: Nidalee Players Want Riot To Step Up And Fix The Mess Riot Created.
There should be a middle ground found where Nidalee can play in many roles. With all of her nerfs over the years you'd think there is something wrong with her current design. She went mostly unchanged before the rework and now has been nerfed more than 20 times! There is something wrong with the damage amplification on Cougar... it should be moved back to the Spear.. and maybe we nerf the really long pounce so it isn't as frustrating?
: The spears missing is not a bug they look like they miss because of how thin the skill shot is and this happens when you are slightly off the hit box a rioter already confirmed this and said "aim for the feet"
They made the skillshot thinner without changing the model of the spear that flies at you, so sometimes it really does visually connect but does not hit.


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