries, here's mine: https://woobox.com/f4sis9/gallery/tOH31aFaHeo
: Taliyah Memotions Entry
OMG, she looks **_so_** sad, awww...!
A Nunu (NA)
: My memotions competition entries!
These are great! Super clear and simple - they'd read great on a small sticker/emoji level... and they're funny! Great work!
: Memotion entry "How you doin?"
OMG, love this one! It's perfect for Evelynn! {{champion:28}}
: I can feel the enemy team spaming this already when they get a kill on me..... #alreadytilted this means I need this now.
: This is so gorgeous it makes me cry {{sticker:sg-janna}} {{sticker:sg-lux}}
: i want this and no 4 so bad xD
Ha ha, thanks! Yeah, almost every expression had a handful of people that wanted me to do it! Wish I could've done 'em all, but only so many hours in the day!
KagureNai (EUW)
: I love it! The expression is so... it expresses so much! I love your style, it's simple, but really effective, combined with the light shading you made. There is so many good entries, and you're in my favorites right now. <3
Ha ha, awww, thanks so much! That means a lot... especially since like you said: there's so many spectacular entries already!
Ifneth (NA)
: So cute! :3
: It makes me feel like she's about to whisper "it's free real estate" in my virgin ears.
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BigVein (NA)
: How Do You Post A Picture In Forum Post
: obviously I would buy it, but I might like a visual cleanup of her other skins first, like make her ingame face match the splash a bit more and give her a proper b animation on the skins that don't have it so she's not standing there blankly doing nothing. I suggest a tea party.
: I gotta say, I want Star Guardian {{champion:36}} more. "Mundo protect all Starsh. Mundo love shpash lightsh. Mundo smash you if you touch starsh."
I would like to see that, ha ha ha!
: I don't play lulu but the concept looks pretty good!
Thank you! You should try her - she's fun!
: try saying that after looking at his old splash art.... that terrible image is still there in my memory
: This looks fantastic. I love the derpy little dog you made for the whimsy.
Thank you! My friend inspired me for the polymorph - she loves pugs, ha ha!
: lol I remember an old friend of mine kept telling me this skin should be a thing
Is your friend me? Ha ha ha!
: female Star Guardian skins for {{champion:6}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:79}} *shudders in revulsion* {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Seems oddly appropriate for Taric, though, at least, ha ha.
: Oh man. If this becomes a thing, I would spend my RP on this skin, and donate my weekly cheque to the main concept artist out of love.♡ This would be a great skin for Lulu. I'm curious about how her recall would be too. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
Ha ha, like some sort of League of Legends Patreon or something! That'd be awesome! That's a good question... I imagine it would be something more in the animator's field of work, but I was thinking some magical girl anime-related dance.
: Not without Star Guardian Urgot http://i.imgur.com/1dTPYE3.png Also need Braum Gragas and Taric http://imgur.com/a/71G8U
trisblou (NA)
: Not before Star guardian Garen http://66.media.tumblr.com/6798ff8ebe1c96de65b3ced3847f2cea/tumblr_nzmkht11SO1rra7kvo1_1280.jpg
Oh wow, majestic, ha ha ha!
SilvrMeh (NA)
: oH HELL YES I WOULD BUY THIS SKIN. (if I had any riot points.) I saw the work on your insta and love it!
Ha ha, better start saving, I guess. Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my work and I'm glad you like it!
Kloskabe (NA)
: Yesssss. Insta-Buy right there.
DomoRobo (NA)
: As a Lulu main, i need this in my life. ;w;
Hopefully someday, am I right?
: Great thank you for all the answers.
No problem! Thanks for looking!
: ah kk. based off of cardcaptor sakuras kero? Sorry really love this skin for lulu.
If you check out my process for the VFX here - http://allisonperryart.tumblr.com/post/148971693019/ - you can where I drew some of my inspiration from. I looked at a tonnnnn of different mascot characters from magical girl anime and tried to kind of create something that'd be an homage to the concept but not a complete copy. It took a little bit of brainstorming - I had a lot of different ideas. I'd say the final design is kind of a mix between Kero (Cardcaptors), Luna (Sailor Moon), and Kyubey (Madoka). And, ha ha, it's fine, don't apologize for liking it! I'm super flattered, thank you!
: This looks great. I'm just wondering who pix is supposed to be in this skin.
Pix is the little winged cat!
: I believe people assume she leans towards the evil side due to her being friends with Veigar (not sure the reason behind her being friends with Gnar though ^^').
Ha ha, I guess I never saw Veigar as 100% evil, either. He always struck me as the kind of petty evil that gets a redemption arc halfway through the series and joins the good guys to fight the "actual evil..." if that makes sense, ha ha!
Sukishoo (NA)
: Wat, no Pix? Can't have Lulu without Pix XD
Pix is the little flying cat (just like how PIx is a dragon for Dragon Trainer Lulu, a puffer fish for Pool Party Lulu, etc.)! I figured since it's meant to be a 1350 RP skin, all the VFX should be redesigned... including Pix, of course, ha ha!
rescued (NA)
: ^^ Will do! Our ideas are similar but there are some differences
Awesome! Can't wait to see it!!
rescued (NA)
: I've always viewed Lulu as evil but has good intentions as well. I do like drawing her with an evil/wicked personality, its fun considering there are quite a bit of happy champions in the game :)
I can see that! I should try depicting Lulu's darker side sometime - I always draw her really cute and bubbly, ha ha!
rescued (NA)
: I had the exact same idea for Lulu! I actually have a WIP for that skin ~ I'm all for it! I love it!
Oh, awesome! You should post it - I'd love to see your take on the idea!
: As a fellow owner of all of Lulu's skins, I would totally buy this one as well. As Ozzie already mentioned, the enormous star on her hat fits her especially well.
: love the design (especially the big star placement on the hat). It's also interesting to see her with a reverse personality and more on the good side ^^
Thanks! And, hm, is it a commonly held perspective that Lulu is less on the good side? I know a lot of people like to draw/portray her as having a bit of a dark side, but I always regarded her as mischievous but overall morally good. Admittedly, I think I judge her more on how I want her to be than her actual official lore, ha ha! If anything, though, that's what I think makes her character neat: the fact that people can project pretty drastically different narratives on her and they all kind of work.
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: Champion Update: Tristana
Why did they make her 'sexier...?' Makes me feel kinda uncomfortable. rito pls stahp


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