zlajo (EUNE)
: S harder to get with supports then before
i play support alot, you cant get kill as tank support or that might cost you the S and with the reduced gold i think the overall average gold is still too high making it so getting an S without taking CS or massive assist is quite difficult, another thing i notice specially when playing ARAM is that the value of vision score contribute alot
Barcid (NA)
: The Yuumi changes flat out miss the mark of what her problem is
honestly im fine with yuumi moving into the stats cat buff area if we can get rig of artillery cat playstyle, just make her Q a mark that attach ally can proc for damage, and then make it so if her ally is CC she takes no damage from it but also gets CC herself, this means stunning her ally stops her R and prevent her from using the heal
: > [{quoted}](name=FakeGravity,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NxE6wmBq,comment-id=00010000000000010000,timestamp=2019-12-05T20:10:17.096+0000) > > i want her Q to place a mark that her attach ally can proc for the damage kinda like leonas's so we have interaction and not so much of a garen carrying the artillery cat, but also make it so melee allies does more damage than range on the mark so there be an insentive for yuumi to be on melee characters that will often end in the middle of a battle from which yuumi cant easily escape if they die Ohhh I like that idea. It could be interesting to see it become an ability that does no damage by itself, but has a big payoff if your allies hit the enemy, especially for melee champs. Like bonus damage AND a big fat heal/shield. OR it could be bonus damage and a slow that is stronger while attached to melee champs, this way her Q becomes a tool for chasing people down rather than a weak poke. Idk though, I'd love to try various different types of Qs with her to see what feels best.
there are so many itterations they could try until they find something that feels right like: mark that slow when hit mark that just deals damage mark that give melee champions haste when moving toward mark that activates bop and block (passive) when ally trigger it (terrible idea which means yuumi never have to detach) bonus % damage another heal (not something she really needs) make it work like ivern's Q (unoriginal) slow that turns into a root (too strong) mark that only yuumi can proc with her autos but offer huge compensation (it overlaps with passive too much) but things i think are necessary: it has to do damage even if just a tiny bit (to let her proc spellthief and runes), it must be a stronger effect for melee champions, and must offer interaction with allies
: > [{quoted}](name=Paroe,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NxE6wmBq,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2019-12-05T07:42:06.796+0000) > > I think... if you want to push Yuumi into being off her carry more, shouldnt you make her passive more of an incentive for that? > Why not make her passive a spell blade that slows by 20% for 1 second instead of a timed empowered auto attack? > > Spell blade is honestly an extremely under utilized way to incentivize interaction, and mostly given to already strong carries like Riven and Sylas who dont need it... Thats actually not a bad idea honestly. I think the biggest problem i have is with the Q. At this point its so gutted it need to do something other than damage(the slow is a joke).
i want her Q to place a mark that her attach ally can proc for the damage kinda like leonas's so we have interaction and not so much of a garen carrying the artillery cat, but also make it so melee allies does more damage than range on the mark so there be an insentive for yuumi to be on melee characters that will often end in the middle of a battle from which yuumi cant easily escape if they die
5050BS (NA)
: Everything is better without a cast time. That is not a good defense. They added it so she cant dodge everything if an Ally is nearby.
it does make it so late game trying to switch allies could be her dead sentence
: > [{quoted}](name=Malix Farwin,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=XgPwwM85,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-12-05T12:17:34.551+0000) > > Q feels like too much of a hassle to cast. harder to land empowered and hits like a wet noodle tacked on with a larger mana cost for some reason. Yup, I think I would be fine with her slow being removed in favor of more power. Obviously the reason the ability has been nerfed to garbage is because the poke was too strong early and the slow was oppressive later, especially when chasing people down. The ability should just have one focus/purpose to fill.
honestly i would go the other way with her, reduced damage in favor of utility so we don't have magical invulnerable artillery cats, make it a mark kinda like leona's? duration back for easier landing and now the ally yuumi is attach to can proc prowling mark for extra damage or a slow or something
: The Original Idea of Karma's VGU Was Not Successful and She Needs Attention Now
i honestly wish mantra would do something different with the skills rather than "it is the same skill but now better" probably that way it fits tematically but it isnt much different from heimerdinger's ult, what if mantra would change a bit more what each skill do? make Q be a ground target skill rather than a skillshot (think soraka's Q) her W be a link with an Ally for a cool effect, and her shield turn into heal wave that starts from her target
: > [{quoted}](name=WoollyWitch,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ExAFtxIv,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-12-02T10:03:38.024+0000) > > The issue is people forgot why classes exist. You can't have a champion who can do everything otherwise they're broken. If you have champions who specialize in something, good example being soraka, then they have clear strengths and weaknesses. They are good for one thing, but can be defeated for another. Soraka is stellar at healing, but she is also very squishy and cannot heal herself except for her ult. Soraka's Q heals herself
soraka's Q is more of a recovery effect from the health cost of her W, hitting Q wont save you most of the time at least in the way that her old toxic W used to, i love playing soraka but i have to agree that the old heal with armor on top of it plus her magic resist passive? geez
yheat (NA)
we still need haunted ivern with spooky effects as well as mistletoe ivern (seriously riot he got one skin since release and it isnt really impressive) and while on it: DJ bard with fan meeps Paradise zyra, with beautiful looking flowers for her plants and seeds Program yuumi where she is just an hologram created by the electronic device book and the the zodiac skinline we need with rengar as leo, hecarim as capricorn and so on
: Is Ivern really unlliked or has he just been an awful weak champion
i think there are champions for each person that they are in champ select and they just cant for a moment even consider them, not that they think "oh god im not playing yasuo" it is more like " oh yeah.. X exist, nah i dont want to play him" and for many ppl that X is ivern
Thilmer (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Baby Ghoul,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=YL6bpilf,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2019-12-01T02:37:42.019+0000) > > > > It's the same problem as with Yuumi. You can't completely erase a champion classes' weaknesses. It just doesn't work out. > > You know something that pisses me off inmensely? Sona got nerfed hard for "being too easy and having too much utility", and a couple years later they make Yuumi, a support so easy that looks like a bot and half the time is immune to everything because she is like an extra ítem for the ADC... can we revert Sona nerfs already if this bullshit cat is here to stay?
not only that but soraka got change again and again because she promoted passive play and when build tank she leave the enemy in a lossing choice situation, do i target soraka just so she heal herself and be difficult to kill? or target anyone else just so soraka heals them and make them hard to kill? then they release tahm kench who you have to target or else he will just save someone else with W and yuumi who can be passive and just be untargetable
Vlada Cut (EUNE)
: No, Adc Senna's biggest issue is that she has built in sustain that actual adc's aren't supposed to and don't have. Healing AND Shielding, that's too much even for Kai'Sa. Oh, and did I forget she has same DPS as Jhin and Graves, but has twice the sustain types than them WHILE THEY HAVE NONE DAMN IT.
make her heal scale only with AP or with mist and the damage with AD now she have to sacrifice healing for damage when going adc and you can make her build AP support items to let her have strong heals. maybe even make the mist give adaptive stats that can separate her damage from her utility? if she build AP give her healing and shielding
: Remember when i said Senna ADC should be nerfed because it will be broken despite what Riot says?
i think they should make her heal scale with either mist or just ap so going full support items get a strong heal while adc builds get just nice damage
: No Yuumi does not need a buff. If anything she needs a rework to make her more interactive because in her current state she can't be simply buffed because she provides no interaction. Yuumi is actually the perfect example with what's wrong with Riot's recent design philosophy. They completely eliminate or minimize a class of champions' weaknesses. Yuumi is an enchanter, and they don't do damage and are quite vulnerable. That's their trade off for the healing/shielding and utility they bring to fights. Yuumi got to be a top tier enchanter, while not being vulnerable and having an oppressive poke. She wasn't permabanned by professionals and high ELO players for no reason. Actually, she was banned quite a bit by those of us in other ELOs. I'm saying all this as an enchanter support main too. Senna is another example of them removing a champions weakness, except instead of giving her zero interaction like Yuumi, they decided to load her with damage. So now she's putting out an insane amount of damage while healing as much as an enchanter does. Obviously that's broken, especially because she has a massive range. The reason why I'm not as upset about Senna as I was about Yuumi and Pyke is because at least she's immobile and vulnerable to the same broken Nautilus hitbox as the rest of us. Her design has the potential to be balanced, but right now it's not and that's not unique for new champions. Obviously she needs nerfs though. The problem with Senna is that when her damage is nerfed, and it's going to be after a few patches of us shouting at Riot, she's going to be in the same spots as the rest of supports who were kneecapped because they didn't take into consideration what would happen botlane when they abruptly removed Sightstone due to solo laners in pro play abusing it. We got mage supremacy that progressively got worse and worse, and now their solution to that is to nuke our entire role. The only champions that have a bunker are ones that are broken and dodging nerfs like Senna, Pyke, and Nautilus. As for Pyke, yeah, God just delete him Riot. I'm glad that's one thing we can all agree on. And we do complain about Nautilus and Blitzcrank. Nautilus is so broken right now and personally my must ban for bot lane, and I have no idea what the design team was thinking when they randomly gave Blitzcrank a Q range buff, but that does not excuse Yuumi or Senna.
yuumi design still upset me, they continuely try to make soraka more interative because she could just sit back, heal and do nothing else all lane but they release a champion that can do just that while being untargetable? dont get me wrong i like yuumi but still think she should be more interactive and not a pile of stats, in her current form she cant be good or she be too good, if they make her more damaging we are back to garen yuumi, if her heals are too strong she is a stats stick she needs real reasons to get at risk other than a shield that gets destroy the second she tries to trade
: real talk when is Lulu getting the VU
since we are on that topic if riot dont plan to rework or do a visual update of some of the old champions can atleast upgrade the visual quality of their skins? red baron corki and gentleman cho gath shouldnt really be worth that much at all, and arcade sona have no recall animation, we know cho gath and corki need a VU but i doubt the will work much on sona
: So.. with the release of Giants, I have a question..
actually senna and lucian will get a duo skin and music video of them being a duet couple while later on the 2020 akali will join another music group this time a quite sentimental soft music group where she is the edgy one
: Victorious Skins being designed not to compete with skin sales is a flawed concept.
i would have prefer that the championship ryze was the victorious one and attrox the championship one, and i dont really play nor plan to play either
Zira (NA)
: Wow, Senna is the first champ I've been looking forward to since Nami
no one wants to play support so riot go and release an assasin for the "support" role{{champion:555}} so well balanced that they go 180 degrees and go for an ultra passive support that is literally a buff poke machine{{champion:350}} and that ended so well that now comes an adc that can go support i guess? we will see how riot screw this one
: I'd like the clear some things up regarding Senna and Thresh's lore.
i think her faith and the fact that lucian was just beyond always stalking thresh might give her strength and hope
Arakadia (NA)
: In universe this makes sense even if it isn't really a canon explanation yet. Out of universe it feels like a bullshit excuse for why she doesn't look undead or tormented from her years of torture.
hey, kaisa looks like barely was affected by the void, senna is probably a much stronger woman
Sukishoo (NA)
: True Damage skins T-Shirt leaked.
so we get ginger bobross ivern after a long wait while akali gets to have skin after skin, i get it she is popular and easy to make a theme for her on her edgy personality, we get it ahri is just that popular too, but come on at least try to keep the skin options for every champion even remotely varied
: Fiddlesticks point-and-click fear is good and deserves to stay, here's why:
inst fiddlesticks fear balance around the fact that it force ppl to run away from him when he wants to stay perfectly still to channel W? if so are they planning to remove the need for fiddlesticks to stand still? that would mean that slight disadvantage is no longer a factor and his fear could get reduce
Palaven (NA)
: Designers Fail To Understand The Top Lane Problem
i wonder if it would have been better not to kill lane swap with the reinforced bottom tower and instead make it so a solo person bot lane could get so easily gang dived by three ppl and then loss the turret as well. make it so there is a strategic choice to avoid the match up but not be 100% great in pro play?
Cräfty (EUW)
: Here is why the Hextech origin is so unhealthy to the game and a really bad designed trait!
if it is suppose to be a counter to item stacking then make it target the unit on the enemy team with the most items, single target, 5 seconds maybe? or disable only one item from each unit?
WardMyBüsh (EUNE)
: League of legends Elderwood Ahri, Nocturne and Veigar New Skins
hmm another theme where ahri fits so perfectly... that veigar skin i like more than final boss
: When is Pyke going to be nerfed?
they will most likely leave him as he is and make his ult not ignore shields, he is already very good against shielding supports having strong engage
: Yuumi nerf isn't enough imo
yummi gonna be like old soraka, it doesnt really matter what you do since she can just heal her adc, a passive playing adc wont in danger any poke gets negated by yummi, if they nerf her healing and focus on her poke the fact that she offers poor counterplay due her W still leave issues, she is like sona except that if you catch sona she explode into pieces with her poor defense. yummi might never be balance in pro play and will be one of those champions that are too strong for pro play but to terrible in solo queue riot will rather make ppl forget about them like kalista and azir offered solutions: make her W have a real colddown early on. leave her heals strong but make it so she can only gain more than one charge while not attach. this means she wont be attach at all times early on now to fix her late game we need more reasons for yummi to not be attach, her passive is a great idea, the mana recover was only relevant early honestly, we need something yummi cant afford not to do late game to force her out of the attachment kinda how soraka needs to land her Q to recover her own HP oppose to old soraka that would just spam W as needed, her ult is not bad at all but the fact you cant stop her and she isnt vulnerable while using it is a bit too much
: # #2 had a 2 star Kayle with Noble/Knight. All but Garen and Kayle were dead within the first 5 seconds, and it took 3-4 Kayle ults for Garen/Kayle to die too.
just wait until they release a healer like soraka or something, kindred/kayle stopping ppl from dying, soraka healing them to full, they get enough mana again, repeat
: That or a star gaurdian event is coming soon, and you know they have to push the old skins too.
new beach party star guardian line, almost the same but now ready for that sunny action
: Does anyone on the lore team have any ideas for Sona, at all?
she needs a complete lore revamp as wells as new in deep voiceover, we get it, she cant talk but her voiceover (like many old champions) express close to zero of her personality, it is so hard to determine what she thinks of the world at all, even with annie you can tell she is just child that is a bit pyromaniac she could go multiple directions, but i do hope for a more hearth warming story of nobility that show how she was voiceless until she found her true power through music, able to switch the hearths of allies and foes kinda like Melody from hunter x hunter, it isnt just a song it is a complete experience that ppl cant resist (making her ult make sense in a way) maybe some quotes like: "i once had no voice, now i want everyone to hear" "if you listen with your heart you can hear beyond the lies" "the strings are a part of me, a part of my soul"
Akrid415 (NA)
: Why is wave / lane control over looked?
honestly at my level of play lane control is just not a huge factor, im a support main and any time i play any other role i know i will loss CC and do horrible, my only focus is not to feed and let myself get carry. i was playing gnar top against camille, she had 40 cs more than me so i didnt even bother fighting her, i took my chance to tp bot, help my bot lane take two kills and let them carry from them on, camille couldnt really roam away because im still gnar so i can push and make her loss that lead over me but at the same time she didnt even try to make plays around, this is the issue with some ppl they get a lead but forget there are other 4 ppl in their team that still can make them lose
: Baron is really god damn iconic. They can't get rid of him.
new balance change, now when baron dies vilemaw spawn in its place until it is time for baron again like a spider taking unoccupied space
: A actual look at what can be done to make Treeline draw in more players
at this point it is more likely they bring back nexus blitz from time to time that they ever consider reviving twisted treeline, the fact they even put an announcement means they are already set on their minds to pull the plug, at least i have hopes for aram which is much more played
Cräfty (EUW)
: Riot's reasons for designing broken and OP stuff never cease to amaze me!
some items are just too strong, but i feel it is like ezreal/lucian/ganplank balance issue in Summoners rift, any on hit item have to think "is this broken on ezreal or lucian or ganplank Q?" because of their ability to double apply, apply from a distance or apply melee effects in TFT is about gunslingers, if a draven be targeting my frontline with silences,disarms and shrink, well ok it is one target at a time the rest of my team can still fight at least, but spreading those effects around so often it is too much
: calling it now, jinx will be busted mid/late.
so just like draven with good items?
: "Outside of the player population, Twisted Treeline’s art, map design, and even game pacing don’t meet today’s current quality bar and player needs." This just infuriates me. They've left this mode to rot for literal years, refusing to properly apply any sort of balance changes for it. Then, instead of investing time and energy into updating it, they just let it die. I am actually done with Riot only investing resources into things that make them money. They even admitted URF is their most popular spin off mode "though TFT is giving it a run for its money" and yet, because they haven't found a way to properly monetise it, they won't make it a permanent game mode. I am absolutely furious about Nexus Blitz though. It was unquestionably the most fun I've ever had playing League. It was the PERFECT mode to calm down in between ranked games, or to just have some good fun. ARAM is okay, but the psuedo random element that can leave you playing as a completely useless champion, such as Udyr, for up to 40 minutes doesn't match the guarenteed 20 minutes of a champion you actually enjoy, with tasks that you don't find in any other game mode, but because the only money making idea they had for this game mode was the world's most useless passes, that required you to play 10 games + a day to get full value out of, they too are not making this game mode permanent. It just makes me so sad that Riot is clearly only in it at this point for the $$$ instead of making a fun and enjoyable game mode for the fans. But then again I guess you can't spell 'League' without 'EA'.
> [{quoted}](name=Toþykachu,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=7Ep2ovIw,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2019-07-31T20:28:44.867+0000) > > "Outside of the player population, Twisted Treeline’s art, map design, and even game pacing don’t meet today’s current quality bar and player needs." it is almost like if they didnt put effort into it so ppl didnt play it and now they have the excuse they didnt put effort because ppl dont play it
metamilo (NA)
: but do I get something for 10,000 games? how about 20k?
for those very dedicated players of twisted treeline we give you the one and only prestige icon with amazing golden glow
Mártir (EUW)
: Removing Twisted Treeline (3v3)? WTF Riot? Serious?
classic development design we dont put resources into it because ppl dont play it because we didnt put resources in it i like the map and the idea behind it, but at this point i find that nexus blitz was more balanced in the small time it was present that all that riot have ever try to do to twisted treeline since i played the game
: Sooooooooooooooooooooo Qiyana Gets water from health packs in aram, what about twisted tree line?
where? oh you mean the next mode to be removed since dominion is gone? better get those 100 wins on it while you can so you can get your legacy twisted treeline icon :')
: Because as what you just said, demons and glacials are busted OP
no wonder i won as yordles then, cant burn/stun what you cant hit, and since neither demons nor glacials use yordles i had all 6 very fast. it is all about using what everyone else isnt getting to you dont have to fight over it
: For the love of God please improve the Ai
the problem of some comps isnt the bonus being good or bad but some of its units being just plain awful, knight is nice if wasnt for mordekaiser's ability, nobles is awesome but vayne needs too many items to be of any use when things like draven, varus and tristana just do it better with the same items. imperial have to wait for ages to be completed and level 1 kat never gets to ult (but since draven and swain are busted i guess it is ok) glacials i find to have the most balance group of useful characters in fact 6 glacials can lock you from doing anything at all even without items nobles rely on a good unit to get the buff early on or you are screw, but if the right unit get it then they are very strong
: "man who built demons loses to slightly luckier man who built demons"
i actually prefer blademasters, with carry draven, he is a monster, but dragons shapeshifters is nice too
: Can Azirs Sand Soldiers be killed?
probably it takes both magic and azir's will and concentration to keep them alive, anything that can "swift" his focus might diminish his ability to keep them around
: > [{quoted}](name=Script or Stack,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=KghvcNWg,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2019-07-27T14:20:18.930+0000) > > When I was thinking about it it reminded me of the fight between Spider-Man and sandman. They dont really have flesh or organs, just sand. Its hard to kill something literally made of sand though Well they are constructs so maybe if they are hit in specific places they crumble?
so like those villains in power rangers? hit the belt and watch them crumble
: nerf glacials
problem is the chain stuns, i think that if a unit get stun by glacial effect it should be be able to get stun for 2 or 1.5 seconds again
: Teamfight Tactics - Gold does not compensate not getting items
you should get one item warranty from each PVE round, that will balance the game around items, problem is some items are so situational while others are a requirement for a comp. wanna run ranger/gunslingers? get those bows boys
: Future Champion Ideas
i want {{champion:37}} having a similar skill as twisted fate, either extra damage for those around her, a heal or a slow (base on her three basic abilities) and she will probably be a noble sorcerer? which brings the questions how many characters can you put in before the pool gets too big and be impossible to level characters?, and if thats not the case what if too many characters have the same origin or class i imagine lux as noble sorcerer too for example other champion to bring {{champion:51}} make her enforcer/ranger, with her Q as skill or even better her Net so she be very distintive from varus, enforcers (probably we add Vi here too) deal 50% more damage on target stun or impared by another enforcer
: Tft is literally unenjoyable.
problem with many of the comps is not in the bonus itself but in the champions you need for them being weak compare to the bonus, others just scale so poorly with their bonus, i find easier to have mixed half bonuses than a full comp bonus
: Can we buff knights passive?
problem is early game mordekaiser is by far the weakest knight, and the bonus scale poorly after that, if you want tankiness for you lineup you are better off running guardians
: Can Bard's heal get some love late game?
just make his base shrine healing scale with chimes collected but never be higher than the charged amount basically the more chimes he collects the closer min and max values get
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