: Future Champion Ideas
i want {{champion:37}} having a similar skill as twisted fate, either extra damage for those around her, a heal or a slow (base on her three basic abilities) and she will probably be a noble sorcerer? which brings the questions how many characters can you put in before the pool gets too big and be impossible to level characters?, and if thats not the case what if too many characters have the same origin or class i imagine lux as noble sorcerer too for example other champion to bring {{champion:51}} make her enforcer/ranger, with her Q as skill or even better her Net so she be very distintive from varus, enforcers (probably we add Vi here too) deal 50% more damage on target stun or impared by another enforcer
: Tft is literally unenjoyable.
problem with many of the comps is not in the bonus itself but in the champions you need for them being weak compare to the bonus, others just scale so poorly with their bonus, i find easier to have mixed half bonuses than a full comp bonus
: Can we buff knights passive?
problem is early game mordekaiser is by far the weakest knight, and the bonus scale poorly after that, if you want tankiness for you lineup you are better off running guardians
: Can Bard's heal get some love late game?
just make his base shrine healing scale with chimes collected but never be higher than the charged amount basically the more chimes he collects the closer min and max values get
: Its hard to remember that there are more than 100 champions in this game
meanwhile i cant remember the last time i saw {{champion:74}} or {{champion:133}}
darkdill (NA)
: New Demacia lore, but still nothing for Sona
just wait for her rework when she turn into the aspect of music or something
: Morgana and Kayle Color Stories
the way i see it is: kayle: actions speak louder than words, and ppl just wont change, she will do what it takes in the name of justice morgana: ppl heart's speak louder than their actions, some ppl are capable of repentance and change
: {{champion:36}} thinks it's a doctors job to torture people to death. {{champion:33}} has an own cult worshipping him by rolling as a herd through the streets of Shurima. {{champion:498}} Does not lay eggs, but every other champion does. (STOP ASKING)
also mundo isnt really a doctor he just thinks he is
: Star guardian Darius
urgot and darius, too bad they are from the same lane basically, but that didnt stop the ahri plus syndra the lulu and janna and the ezreal and miss fortune so... lets add star guardian gragas, star guardian pyke and star guardian lucian
Besteau (NA)
: No need for a skirt tbh. He'd be fine with red tight spandex shorts or something. https://66.media.tumblr.com/365dfd0116752ef717a19e718ca00e87/tumblr_ofqdr6ZEFy1u3rj1to1_400.jpg
> [{quoted}](name=Besteau,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=eRNeH5lW,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-03-01T14:43:59.834+0000) > > No need for a skirt tbh. He'd be fine with red tight spandex shorts or something. > https://66.media.tumblr.com/365dfd0116752ef717a19e718ca00e87/tumblr_ofqdr6ZEFy1u3rj1to1_400.jpg i think you mean light armor *cough* {{champion:10}} *cough*
: Just a reminder...
the should still make an amazon skin for illaoi, i mean is the most obvious concept given she is such a huge woman with tentacles that can turn into vines, the only most obvious skin i can think off is samurai yi
: A very problematic situation with the Tristana voting skinline (maybe a rioter can add their thought
sugar rush looks so distinctive compare to the other two, i guess space stuff and demon stuff are a bit generic? and while we have cute tristana skins i think shooting candy beats the probably fire from demon and space laser bullets from the other
: I thought Teemo is supposed to be the 'SWIFT' Scout not the Sluggish Scout.
they should have mixed that new E with his current W into a new skill, then give him something new for his E, a camp, a scouting tool, a small dash? scout camp: teemo marks a bush as his camp( only out of combat), enemies can see a bush is a camp and only one bush can be mark at a time (insert heavy colddown) while in the camp bush teemo in completely invisible and can not be reveal and takes reduce damage, leaving the bush or attacking permanently reveal teemo and disable the bush as his camp until he exit combat. or, scouting stand: teemo climb up a wall scouting the area around him, after a short delay teemo can jump down on either side of the wall, teemo can be seen by enemies on either side of the wall and cant attack or use skills until he gets down
: I'm sorry but I play Soraka, and if Soraka misses a Q, she can still get her auto attack proc. I can also almost guarantee a double proc on Soraka off her Q/E. You use E to zone a champ hard, in a location where they can only walk one way to avoid the root. Then you Q that escape route. Instant 3 procs. Morgana in that time gets 1 proc off W, is minion blocked on Q, and has no damage on E. A 12 second skill is not reliable at farming Spellthief. A 4 second skill is.
that might be true in most match ups, which makes soraka good, but the problem with soraka is how she can get punish for trying to be aggresive like that in some lanes, if a thresh and lucian poster aggresively soraka cant risk her position, morgana on the other hand can reliable use her W once in a while even in hard match ups and not risk dying since she can deny the enemy the engage with Q and E more easily, not to mention she build zhonya
: Riot writers, what do you have against the "usual" good guys?
i think riot is trying to say that darkness dont equal evil, darkness is in everything, but evil requires intention, i think they problem is how light grey morgana feels and how clearly blind justice evil kayle feels, it doesnt feel relative to anything, it feels so set in stone that kayle is wrong and morgana might be in the right track, why cant both be "almost correct but different"?
: A Compromise to make Morgana a little more viable, without actually making her OP
i think a 50 range increase would be more than enough to make her life easier, is not like her autos hurt like lux passive
: You call 38% in LCS, 49% overall, and only countering 2 champions bot lane...... Zoning? Her W doesn't even play a role in bot. The only success she has in bot at all, is if she gets a clear line Q. She has one of the lowest gold averages in Bot lane as well. Caitlyn and Jinx and Sivir zone stronger than she does.
i play a lot of morgana, her W is mostly pointless as source of damage early on, what does work is how reliable she can proc spellthief with it and not use a powerful tool she might need to disengage, sure it cost quite a lot of mana to be spamming it, but if your only goal is to get the money and dont die in a tough lane morgana is not easy to zone away from the gold unlike other champions soraka for example could find herself having a hard time landing Q and not wanting to waste the silence, while janna cant get close in some match ups if you are losing, but morgana have a much easier time just landing W and getting a proc of spellthief which is why she was a money making machine back when spellthief didnt had the per cast limit
Jikker (NA)
: Of those, the only one that's really seen as "gray" is Garen, but that's just because he's doing what he feels is right concerning justice and even then he knows that his sister is magical (even if he won't admit it) and restrains himself from doing the "right thing". You need some people out there that do what is considered right and lawful even if it doesn't always appear to be the correct choice. He and Kayle are pretty similar in that regard. Everyone else doesn't really have anything dark or wrong with them. Some may have made mistakes in the past (Taric and Lux immediately jump to mind), but right now they seem to be doing what is good to the best of their abilities. Especially like Soraka who is just a kind caring being who is willing to harm herself to heal others. She's one of the most epitome of good out there.
i think they issue with many "good" characters is the problem with kayle, they are extremist, justice at all cost, balance at all cost, and in the eyes of others that will always feel like villainy of a kind, kayle for example could see how yorick is kinda evil even if his deeds probe otherwise, and morgana can see darkness in lux even if lux is always trying to be about the light kayle is blind justice that see actions about all else, morgana can see the darkness in their soul and she is kinda a reflection of them, maybe darker they are stronger morgana is against them?
Reksee (NA)
: The characters that are purely (and obviously) good:{{champion:20}} {{champion:518}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:99}} The characters that are purely(and obviously) evil: {{champion:31}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:56}} The characters where we(or me cuz I'm not a lore genius) don't know:{{champion:432}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:75}} The characters in the gray area: Literally everyone else. I probably missed a few but considering there are 143 champions that many champs on each side of the spectrum is far too little. Heck, a lot of the purely good characters are divine beings not affected by mortal emotions and {{champion:20}} is a 6 year old kid.
yet on morgana's voice over interaction with lux she say there is darkness in everyone even lux, morgana is the reflection of humanity's darkness, while kayle is the part of justice that is blind and righteous
GreenLore (EUW)
: Well Morganas old lore always described Kayle and her people as tyrants, so that sort of depiction isn't really anything new really. However I do feel like they missed the mark with Morgana as Morgana is just straight up good in this new lore, wheras the old lore made it sound like Morgana has good goals, but uses wicked methods to achieve them.
totally, before she sounds like she punish the wicked, now it seems like the only one that believe they can change, but after hearing more of her i feel she is just the one that see the darkness on them and believe they can be redeem while her sister just wants justice and any trace of darkness is failure, they are the separation of justice kinda how kindred is always talking to themselve about how things feel and what things are (each is a part of a whole being) currently i feel they gave kayle too much "blind justice" to the point that morgana just seems so good
gg easy (NA)
: Please CHANGE Ghost Bride Morgana Splash Art
i dont know why but i just dont like it like the old ghost bride, also as a note to all of you: ghost bride morgana skin was given free to all LAN and LAS beta players and is call "La llorona" (the crier) morgana there, have new voice lines (she is base on a legend, i think the glowing eyes take away much of her sadness, they could have done better
: > [{quoted}](name=Zapzya,realm=OCE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=VrgNNVUf,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-02-18T21:12:55.494+0000) > > To compensate for this loss of femininity, they have removed most of the armour around her abdomen. See, everything is evened out! > > Seriously, what was wrong with her having long hair? Are strong girls just supposed to just not have long hair? {{champion:145}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:498}} Ahem
now that you think about it there arent that many short hair women in league, camille and orianna are kinda robotic, and annie is a child
Terozu (NA)
: So since Kayle becomes unmasked in game by default. Can unmasked become Armored Kayle?
full metal kayle skin incoming where she gets more armor as she levels up, basically like how you need spirit guardian udyr if you want the champion you want how you want it to look
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Riot please give us this Kayle
honestly i get riot idea of "she is ascending and she gets divine protection so she don't need armor" but if at least she had a real armor to begin with that change into something more like furia from paladins then into a clear "heavenly light protects me now" ?
Kazekiba (NA)
: As long as they don't do the same thing to {{champion:82}}
get ready for the base skin looking like pentakill mordekaiser without helmet and a pair of shorts
: Gotta say: Not a fan of Kayle's new look.
i know they wanted to polish the edges but they could have gone less curvy and polish the edges of her armor, i was expecting something half way between furia from paladins and current kayle, functional armor warrior looking less revealing, we already have so many "clearly a female goddess" characters
: Kayle face needs some work
you could say she got a new groove... i dislike the armor looking so "golden costume" instead of solid armor plates
: This is a bug in intention, but not in effect. Basically, the root effect in Singed's puddle is tagged with detecting the slow. So the 'sequence' is sort of like "detect slow > check for flung effect > activate root". Obviously Yi bypasses this by being immune to slows, so the sequence never gets to play out, even if it should. Similar situations would be like how you can dash while stunned (not displaced) with 'delayed' movement effects, due to how the stun gets applied after the game decides a champion is moving, so they still get to dash. Or how some specific melee targetted abilities which yank you through flash (Singed flip and Voli Q are huge offenders). The most glaring example would be reverse-displacements, such as Leona's hook & j4's combo, which allow movement in situations where it shouldn't work (grounding, stun, roots) due to being coded as a negative displacement effect rather than a positive movement effect.
it makes sense in coding, but it doesnt in game, the understanding is you flung someone>the fall in the puddle> they get rooted, it is kinda how morgana's shield prevents only CC but not debuffs and thats why thresh can recast Q and caitlyn still get a headshot, but it wouldnt make sense that being inmune to CC make ashe deal less damage to you (which is why they change her passive to apply frost which is a debuff which also happen to slow)
: what is your most satisfying moment when playing league?
blocking a key skill with morgana's shield just in time, nothing like watching the enemy waste that malzahar ult just to realize the adc can still move and murder their team
: Trynd is such a fun champion to face
he should only be able to cast his ult at max fury at least, this way at least it is a terrible tool if he get caught and bursted before he can fight
: It would be interesting for {{champion:99}} or {{champion:427}} to have a skin where their well-known optimism is just completely gone.
> [{quoted}](name=Warlord Rhinark,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=GQGL640T,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-01-29T11:14:12.751+0000) > > It would be interesting for {{champion:99}} or {{champion:427}} to have a skin where their well-known optimism is just completely gone. "a strong light cast long shadows" "be blinded by the harsh truth" "there will be no shadow to hide" ivern could be a corrupted trent saying "dead is part of the natures cycle" "have you been trapped in a forest fire?" "wolfs hate having weak links" "time to pay for the kumungu affair, brambleback" "im no friend of anyone"
: Idea: Give Camille the "Rakan treatment"
what about just adding a delay between her hitting the wall, and then propulsing out? then you can in fact even increase the speed, or just give it the kayn treatment, where you can tell kayn is in a wall and he is going out through a visual orb, given and indicator like that would also help so you have more time to reach to her reach. i find the issue with her is that she just come out from nowhere most of the time, even zac have a delay on his jump and that indicator of where he will fall
: whats a ward? thats the thing you dont use right? then blame jg when you get ganked? and the things that take 3-10x longer to kill than a champ?
no no, wards are those things that spot the enemy midlaner leaving mid, entering the river, approach bot and kill you so you have plenty of time to ping you midlaner that he didnt told you and he didnt come even if he could have done nothing
: The reason why we hated both damage meta and tank meta.
i still think turrets are a big part of all this, they are just to difficult to defend, and dives are too easy to execute, if turrets actually deal any damage after 20 minutes then tanks would be strongers to dive them, then ppl could start defending them, then poke comps would rise again, while crit adcs will see their spot as tank killers, follow by assasins to kill the old "protect the carry" comps, and so on and so on, but right now everyone does so much damage early that theres is no need for scaling
: Irony aside, Riot fucked up by making Noxus so culturaly diverse, as in, taking in it's ranks literally everything and everyone. If it was a highly secluded, "white" in visual/cultural design and fascistic country like Demacia who invided Ionia, they would get so much more brownie points from social media. Imagine how much money they would make if majority of the playerbase felt like they're fighting the good fight against white oppresors. What a waste of an opportunity.
noxus in current lore feel more like the roman empire, conquering and absorbing what it touch, but so far we havent seen much of that aspect, that diversity is all "we are the bad guys because the game need one"
: A Karma Rework: Bringing Back the Fans
honestly i would prefer she have two damage skills and her shield, that mantra turn into 1 damage skills and two support skills, i like the damage reduction on W, and the stun on the shield, maybe mantra could cause the shield to shift into a bomb that stuns, and the W to change into an ally transfer of energy kind of skill, then we change her Q into less damage with mantra and instead a zoning tool? this would fit her two paths kind of lore, and let her damaging skills be useful outside of mantra Q, regular Q can even be the explosive zone now with longer colddown and a bit less damage?
: The Ionia bias is real.
i think is because ionia feels so culturally rich compare to other areas of the world? very magical place. but riot should really show much more of other areas, i also hope that nexus blitz comeback and that it be set in bandle city or the jungle from neeko, then they should bring back butchers bridge, that way we have more areas in game that are part of the world? we need to see more of the cities of progress, i think, and demacia kinda looks generic
: 0-7 Yasuo powerspike
oh you been stomping him all game? sorry, you should have removed that infinity edge off his dead body while you had the chance
: I got so excited when Kennen showed up I surprised myself x] Karma and Irelia side-by-side surprised me a bit because when last I read their lore updates it seemed like Riot intended for them to be enemies/rivals of sorts who wanted to approach the Ionian conflict in different ways.
i think karma in current lore is just a bit under develop in that aspect, she probably will end fighting to defend ionia but she wants to do it her own way, she knows Pacificity will get nowhere but also thinks irelia is rushing to it, she is in the balance of things, trying to find her own way
darkdill (NA)
: Should certain Champions be disallowed from buying specific items?
talking of looking some champions from buying certain items, why not make the opposite and have items give different effects to some champions? it could be use to balance champions around their gold and item choices. i imagine something like soraka's E working on monster but only if she buy hunters talisman, or mundo W having double damage but removing the sunfire cape effect if he buy sunfire cape, and my favorite would be allowing some champions move while using their channel skills if they buy zhonyas but they cant use the active
KlanBoss (EUW)
: the client dfference makes me want to die
i still wish that i can disable all eye candy features so this client can run much smoother, currently the option we have just dont disable enough things and the client feels buggy
: Riot let bug abusers get thousands of skins for free
so, the ppl that didnt get to buy any, or worst, those that saw it but thought "i shouldnt buy this because i might get ban" get punish? how is this fair? what prevent us from just exploiding every riot mistake in the future then?
Saevum (NA)
: Oh nice, he also is capable of bluffing us with the ult he has stolen. Imagine this guy jumping on you across the map with Twisted Fate ult.
"going bot twisted fate? i think i will follow you" same for galio
Poske (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Still Virgiñ,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=VqA9pUTF,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-12-21T23:41:00.877+0000) > > Her Q was the problematic part of her kit. not her easily avoided ult. Picks Neeko R > Flashes. Nukes entire enemy team wins a game R flash needs to go R shouldnt work with zhonya (nunu r doesnt afterall) dmg needs to drop
nunu dont get to move while channeling, neeko R is more comparable to morgana's R but much stronger most of the time
Ratpie (NA)
: Honor capsules feel pretty useless
i cant really complain much beside the fact that key fragments mean nothing at all unless they are three, why not just give us a key right away? why do i have to craft a key? is not like crafting it give me a chance of getting two keys or an emote, also...getting an emote from a box is so horrible
: I feel like zyra could be so much better
zyra suffer from the problem heimerdinger have sometimes during balance, if her plants are too easy to kill they are a gimmick, just an annoying little thing she does sometimes but if the enemy cant handle them or are too durable she becomes a zone control oppressive champion maybe they should rework her passive again and make the W plants stronger? maybe the longer the seed stay around the stronger the plant is?
d00mface (EUW)
: What champs would you like to see interact with one another that haven't?
{{champion:37}} {{champion:432}} i want sona to hear bard chimy sounding and say something like "what did you say? no way" implying she can understand his chiming gibberish {{champion:16}} {{champion:136}} "i assume you are my grandfather?" {{champion:267}} {{champion:131}} any moonstone related stuff
Sageace (NA)
: Garen's Villain Mechanic doesn't really feel like it fits Garen's version of Demacia...
lets change the name of the mechanic to avenging wrath, or they could just rework garen into something different? what if the villain mechanic was to be change to a choice out of combat that cant be the last champion garen dealt damage to, and after he be out of combat it force him to pick someone else example, garen pick darius as his target villain, garen goes to lane, he deal damage to darius (true damage due how it works) he leaves combat, darius can no longer be garen's target until garen at least hit someone else
Sageace (NA)
: To be just as fair, that's the point. Your enemies are doing everything they can to win as well, so is it wrong that the Villain Mechanic portrays the support as the mighty Villain worthy of receiving justice, when it was her adc that did all that damage to your dead comrade but the support secured the kill to save her adc's life? Of course it was wrong, she killed your comrade. But is she REALLY worthy of being _**the Villain?**_ No. _**But the game says otherwise**_.
maybe garen is just that "black and white" kind of guy that it doesnt matter to him?
: I'd be so down for a League MMO.
im sorry to say but i doubt they do it, and if they do we will be dissapointed. it is like when you read a book then watch a movie; our imagination does so much more than what any game developer can accomplish, that we are going to find out that it wont be what we expected. the question is do we want them to try and live with what they do get to do or let the dream be perfect until technology be there?
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