: 9.16: Lore Update
PLEASE PLEASE for the love of God have Kayle and Morgana return for last issue in Lux comic; it's the perfect _**alignment **_(pun intended) for them to come back, open rebellion, Demacia in crisis, citizens are so afraid and can be so epic..
: Patch 9.16 notes
Dat Human-Killers ref; well done sir :)
: Nah the best house is chillin in second, this is why they said Council has the brains. Also the fact that the Warband are going to mop the floor with you guys, and you're only winning cuz of the way the match points are awarded. In short, Warband is doing all the work cuz we're actually good and United is trying to ride on our backs. We know you're weak on your own, so as soon as you're apart, we'll start picking you guys off one by one. And lets not forget Faceless, which I wouldn't be surprised if they came around too.
You mean you go Rambo each game, hard INT thinking "my greatness is gonna carry" and then we have to save your sorry ARSES {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Nurdz (NA)
: Demacia's relationship with magic, and what's going on with Sylas, Garen, and Lux will be explored further in the League of Legends: Lux comic series! We'll have more details to share on that soon! We think the Demacia storyline and what's going on there with mages is a great place to start the clock ticking forward.
Oh ok, that sounds great! Thought the Lux comic would be more focused on her, starting from her childhood and reaching up to present day, similar to Ashe, not telling us much we don't know already. Thanks for the reply and sorry if I came off harsh. Just your average lore phreak here :)
: 9.8: Lore Update
So, you made us hyped with Demacia with all this going here and there, hopefully culminating into Kayle's return now with the Sylas insurgence and will just let it there hanging? Correct me if I'm wrong but I remember reading in a dev blog that "leaving story hooks is bad both for the writer and the reader". Also, in the recent video at the start of the season you said ".. lore makes you think like the league universe is frozen in place. We're gonna change that."
: Dream Teams Assemble: 2017 All-Star Event Update
So, they wanna kill all the fun modes and the fun in general (unusual/ "off-meta" picks) and make the pros just go full tryhard mode all season long, killing the fun for both them and the viewers. Seems legit. #RitoGame(s)
: You're basically asking for the same game mode without random element. The difference between Teemoing and Gauntlet was that there was a difficulty selection built directly into the game. It was the same game nonetheless. L4T3NCY even stated at the start of the PBE Cycle its reason to bring back AR over standard. But maybe you did forget the part where he states "_meta would set in, and there was also some pretty unhealthy play patterns._" The game mode would literally become a pseudo Practice Tool or just a means for someone to say, "_I'm a master on this champion_" when the player probably hasn't even touched the champion in a normal game recently whatsoever.
^ NA post. I remember very well what he said. Which part of 'fun mode not being fun anymore because AR ruins it' you didn't get exactly?
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: Academy Adventures
Hellooooooooooo Nurse! Vlad knows what's up haha c:
: Rusty's Guide to Group B
C9 above SKT he says {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} Cool story bro. But you forgot the part where the Orcs come out of the sea
Reav3 (NA)
: Yup, Pantheon is on the list! We think he has so much potential as well , and it would also be great to make him feel Targonian rather then just a generic spartan.
Seriously? I say basically the same thing below (Pantheon needing a VGU) and you ignore me and answer here? ... If you're to to never answer my questions, let me know at least...
: Ask Riot: Chromas and ChampUp
In my humble opinion, the champs who need the full package (VGU) and should be prioritized are: {{champion:28}} She is a mess all-around. Gameplay (doesn't seem exactly "assassin of the night" like her theme), lore, not having many lines in her VO, not a skin over 750 rp etc. She needs it REALLY bad. {{champion:84}} Not as much of a mess like Evelynn but her gameplay is very one-dimensional, she could use a better lore and she too suffers from the "very few lines" syndrome. {{champion:80}} Talking about one-dimensional gameplay, I believe you can't come any closer. There isn't much the player or the opponent can do when you have him in a game. Plus, he kinda fails to deliver on his fantasy especially since the new lore (Aspect of War). Also, very few lines...:/ Now, about the first 2, I've seen many mentions that they're high up on the radar for a full VGU which is kinda promising. Also, I've read that they'll get some quality of life changes during the Assassin Update despite them obviously needing a separate project on their own. And lastly, something I'd like to ask. You probably noticed I mention the very few lines quite a lot. Currently, newly released champs have A TON of lines. This also happens when older champs have a huge update (GP, while poor MF stayed with her extremely few lines...). Do you consider "equalizing the score" for those champs who barely say a word compared to others? Because, honestly, feels quite unfair towards them. P.S. This is a "smurf" acc I made for such purposes, my main's EUNE (wouldn't let me comment)


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