: How did i not get an A- or an S ?
Highest vision score is relative. You are not graded against your teammates, you are graded relative to other Pykes. So you also have to realize he is popular currently so the pool is much larger, and therefore the bar to earn S etc is much more challenging. Play a support nobody plays and watch as you get an S+ going 1/0/8.
: nidalee does not have a damage doubling 4 second stun.
Neither does Zoe! Her sleep is just over 2s. And if you're a damage dealer you can actually kill her in the time it take effect.
Nàtšu (EUW)
: ban chat
What is it you are saying? I'm guessing it's not "Hey, don't fight X, try and get your farm up so we have you late game" and probably more along the lines of "god you're shit, uninstall the game" just a guess.
: What are your honest thoughts on Hourglass?
By this logic, then let's also get rid of QSS, Maw, Banshee's Veil, GA, Wit's End, those all have lots of defenses and powerful abilities and stats tied to those defenses. While we're at it, health is a defense too, right? So RoA, Frozen Mallet, etc. That way there are defense only and offense only items, and then Assassins can just rule the game.
Sir Galahad (EUNE)
: Toxicity in league of legends.
Nothing about the mechanics of the game lead one to see somebody miss a cs and say "Kill Yourself Trash Monkey" so no... it's the players.
: thats what i said, you buy hex dinker, but not maw till pretty late on. and i didnt play by the time GA was like that but i say the same, when i would buy GA as first item? never, plus when you buy GA its for the revive pretty much, not for stats. do you feel GA is busted? again is not an item i see everygame
You buy Hexdrinker, which does 80% of what Maw does for half the price. Zhonya requires the whole item or it's a 1 off. Most people don't build Zhonya first unless you're into an AD assassin. So it's the same deal as those other items.
Hi im 12 (EUNE)
: I mean I'm used to the mains of bs champions making bs excuses for their champion but you need some pretty high level in mental gymnastics to go "oh my champion missed the 2 abilities that do 150% of most champions health as damage, its fine for her to still one shoot people" lmao
?? I gave you numbers. And have proved that she does not '1 shot' people without her kit. You know, something that all mages do when they use their abilities properly. The gymnastics at work are your baseless accusations and rage over a champion. But it's okay, you can stay mad. You play Malphite, Garen, Jax and Trynd? And a Zoe is whupping you? That's hilarious.
: i could seem reasonable but it ist nearly as efective as that, how many times do you see zhonyas or banshees baing builded compared to maw and mercurial? theres almost a zhonyas per game and isnt weird seeing two or even 3 in one game. of course there is damage loss and mercurial or maw are not likely a second item you want to build, while ap can pretty much go for anything and it will work, deathcap void staff spellbinder, build order is not even close as restrictive compared to ad characters. most off the times you buy hexdrinker or qss and upgrade them pretty late in the game and wits end is not and option for many character, as zhonyas banshee pretty much goes well into everyone. also yes, my big concern is about zhonyas, why does it gives so many ap? why does it gives cdr? i found that ilarious, the only item i found as nonsense is shojin
Really? I see first item Hex Drinker in the mid lane a LOT from AD Midlaners. Also if you're an AD into any form of supression you should build Mercurial. But you're totally okay with GA? Cause it used to give 0AD, then they felt that AD should be rewarded with more damage for building the item.
iMidg3t (EUW)
: Imo it would be better to just put flat CD on ranked games. Something like 30 mins, 1hr, 2hr, 24hr, 49 hr and so on. But on 1st dc. Something that will make players think twice about going afk.
So if your power goes out you have to hope and pray you never have a problem again cause your CD is going to skyrocket? Or do you just never play ranked again for fear. So we then just alienate people because of what might happen. With this extreme approach do you also support the client being updated to just auto chat resict, or short term ban people that say "You're bad" "Trash" etc? Just comb through and take long lasting action to improve the game?
: > [{quoted}](name=Failmageddon,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=XfeygzUz,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2019-09-24T20:52:56.301+0000) > > So how do you define 'forgotten' ? Because Alistair, Elise, Gnar, Neeko, Taric, and Trundle have all been prevalent in the pro scene recently, so... not sure how they are 'forgotten,' Anivia, Maokai and Amumu maybe? Though Anivia also has niche attention there (Froggen exists). Zilean also pops up semi-regularly, so I guess maybe Maokai and Amumu could be classified there? But I think you're way off on the others. I'm talking about norms and soloq since that is what I and the majority of the players play, you will find pretty much every champion in pro play. In my experience in the last few months I have never seen these champs.
By that then I'd say it's Kalista and Perhaps Ziggs. I see most of the others appear in my solo Q. Oh Braum has been a rarity lately.
: zhonyas isn´t too overstated????
Let's compare AP and AD. AP for Banshee pays 3000 for 60MR, 75AP, 10% CDR and the shield. AD for Maw pays 3250 for 50MR 50AD, 10% CDR, and a 350dmg shield as well as 20 more AD, 10% lifesteal and 10% spell vamp. OOOOR AD can take Mercurial 3400g, 50 AD 10% lifesteal, 35MR and a click to remove any CC even supression. OOOOR Wits End 2900 for 50% attack speed, 50 MR, 5% movement speed and the Maw passive. Being as Banshee can be popped by a luden's proc or an AoE I'd say AD has the better defensive damaging items, as you have valid options across the board, and can even buy TWO if you want to be tanky and still do all your damage against AP sources. Mercurial and Maw? Your loss in damage is almost non-existent for a lot of resistance. How about Armor Zhonya costs 2900 for 75 AP, 10% CDR, 45 Armor, and a 120s cooldown golden (shorter if you ingenious hunter). AD GA is 2800 for 45 AD, 40 Armor, and come back to lifeon 300s CD. This one I'd say yes is in the AP favor, though coming back to life can be crazy powerful but raw pound for pound Zhonya is probably better.
: LoL most forgotten champions list top 12 most forgottenc champions
So how do you define 'forgotten' ? Because Alistair, Elise, Gnar, Neeko, Taric, and Trundle have all been prevalent in the pro scene recently, so... not sure how they are 'forgotten,' Anivia, Maokai and Amumu maybe? Though Anivia also has niche attention there (Froggen exists). Zilean also pops up semi-regularly, so I guess maybe Maokai and Amumu could be classified there? But I think you're way off on the others.
: Zoe player alert!
OMG you're right I forgot if you don't play Zoe you're incapable of doing math. Great response though.
Hi im 12 (EUNE)
: gets 600 damage from 2 ignites, 450 from her W and odd something from her passive and autos and there you go you just went from a 100 to a 0 real fast without her hitting you with anything. >Only her E gets any kind of range extension its also the only spell that really matters, you get hit by it and she will have plenty of time to get her Q to you and you're just dead. >if Zoe missing everything and killing you is 'broken' then so is Sylas? More so? well sylas is broken as fuck yes, that's not really the reason why his broken but sure whatever.
Why are you fighting her when she has 2 ignites? It tells you when she has an ignite picked up. You can also see on the ground what she can pick up. And again, she hits you with 1 400dmg ability, and manages to perfectly layer those 2 ignites while missing everything and you can't kill her? Again, you must not be doing anything. I've played against a lot of Zoe I'd rather play against Zoe than most other mid lane champions.
Hi im 12 (EUNE)
: >what were you doing back? I was hitting her with spells :) >Sylas does by comparison sylas doesn't 1 shoot you from across the map, also melee champions that are auto attack reliant do more damage than ranged burst mages? oh no, this couldn't possibly be true.
If you 'hit her with spells' and she only auto'd then you were way behind. Because again Her auto does AT MOST 250dmg. If your spells do less than that you deserve to lose, she has to hit you with 5 auto's and an ignite (if you're squishy) with no attack resets and casting a spell in between all of those. Also across the map? Wow, we're into hyperbole now you're definitely qualified for a real talk. Only her E gets any kind of range extension, her Q is actually fairly short ranged as far as skill shots go. I guess by your logic Ezreal's Q is global, cause it has a much longer range. My point on Sylas is his kit does more damage with 'just auto's' than Zoe, so if Zoe missing everything and killing you is 'broken' then so is Sylas? More so? Since you made the point "She missed everything and 100-0"
: I mean, the section about Autofill... I have been Autofilled literally 5 times over the whole season and the 150+ games or so I played. 5 times is not enough games to have a "pool".
I envy you, I go on streaks where I get autofilled every 3-4 games.
Hi im 12 (EUNE)
: ah yes, I was a terrible player for getting hit by auto attacks and ignite. well this is about the level of argument I'd expect from a zoe main lmao
If auto's and ignite killed you, what were you doing back? Ignite does between like 100-300dmg, and her empowered auto's do 16-130+20% AP, and have no reset timer on her autos, so she still has to attack at her attack speed. Sylas does by comparison 9-60+100%AD+20%AP and does have resets on his autos. So a Sylas is more likely to kill you while missing all abilities than a Zoe is.
QwertyKing (EUNE)
: Okey. Thank you. Question is, do I seek after meta junglers, or rely on any type of jungler, because, if you play well with with any champion, you can still carry..? And also, my highest experience in the game is adc role...bit in s9 I just can't play it, I lose lane, and all I want, is to finally get out of Silver. I was at Gold promos, but sadly lost them :/
ADC is a very tough role. Don't worry about meta, play what you enjoy and feel comfortable on. I played Zoe and Anivia to get out of Silver, neither are meta (Zoe was for a time) but I even played her when she took her first big nerf and everyone said she was gutted, because that was a champ I was going to play. Also you don't have to carry, sometimes you carry, sometimes you get carried, and sometimes you make decisions that enable somebody else to carry. It's why as a midlaner if I get a lead I try and think "Where can I use this lead to help the rest of the team get ahead." And that's important, cause I think too many people stuck in silver and bronze rely on "I must be the hero or we've lost." If you are carrying, share the success, get other people ahead. If you're behind think "What can I do to help the person who isn't stay there."
: Refunding LP
The problem with that system is say I make an account to play with a friend. I can just afk everytime the game looks bad and he never loses LP, and my spare account takes the loss. That is a thing that would happen. Would you like to see an AFK everytime the game looks bad? Because people will take that option over risking a loss. Are you also then going to deny the enemy team a win? Because then it really turns into LP farming if they get a win, the afk gets a loss and 4 others get essentially a remake that took 15-30mins.
QwertyKing (EUNE)
: I'm hardstuck Silver player since season 6, any tips?
I mean, you seem to be doing okay on Hecarim and Kayn. I would say try and focus hard on just trying to grind it out with them, maybe find 1 more jungler you feel comfortable and confident on. As far as in game I'm sadly not very good at jungle so can't give any great advice on that front, but keep warding up vision can win games. I see you usually only buy like 1 control ward, try and get in the habit of seeing if you can always have one on you. Other than that I'd suggest getting a jungler's input, and tough it out.
: She cant oneshot with Q alone? Excuse me sir? Are we in the same planet? This is hillarious
Let's take a look shall we? Zoe Q does at max distance (without putting you to sleep) (170+60% AP)x1.5. So With 1000 AP She does (170+600)x1.5, which is 1155dmg. Even a squishy at level 18 has over 1500hp, and that 1155 is assuming no MR, and that she actually has 1000AP, Which based on typical builds... Rabbadon 120, Lichbane 80, Ludens 90, Morrello 70, and we'll throw in Void 70. So that's 430+40%=602, which isn't even close to 1000, so REALLY her damage is (170+361)x1.5=797. So... yes we are on this planet.
: cuz it is. once again he has always had this scaling. its not new
So scaling should never change? I see constantly champions having their damage and scaling tweaked based on the current meta and what is happening within it. By your "He always had it, it's not new" approach what on earth has happened to all the other champions that have been buffed and nerfed?! MAGIC!
: > [{quoted}](name=Failmageddon,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=cLst2Fhd,comment-id=00180000,timestamp=2019-09-24T02:08:20.659+0000) > > So is it fun fighting a champ that can just not die for 5s while getting 100% crit from 1.5 items? Is it fun fighting a champ that pushes R and locks you down point and click? I'm trying to figure out what champs you think are actually fun and 'balanced' because I'd rather play against Zoe than a lot of other champs. No lol, fighting against a Tryn is definitely not fun. Fighting against Vi or Naut is definitely not fun either. It's not because the champ, it's because the DAMAGE that comes with said UNAVOIDABLE shit. I enjoy fighting against champs that need to utilize their whole kit... Because then i at least know i fucked up. I didn't fuck up when i dodge a Zoe E, Q, but she uses her RNG ignite, and 2 autos/electrocute to fucking take away half my health. I dodged all the "skill" part of her, and she still wins by completely fucking whiffing. My only mistake, was playing the fucking game, and being in the same lane as that cancer. I would enjoy fighting against a Zoe, if she actually had to hit me with things. I think timing things against her R, and in between CD's would be great, if they fucking mattered!
Ah yes damage that is unavoidable, Veigar R? Syndra R? Malzahar R? Zed R? Vlad R? Or to be comparable to Zoe W, Ahri W+R? I mean I know it's wonderful playing to outplay a Veigar who then pushes R and kills you (same with Syndra, those outplay buttons). Awareness is part of the outplay and timing. It tells you when she has that RNG ignite, she only has it for a set time, you can play around that. Having played as and against a fair amount of Zoe I feel there is greater skill expression in that match up than the champs that literally go "Do I have, R? Check!"
: he looses alot by getting and building AP. his passive and his E? scale with HP and armor. in the past / all tanks scaled typically with ap and there werent alot of tanky ap items so it wasnt ideal for them to build that way. but full ap amumu can 1 vs 5 a team. ap bruiser maokai of season 5/6 top lane would out tank and out damage nearly any champ. so other then his ult he isnt really benefiting from building AP. supports abilities/kits have been over tuned in the past to make up for lack of gold /damage items they got/built to make their kits strong with out AP/AD /damage so when they have HIGH BASE STATS and over tuned kits they get played in other lanes and then gutted, support items get gutted. not talking about mages from mid lane going support. karma/lulu/janna for example. lulu use to be a night mare mid and top but she got gutted over and over. and you keep calling him a TANK , ok that is his classification but when he goes FULL AP he cant tank shit.
But that is the role he is supposed to fill. If I get 6 AD items on Janna she is a solid ADC, but that doesn't make her a marksman or a legit ADC because that is not what she was intended to be. But let's look at what Malphite loses. His Q 60% AP Scaling, W 20% AP scaling (also armor, but that's 15% and Zhonya's does have armor too, so that's a double dip item not to mention eventually being 30% more effective than on other mages), E 60% AP scaling, and R 100% AP scaling. So, he gains a LOT of damage. Does he lose tankiness? Yes he does, but his scaling is literally comparable to mid lane mages, in some cases his damage is higher. Why?
: I mean what's not fun about playing against a champ that misses her Q, and her E, but lands 2 lock on ignites and autos you a few times? OR flashes 3 times. Or protobelts away, or exhausts, or a fucking champ who gets RNG goodies every fucking minion wave. Perfectly balanced. Much counterplay. Such fun, very Riot, small indie company. Like, i honestly would be ok with it, if she had to hit me with her kit to kill me. Instead of R, auto ignite electrocute lol. Why bother having other parts of a kit, if you don't have to land it to be successful. Fuck this game man.
So is it fun fighting a champ that can just not die for 5s while getting 100% crit from 1.5 items? Is it fun fighting a champ that pushes R and locks you down point and click? I'm trying to figure out what champs you think are actually fun and 'balanced' because I'd rather play against Zoe than a lot of other champs.
: this isnt an issue with malphite its an issue of players not seeing it often before and dont know how/slow to learn/adjust to it its more of an issue of the meta then his scaling. nerfing malphite scaling on ap is using your finger to plug a hole trying to keep the hurrican/typhoon/tsunami from flooding the beach.
I would disagree, there is never a point that a 1400+ dmg AoE is going to be "I just need to see it more." I've seen it plenty now. I understand how it works, but if he just comes over a wall or from a bush, or goes Flash R. Why do tanks need good AP scaling? If he NEEDS it, why can't supports have higher AP scaling?
Saezio (EUNE)
: All your suggestions result in making tank malphite busted as fuck. Except for the straight up nerf scenario A which is just a bad ranty suggestion. AP malph is easy to play around. He is not an assassin because he can't get in kill one get out. He can trade 1 for 1 when the enemy doesn't have flash. It's just that in low elo people can't flash malph ultis, and that is no reason to nerf a champion.
So in your world Malphite only ults once every 5mins? Cause last I checked Malphite R gets to a 35s cooldown. Please tell me how you flash his ult 8 times while your flash is on cooldown from the first flash.
: Or, we can learn how to flash his ulti and not bundle up into a group. It sounds kinda mean but apparently malph has always been like this but recently he's just become more into the spotlight
Flash his ulti, good strat. What do you do when he does it 30s later? He has always been like this, but people were doing it less. If I'd seen it more back then I would have said stuff about it. Now it is prevalent and would think it would draw attention to the flawed design.
: That's simply not going to happen, as much as we might want it to. Autofill exists to ensure that queue times aren't absolutely hell to wait through. I've played multiplayer role-based games without an autofill function, and waits are usually averaged out at about 5 minutes. So unless you want to sit for five minutes or more waiting for a match, only for someone to dodge and make you wait five more, autofill is gonna stick around.
I would GLADLY wait 5mins to ensure everyone was playing what they wanted to. Autofill is fun for nobody on the team, you have a person playing poorly cause they were filled which then hurts the rest of the team. The worst part about autofill is that it is truly forced, not necessary. Had a game where the people had queued as Top, Jungle, Mid, Bot and Support, but were placed Bot, Mid, Jungle, Support, Top. That's a really bad system. Or when my friend queues as support, I do not, and I get filled support and they get filled jungle. That isn't 'fill' at that point that's 'purposefully put people in unwanted roles.'
Knyron (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Failmageddon,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=cLst2Fhd,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-09-23T03:50:15.274+0000) > > How did you get 100-0 if she missed all skill shots? Her Q and E are both skill shots. If she missed those and killed you, that's a reflection on you. https://clips.twitch.tv/InexpensiveRamshackleTaroDansGame
I mean, in that clip Qt also misses every skillshot, and it comes down to the wire. He also spends time dodging, not shooting, not to mention she got lucky with the redemption (which I'm sure would be blame placed, but that's rng).
Hi im 12 (EUNE)
: well isn't this a fitting thread, just got 100-0d by a zoe that missed all skillshots last game lmao
How did you get 100-0 if she missed all skill shots? Her Q and E are both skill shots. If she missed those and killed you, that's a reflection on you.
: LOL 1v1's prove nothing btw i killed a garen building mr only as zoe in 1V1 so should zoe be balanced around one shotting juggernauts because of that?
As a Zoe Main, no she cannot kill you with impunity. In fact her damage is lower than many champs early, It's only post Ludens that she start's being able to straight up 100-0 somebody. If you don't want it happening, buy a Banshee's it is a HUGE counter to her, cause she needs E and Q to kill somebody unless they are already hurt, and if you have Banshee's they cannot get off that combo.
: Thinking on it can someone explain
Because AP Malphite in lane struggles, but if he's in the jungle he can relatively safely farm up to 6, and just do R from fog of war for the laner. It's not good, it's just a pain in the butt if your team doesn't track him.
KatOne (EUNE)
: Lol matchmaking system sucks
While I do agree there are issues in matchmaking. I find it fascinating the people that slander supports talking about 0/10 Leona, or 4/7 Lulu. I'm sure if that Leona was 10/0 you'd actually be just as mad, because supports aren't supposed to be getting kills. When you talk about supports, you should include assists. Really you should for anyone. A 1/5 midlaner sounds bad, but if they are 1/5/20... that's not as bad. People should not be so focused on only the kills when claiming their team's short comings, just saying.
Elfmon (NA)
I find it interesting the people commenting he's fine as is, when I see posts from back when Kayle's R got changed to prevent her being allowed to attack while invulnerable and saw things like "But is needed to make her balanced, it's not healthy that her alone can make herself invulnerable and melt everyone without counterplay" "I'm gonna be real with you, they wanted kayle to keep her iconic ultimate but not be unfun to play against because of it." Personally, my gripe with Tryndamere's ult is the fact that it is inevitable. He can push it no matter what. If it worked like other abilities and was unavailable when suppressed etc, I'd be much more happy with it. But cc'ing him to just have him go "Nope!" and then have to find a way to cc him for 5s when he can 3 shot somebody? Admittedly not a fan.
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: New Panth
People are roflstomping with him? I think I've only seen a single Pantheon not feed thus far. I for one am in favor of his rework it removed all of the mindlessness that the old one had.
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: So let me get this straight...
So my overall take away from this is that apart from pings I should just no longer communicate with my team, since it is far too easy to construe things as a reportable offense.
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