: (NA) Sugar-Free League is looking for P2-D2 teams for our upcoming Season 4!
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: Send Cloud9 Your Worlds Energy!
༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ C9 TAKE MY ENERGY ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
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Knoctis (NA)
: whats the point of getting honor 3-5 when the wards look the same just a different color the should have made it so the highest level at least looks the best rather than the lowest
The honor ward skins are still Work In Progress. You can see the WIP Riot emblem next to each ward
GMLexa (NA)
Do you not see the WIP(Work In Progress) Riot emblem next to each ward?
Besteau (NA)
: Besteau's Creative Art Thread
Can you draw me Sejuani or Warwick? :D
: no it's nobody famous
: Turn on colour blind mode
: A meme apparently. _**SzGamer227.**_
Almighty. **_Fallen Artemis._**
: source?
There are multiple sources, you could just search on google Chester Bennington and all different kinds of sites will pop up. Not that hard.
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: Bramble Vest is a godlike item
From my experience, fighting a Poppy as Kayn is one of the hardest counters, especially when she builds Bramble Vest/Thornmail. Makes it so you dont do any damage at all to her.
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Wolfeur (EUW)
: I think Butcher Urgot's splash art just became the most horrifying splash in the game
https://i.gyazo.com/d5d000d2209a02515182eab3ba9b3899.png Opened GIMP just to make this nightmare. :)
Hydrix (EUNE)
: League of legends comparing the movie to the game.. and the game is pathetic.
The animations are used to advertise the game and to give the players of the game a cool lore related or just an epic battle between champions that wouldent be possible in the game. They are used to give the players a new fantasy about the game.
Danjeng (NA)
: It's true Thresh is powerful due to items, but other tank supports, such as Alistar or Braum aren't doing as well. Let me give you another scenario that you might feel less biased about. When Lucian was meta because of Black Cleaver and BotRK, he deserved those nerfs no? It wasn't just the items, since few other champions did as well as he did using those items. SImilarly, Thresh uses those items too well. I see Thresh pretty often and I don't have a soft spot for supps. Most people just ignore you guys and gals, but I see what you can do. A good Thresh hook can decide a fight. Every ability in his kit is impactful actually. And I know that Thresh is picked a whole lot and does more than some other supports can do (he does practically everything). Thresh is arguably the best support in the game.
A good Thresh hook has always been able to decide a fight, ever since his release. Its the same thing with Blitzcrank. I dont understand why people are complaining about his hook and utility now, just because there is a circlejerk on him at the moment. And if Thresh uses those items too well, what about the top three supports right now, Janna, Sona, and Soraka? If Thresh needs to be nerfed with that logic, then those three need to be nerfed as well. But you can just avoid the nerfing of four popular supports just by nerfing the support items. Check out the thread i just made on Gameplay about this.
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: Can we nerf thresh yet?
I dont play Thresh that often anymore, but when i do im either really ahead or really behind. To be honest, i dont think Riot even did anything to Thresh lately, its just the support items being so strong right now. You rush a redemption on him, an item that i never would of even thought would go on a support like Thresh. The circlejerk is going to Thresh for no reason, when in reality its the support items doing this to him. Please dont blame the champion before you look at his changes, especially when you know there have been a couple threads on the front page of this Board saying support items are overpowered or busted at the moment. Its not Thresh that needs the nerfs, its the support items. The only change they did to Thresh lately was in 7.9 and it was a very minor buff(Increased his Magic Resist growth to 0.5 from 0.)
Broporo (NA)
: Straaaaaange. I'm looking over your ranked history now and your right about your rank and LP, so it's actually really weird that you're seeing a Demotion Shield. You're only supposed to get those after recently being promoted to a new division or tier to prevent you from feeling the pain of immediately dropping back down. I'm honestly not sure why your client is showing that shield, but let me know if it never goes away.
Could it be a glitch? I dont want to rely on the shield and have a false hope that im not going to demote if i keep losing at 0LP, or should i just not rely on it?
: When you want to flame but want to get honored
Will you please send a photographic image of your soft and beautiful body being cleansed of the fashionable fabric we knit into what we call clothes?
: If you hit Division 5, 0 LP of silver or above, The game won't drop you down until your MMR has dropped significantly below the threshold for your current tier. For example, as was my case at the start of the season, my MMR was around that of Bronze 3 when the system finally booted me from silver after a horrible losing streak.
According to OP.GG, my MMR is Silver 3(1,358), with my rank being Gold 5. I play a lot of duo games with my friends, so it might be inaccurate, but if that is the case, i dont know if my MMR is higher or lower than it says. I havent played any games after hitting 0LP in Gold 5, but with my MMR being that low, would that mean that i have a lot fewer games i get to lose at 0LP before i get demoted?
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SanKakU (NA)
: ***
Im pretty sure Alistar's heal always did nothing, at least from when i played him before the mini-rework. I remember i used to hate it because it did so little, and im pretty sure thats why they made it a passive and gave him a new ability.
: Carries can die?
SanKakU (NA)
: ***
**Galio** - You say you like durable champs, yes? They reworked Galio into a durable monster, i dont know why you are saying he was deleted. **Heimerdinger** - Dont play him, dont really see him so nothing to say **Sejuani** - Shes still a durable monster, lower damage than before, but gave her a point and click stun for some reason, which is really strong. Though, they did nerf her other abilities to compensate for that stun. She has a high winrate, and i do pretty good on her still(Was a Sej main back when the Mastery system first came out). Again, dont know why you say deleted from the game. **Wukong** - He isnt that durable right now as it is, especially not as durable as Galio or Sej, the ones you say were "deleted from game". With all the pen and lethality around right now, his passive barely means anything. **Alistar** - Seems like every champ that is "durable", which you like durable, you think was deleted from the game. I dont understand why you say he was deleted from the game, he wasnt changed that much except for his heal and that stun thing with the chains. **Viktor** - Dont know how you think his ultimate was removed from the game, I find it still pretty good with all the burst you get from the initial casting. I feel like you are just finding something to complain about for no reason.
Bhayanaka (EUW)
: {{item:3046}} {{item:3812}} {{item:3109}} {{item:3190}}
Add {{item:3401}} {{item:3107}}, the carry will never die
Skelenth (EUW)
: GPS is short for "Global Positioning System". It is used to pinpoint your location on almost the entire world. GP is short for "Gangplank". So saying they have GPS could mean both the system and the plural of their main champion. The Aurelion Sol picture is from an older thread where someone has pointed out that his basic attack animation looks like he just made a bad pun/joke and laughed over it himself in a more or less comical way. The caption further distinguishes this effect. At the bottom of the thread I added a twist, which is basically an adaption of the "Then I ate an orange and it was k" meme, which mainly stems from Gangplanks W "Remove Scurvy" ability, as it removes debuffs. By declaring "Getting Lost" a debuff I witfully connected these two and made subjoke of sorts. There you have it. I just killed my joke. _Are you happy now?_
If we are bringing back old league memes, then.. MORDEKAISER IS NUMERO UNO HUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUE
Sharjo (EUW)
: Champion Reveal: Kayn the Shadow Reaper
In the Special Interactions video by Skin Spotlights on Kayn, when he taunts an Ally Varus, Rhaast says this: "_We find Aatrox and its a party. Of murder. A murder party._" Varus's bow is a Darkin confirmed? Would make sense due to the corruption he has Edit: Also when he kills Varus Rhaast says: "_Demon pants had it coming!_" Edit Edit: In Darkin form, when Rhaast taunts Varus, Rhaast says: "_Varus, the three of us.. Umm.. Five of us? Well.. Together we will lay waste to this realm!_" There are five Darkins we know exist at the moment, with Rhaast and Aatrox being two of them. Rhaast is saying Varus is the third one, which means he is saying Rhaast, Aatrox, and Varus can lay waste to the realm.
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JuhnChan (NA)
: Personal preference, but I would switch your Cinderhulk enchant with a Bloodrazor. You can farm so much faster and deal more damage overall. Cinderhulk makes me feel more like I taped sparklers to my chest rather than having bought something that emanates a conflagration. The one thing you have to note, however, is your clear will be marginally slower until you either finish Bloodrazor or buy Tiamat. Recurve bow is not as good of a jungling item as Bami's Cinder.
So, the way i do it is i buy Chilling Smite(Have been looking at Challenging, but i like Chilling), then i build a Tiamat, finish my jungle item, then get boots. I usually go Cinderhulk because the majority of the time my team doesnt have a tank, so i am forced to go tanky Warwick, unless the Cinderhulk doesnt really matter in terms of tankiness. If it doesnt, then i will start building Bloodrazor. Also, League of Graphs' ten build paths(Most Popular, Highest Winrate) all have Cinderhulk with either Chilling or Challenging. Would love to hear your opinion on it, though :)
Jo0o (NA)
: CS is a very important aspect of your rank, for any role other than support. You're compared to other WW junglers, so you don't need to get laner-level CS, but you're still on the low side. If I were you, I'd queue up for a norm and farm more than I normally do in ranked, just to get that sweet sweet level 7. High farm and a good KDA will get you there.
How much CS do you think i should aim for to get those S ranks?
JuhnChan (NA)
: Die even less. 1 or 2 times max. Try for 0. You'll see that S.
The last two games ive played on him, ive only died three times. I gotta do some really risky shit to get my team ahead in ranked, and most of the time if i die and one of our carries get 2+ kills for it, Im usually pretty happy
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: Yasuo mains after honor system is released.
: Petition to have Shaco's enemy play their Laugh sound bite if he kills them
Pinkaj (NA)
: Ok these puns are {{champion:268}} ious problem now
{{champion:60}} they arent on the level of Phreak.. He is truly {{champion:112}}ious in the world of puns
: Cool to see that after 2 seasons, nothing has changed here and the game still sucks. Riot is still addressing non-problems while trying to cash-grab. A+ work Riot.
Every single comment you have made has the word "Riot" and something bashing them along with it. Go back under your bridge you disgusting troll.
Gasburger (EUW)
: what you all guys {{champion:238}} does not make {{champion:1}} sense
I could {{champion:245}} it for you, but i dont want you to get {{champion:222}}ed..
: You're all un({{champion:1}}Ult)able
> [{quoted}](name=lord gavith,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=gEEUA2M0,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2017-06-17T07:44:34.488+0000) > > You're all un{{champion:106}}able FTFY {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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