: Stop "balancing" ARAM
yeah i agree some champions got dumpstered like {{champion:115}} I use to be very happy when i get him, now i just reroll cause his damage is ass cheeks and all the tanks take reduced damage.
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: If you're a support main, what champ is your most played?
{{champion:412}} Over one Mil {{champion:223}} Over 200,000 {{champion:201}} Over 200,000 I usually stop after reaching gold, but I usually get there with just Thresh
: Goodbye Tahm Kench
Man this makes me sad. Tahm is so unique both visually and gameplay wise, idk why riot would destroy him like that other than LC$. Tahm thanks for carrying my ass out of silver when thresh was taken. You will always have a place in my roster ):
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: I'd suggest just wait and see. You didn't really think a rioter would reply, right? They have not replied for much more.
: Well, he's been in the jungle for many, many years, so I don't see them simply removing that identity from him.
: Pantheon primarily jungles, so why would they remove that?
I haven't seen him played jungle in a while, people take him top now. Thats why i wasn't so sure
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: While Tahm is generally a counter, a good Thresh can take advantage of him devouring his teammate. So good job. I know I've had these moments too, but I can't remember one off the top of my head.
Yeah but even after he wasted devourer Sivir had spellshield sometimes i baited it out with a lantern or flay.
: I really want this minor change to Heartseeker Ashe.
God dammit now i cant un-see that ):<
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: Riot's bias towards Yasuo, Lucian etc. really annoys me.
I dream of the day {{champion:63}} and his little mage "supports" friends become viable in other lanes other than support.
: Is Tristana buried and gone?
She kinda feels like ass early game (as intended). If you get a lead you win, but most of the time you wont with all the damage flying around early. Her jump is not that useful for escapes since it has a some charge up and its very easily interrupted or can be catches in air. Idk i wish she could reach her late game power spike earlier, but i wish it wasn't as powerful.
: I have 9 gemstones, what hextech skin should I get?
Wait till they make one for your main, i have 8 and although some of the skins looks fire, i ain't using them until i see a thresh skin.
: Thresh OP?
Please read before you down vote me to oblivion I hate when people say Thresh is OP (not talking to OP but commenters) , he really hasn't been till recently. I have main Thresh since release in 2013 and in my eyes he has always been balanced. Now why has he become strong recently? Well it all started with runes reforge, see Thresh use to run Thunder lords decree. This meant that he was a high risk, high reward champion. You would scarifies tackiness early in order to get a lead in lane with ignite. Now he runs aftershock which means you get tanky af when you all in at lvl 2. However there are 2 other reasons, during the beginning of worlds Thresh got a cdr buff on his hook. While you can still go full cdr on thresh, it really isnt mandatory so you can branch out a bit and get tankier early. Finally the stupid support item reworks, Thresh use to run Relic shield if you had a shitty match up that poked u alot u were kinda fuked. Now if you have a shitty match up you can go Talisman, spam hooks and get mana back from the coins that drop. So don't give me that bs that he was always OP, its just all these changes to the game that have helped him unintentionally not counting the buff (which was riot balancing team being idiots trying to get people hype for worlds with LCS BiG PlAyS 3 ways to knock Thresh down a a peg. - Revert buffs from worlds - Either nerf aftershocks early game damage, or tackiness like (levels 1-3) - Buff Tahm (One of his biggest counters which is just gone)
: Who do I play into thresh as a support?
Thresh main here, {{champion:143}} will poke you and when winding a hook can full combo you to death {{champion:12}} as soon as he engages on adc, combo his ass ezpz {{champion:37}} can you usually out poke and sustain thresh however if you get hooked ur fuked {{champion:223}} tahm can eat adc rejecting thresh entire laning {{champion:25}} black shield {{champion:555}} you can try to full combo him but he will always live, he also can flat out ignore thresh and terrorized adc. Honestly find this champ most infuriating, like I will hook him, flay him, ignite, and my adc will auto and he will turn invis for to secs after using his dash. And he is back to 70% HP.
: > [{quoted}](name=Lantern Baits,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=b6AYIPIF,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-01-26T22:20:29.442+0000) > > The reason u didn't get assist cause, ur cc broke yas stupid passive and for some reason doesn't count. It happens often when i hook him under tower as thresh. > > idk its wonky, sometimes i do get the kill, sometimes i don't. I know, but the system should be consistent across all champs and all spells - You can't say ok some roots give and some don't give you an assist tag... That's just stupid especially in cases where the ability has the same effect with just a visual revamp.
: Neeko E crowd controll not applying kill participation
The reason u didn't get assist cause, ur cc broke yas stupid passive and for some reason doesn't count. It happens often when i hook him under tower as thresh. idk its wonky, sometimes i do get the kill, sometimes i don't.
: Damn, nice! Also GL with your chemistry Finals, you got this! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Thanks man :D
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Reav3 (NA)
: Looks pretty damn legit.
@Reav3 Hey im a pretty big fan of {{champion:80}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:56}} jg. However i don't want to invest time on them if they will be heavily reworked soon. Im just curiously what is the likeliness of seeing them rework in the coming year :3 I have tons of faith on your guys rework{{champion:266}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:57}} , no so much {{champion:3}} but he is ok i guess. Please make my boys looks nice :)))))
: How is Shaco a giant a-hole all game lol
Have you ever play against a god shaco, his entire kit revolves around being a A-hole man. All shaco do is invade, invade, and when ever confront them, their kit is made to escape. No one finds joy in playing against a shaco. I get it, it's not their fault that the only way to succeed is to pray on enemy junglers weak early game. It still feels like garbage when you are on the receiving end, and ima be honest based on personal experience they cant help but spam laugh emote. It is very demoralizing, but shaco attracts does kinds of players cause he is so trolly. It just never feels like a fair fight unless your team is good at warding, and with all the vision nerf it becomes more infuriating.
: Nerf tahm, not because he's op, but because I just don't like people who play him
There are other mains out there worst than tahm, who actually get enjoyment out of being giant a-holes all game {{champion:35}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:74}}
: that does not buff her ally's damages , she has to stick to one target.
: In the long run, azir is more useful than almost any other champ, so why bother with anything else?
Well the reason im talking about Vi and Camille is because they play extremely similar roles. Azir is good when mastered, I agree, but he doesnt really apply to this topic.
: > [{quoted}](name=Lantern Baits,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=nyeGuEjM,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-11-16T03:41:06.388+0000) > > What benefit does Vi have over Camille, cause the way i see it there are none. > Legit question. Vi clears the jungle faster and healthy particular the AoE camps in the early/midgame Vi armor shred is for the whole team while Camille's True damage is for her only. That said i can't really see a scenario where you would use that as a justification for picking Vi over Camille when Camille early ganks and engages are much better which is why you would want to pick those champs
: 1 reason : utility , i know you may think Camille have more utility , but she doesn't reduce armor like vi does. that makes a huge difference against tank and mages but that mean , unless you play vs some tanks you may never pick vi over camille and so the only item worth taking on vi is botrk ;) don't thank me.
Camille has true damage tho.
: Vi's hotter. Otherwise, basically nothing except character loyalty and Camille being too difficult. (Which is a stretch considering the skill floor for Cam is "Can you restrain yourself from mashing Q?")
I do agree with you and everyone that says Vi has a better design, in terms of looks but im talking more gameplay wise.
Elewd (NA)
: well why not pick both? Jungle Vi, Toplane Camille. As far as i remember Vi's main role is jungling due to her powerful ganking and good damage early on in a game. I DO think Vi needs some gameplay updates but i think its more torwards her itemization being more assassiny than bruisery, and thats due to her scaling being really high and having high burst damage and very quick exectuion of her skills. Q-E-E can be done in about 1 second which is really fast, compared to Camilles having a forced delay on it. I feel if they put more into her Broken armor shed go more bruisery.
Actually when Vi was released she was suppose to be a Top laner, but her kit seemed more effective in the jungle. Sound familiar?? {{champion:164}}
yamacchi (NA)
: Her early clear is way better and healthier. Other than that, nothing.
: Vi is a lot easier to play.
Yeah, but in the long run if you invest time in both, Camille will be more useful so why even bother with Vi?
: Longer range, lock on ultimate, which is actually pretty powerful. It is also hard CC unlike camille's ult. More AOE on clear, maybe. But yeah I see where you're going with this. They're pretty similar. edit: armor shred
I feel like Camille's hook shot has longer range tho, since its 2 dashes. Then in terms of ult yeah Vi has cc but, it is so easy to get away from her after she blows it. As for camille's you are forced to fight back which is what she and Vi want. I guess you got me with the clear, but then again doesn't Camille build Hydra? Vi does have armor shred, but at the cost of having an actual ability, that thing is more like a passive.
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: My favourite jungle was season 4 instead, literally everyone could jungle cause monsters would deal so little damage
Yeah season 4 wasn't bad either, i think it started to get bad after 5
: Season 8 was the worst jungling year for anybody that didn't play Graves
My favorite Jungle season was 5, there was so much diversity almost every champ could jungle due to https://i.imgflip.com/2lvtau.jpg The jungle buffs were also cool like i think krugs gave you a stun on auto to monsters, and wolf or chickens gave an orb that kept vision on your jungle
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: Why does it feel like supports are not respected?
what do u mean supp always get honored at least in my case, adc honors supp, supp honors adc it's an unwritten law!!!
Okuma (EUNE)
: What's your favorite champion/skin quote and why?
{{champion:412}} Darkstar: We have looked into the void, and consumed it {{champion:201}} You hit like baby goat, not horns yet. {{champion:223}} Every riven ends in ME! {{champion:57}} The Mist haunts my every move, yet I resist. and I once had peace. It is better to have purpose!
: Climbing Advice for Support Main
My best advice to learn to protect the carry. No i'm not talking about ur adc, im talking about who is actually gonna carrying the match. Sometimes it will be ur jungle rengar, or ur mid fizz, or ur top riven. I see many support try to protect there 0/3 lucian while, their 9/1 darius is getting 3v1 every team fight. Don't be afraid to give other roles ur knights vow, or zekes. Also have a main supp, a supp that counters ur main supp just incase he is taken, a supp the u can pick if your main gets ban, and an off role jungler or other lane incase ur dont get supp. My set up 5v5 {{champion:412}} my main <3 {{champion:223}} Counters my main {{champion:201}} Incase main gets ban {{champion:57}} Jungler for off role My set up for 3v3 {{champion:57}} Can jungle or lane {{champion:223}} Can jungle or lane Gold 5 in all 3 qs because that's when i stop lol Also if dont feel like supporting play:{{champion:45}} ,{{champion:63}}, {{champion:99}} Veigar gains ap from laning abilities so u can buy supportish and still be late game carry Brands wins every 2v2 as long as he lands combo, plus liandrys buffs op Lux have good mix of cc, damage, and shields. Can perfectly build carry after support items
: Green Chroma for Infernal Amumu
It sucks, now i gotta worry if one of my mains is gonna be next to get selected for this shit every event. --_--
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Dreugan (EUW)
: Should Rito re-release the Freljord faction icons
That was the 1st event icon I ever got, it is a shame i chose a faction i don't like. Didn't know the lore back then!
: Wait what? I’m out of the loop what’s going on?
You know how the sona emote was only available by getting codes from streamers like a month ago, well they are doing it again with amumu chroma. Im asking them to stop this trend since a lot of the time codes go to close friends of the streamers and the codes given out in very little quantities. I would like this content to not be locked away by streamers especially if you main the chmp and you don't watch streamers and stuff.
: > [{quoted}](name=Lantern Baits,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Ty2OfuLM,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-10-13T08:48:19.184+0000) > > don&#x27;t want another support He can top and jungle quite comfortably, Taric's one of the rare newer champions that actually "supports" (heh) alternative playstyles.
lol idk about that, plus i don't own the guy so... all these champs i own^^^
: I meant your current mains XD
Aight so Thresh his gameplay is the best, it never gets stale there are so many options, also he looks like complete badass, i dont think many champs let you reach 1mil mastery and not get stale. Braum i like more for the character and how he is written, he gameplay is okay, but that voice tho Maokai, i've been playing him as a jungler for the longest time, and while i like his design and gameplay he made it to my mains just because he taught me lol basically. Finally tahm kench i picked up for whenever people would take thresh, and i need a counter. However, him and maokai are my go to junglers when climbing twisted treeline every season, so i started to main him. Also he is a master shit talker :3
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